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off grid cabin build
@SoCalCommuter 9 saatler önce
@21:17--- This is an AWESOME thing for you to include in your video! The danger of a construction site is a real thing, and you could have easily left that out of your video edit. Hopefully you weren't hurt-- I helped build my own home in 1999 and was amazed that at the end of that summer I had not been injured. Stay FOCUSED and Stay SAFE!!
@davemeaddoes 6 saatler önce
Thank you 🙏 and yes only my ego was bruised haha
@LucyFeissner-ud6cx 2 gün önce
🦆 ☁️ 🦢 luv the bird ~ calls ...
@mikeunum 3 gün önce
Oh Jesus what a wonderful build. God bless you and your family.
@davemeaddoes 3 gün önce
@christianepanepinto8091 4 gün önce
J’ai adorée vous regardez travailler ,bravo magnifique 👍
@mvtroiano 4 gün önce
Wow! What a beautiful job!
@davemeaddoes 4 gün önce
@AshtynMX65 4 gün önce
In the name of Jesus help Dave with life and make him have a long life AMEN 🙏
@robertsmith1030 6 gün önce
Great job ur son getting the board in place with the hammer and yellong out i did it was priceless , you mistepping on the plywood and falling hit home as well , ive done it so many times myself , stay blessed
@davemeaddoes 6 gün önce
Thank you 🙏 you too
@terrye6196 12 gün önce
What impressed me the most, was how the whole family pitched in and helped.
@davemeaddoes 12 gün önce
@roberttrote9683 12 gün önce
Good job man i like I'm in ,don't stop it will get to 300k soon 👍
@Lasolucion369 13 gün önce
Excelente ❤❤❤❤❤ 7:58
@ersksk35 14 gün önce
you are destroying the forest 🤬
@mosenmasoumi8048 14 gün önce
i watched you build your cabin, you did na nice job, i want to see how it looks, when you arer 100% done, i hope you put another video
@davemeaddoes 14 gün önce
Coming soon thank you
@mosenmasoumi8048 14 gün önce
are you going to coverup the foam between the logs, on your heater, it is good to have one or two fan which works with heat
@davemeaddoes 14 gün önce
Foam is covered with mortar just like the inside. We use one box fan in far back bedroom aimed at wood stove and it does awesome
@OleGasChaNneL 14 gün önce
Well job! 💪😎👍🔥🔥🔥
@davemeaddoes 14 gün önce
@MrWilldlc79 15 gün önce
I'm convinced this guy built the pyramids in his past life
@rickfischer3759 16 gün önce
Been thinking about solar and batteries for my work shed. Going to look into this product. Thanks Dave !
@davemeaddoes 16 gün önce
Welcome Rick! 🙏
@anijohnson8082 16 gün önce
You are not even my son and yet I am so very proud of you. My husband and I just love your video> We love your kids too!! Y'all be so blessed in abundance!!
@davemeaddoes 16 gün önce
@Surtac100 16 gün önce
You can start using logs soon as you cut them down or do you need to let them cure or dry out for a period of time?
@davemeaddoes 16 gün önce
Cut peel stack
@isaacthompson8911 17 gün önce
I’m super curious how well this building technique holds up over time, especially compared to saddle notch full scribe. This seems much quicker and more doable, I wonder how it holds up over time, if it’s durable, how the log shrink affects the seal, etc. Good job though!
@johnbutler5208 18 gün önce
@The_blue_beetle 20 gün önce
I'm 24 and praying and looking forward for my possible future career as a cop. Trying to save all that I can while unexpectedly laid off, this is the dream cabin I want to build.
@FrancisoDoncona 21 gün önce
Its a battery, with a step up transformer, with environmentally dirty lithium cells, just buy a real generator, less harm to the earth.
@PoisonP 21 gün önce
@cindyfreeman9642 22 gün önce
You need snowmobile
@davemeaddoes 22 gün önce
Walking is better for you 🙏
@paulfarley9542 23 gün önce
I just saw the video of your cabin build looks great
@user-ms4fm9jk8p 23 gün önce
😯😜🤪🤑😲 ...... Hi , Dave .... I Iike it !!!!!! .....
@whyareyougay3941 24 gün önce
This is an example of "dont judge a book by its cover" even though this kid sounds and looks like a nerd he is the least nerdy kid ever.
@garyreams8123 25 gün önce
"Cabin"? More like a house.
@garyreams8123 25 gün önce
So many videos or "off grid" cabins that mostly consist of chopping wood videos.
@aubreyjackson9770 26 gün önce
Wow what a great family home. Your wife is very lucky to have such a huge kitchen!
@davemeaddoes 25 gün önce
@solidworker1 26 gün önce
respekt lieber dave, eine sehr gute arbeit. beste grüße aus germany-thüringen
@mac1975 26 gün önce
@mehmetkarakas4577 Aylar önce
@shawnhulke7385 Aylar önce
Awesome build. My gramma always said the best help you have is at the end of your own two arms and you my friend have proven that to be true.
@davemeaddoes Aylar önce
@rossonphillips Aylar önce
You need a dog friend. I upgrade to soapstone firebricks man what a difference to how long they hold heat especially overnight
@Dyingtoself1 Aylar önce
this is a great video its very informational keep it up
@davemeaddoes Aylar önce
@rickwaldo4150 Aylar önce
Wanna build mine only half the size 🙌🏼
@rickwaldo4150 Aylar önce
I’ve always wanted to attend one of LHBA’s classes but is just too expensive
@markwulf5496 Aylar önce
your dog looks like it is in a constant state of pain. I really do not like that dog.
@DustinPlatt Aylar önce
When I'm older and want to have my own house built, I'm telling the contractor that he and his company can only use chainsaws to build it.
@DustinPlatt Aylar önce
Imagine what he could have accomplished in 15 minutes. Good God. He might have added 4 more rooms while building his 2nd retirement home. Oh... Nevermind title said months. I thought 9 minutes.
@rayatheflower7242 Aylar önce
Stop deforestation please
@xToniMichellex Aylar önce
Wow, amazing ❤
@marklomax7452 Aylar önce
What a cool log house.
@begushaya_po_grablyam4791 Aylar önce
The house is shitty. A raw piece of shit with inch-long cracks filled with foam. Lazy freak of a builder. And then he shows us the same shitty metal box in which the fire was lit, supposedly it heats this idiotic barn. And we know about thermal insulation from the huge cracks in the logs. What a bucket they drove us away.