Supreme Court Upholds DACA
Headspace 2020 Commercial
Not Telling
Not Telling 24 saniye önce
We need this in 2020... To many bad things. This would make it turn around
Eli’s World
Eli’s World 31 saniye önce
James Fraley
James Fraley 37 saniye önce
Love me some Josh Gad, but Jimmy Fallon is such a phony! How do people watch him? That laugh at 5:05 OMG - and after its like he almost realizes how over the top it sounds.
isabella hurtado
isabella hurtado Dakika önce
"where's my sheep" - noah shnapp 2020
Alia Al Yasi
Alia Al Yasi Dakika önce
Himanshu Digwal
Himanshu Digwal Dakika önce
No riding elephants people
Ratnesh Chandna
Ratnesh Chandna 2 dakika önce
The winning story he picks is cheating in academics. Can’t get more brown than that.
Glitchy Weirdness
Glitchy Weirdness 3 dakika önce
now imagine if Jimmy was with them in the same room, yeah.....I dont want to either
ダニエル・ボス 6 dakika önce
Blackpink is the revolution
zhulia 7 dakika önce
honestly john's description with my imagination was way better than the real thing. that was a hella good story.
Zomby Gaming
Zomby Gaming 8 dakika önce
Well Cardi's calling John British now, but as a boy he was teased for being Chinese.
Amy Vazquez
Amy Vazquez 9 dakika önce
This was probably the best musical genre challenge of all time
The nerd that loves doing homework
The nerd that loves doing homework 10 dakika önce
If you like this comment I will add a EW
Lavender Ajha
Lavender Ajha 12 dakika önce
Aesthetic face from Greece
Gina Miller
Gina Miller 13 dakika önce
So so so great to get to hear Sarah. She is brilliant. Also great to see Jimmy taking a stand against tRump. Was so damn disappointing that he took so long to do so. Hope he keeps pulling for ‘the little guys’ ...
Aarti Butani
Aarti Butani 15 dakika önce
Anyone else realize Jimmy used the word ‘black’ to describe ‘Men in Black’ even though they weren’t supposed to use words from the movie title 😂
Hey Stob It
Hey Stob It 20 dakika önce
Yesterday they perform their new song! If u want to know their vocal! <3
Jake Krzymowski
Jake Krzymowski 21 dakika önce
What a great idea
Georgia Barton
Georgia Barton 25 dakika önce
I literally told myself I’m going to watch some interviews and I’ve watched this video 6 times after telling myself I would only watch it once
Racheal Farrow
Racheal Farrow 27 dakika önce
Riley Cairo
Riley Cairo 28 dakika önce
Phillipa:now my life gets better every letter that you write me Daveed: clink Daveed: clink Daveed: *sips beverage with pinky out* LAFAYETTE
deepz513 29 dakika önce
6 mins to get all the words..n scene is for only 3 mins...
Hey Stob It
Hey Stob It 31 dakika önce
I really hope people can acknowlege their talent and at least reapect them as artist. And just fyi they contribute so much to Korea's gdp MORE THAN Korean airlines! No, not kpop, BUT BTS ALONE!!!
Dez -
Dez - 34 dakika önce
Jane Elliot, what a kickass lady! Talk about making your life count!
movie maniac and more
movie maniac and more 34 dakika önce
If they ever do a golden girls remake shakira need to sing the theme song and I think Folgers need Cher
king of the swing.
king of the swing. 34 dakika önce
deepz513 37 dakika önce
Oh my that wig looks so damn real...she looks very pretty:)
3D Waffles
3D Waffles 37 dakika önce
I can see Chris Pratt is enjoying himself 😂😂
20K Subs Without A Vid Challenge
20K Subs Without A Vid Challenge 37 dakika önce
Nobody Me: dear d they meant to say meal worms or real worms lol 😂
Georgia Barton
Georgia Barton 38 dakika önce
My friend said my personality was like Kendall’s so I said “Wait so you think Harry Styles would day me”
Noviane Grace
Noviane Grace 39 dakika önce
emma stone: scorpio me: scorpio emma stone: scream for BTS "they're incredible" me: scream for BTS "they're incredible"
Sin City
Sin City 40 dakika önce
Jimmy wussup dogg I like your style DVD on sale Kevin wussup G I like your style Tomtom we gon get there XRP👽
Abhyuday Gaur
Abhyuday Gaur 43 dakika önce
reminds me of skip divided
Mark 43 dakika önce
Mr. Fallen. You jumped the shark about 3 years ago. go back home and film something. stop filming in the studio like things are getting back to normal. they are not. they, and you, are joining "them" to continue to destroy America as we knew it. Carson is still rolling in his grave. You are a great dis-service to "The Tonight Show"
Usman Nadeem
Usman Nadeem 43 dakika önce
The parents be like so this what our kids be listening to
Morgan Boen
Morgan Boen 44 dakika önce
all star.
