CrankingWithCG 30 saniye önce
Holy shit this man SNAPPED on that second half 🔥
Al-Muthanna Athamneh
Al-Muthanna Athamneh Dakika önce
I hope his acting is better in NWH 😂
Allishia Roskfur
Allishia Roskfur 2 dakika önce
Angel 3 dakika önce
I've watched this movie so many times and I've never noticed the boy lol
Dante Haynes
Dante Haynes 4 dakika önce
Andrew looking real sus lol. He's CLEARLY lying through his teeth. This only confirmed our theories. Thanks Jimmy!!!
Bikram Biswas
Bikram Biswas 4 dakika önce
This is how black people die in a horror movie.
Tiago Barbosa
Tiago Barbosa 5 dakika önce
It still crazy to me that we’re now interviewing celebrities through a TV. We did before but now it’s so common and it still weird. Love Jen.
CloudedTear816 5 dakika önce
Yessssss glad to see them on a mainstream platform getting recognition. Every time I mention it people are like, what's that? I have to explain but they don't get my excitement until they see it lol. I just wish they had a (covid safe) tour across the states. I would love to see them in person at the Fox Theater in Atlanta.
A G 6 dakika önce
"When did you feel you finally made it?" Woosh, right over her head!
mz saj
mz saj 8 dakika önce
V is so cute he can't understand a thing.. he's just sitting there looking cute i'll die nowww 💖💖💖
lifty swifty
lifty swifty 8 dakika önce
I'm worried about how disappointed I'm gonna be if they aren't in it.
Rico 8 dakika önce
Please whoever in charge of this account!!! Let this nicki Minaj story go! It’s getting sickening! Whewww
ryouko 9 dakika önce
I love that the behead wives wear chokers. Nice little touch!
Lucy Gonzalez
Lucy Gonzalez 9 dakika önce
Stop promoting Kpop crap.
anyicastro05 10 dakika önce
I love him so much 🥰
Kyle Rainier
Kyle Rainier 10 dakika önce
Jimmy's laugh is obviously fake lol🤣
JP BLACK 10 dakika önce
Thinkin bout these queens rockin to “Haus of Holbein”…. JAAAAAAAAAA
S Z 12 dakika önce
pls never ever take this video down, i came here looking for comfort and got it, today hasn't been too good so i'm glad I at least had this video to calm me down and make me feel better
L C 12 dakika önce
Dalton Clifford
Dalton Clifford 13 dakika önce
This sucks so bad she is outrageously unfunny. She literally says “ma vagina” are you kidding me
bobaneil 14 dakika önce
Jimmy basic research will tell you the Chiefs are located in Missouri not Kansas
Mr. Xavier
Mr. Xavier 14 dakika önce
Jimmy: Can you say Ben Roethlisberger? Sofia: Ben RAAAAAAAAAAGHH
Ally Hall
Ally Hall 16 dakika önce
They are so cute and make mr laugh to tear. i love all of u.
mundrubjet 19 dakika önce
I love this man...Ol Sarge...
Jeriska Lobo
Jeriska Lobo 19 dakika önce
Super fine crow
Milagros Caira
Milagros Caira 19 dakika önce
Mindy Edwards
Mindy Edwards 19 dakika önce
We American's slept on this musical and it's SO sad, because this is a great one!! Sad not to hear more noise for this performance. The soundtrack is AH-MAZING!!!
Lida janeth Lopera meneses
Lida janeth Lopera meneses 19 dakika önce
congratulations and many successes in your career, you are a very charismatic woman, I like your movies and you sing beautifully🥰🥰🥰💕
dianaa 20 dakika önce
Ian Ham
Ian Ham 21 dakika önce
Reese that hits all n every corner of life!!!!
Mauricio Pimentel
Mauricio Pimentel 21 dakika önce
Juebty Dbhtu
Juebty Dbhtu 22 dakika önce
The wretched facilities renomegaly spoil because moustache alternately mend mid a utopian trouble. electric, prickly staircase
Bikram Biswas
Bikram Biswas 23 dakika önce
Steve was 1st major animal planet celebrity before Bear Grylls.
Sydney Boggs
Sydney Boggs 24 dakika önce
The amount of times I rewound it to here hello brother
lektures 24 dakika önce
you're here after he went pro in valorant.
