What Happened to Hyperloop?
nikhil dahake
nikhil dahake 22 saatler önce
This are not only Mega Sturctures, these are ULTRA ULTRA ULTRA MEGA STRUCTURES 😂😂 Beyond human capabilities But who knows the future.
garyrich2000 23 saatler önce
They said that they will buy all the land and allow others permission to build and sell homes on this land. It seems like they would need to do more than "Authorize development". If they add "Resource Grants" such as building materials fabricated from and on the land by using renewables as a long-term loss leader then it may thrive. Businesses use loss leaders such as selling something at cost to draw in customers to buy other products while there. Walmart does loss leaders well in their strategy so this may work out. The land may need to be carved out with an automated carving/boring machine that also houses and environmentally sustains within its wake. Something similar to this is needed for colonizing Mars.
Arwa Arwaa
Arwa Arwaa Gün önce
There's no such project in Saudi Arabia
Zac Zach
Zac Zach Gün önce
i think it is stupid.
San Jo
San Jo Gün önce
As I have heard they will built it in segments which is completely doable still a gigantic project nevertheless.
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Landon B
Landon B Gün önce
I just want affordable housing
Mjolnir G.
Mjolnir G. Gün önce
Grand Prix tickets START at $2000!?
KonDe Moore
KonDe Moore Gün önce
You forgot about the WTC in NY
bella balloni
bella balloni Gün önce
borneo Oil palm is the most productive oil seed in the world. A single hectare of oil palm may yield 5,000 kilograms of crude oil, or nearly 6,000 liters of crude, making the crop remarkably profitable when grown in large plantations. As such, vast swathes of land are being converted for oil palm plantations. Borneo also holds rich metal and mineral resources, including tin, copper, gold, silver, coal, diamonds, and different types of sand and stone. Together, the forestry and mining sectors are the main contributors to forest loss in Borneo
Elizabeth Mitchell
Elizabeth Mitchell Gün önce
Seems like a rip off of “The New Jerusalem” description in The Bible. I wonder how the actual dimensions compare…🤔 It’s most obviously a counterfeit!
J L k Kauffman
J L k Kauffman Gün önce
All this money and resources spent and all because people don’t know what they’re doing!
gx Guy
gx Guy Gün önce
These all concept. They don't wanna put in the money for it. Only the Saudi can make such a thing over night.
blink outatime
blink outatime Gün önce
15 minute cities = NWO
Dan Mackey
Dan Mackey Gün önce
So no one owns any land? And you call that equity for the people? If people don't own the land then I sure hope you don't charge property taxes.
dyunpee Gün önce
Ugly design.
Hermit Gün önce
lol america could never . now china could build this easy and in probably 3 years
Sjrick Gün önce
There is an easy fix to see if this city will work. Start building a very small city and go from there. Dont start out huge or will just create more ghost cities like the Chinese. Go very small and learn from there.
On the move
On the move Gün önce
Absolutely not!!
Carl Medeiros
Carl Medeiros Gün önce
Mean while here in the United States our infrastructure is crumbling and out of date..... homelessness and poverty is out of control ...mass shootings every other week... severe political turmoil and division....but i guess thats the price you have to pay when you spend almost $1 Trillion in defense budget....everything else gets scraps
Mike Gün önce
Very nice video
Danny Boa
Danny Boa Gün önce
Lets all vacation in NK!
dyunpee Gün önce
Candyce Raiford
Candyce Raiford Gün önce
Flying-Artz Gün önce
If they have it half the military’s budget then it would get done!
sorcerykid Gün önce
Why does a video highlighting construction projects in an America city use meters, when our standard of measurement in the U.S. is the foot?
tooba Gün önce
khuda ki qudrat ❤
Gabriel Alexander Khoury
Gabriel Alexander Khoury Gün önce
Unfortunately too many skyscrapers featured here. In some important historical cities like Rome construction height is limited to maintain the character of the city. My view is that greening projects are probably more important environmentally and for food production.
Scoobyscoots Gün önce
Satans church.
Turf Token
Turf Token Gün önce
Not “normal”. Not fair for any beings that being affected unfairly by this (animals, plants, etc).
Haider Khan
Haider Khan Gün önce
Where are you creek tower
paul sehstedt
paul sehstedt Gün önce
Well, an increasing population will have an effect on the environment, because they need places to live, they need water and they need energy. But California should try to implement holistic grass management for better water management. Some farmers have done it with positive results.
Kyle Saved By The Lord Jesus Christ
Kyle Saved By The Lord Jesus Christ Gün önce
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Don Phillips
Don Phillips Gün önce
CA says hold my beer, and starts sinking untold billions into a high speed rail system that regularly doubles in cost, as the completion date gets moved decades further out.
RailwayAerospaceProductions Gün önce
Free high speed rail and supersonic/hypersonic flights from hyperloop occupation. From the river to the sea high speed rail and supersonic/hypersonic flights will be free.
acvarthered Gün önce
So you can't buy the land, but they are relying on the increase in land value to pay for public services... How exactly does that work? Here is a hint. It does not work. Just another con looking for suckers to invest in it. But it gets even better. I can't buy the land, but I can develop on the land. So I spend a billion dollars on a new factory and then the government tells me I am no longer welcomed on the land so I have to get out. Guess the city just got a free billion dolor investment. Now who is going to be foolish enough to develop land that they can be evicted from at any time.
Yayuh34 Gün önce
Let’s get top luxury to 1m subs!
Fizzled Gün önce
From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs.
Nomadic Creator
Nomadic Creator Gün önce
I'm partial to the pyramid!!! ♥️
ceramic Gün önce
It would be cheaper to build large cities (with low rise buildings) on the surface of the ocean. Each city would be supported by a series of 'core columns' that secure it to the bottom of the ocean. Also, the perimeter would be protected against large waves. This is more practical than a super tall tower.
RBRRRR Gün önce
Japan was out there proposing insane buildings amd megaprojects long before the Middle East ever did.
André Lévesque
André Lévesque Gün önce
A fine example of narcissism.
hamid b
hamid b Gün önce
Dubai builds towers just for no one to use them or live in them.
Michaël Bonnet
Michaël Bonnet Gün önce
Japanese population is shrinking quickly this long term projects are all dead
pos dos
pos dos Gün önce
if we fail do build it not the end of the world but if we did build it its new world at least we didnt use it killing 2m iraqi like the Rainbow nation did
Brian pearson
Brian pearson Gün önce
Sea level in Sydney harbour has only risen .5mm over 150 years. Its land sinking. Cities are getting bigger heavier and slowly they are sinking. Venice is an example, Djakarta is another. London another.......
Wilson mark Panyang
Wilson mark Panyang Gün önce
Hope Tokyo babel tower becomes a reality in the future
plants 🪴
plants 🪴 Gün önce
Saudi Arabia is really trying to go for the dystopian look aren't they. And all that greenery you seeing in the rendering that's not gonna go well even with Ponds and Rivers they should try going for plants that can survive hot climates like cacti and succulents