Roth Fam Fun
Roth Fam Fun 44 dakika önce
I’ve got a good Caulk a cola
sara with no h
sara with no h 45 dakika önce
2:58 he had a little grin and 🥺
Blanca Mondragon
Blanca Mondragon 45 dakika önce
Erin Miller
Erin Miller 45 dakika önce
I love Dr. Strange’s reaction to Star-Lord’s line
deepz513 45 dakika önce
I think these two are friends!!
Bryan Toth
Bryan Toth 46 dakika önce
Am I racist because I don’t appreciate their filthy culture?
ChrisBrengel 47 dakika önce
Best thing I've ever seen Jimmy Fallon do! I hope the editor won a huge award!
Roth Fam Fun
Roth Fam Fun 47 dakika önce
Did Jimmy say Captain America?
justin bieber Fans
justin bieber Fans 48 dakika önce
Bryan Toth
Bryan Toth 49 dakika önce
She is a pos.
Meme Stealer
Meme Stealer 49 dakika önce
Why does he act like a 4 yr old
Daniya Anees
Daniya Anees 50 dakika önce
i finished jane the virgin and i have this hole in my heart pls tell me a new show to watch (worth watching) or atleast as good
Victória Morais
Victória Morais 52 dakika önce
Pippa 😇
G M 53 dakika önce
Your Face looks likes it hurts your nose is to small and you sound like u have a breathing problem why does your family feel the need to Fuck up yput faces u Michael and jermaine look like characters on Batnan oh and Latoya a SHITTY MESS.
dexter borlaza
dexter borlaza 54 dakika önce
Rm: look at my feet look down Me: what rm am i going to smell your foot??.no im not ew!!!!!! Jin: *vomits* ewww!!!
Paris Donegal
Paris Donegal 55 dakika önce
I didn’t even know he was this old
Heaven Wonder
Heaven Wonder 56 dakika önce
Y el premió de composición para este señor?
ItzSalem 57 dakika önce
Norman: Chill, very sweet, funny, talks his heart out Daryl: Kinda a jerk, doesn’t talk much, almost calls everyone a b***h
LUCKINGS 58 dakika önce
V has a different style to do everything.... Seriously though... I would have looked like a fool if I tried to take of my glasses like that Also, the way jin was saying ''no faces'' had me laughed 😂
callie fey
callie fey 59 dakika önce
she thought, people needed to feel good because of what was going on in the world, lol, she had no idea
Bradvbr0 Saatler önce
He should have said Harry Potter for h
64wing Saatler önce
I think Jimmy has been working on a few lol those were actually pretty good
ValensBellator Saatler önce
8:42 look at the sheer distance Kevin is putting between himself and them at this point 😂
Taylor Boney
Taylor Boney Saatler önce
Rose Seitcher
Rose Seitcher Saatler önce
He ruined queens
Noelia Martinez
Noelia Martinez Saatler önce
Jim's expression is like wwwwwhhhhaaaatttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!???????
Johnny Jeps
Johnny Jeps Saatler önce
juboq besar gila
Gabrielle Saatler önce
Even tho im a cardi stan i enjoy watching this video.
Deus Vult
Deus Vult Saatler önce
(Darren bows) We don't do that here
Bruna Machado
Bruna Machado Saatler önce
Reaction & Review with Wesley
Reaction & Review with Wesley Saatler önce
Phillips Soo: Voice Amazing Daveed Diggs: Boom and Dancing😂😂
doni Rae
doni Rae Saatler önce
Jimmy Fallon looks afraid to talk or object to this women teachings. He actually believes her version of the truth. He has taken her story and owns it to be his truth. His facial expression indicates that she is the owner if the universal truth. The truth is God's definition.
