Rod Phillips
Rod Phillips 19 dakika önce
Tbh I disagree, don't get me wrong having 5 producers working on 1 track is overkill but the main issue is the fact that all producers start off the same way, by cracking FL Studio and then typing into TRshow "how to make hip hop beats in FL" sure there may be a few diamonds in the mud but the majority of people are all learning the exact same shit, not bringing anything new to the table and with modernised technology everyone and their granny is a producer these days where as before it was only for those who were truly committed
Martin Looter
Martin Looter 51 dakika önce
When you realize that this 6 minute video is just a JPEG MAFIA promo from his close friend 😂
Julian Garcia-Hernandez
Julian Garcia-Hernandez Saatler önce
Really good advice for musicians! I'll take it into consideration for my future beat-making sessions.
Even Aakre
Even Aakre Saatler önce
karim benzema
Chase Hadley
Chase Hadley Saatler önce
I apologise if I sound arrogant but nothing you've put forward in this video is enlightening. It'll probably be valuable for those that have no natural talent for music creation.
Prok3 Jpeg
Prok3 Jpeg Saatler önce
This is my first time seeing, or listing to JPEGMafia. Also, I think it's funny that we have JPEG in our name. Makes me want to keep grinding and producing more music. It would be dope to Collab with him in the future.
Steven Whyte
Steven Whyte Saatler önce
Do not get in to politics, history or Balaclavas
Afey Prod
Afey Prod Saatler önce
Navie this beat is just from another world
i4zzyy Saatler önce
I don’t agree with this. There is a whole new wave now going mainstream. Homixede gang, kankan ,lucki etc that all have a unique style. And also when sending out loops just one person collars on the beat most of the time
Prod. srph!m
Prod. srph!m Saatler önce
not the underground tho
валера камень официальный канал
валера камень официальный канал Saatler önce
This is the style of the Russian underground band Kunteynir from 2005
Sahan Fernando
Sahan Fernando 2 saatler önce
Damn finally someone spoke the truth and broke it down exactly to the core of the problem! If yall want to hear a sibling producer and rapper combo that's def got a unique sound, check out 'bigfishMino'
Qrystral 2 saatler önce
As a producer, I can say that we are definitely pressured to provide quantity over quality In order to even attempt to make a small living, we have to provide a sound that artists already know/and are familiar with The only time I get to truly experiment with new sounds is when I make my own songs- and I feel like even then, I feel like I've already been so heavily influenced that my creative drive is limited
WestSideChris805 2 saatler önce
Jack Harlow wasn't that bad, come on bruh lmfao
NONSTOP 3 saatler önce
I’ve done that arrangement of lead up notes for the longest time 😂
Big Space Beats
Big Space Beats 3 saatler önce
I love this and agree completely
the wise from west
the wise from west 4 saatler önce
the wise from west
the wise from west 4 saatler önce
Tyler, the creator?
the wise from west
the wise from west 4 saatler önce
Andi Morin and Zack hill.....
ALTIERI 4 saatler önce
nailed it.
Jay Fingers
Jay Fingers 4 saatler önce
I agree with a lot of this. I feel like the last truly innovative sound was introduced by 40 and the Toronto massive. That sound was unique, and for a while, artists tried to ape it. But there hasn’t been anything game-changing since. And I’m not a fan of the e-collab because there’s no communication or synergy between the producers or with the artist. It’s wack. Another example of artist and producer directly working together and making great music is Nas and Hit-Boy. Look at their recent output. Whooo!!
Joel Forastiere
Joel Forastiere 4 saatler önce
This is only half the truth. I make unique beats but artists won't use them. They aren't creative enough to try new things and only use my generic beats
Bandaii 4 saatler önce
Not the underground!!!
Prod. srph!m
Prod. srph!m Saatler önce
fax we get new sounds every year
Vagabond162 5 saatler önce
What software id this ?
Antony Smith
Antony Smith 5 saatler önce
I also thought about this recently. Good video👍🏻
Neon Spinx
Neon Spinx 5 saatler önce
The Departed quote in the middle though #tuba
DJ Bowlz
DJ Bowlz 5 saatler önce
I work as a professional creative. In school they really push collaborations. Think tanks and bouncing ideas off each other. Getting feedback from your peers etc…. But I always believed that the best ideas came from 1 person. Things like Star Wars. Marvel, lord of the rings…. They all basically came from one mind.
PROPHECY BY QUEEN 6 saatler önce
Jacob zero
Jacob zero 6 saatler önce
Just take out all those high hats as an experiment