Holy Smoaks
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How to DIY a Concrete Floor
Easiest DIY Drain Solution
Douglas and Sharon Gray
Douglas and Sharon Gray 3 saatler önce
What a wonderful experience
12345 13 saatler önce
150 pounds for that shitty tool belt? lmao
Yvonne Rahui
Yvonne Rahui 15 saatler önce
Wow..this was a fabulous watch. Wonderful to see father & son doing such a project together. All the effort dad put into training up you Carl..has paid off. You are a remarkable worker & therefore tells me you will make a solid husband & dad as yours clearly has been. Beautuful workmanship!
Richard Longmore
Richard Longmore 19 saatler önce
I have always liked the idea of notching the beams together. Taking a little notch out of boats beams where ever they cross and banging a nail straight through where they are notched together. Always hated a messy nail in the side
Brad McClave
Brad McClave 23 saatler önce
What did you do with the old door?
Marko Gün önce
So you restored a roof on a barn
cresntookami Gün önce
Does cold affect wood?
Rashpal singh
Rashpal singh Gün önce
Is heat bad for wood?
Juha Koskinen
Juha Koskinen Gün önce
What wood burns fast?
mah girl
mah girl Gün önce
Can wood touch water?
Andy Jame
Andy Jame Gün önce
What is a smoothing tool?
Justin Rhodes
Justin Rhodes Gün önce
What is the advantage of wood design?
Quentin Gün önce
Where can i learn to do that IRL ?
Barsik 2 gün önce
don't promise "no unexpected import charges" that will not true in all countries
Amanda Buckingham
Amanda Buckingham 2 gün önce
Bloody magnificent!😮
Ana NUNEZ 2 gün önce
What a beautiful work 👏🏻👏🏻
jesik milkaritas
jesik milkaritas 2 gün önce
What is a safe roof angle?
Jack Backus
Jack Backus 2 gün önce
Peter Polycarpou
Peter Polycarpou 3 gün önce
An absolute pleasure to watch. Great work
Ankerman Nermon
Ankerman Nermon 3 gün önce
Andy Jame
Andy Jame 3 gün önce
Do sheds have ventilation?
samantha stratford
samantha stratford 3 gün önce
What an amazing job you and your dad have done on this restoration process so far, I love seeing the videos and following the progress all the way from Australia. I must ask out of curiosity though ypu mention Brexit a lot, and my question is how does that affect your time in France bud?
NoLefTurnUnStoned 3 gün önce
Shame you covered all that lovely stone!
Jeff Purtell
Jeff Purtell 4 gün önce
Beautiful work! I really appreciate your solution to fixing the top and bottom of the spindles. Yes, a little complex but clearly worth it if quality of this level is needed.
Fab P
Fab P 4 gün önce
nice to watch until end. not boring at all. very charming barn to restore. where about is it located in south west of france pls?
Pedro Pinheiro
Pedro Pinheiro 4 gün önce
Wait! Did I hear you say "the funcionality may seem underwhelming..." !!?? Oh c'mon, are you implying I'm gobsmacked for no reason?? Mad at youtube as this new video did not appear on my feeder. Anyway, it's been a long time, glad to see you, our perfectionist wonder young man.
좌회전금지 4 gün önce
I accidently found your channel and watched whole day. It was 40 years ago we lived in New Jersey, US. We bought the new construction house and a whole lot of things waited for us. Tilling an entryway and finishing a basement, and building a deck. It was so hard but so fun too. Now my loving husband passed and I am back in Korea. I am 70 years old now but I still remember vividly how we installed a closet door in the basement. Thank you so much for the wonderful videos
robert anderson
robert anderson 4 gün önce
Fantastic filming
louis armstrong
louis armstrong 4 gün önce
Those wooden pegs rub them with candles the wax makes it a lot smoother 👌the reason why they use hardwood because of the weight of the roof with those tiles, plus it more weather resistant and the land was covered in hard wood trees as far as the eye can see
caretaker826 karim
caretaker826 karim 4 gün önce
i have an old house i bought im france region charente twice a year i go do some renovation i have two external wooden windows shutters need replacing the wood is all splitting any chance make video how to make them i could get them done by profesional but they can be expensive
Dave Thompson
Dave Thompson 4 gün önce
What is no 1 wood?
don carlos rivas-fernandez
don carlos rivas-fernandez 4 gün önce
What is natural chalk?
Michael Barratt
Michael Barratt 5 gün önce
Who said you can’t put ‘New’ on to ‘Old’. Fantastic job guys you must all be extremely proud of yourselves.👍
Grover 5 gün önce
Надо было почистить их перед кладкой.
jeff phillips sr
jeff phillips sr 5 gün önce
Should old felt be removed?
Desi Segundo III
Desi Segundo III 6 gün önce
that chainsaw/router thingy is amazing. Great job by the way.
Chris Phillips
Chris Phillips 6 gün önce
I wonder why you didn't just take everything down in the first place? Lots of temp support only to remove the things being supported anyway?
biljancanin 7 gün önce
This barn is as old as the United States 😅
Andre Zenz
Andre Zenz 7 gün önce
3:05 "Excellent!" :)
Chris Phillips
Chris Phillips 7 gün önce
Maile Kwan
Maile Kwan 7 gün önce
Freakin' Brilliant!!!
car restore
car restore 8 gün önce
Beautiful Axe
Brooklyn Godin
Brooklyn Godin 8 gün önce
Wow!!! You guys do extraordinarily amazing work! I wish I could get up there and work too… thanks for sharing the amazing footage and experience!
Matt Aultman
Matt Aultman 8 gün önce
Who makes your saw/planer/jointer? In the U.S. and that is an awesome all around unit.
Admiral Benbow
Admiral Benbow 8 gün önce
Whereabouts is this please. Do I see some Alps or Pyrenees in the distance ??
Ivan Nazarenko
Ivan Nazarenko 9 gün önce
наим бы людям да такую экономику и все что с этим связано, не хуже парни рабоать умеет , а может и лучше!! поэтому и уежают лучшие!!! а это мне очень жаль, потом работают на друге экономики, но это не их вина, это наша Беда!!!
Ivan Nazarenko
Ivan Nazarenko 9 gün önce
Красиво конечно, но вся эта красота не стоит правильног угла заточки, а этого он так и не сделал!!!
LG 9 gün önce
Fantastic! The festool kit was priceless with this job, but you have to know how to use em, great craftsmen, thoroughly enjoyed it, thank you!
Roger Day
Roger Day 9 gün önce
The total lack of safety protection equipment, apart for your ears, is a very bad example for others and greatly detracts from your professional approach and video.
marshallz4 10 gün önce
nicely organized