DBHLL Productions
DBHLL Productions Saatler önce
Hmm, definitely doesn’t sound like Ahsoka
Bembel Warrior
Bembel Warrior Saatler önce
I don’t get why people don’t like trump
h o n e y
h o n e y Saatler önce
Right True
Right True Saatler önce
They won the gene lottery in 1981 and 1983.
ValensBellator Saatler önce
They definitely made sure the animal episode would overlap with Kevin’s appearance on the show 😂
Yasminah Wilson
Yasminah Wilson Saatler önce
doni Rae
doni Rae Saatler önce
DEFUND the tonight show. Who put this women in charge to define and legislate what every american thinks and feels? Is she in charge of the white mans new re education camps. Look out this is the same social practice used in South Vietnam after sagion was taken over by North Vietnam in 1975. It's called communism. This type of brain washing is dangerous.
Natasha Waithera
Natasha Waithera Saatler önce
His English is Amazing..he is soo adorable😮
Akouavi Amegan
Akouavi Amegan Saatler önce
How you like that my favorite♡
Angela Aguirre
Angela Aguirre Saatler önce
Ella canta jeñal ❤️
AUTOPRISM Saatler önce
*I highly doubt they'd ask a question like "Have you dated any of your co stars?" to an engaged woman who began dating the man she was engaged to around the time as her first movie ever with Smith and I highly doubt she'd willingly answer "Will Smith" knowing fully well that the writers know what questions are on that paper.*
AUTOPRISM Saatler önce
She also said that she'll never date other actors during press for her first movie with Smith. So calm down. She seems to be telling the truth based on the fact that her husband is a director.
Nara Faiz
Nara Faiz Saatler önce
"Who is the one who knocks?"💀💀
Luke plays
Luke plays Saatler önce
Disappointed that they didn’t bring a professional beat saber player on there because they would’ve been having heart attacks on the floor dying
Mr.X Unknown
Mr.X Unknown Saatler önce
Shut the fuck up Jimmy
Angie Albania
Angie Albania Saatler önce
I heard jimmy will be baCk on the studio soon.???👍👍👍
Luke plays
Luke plays Saatler önce
Dude he’s so bad I’m 11 Can barely play $100 bills on hard I can do overkill on expert you’re not an expert plus though I’m so close
Thomas Sounier
Thomas Sounier Saatler önce
Shut the fuck up Jimmy!
Brian Markham
Brian Markham Saatler önce
you can tell chris was holding back tears at the end
Brian Markham
Brian Markham Saatler önce
shows how much he truly loved kurt
Sachin Gangwar
Sachin Gangwar Saatler önce
After seen the fifty shades, what's new sexiness is left in her now, all exposed nothing new
HarryPotter 360
HarryPotter 360 Saatler önce
I think pippa’s voice has matured so much since 2016! It crazy how she sounds so much better than the cast recording!
Anne Bradley
Anne Bradley Saatler önce
7/13/2020 - It's Monday which is basically Monday. Which shouldn't be Monday because it is the 13th and those are supposed to be saved for Fridays so you can blame a bad day on the number. It is the holiday well-known for "Catchup Day" but I didn't get my homemade ketchup made and was lucky to get my response to the fraudulent case against me submitted and they will probably still rule in the Fraud's favor. After all, WTF - and they have a pro hac vice appearance which has been used as a blank check - but #Allblankchecksmatter
Santana Rodriguez
Santana Rodriguez Saatler önce
It's funny the album is called "future nostalgia" because her songs take me back to the music I grew up to like groovy funk and pop. The bassist is amazing, her music is great and her performances are great too!
azaleeea webb
azaleeea webb Saatler önce
he's a grown man and he's a unicorn, a bronie and believes that friendship is magic yeah ❤️
Martin Contreras
Martin Contreras Saatler önce
MiaLeopard Saatler önce
Oh i oh I oh I *falls* oh no oh no oh no
Martin Contreras
Martin Contreras Saatler önce
Alisson generoso
Alisson generoso Saatler önce
The mentalist and lie to me in real life.
MiaLeopard Saatler önce
She talks like a pro, sings like a god.
Stephen Allen
Stephen Allen Saatler önce
Fallon is nausiating, he constantly tries to steal the spotlight.