NordeggSonya 17 saniye önce
Lichen Planus. I already have problems with anxiety and depression. My cat disappeared this May and in June the symptoms started without me knowing it. I've had shingles and this is worse. Should resolve itself in 2 to 3 yrs. I have bumps in every area of my body (I'm not covered completely) but the bumps are hard and itch. Some of the bumps are blisters so when you scratch without thinking you come away with bloody fingers. My butt, back arms crotch toes fingers oh boy. I was thinking of OMAD/keto diet (I need to lose weight too). Dang getting old is hard.
Holli Gravens
Holli Gravens 19 saniye önce
I gained 80lbs with My pregnancy. 3 months post partum. Want to do the ketogenic diet to drop the weight, because I alternate breast milk and formula some people say don't do it and some say it's fine to do! Not sure who to listen to, just want to do the right thing
Clara Au
Clara Au 35 saniye önce
Thanku sir but my question is can we find the same compound in other foods in the same quarantine
Muffin Harris
Muffin Harris 59 saniye önce
I bough my sauna from Costco they have different sizes free delivery easy to install ...very useful
mrsam0496 Dakika önce
When you see Dr Berg aghast, you better click on that vid
Oscar SH
Oscar SH Dakika önce
The sauna, it feels terrible and good at the same time!
Young Power
Young Power 2 dakika önce
Have you seen Laird Hamilton’s process? He goes back and forth between chryo and sauna one after another. I think building that flexibility into the body’s cellular structure is pretty brilliant.
True_koala5314 3 dakika önce
is rosemary water as efficient as oil? I myself made rosemary water and started using it ?
Yourdeadmeat69 6 dakika önce
1. A decade of good advice, Thanks don't cover it! 2. Trying the pinch technique by myself, I released huge globs of phlegm. You need a little dexterity and it's not perfect but wow! Going to see if the salt water iodine gargle works. 3. FYI a lot of folks trim nose hairs much to aggressively in my opinion --me included. - those hairs are a filter, and cleanliness downstream depends on them being around to filter out pathogens upstream, exacerbated for us practising nose breathing. 4. Also, mechanical nose razors can cause micro tears in the inside of the nose that are open to all kinds of issues. You don't know you're tore up till day 2 when your nose aches. I don't have a medical degree, but it seems like removing the air filter in the nose isn't the smartest thing. Slicing the internal nose lining sounds dumb too. Back to nose scissors. Goldilocks applies. Not bare shaven. Not the hanging gardens of Babylon. Just right. Thoughts?
Ana Diaz
Ana Diaz 6 dakika önce
just waste your time
noobmaster69 7 dakika önce
So this video is an advertisement for keto diet?
dianadoo 8 dakika önce
Hmmm... how bout making hamburger with arugula and sauerkraut with spread of cod liver on the buns? That's like a super power burger! 🤯
Fragile Chords
Fragile Chords 8 dakika önce
For some reason that thumbnail reminds me of that picture of Steve Carell in The 40 Year Old Virgin. 😂
Clara Au
Clara Au 9 dakika önce
Amy Fay
Amy Fay 9 dakika önce
How many nostrils you got
Tony Styles
Tony Styles 10 dakika önce
I love the sauna
Courtney Quiroz
Courtney Quiroz 11 dakika önce
Thank you again dr Berg! You've addressed something I've been trying to get treatment for, for over 10 years. I'm stoked to try the iodine gargle!
Juan Pablo Hoyos
Juan Pablo Hoyos 11 dakika önce
Hello, this benefits are for sauna and algo for Turkish baths? Sauna is dry, Turkish baths have more vapor.
Jan Siar
Jan Siar 12 dakika önce
Thank you so much Dr.Berg this is the answer that I wanted for years that I have this problem.. everything you said that is what I've experienced . God bless you and your family
Forward_Ever &_Ever
Forward_Ever &_Ever 12 dakika önce
What you put in is a serious thing. My granpa died last yr at 93. This dude got up every morning and ate ONLY fruits for breakfast, 1tablespoon of honey & one of olive oil. Lunch was fish or some meat with provisions like cassava, beet, dasheen etc. Very very rare he would eat flour or fried stuff. He always said "you must not eat too much". He was slim built, lived on his own & go have an occasional drink with friends at the bar. But he was always out the house. He told me "eat right, and never sit down in a house all the time like most old folk. Get out and socialise". I believe him 💯💯percent. I was over weight & made the effort and adopted his diet. I lost 50lbs in two months...my blood pressure & sugar levels are great. I use medication for my glaucoma, and i have never gotten the kind of readings i get now with that new way of living (i no longer call it my diet...its my new way of eating).
Panache Luxury
Panache Luxury 12 dakika önce
Dr. Berg, once again thank you for such wonderful lifesaving information. If only so many had this information before it was too late they could have lived a bit longer.
Tammy Kenton
Tammy Kenton 13 dakika önce
Can allergy shots as a child cause PSA as an adult?
Iamblichus 13 dakika önce
What about picked vegetables like asparagus or brussel sprouts instead of sauerkraut? It’s easier to eat these items on the go rather than sauerkraut.
Ronaldrio7 13 dakika önce
IF you want to make diseases like diabetes and kidney problems disappear, drink bitter leaf juice or powder! Thank me later.
Katarina Sedeniussen
Katarina Sedeniussen 13 dakika önce
😂😂😂😂 dr Berg in The sauna was hilarious
peter beattie
peter beattie 13 dakika önce
Same here… keto+IF works. It’s hard to explain how much better my wife and I feel except to someone else who has gone through it.
Cynthia Hudson
Cynthia Hudson 13 dakika önce
Sometimes I don't eat salt when I diet. Thanks for the tips
ksnyde85 14 dakika önce
Fantastic overview- thank you!
Ichky Bodd
Ichky Bodd 15 dakika önce
In your graph, on the IU side does that mean IUs per day or cumulative per week? Or total IUs over the entire span of the graph?