Minecraft Live 2021
Leonarda Penero
Leonarda Penero 6 saniye önce
Pls vote copper golem
GOBAL NOOB 8 saniye önce
Please remove the cave sounds
Andman8210 Dakika önce
Hey I didn’t get to vote can we redo this whole thing
DioOon! 2 dakika önce
We Shoud Have Got It
Royce Vincent Cauilan
Royce Vincent Cauilan 2 dakika önce
We need more than 2 golems nooooo
The Shulkers
The Shulkers 2 dakika önce
I played Minecraft dungeons when it first came out
Meylinda Nurfitriana
Meylinda Nurfitriana 3 dakika önce
Cooper golem
Gilbert Julian
Gilbert Julian 3 dakika önce
Copper Golem i want to play with him
jeffrey oberes
jeffrey oberes 4 dakika önce
CatWithShades 4 dakika önce
Cool trailer but you know what would make it cooler? Mob D (King Blaze) of the first mob vote appearing.
Andman8210 5 dakika önce
Could you imagine if they just put all three in the game, oh wait I’m too hopeful
THÀNH ĐÔ NGUYỄN 5 dakika önce
Vote copper golem
A Canadian
A Canadian 5 dakika önce
Who is this narrator I love this video because of him
clarkkent sadsad
clarkkent sadsad 5 dakika önce
Minecraft : **adds deep dark cities ** Mat Pat: "I have been summoned"
Whilly_101 6 dakika önce
can you download it on playstore without money please? because I downloaded the mod so it doesn't pay, is there a Java version on Android?
mello 09
mello 09 6 dakika önce
It better be in 1 to 2 months
olivier fischmann
olivier fischmann 8 dakika önce
Hey i'm a pro at minecraft
OBSCURO FF 8 dakika önce
Vai dar para peidar no Minecraft Dangers
COSMOS BANG! 8 dakika önce
Oh yeah... LoL 10 years old
Sawyer 8 dakika önce
In Minecraft Live I think you should add brown bears and a new ore harder than netherite. And diamond apple what do you think Mojang?
ФРОУ И ПИГГИ 9 dakika önce
I can't believe that Piglins have been in minecraft for 1 year
A Canadian
A Canadian 9 dakika önce
Alright who in your development team likes the nether and finds it attractive. I need to have a talk with them
Leo Antay
Leo Antay 9 dakika önce
Golem copper
Thegreen bacon
Thegreen bacon 10 dakika önce
Too bad the vote got rigged
mulannnn317 10 dakika önce
im coming back to see this again
ana sophia
ana sophia 10 dakika önce
I loved that you invited moonkase and jazzghost to participate in the live. This was really important for us Brazilians, it's how we feel represented and with a warm heart
Whilly_101 11 dakika önce
What is android special Because I always wanted to play Minecraft dungeon on android
CoconutYTz 11 dakika önce
wild update coming on 2022! this would be e p i c
CoconutYTz 12 dakika önce
Marlon Moreira
Marlon Moreira 12 dakika önce
Leo Romina
Leo Romina 12 dakika önce
At 5:02 will there be spectator mode in bedrock edition? And at 7:50 can you add this music in bedrock when you are creating a world to make it lovely while waiting for the world to generate?
ROBUKS 13 dakika önce
Is this OK for mobile
Cole Planamento
Cole Planamento 14 dakika önce
Well at least they added this lol!
elaine teh
elaine teh 14 dakika önce
Do all the votes in 2021 match up?
BlackKnight Productions
BlackKnight Productions 14 dakika önce
There basically making my childhood game into a horror game cuz of the deep dark
Putin Jr
Putin Jr 15 dakika önce
I hope they revamp the old Minecraft trees
Jonemar Nunez
Jonemar Nunez 15 dakika önce
Glitch Gaming
Glitch Gaming 15 dakika önce
"climb the tallest mountains" 1.17: