Teacup - Launch Trailer | PS4
PlayStation VR - Live The Game
Charlesbenedict Gagante
Charlesbenedict Gagante Dakika önce
Bro midgard is been change rn it makes the game even more interesting.. also mimir and new black smiths..
Onix Dakika önce
2023 :(
CozmicK G
CozmicK G 2 dakika önce
I really hope they make a new destroy all humans game, but maybe set in the 80s or today.
Jarne 2 dakika önce
Somewhere I hope I can finally furfill my wish at surpassing Grindewald AND voldemort! As the GREATEST DARK WIZARD THAT THERE HAS EVER BEEN! And no child will stand in my way! I'l use a gun
Ged Reeves
Ged Reeves 2 dakika önce
Not sure if joke or....
DRAFTSPY_ 2 dakika önce
⬆️⬆️i *i'm here to say thank you to the name above they are legit quick response and no regrets* .
DRAFTSPY_ 3 dakika önce
⬆️⬆️i *i'm here to say thank you to the name above they are legit quick response and no regrets* .
STAR PLAYER 3 dakika önce
DRAFTSPY_ 3 dakika önce
⬆️⬆️i *i'm here to say thank you to the name above they are legit quick response and no regrets* .
DRAFTSPY_ 3 dakika önce
⬆️⬆️i *i'm here to say thank you to the name above they are legit quick response and no regrets* .
Fours4ker 5 dakika önce
"Stop thinking like a father and start thinking like a gener-" "NO!" We all know what happened the last time Kratos is a general...
DRAFTSPY_ 6 dakika önce
⬆️⬆️i *i'm here to say thank you to the name above they are legit quick response and no regrets* .
DRAFTSPY_ 6 dakika önce
⬆️⬆️i *i'm here to say thank you to the name above they are legit quick response and no regrets* .
David Salas
David Salas 7 dakika önce
We need to be able to play as venom
BT 2K 7 dakika önce
F*ck, what are you doing Rockstar.
Bora Bozdoğan
Bora Bozdoğan 8 dakika önce
im so hypeed dudeeee we know it will be on app store but will it be on android devices?
Li TT 10 dakika önce
Hello guys i got 1 fact 4 yall ps5 is As powerfull As ps3 w slightly better gpu And some smaller things thats great overall but ať this time we shd be ať the position where next gen is pushing forward And not backward so once u realize Sony cant do nothing else thn ps3 games w better graphics u will be disapointed but what ever i hope ps6 will be the True ps4 that we shd get Back in 2014 u see the paradox Sony?? Funny isnt it all i can say is dont fail again be greater
tangy tablets
tangy tablets 12 dakika önce
The demo was interesting. Wont say its my fave just yet, but it is engaging enough at the very least
Alukard TheDeathknight
Alukard TheDeathknight 13 dakika önce
May i unlock the more potent power of Magic? I.e Curses and Dark Sorceries?
Kasidet Chitpool
Kasidet Chitpool 14 dakika önce
I want you to make ghost rider games on ps5. I hope to make it fun for everyone.
Alukard TheDeathknight
Alukard TheDeathknight 14 dakika önce
Oh cool the va of Goblin Slayers for the Robot/Father dude you have my attention
locked89 18 dakika önce
You keep playing your Murican games. I keep playing my Japanese masterpieces
วิชชากร สุขวัฒน์
วิชชากร สุขวัฒน์ 18 dakika önce
shinya yuda is a guy 1:31 (thank for telling us)
jamesking232 19 dakika önce
Any1 have problem with Photo Mode on PS5? (Director's Cut). I have enabled photo mode start by using controller in options, I press L3 and R3 and Photo Mode dont start.
jamesking232 10 dakika önce
Ok, I've figured it out. You need to click left side of the touchpad... :P
LAARONS 23 dakika önce
I always was a huge fan of black people in Norse mythology.
eXotioN 23 dakika önce
And what happens: PS5 is sold out!
Jay 31 dakika önce
I guess there will be also a game in future on peaky blinders haha
Will Woofus
Will Woofus 32 dakika önce
The only thing that’s “improved” is Rockstar’s ability to fool people.
Nethma Thisum
Nethma Thisum 32 dakika önce
I can imagine who are the people disliked this😗
Schorsch Kluni
Schorsch Kluni 36 dakika önce
What is this 🤮
sean goodwin
sean goodwin 39 dakika önce
Beyond hyped cannot wait LETS GOOOOO
Rickster Drummer
Rickster Drummer 41 dakika önce
Can’t wait to play this with my son when he’s old enough 💪
HowToBeANoob 41 dakika önce
This is a fai
NickPlayz 43 dakika önce
This is giving me nostalgia because my skin was actually president Steve never being changed until my PS4 got corrupted and lost everything now it's fixed and I hope I can reinstall Minecraft because my old game had a Poseidon, a titanic, my house and my cousin's house
Nathan Vosburgh
Nathan Vosburgh 43 dakika önce
this was presented better than the PS5 one.......
