Surasak kanokkaew
Surasak kanokkaew 15 saniye önce
Don Starnes
Don Starnes 40 saniye önce
Will: Don't forget the main point with the Lewis/Max turn 1 incident: Lewis was in front as they went into the turn: That is what the stewards look at, as I understand it. Please feel free to enlighten me if I should be found to be incorrect. (And, THANK YOU for all that you do, all that you provide for us!)
Pedro Lotti
Pedro Lotti 55 saniye önce
I think that was Ericsson’s fault
mowglines85 Dakika önce
Easy win for Lewis but he will find something to complain about again in order to be showcased as a hero against all odds. Maybe a sprained eyelash this time? Most whiny superstar athlete ever in all of sports.
Dj Papa Sam
Dj Papa Sam Dakika önce
4:10 "Kimi, you will have the drink"
Sumit Joseph
Sumit Joseph Dakika önce
Home hero???hero?
paul lavallee
paul lavallee Dakika önce
Gotta love the threat of rain !!!
Dean Summerill
Dean Summerill 2 dakika önce
Why the f**k do the race here
Mephisto 2 dakika önce
Lets`go Max Use your maximum power D;
DAN NNY 2 dakika önce
Nice DNF for max would do the trick
Adil Chaudhry
Adil Chaudhry 2 dakika önce
Love this track
kaushal shinde
kaushal shinde 3 dakika önce
whats wrong with checo ?
Jesse Lund
Jesse Lund 3 dakika önce
I hope Checo wrecks Lewis in turn one of the warm up lap sunday.
A.C. Mc
A.C. Mc 3 dakika önce
1:22 that looks so clean
Gigsaw Soljier
Gigsaw Soljier 3 dakika önce
Seb is getting the bigger points hauls lance more often but like 9th or a 10th
Bismarck The Dog
Bismarck The Dog 3 dakika önce
Dennis Muthai
Dennis Muthai 3 dakika önce
Did i just see cracks on the track?
Rodro Zil
Rodro Zil 3 dakika önce
Red Bull Racing Honda! Go Verstepaan! Go Honda!
Imran Aidil
Imran Aidil 3 dakika önce
cant wait to see mazepin win at his home course
Matthew Black
Matthew Black 3 dakika önce
Aaaah yes! classic Perez. What is it this week? or was he towing max again the whole weekend?.....Honestly What's the point of him being here? At this point I'd rather take the chance on Piastri or Zhou next season. This is just ridiculous. Why is his qualifying so bad?
Lucas Brown
Lucas Brown 3 dakika önce
Gasly always p6
harshay agarwal
harshay agarwal 4 dakika önce
Tell me someone more consistent than gasly I'll wait
Yu peng Lew
Yu peng Lew 4 dakika önce
mercedes was unbeatablke in russia,i think that mercesdes will get another top step on the race but who knows
Sevan Zakarian
Sevan Zakarian 5 dakika önce
Can anybody imagine Vettel and Hamilton battle again 😳😍
Harsh Chauhan
Harsh Chauhan 5 dakika önce
McLaren powered 🤔
SV5 5 dakika önce
Vettel P5 💚
Gregory Lobo
Gregory Lobo 5 dakika önce
Ooh, that's a big one. I hope he's okay.
Manny32V 5 dakika önce
Mclaren powered. .. didnt know they made engines for f1.
bruh 6 dakika önce
Darren Goh
Darren Goh 6 dakika önce
Who wants BOT to win this weekend?
Yap Hong Qian
Yap Hong Qian 6 dakika önce
i wanna see bottas win this one again
Laiphangbam Ronit
Laiphangbam Ronit 6 dakika önce
It recommended Kvyat tropedo while I was watching.
okoye kingsley
okoye kingsley 6 dakika önce
Perez is not measuring up.
Ihsan Salim
Ihsan Salim 7 dakika önce
Bottas back on tradition
Arya Rusix
Arya Rusix 7 dakika önce
I hope lewis always crash and bottas always podium. That'll be interesting
Stormsty 7 dakika önce
All I wish is for Bottas to outperform Hamilton for the remainder of the season.
Haris Bilalovic
Haris Bilalovic 7 dakika önce
Song name please?
AutoFabb 7 dakika önce
Icaro Carvalho
Icaro Carvalho 7 dakika önce
kirisaki. 8 dakika önce
Bottas gotta end this season with bang doe
AksHu 8 dakika önce
Underwhelming performance by Sergio perez.
Naman Sharma
Naman Sharma 8 dakika önce
Nico Zana
Nico Zana 8 dakika önce
Gasly P6 AGAIN
Frederic Nasuti
Frederic Nasuti 8 dakika önce
Haas 4.5 seconds behind...what is that team doing in formula 1 ?
Dazed:3 9 dakika önce
Did someone say rain? I still have rain PTSD from spa
Anki 9 dakika önce
Great to see Vettel with that Aston Martin on 5th Position
Rafael Rodrigues Moreira
Rafael Rodrigues Moreira 9 dakika önce
Perez need to pick up the pace if Red Bull pretend to win the constructors championship.
Kiran Sooraj
Kiran Sooraj 9 dakika önce
VTB Russian Grand Prix aka Valtteri Bottas Russian Grand Prix?
