Varghese Davies
Varghese Davies 2 saatler önce
Did u see kSI playing as TOURE IN CF?🤣 0:04
Amit Shah
Amit Shah 5 saatler önce
Football World
Football World 5 saatler önce
Such a beautiful link up play in the Second Goal. Brilliant Mbappe
Agniva Banerjee
Agniva Banerjee 6 saatler önce
Andika DR
Andika DR 7 saatler önce
Paul Bernardoni!
Mat Milk
Mat Milk 12 saatler önce
I have him on my DLS 20 team lol
Taiba Ilyes
Taiba Ilyes 17 saatler önce
Toute Les but 👇👇31/09/2020 trshow.info/watch/JETqwLVYwFA/video.html
Mustafa Uysal
Mustafa Uysal 21 saatler önce
TheAxelSir Gün önce
Y el Coronavirus, veis eso es mentira
Stošija Jović
Stošija Jović Gün önce
Ali osman
Ali osman Gün önce
efsane gol lan nice greek goals 🤣🤣
Nickuletz Gün önce
botosani legend
Ricardo Castro
Ricardo Castro Gün önce
He's great alright, when he's not being a little bitch and rolling around over a simple touch
Lim Muliana
Lim Muliana Gün önce
Mbappe 😍❤️
JeremySwazz Lynch
JeremySwazz Lynch Gün önce
At 2:34: was Darth Vader in the crowd or something? Why’s he holding onto his throat for dear life like that, I mean come on.
AC Alvarez
AC Alvarez Gün önce
Come on use the music in full part
Jonathan Rivera
Jonathan Rivera Gün önce
Yo no sé por qué la gente se burla de tigres diciendo que son equipo chico, han dominado la década y los "grandes" no han hecho ni madres, como en los últimos 30 años, lo dice un chivista, nos hace falta que vengan este tipo de jugadores, no solamente mercenarios sin talento, la liga está muy devaluada en calidad, por que es puro negocio.
victor jose peña lara
victor jose peña lara Gün önce
Welcome to barca 💙❤️
Amal Amal. P
Amal Amal. P Gün önce
RusCar TV
RusCar TV Gün önce
He moves In mysterious ways
safwan zidan
safwan zidan Gün önce
Marseille is not okay and this is frustrating
МАКСИМУС Испанец Gün önce
Milovan 99i
Milovan 99i Gün önce
you you
you you Gün önce
Neymar should win a balon dor
Vert-cors Passion
Vert-cors Passion Gün önce
Ce but de Maçon 😍💚
Half Blood Prince
Half Blood Prince Gün önce
Omg J. David! in action!😍😍😍
fnaticylo Gamingg
fnaticylo Gamingg Gün önce
Who else came here for Aouar
Sam Exe
Sam Exe 2 gün önce
forget to upload asset for marquinhos
Rugby League History
Rugby League History 2 gün önce
Rennes are playing well this year but they have building to this for awhile now.
Anonymous 2 gün önce
Le but brestois est magnifique 🤩 Aller Rennes ❤️🖤
you you
you you 2 gün önce
Alexander Khlapov
Alexander Khlapov 2 gün önce
PopplioCL2017 2 gün önce
París no ganará la liga por perder 2 partidos jajaja
Older PB Cooper
Older PB Cooper 2 gün önce
So, no one mentioned Draxler's beautiful pass?
Agniva Banerjee
Agniva Banerjee 2 gün önce
He could become a national hero if he didn't miss that goal against Portugal in Euro Cup final 2016. His shot was denied by the woodwork. Just a matter of few inches...the ball seemed to go into the net but then it hit the woodwork. What a sad moment! Like if you remember watching that moment.
New Star Entertainment
New Star Entertainment 2 gün önce
neymar played good
360 2 gün önce
League 1 is a dramatic league no competition 😂😆
Vic Rattlehead
Vic Rattlehead 2 gün önce
How come Tuchel puts in Maxim instead of Icardi in CL final? the guy scored less than 10 goals in last 2 seasons lol
Marcos Gonzalez
Marcos Gonzalez 2 gün önce
Ochoa at his prime 💯💯
Umut YaY
Umut YaY 2 gün önce
2 turks,2-0 waw
AMAN K M 2 gün önce
Didn't you tells that demaria is suspended?
Brandon Manley
Brandon Manley 20 saatler önce
I bet his people talked the staff out of it and they let him play.
danh vô bụi đời
danh vô bụi đời 2 gün önce
woa 🤩😮
yare 33337
yare 33337 2 gün önce
Paris most win
Emma - wir uns kennenlernen
Emma - wir uns kennenlernen 2 gün önce
0:26 wunderbar
legendman97 2 gün önce
F.....Farmers league....
Emma - wir uns kennenlernen
Emma - wir uns kennenlernen 2 gün önce
0:37 ungewohnt
Gülfem Saba
Gülfem Saba 2 gün önce
simon Christian
simon Christian 2 gün önce
Mbappe is the best at PSG. His assists are clinical.
Tresor Mukuna tv
Tresor Mukuna tv 2 gün önce
Quel travail physique c joueur est iniesta et xavi du congolais💪💪👏👏👏
Promethazine OG
Promethazine OG 3 gün önce
Uber eats what a bastard name 😉
Emma - wir uns kennenlernen
Emma - wir uns kennenlernen 3 gün önce
0:47 schön
Emma - wir uns kennenlernen
Emma - wir uns kennenlernen 3 gün önce
0:37 Wunder
Aidy Gooner
Aidy Gooner 3 gün önce
So disappointing from these idiots (Marseille). Also AVB needs to play Radonjic more often from the start as he did well last season. OM need UCL football regularly to be able to afford better quality players.
