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technically in survival, bedrock is the rarest block, because you can’t mine it at all and also, it’s hard to see. P.S when you were trying to get the emerald, I think i saw diamond. Not deepslate diamond tho! :)
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5:12 wenzo vs gold zombie
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Lmao the portal went bye bye in the video by that chief guy just 4 days ago! Although this video is actually kinda old so I bet Wenzo's already found out. 18:05 I can see why she was so against That Chief Guy destroying the portal, cause she helped construct it. 21:15 I'm sensing a recurring theme here...
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i like it when you put a video of sandiction (r.i.p to his world btw) it makes me think you are continuening his juerney :)
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Farlands? In 13:18
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the fact that tazoh is holding many sheep or meep
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