Jack Harvey
Jack Harvey 10 dakika önce
Makes you wonder how different each championship would be if you didn’t have the torpedo and max driving around like clowns during 2015-2020
Jordan O'Connor
Jordan O'Connor 10 dakika önce
P19 and no spin out! Mazepin really working hard to impress the fans at his home race 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻
finton mainz
finton mainz 10 dakika önce
I can't see Bottas yielding to Hamilton. Realistically this would be the last win of his career...
Mahad Mohamed
Mahad Mohamed 32 saniye önce
idk man he can win in us, saudi and this but by far this is his best track so lets hope he win this!
verklempt 10 dakika önce
6 is officially Gasly’s favourite number
Jimothy 10 dakika önce
nicely done bottas now keep it up and do not let your so called team tell you to slow down
Adam Abbouchi
Adam Abbouchi 11 dakika önce
Ayrton Senna, a formidable champion behind the wheel & a real life hero outside the cockpit. Rest in Heaven, Legend.
Filipe Rodrigues
Filipe Rodrigues 11 dakika önce
I will admit that now I cheer for Bottas
Ayoung Shieyong
Ayoung Shieyong 11 dakika önce
F1 Race In Epic Moment
build Motosykletist
build Motosykletist 12 dakika önce
Best show in ages.
tik tok video
tik tok video 12 dakika önce
These are the ones who did the best
fariz ascariz
fariz ascariz 12 dakika önce
I hope lh win to shuts mv ego.
Archit Patro
Archit Patro 12 dakika önce
𝘖𝘵𝘵𝘰 𝘷𝘰𝘯 𝘚𝘰𝘶𝘱𝘮𝘢𝘳𝘤𝘬
𝘖𝘵𝘵𝘰 𝘷𝘰𝘯 𝘚𝘰𝘶𝘱𝘮𝘢𝘳𝘤𝘬 13 dakika önce
Lando: *Spins* Also Lando: Umm Ive just crashed
Raptor main
Raptor main 14 dakika önce
Mazewin got the pace here I Russia
Nithin Chitcha
Nithin Chitcha 14 dakika önce
I doubt anyone is as consistent as gasly for p6😂😅
Abdul Ahad
Abdul Ahad 15 dakika önce
Gasly still has the super GT curse , Some say he'll have to kiss SuperGT's feet to get rid of it .
sots 666
sots 666 15 dakika önce
Clear skies, sunshine and a couple of drops of Novichok just in case anyone criticizes Putin and his mafia...GANGSTER COUNTRY
Ben Leggett
Ben Leggett 11 dakika önce
Anjunabeachball 15 dakika önce
what position was 6asly?
Archit Patro
Archit Patro 11 dakika önce
The no. best associated with 9
Sandesh Perera
Sandesh Perera 15 dakika önce
Always impressive gasly... a big compliment
Anto Catch
Anto Catch 9 dakika önce
gasly is impressive
Manos Men
Manos Men 15 dakika önce
Youtube user
Youtube user 15 dakika önce
Go Bottas and Max. Go beat Lewis every race from now on. Hope Daniel was not a one off at Monza.
Ni No
Ni No 15 dakika önce
It shows how human psych plays big role on performance. Since Bottas was confirmed moving to new team, it seems a huge weight off his mind and he has managed to show his real potential since b
Hipotenuza 9 dakika önce
@Ben Leggett In 10 minutes
Ni No
Ni No 9 dakika önce
@Ben Leggett 2.5 hours after fp1
Ben Leggett
Ben Leggett 12 dakika önce
sol tea
sol tea 15 dakika önce
Bottas finally got the mercedes cuffs off he's got nothing to lose anymore I hope he gives max and Lewis something to think about
Anto Catch
Anto Catch 9 dakika önce
he will move over for lewis . everyone will know he really won . maybe lewis can let him stand on the top step of the podium with him to acknowledge that
k richards
k richards 16 dakika önce
I'm calling it now,bottas ,Hamilton and then verstappen
Validsof gaming
Validsof gaming 8 dakika önce
@Ben Leggett in 10 minutes
Ben Leggett
Ben Leggett 11 dakika önce
@Anto Catch what time is fp2?
Anto Catch
Anto Catch 11 dakika önce
ham then bottas ... he will keep him in the drs zone and then let him through...
ur couzin
ur couzin 16 dakika önce
A full 4.5 seconds behind for HAAS? Schumacher 0.5 behind Mazepin? Rough times for Gunther.
Gigsaw Soljier
Gigsaw Soljier 48 saniye önce
more like 0.35s grossly exaggerated it's practice not quali
Param Drall
Param Drall 17 dakika önce
Gasly Got attached to P6...🏁
Coyote71 17 dakika önce
Archit Patro
Archit Patro 10 dakika önce
LBNMKRS 18 dakika önce
Ferrari new engine update=0
Yasin Yüksel
Yasin Yüksel 18 dakika önce
not gud lando
K4RMA 18 dakika önce
I’m gonna miss this track when it’s gone, most don’t like it. I LOVE IT.
Tomozly 18 dakika önce
Can Bottas still win WDC?
Ben Leggett
Ben Leggett 11 dakika önce
Adam P
Adam P 18 dakika önce
McLaren power unit?