Vey Kim
Vey Kim 24 dakika önce
*They built a stage on the path only the king can walk on. RM might be sorry to their ancestors, but for me, this is beyond LEGENDARY💜*
Sligerman 25 dakika önce
Fanatta J
Fanatta J 25 dakika önce
I was not familiar with Ben Platt, but this live performance here is amazing. There's a beautiful, rich tone to his voice that I love! Definitely looking forward to watching the film!
Patamawadee Patti
Patamawadee Patti 26 dakika önce
After all , I just wanted to say Thank you “The Tonight Show”.
orlando casillas
orlando casillas 27 dakika önce
- Beeman
- Beeman 28 dakika önce
I know how to solve the problem. Just have him dip his junk in ice cold water, and it will go back to normal size.
01mrodriguez 30 dakika önce
"Don't read your lower back tattoo." 🤣
The Big Dawg Shane Lake
The Big Dawg Shane Lake 30 dakika önce
John could QB 50% of the NFL right now
Jared Aguirre
Jared Aguirre 30 dakika önce
Dude what's wrong with you? You were one of my favorite. You're becoming a political hack and or punk.
Feitan #2
Feitan #2 31 dakika önce
its funny how i commented that "Andrew Garfield wont be in the new spiderman movie" and it will dissapoint alot of people got me banned in a facebook group cuz i made lot of ppl mad
trulyariess 31 dakika önce
Kurt: "You better watch your butt" Ed: "Uh..okay *spins around* how can a guy possibily watdh his own butt"
Gianfranco Cotrina Susanibar
Gianfranco Cotrina Susanibar 33 dakika önce
RageGamerJo 34 dakika önce
This bitch did not do his nails -_- this fool trying to copy Harry Styles now? Lmao, Dear Ben Platt, please do something original.
Sayantika Debnath
Sayantika Debnath 35 dakika önce
Find me someone who is sexier than her😤
jonathan bell
jonathan bell 36 dakika önce
I love huge melons
yt lateknight
yt lateknight 36 dakika önce
As soon as andrew says its photo shop ppl exit vid but as soon as he is in film ppl do memes on this vid but as soon as this comment is wrong ppl dislike this comment on this vid
BigBlkSuperman 1985
BigBlkSuperman 1985 37 dakika önce
Paul Rudd needs an album....NOW!!
Sara M.
Sara M. 37 dakika önce
I remember seeing the trailer and being underwhelmed by his appearance and here I am now.. finding him super hot.
Sean Beads
Sean Beads 40 dakika önce
Toby is Spiderman. The rest is the rest
Bad Brain from Hell
Bad Brain from Hell 41 dakika önce
Jimmie Phallos the upper middle class favorite may have to stick to what he understands. He would not laugh if there was a researcher there who had an esoteric theory. As soon as it comes to culture, it can be joked. An author who has received the Nobel Prize it has the most ignorant views on. It is phallos who disappears but says what the well-to-do want him to say. But I can think that Brötzmann is quite immune, he has probably heard it before.
Vitória Bastos
Vitória Bastos 42 dakika önce
Go go 7M
Seth Bender
Seth Bender 43 dakika önce
They all sounded so great
Nica Adiong
Nica Adiong 43 dakika önce
homo rabidus
homo rabidus 44 dakika önce
The must stupid thing I ever saw
Vitória Bastos
Vitória Bastos 45 dakika önce
Go go 20M <3
Adam Brass
Adam Brass 50 dakika önce
This was kind of awkward because the off-screen drummer for Ferrell is clearly better than what Chad does.
Jacqueline Sweeney
Jacqueline Sweeney 50 dakika önce
I want to see this musical
THE TRUTH magic 53 dakika önce
She's so hot 🔥
Sara Purgar
Sara Purgar 54 dakika önce
Mate I would be speachless with my mouth open wide
craig mosley
craig mosley 55 dakika önce
"Beauty is but a light switch away."
Nicole Collins
Nicole Collins 56 dakika önce
I cannot wait to see this next month in NYC!!!!!
Natalie Terrazas
Natalie Terrazas 57 dakika önce
Adam Sandler’s ware drove dude like he don’t match
beasters love becky g
beasters love becky g 59 dakika önce
Hahaha go guys and watch the new collaboration of my cruch Becky g with Sofia reyes Mal de amores omg the man look like Sofia reyes in the colobration same close 💓❤️