GRAY78 44 dakika önce
Spiderman into spider verse into idk
MechaLizard23 46 dakika önce
PS5 in a nutshell = spiderman = 60 love resident village = 30 love(mostly simps) other games = forgetten FNaF = *200*
Swiggedy Swoner
Swiggedy Swoner 46 dakika önce
Why does the ps5 version freeze every time I load a (new) game
bad Woolfy
bad Woolfy 46 dakika önce
Add Russian!
Joe Almond
Joe Almond 47 dakika önce
Them water mechanics right out of 2006.
Drain XL
Drain XL 48 dakika önce
This looking like a game of the year tbh
XWXS2 55 dakika önce
0:17 thank me later
Noorpan 56 dakika önce
"Are you calm and reasonable person?" Mimir: alright, that's too far.
select username:
select username: 57 dakika önce
1:52 holy i didnt know that the car prices raise that much one of ghe most expensive cars in gt sport costed smth about 25 mill but that wow im gonna grind the hole day in gt7
JP Racing
JP Racing 11 dakika önce
That's with the yen currency, Japanese version of the game
Dams Tobi
Dams Tobi 59 dakika önce
Entre berserk et devil may cry ... why not 👍🏻
Nicolas pantazis
Nicolas pantazis 59 dakika önce
Who is that girl at the end?
Justayfocused 59 dakika önce
Chris spratt made me hate all things considered Guardians of the galaxy
RubensTheKiller Saatler önce
NF, LET'S GO 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Oi Josuke
Oi Josuke Saatler önce
Rule 34 will have a field day
Batuhan Tufan
Batuhan Tufan Saatler önce
PS2 right ?
KingKinggTv Saatler önce
This isn't what anybody wanted.
Kartikey Dubey
Kartikey Dubey Saatler önce
In the words of Master Oogway, " One often meets his destiny on the road he takes to avoid it"
Master Tuc
Master Tuc Saatler önce
Arguably the best game ever made. It's hard to even comprehend how anyone could make the best Lovecraftian game with just paying strict homage to the themes and visuals while crafting the best Souls game in the progress. Miyazaki is a genius and his team should be commended. If Elden Ring can somehow top this, I can finally ascend my mortal shell and fly to heavens.
Adel Deutsch
Adel Deutsch Saatler önce
How this could be a full game ?! I can’t even make it to the end of the trailer how boring it is .🥱😴
Flashy Green x
Flashy Green x Saatler önce
1:45 could have made a warlock joke “I hate warlocks” “guess her books advise this?” “*tsk* Warlocks” “warlocks are about knowledge”
Strange Thoughts Music
Strange Thoughts Music Saatler önce
Sorry, but after Ghost of Tsushima it will take a long time before a game like this gets my attention. Especially with these lame graphics 😅
Zack Syndicate
Zack Syndicate Saatler önce
Wait for the gameplay and don’t trust those quotes at the start
GabieTCG Saatler önce
Everyone: It’s out of stock! Me, who can’t even afford one: This is fine…
Pitta Saatler önce
I'm starting to want this...
Severjan Lici
Severjan Lici Saatler önce
Yo why does Tyr have 2 arms i thought he was supposed to have only 1
Emmanuel A
Emmanuel A Saatler önce
PlayStation being better than Xbox yet again
The game Human 3.0
The game Human 3.0 Saatler önce
"free update" When you see that, you know that the developers are legends.
nickyruso2786 Saatler önce
Just buy snow runner… this looks like trash.
Евгений Saatler önce
Dear devs, please don't listen anyone and just do what you do. You make games not for activists but for gamers at end. Don't let anyone limit your art freedom.
Emma Madison
Emma Madison Saatler önce
To the developers, You have done a really great terrible job
jer6900 Saatler önce
Gunna go car booting this weekend and pray I come across a ps2 to play this...
By LuCy’S
By LuCy’S Saatler önce
Sees awesome OwO🐬✨💞
Amante Heru
Amante Heru Saatler önce
This looks like something I can make after 6 months of Android development courses lol
Traper GAMER
Traper GAMER Saatler önce
we want gta 6
Mq Garand
Mq Garand Saatler önce
Can’t wait
LordAssassin Saatler önce
the trailer could be better
ForgettableNonsense Saatler önce
The only people liking this video are people who are too committed to quit.
UBI fan25
UBI fan25 Saatler önce
The funniest part is when it said there was gonna be much more 😂
Seaborn Gaming
Seaborn Gaming Saatler önce
Looking absolutely amazing
HellBoy Saatler önce
playstation pls support discord pls i beg you
undercover_Ingo Saatler önce
The best spider games ever