M. Umar
M. Umar 3 gün önce
It sucks that Neymar's finishing has become so bad that he cant score after making so many brilliant runs
Brandon Manley
Brandon Manley 20 saatler önce
It's because he parties and drinks too much. That shit's not good for the body and mind.
M. Umar
M. Umar Gün önce
@Correl Gamers yep he could have scored some marvellous solo goals in UCL as well
Correl Gamers
Correl Gamers Gün önce
@M. Umar oh ok. I felt his finishing in the knock out stages of the ucl last season was off
M. Umar
M. Umar Gün önce
@Correl Gamers What I'm saying is that Neymar does all the hard work to beat defenders & get himself in goal scoring situations but he is missing good finishing. He's been missing quiet a lot of these chances lately due to poor finishing
Correl Gamers
Correl Gamers Gün önce
What are u talking about? that is a very hard goal to score from that angle
Manel aliane
Manel aliane 3 gün önce
Aller pariiis !
Jay 3 gün önce
i’ve never seen such a weak try to clearance from the first defender, he just passes it back to Draxler
Irakli Samsonia
Irakli Samsonia 3 gün önce
63' Yoane Wissa (1-0); 74' Leo Dubois (1-1)
Sports Junction
Sports Junction 3 gün önce
Mendoza ❤❤ from cfc fan
Irakli Samsonia
Irakli Samsonia 3 gün önce
34' Ignatius Ganago (0-1); 87' Zinedine Ferhat (1-1)
Irakli Samsonia
Irakli Samsonia 3 gün önce
8' Eric Dina (1-0); 50' Andy Delort (1-1); 60' Bruno Ecuele Manga (2-1); 90' Teji Savanier (Pen. 2-2)
Irakli Samsonia
Irakli Samsonia 3 gün önce
3' Steve Mounie (Pen. 0-1); 22' Sada Thioub (1-1); 32' Gaetan Charbonnier (1-2); 78' Ismael Traore (2-2); 80' Angelo Fulgini (3-2)
Irakli Samsonia
Irakli Samsonia 3 gün önce
71' Ibrahima Niane (0-1); 90+5' Morgan Sanson (1-1)
Irakli Samsonia
Irakli Samsonia 3 gün önce
43' Nicolas Pallois (O.G. 1-0); 87' Burak Yilmaz (Pen. 2-0)
Rahma Paoziah
Rahma Paoziah 3 gün önce
Ligue 1 Uber Eats official I want to request a little video clip from you
Irakli Samsonia
Irakli Samsonia 3 gün önce
9' Wissam Ben Yedder (1-0); 45+2' Ruben Aguilar (2-0); 46' Mehdi Chahiri (2-1); 53' Wissam Ben Yedder (3-1); 55' Aurelien Tchouameni (Red card AS Monaco); 67' Axel Disasi (Red card AS Monaco); 69' Ludovic Ajorque (Pen. 3-2)
Irakli Samsonia
Irakli Samsonia 3 gün önce
33' Naif Aguerd (0-1); 54' Sehrou Guirassy (0-2); 90' Adrien Hunou (0-3)
Irakli Samsonia
Irakli Samsonia 3 gün önce
9' Mauro Icardi (0-1); 62' Mauro Icardi (0-2)
Dex 3 gün önce
Marquinhos' face gonna hunt my dreams forever.
Awesome_HH Gün önce
@ARBIL ROY that's a joke, ....... folk........ r/whooosh
ARBIL ROY Gün önce
that's a graphical mistake ......folk........don't you understand ?..........
Awesome_HH 2 gün önce
@Valentino 7gad look at 0:10
Valentino 7gad
Valentino 7gad 3 gün önce
Orlando Damasceno
Orlando Damasceno 3 gün önce
O cara e barril icardi sabe faze gol
Carioca V GAMEPLAYS 3 gün önce
Melhor que a da Premier League atual. Não gostei muito nova abertura da Premier League.
João Brado
João Brado 3 gün önce
0:43 don't ever tell me Mbappe is only a pace merchant again.
Awesome_HH 2 gün önce
i wont
Synk 3 gün önce
These highlights don't show how Reims played really well. They had lots of runs into psgs last 16 and more generally played an open game which you rarely see from teams against psg
jln21boy 3 gün önce
GironDraws de Bordeaux 😅
Nitin Singh
Nitin Singh 3 gün önce
Farmers are gonna reap a good crop this season too.
Nazim Benfodil
Nazim Benfodil Gün önce
What are you doing in the farmers land ?
Nitin Singh
Nitin Singh 3 gün önce
Remember this was the player that was not chosen for 2018 world cup.
Jude Maroos
Jude Maroos Gün önce
Messi doesn't want him in the squad that is why
Nitin Singh
Nitin Singh 3 gün önce
@João Brado Icardi
João Brado
João Brado 3 gün önce
shashank gupta
shashank gupta 3 gün önce
Gravity has left the chat.
Eden H
Eden H 3 gün önce
Crowd as usual games? so soon?
sanitallica 3 gün önce
It's not as usual as before, there is a limit of maximum 5000 in the stadium including the teams and staff. And no ultras are allowed on either side to enter, making the atmosphere very doll.
Mo 87
Mo 87 3 gün önce
Welcome to arsenal Aouar
DEE DUBZ 3 gün önce
Neymar and Mbappe are wonderful plyers to watch. PSG have a really good squad but maybe need some World Class centre backs and a bit more depth in Midfield and Attack. Also Icardi's gonna score lots this season
Leena Jp
Leena Jp 3 gün önce
Neymar bast footballer