rightdubz Dubbie
rightdubz Dubbie 6 dakika önce
Anyone know the name of the amazing Arabic singer?
Mark Wild501
Mark Wild501 7 dakika önce
You are the best bro we love you
Luna Mor
Luna Mor 7 dakika önce
COLDPLAY ❤FOREVER Canção que pede você e o barulho da chuva no telhado... O.P.Q.O, eu sinto saudades ... tantas... mil... mesmo sem você nunca ter falado comigo.... Apesar do pouco que eu tenha dito.
Bruna Tainandra
Bruna Tainandra 11 dakika önce
E aí vai vir no Rock in Rio?
Yusuf Serhat Durmuş
Yusuf Serhat Durmuş 11 dakika önce
If Coldplay hasn't exist, Tiktok wouldn't exist either.
Ajax Kun
Ajax Kun 11 dakika önce
Nostalgia Came Back....
Clippzy Holgerson
Clippzy Holgerson 14 dakika önce
This is my favorit song and here by Alessia cara two of my best songs it always maked my day😇🥰❤
Clippzy Holgerson
Clippzy Holgerson 16 dakika önce
This song is an gift!❤
Taeri 태리
Taeri 태리 17 dakika önce
the only bad thing about this video is that the guitar solo is cut short
Tiziana Ali
Tiziana Ali 17 dakika önce
Bellissima ❤️❤️❤️
Gabriel Max
Gabriel Max 18 dakika önce
Essa música é perfeita demais!!!
Heike Keller
Heike Keller 19 dakika önce
Unfortunately, my father also died ... and that because I signed something, he will no longer be artificially fed. So I decided about death and life and therefore still feel very guilty today ... this song made me cry immediately and yes ... my dad is somewhere out there by the stars. and I begin to understand that it's ok ... I miss him so much. DADDY touched me and helped me too.....Thanks Coldplay ❤
Carolina Alvarado irribarren
Carolina Alvarado irribarren 20 dakika önce
Creo que emite un sonido calmante
Roberto Pereira
Roberto Pereira 22 dakika önce
Todas as vezes em que eu ouço essa música eu 😢
MAICON SILVA 22 dakika önce
Ces_ Ar
Ces_ Ar 22 dakika önce
El men que conoció a coldplay sólo por esta canción : NI MI PIDI SIQUIR ISTI QUINCIN DI LI QUIBIZI, COLDPLAY IS LI MIXIMI XD
Anwar Alhasani
Anwar Alhasani 23 dakika önce
You don't know how lovely you are! The love of my life..we shared everything talked alot... I miss you or i just miss the memory of us together. You helped me escape from the the ugly reality i used to live in..
Lana 29 dakika önce
Keep Streaming 💘
Elijah Holleran
Elijah Holleran 31 dakika önce
R.I.P maradona
Cladson Dk
Cladson Dk 32 dakika önce
makinita Meza
makinita Meza 34 dakika önce
💕💕 me encanta Coldplay . Hermosos recuerdos del ayer 😃
naomi kim jeon
naomi kim jeon 39 dakika önce
''my univers'' coldpaly and bts
Anne Lecoq
Anne Lecoq 39 dakika önce
pas Gordon me fait tomber dans un état psychédélique non trop genre un militaire genre interrogaroire de Ben Laden
Darren Brown
Darren Brown 44 dakika önce
There concerts are just out of this world,it’s a shame there not touring for a while 😢
Diana Cruz
Diana Cruz 45 dakika önce
Dios mío como amo esta canción! es una joya como todas las de Coldplay! Armys apoyemos MY UNIVERSE!! please
David Pozo
David Pozo 43 dakika önce
Coldplay, Imagine Dragons y Maroon 5 son las mejores Bandas de esta década
visibly human
visibly human 49 dakika önce
this song came out like six years ago and the animation's still better than the animation in dream's new song (mask)
J.e.n.s 49 dakika önce
Love you Coldplay✌️
Maia S
Maia S 51 dakika önce
Who could have "dislike" this magnificent work of art? I do not understand.
Zeyneb 53 dakika önce
Bu şarkıyı birgün birine ithaf etme dileğiyle
Loud Davisinho Fox
Loud Davisinho Fox 54 dakika önce
El music top
Joselyn Rodríguez
Joselyn Rodríguez 55 dakika önce
Esta canción es ARTE y la que se viene con BTS también lo será ✨🐳🐙💜
Diego 56 dakika önce
I love how he interacts with Jon, Guy and Will. From 1:28 is nothing but brothers love. Great scene.
Diana Cruz
Diana Cruz 59 dakika önce
Siempre he amado Coldplay pero ahora que también soy ARMY, estoy tan emocionada! Apoyemos MY UNIVERSE feat BTS! please
c s
c s 59 dakika önce
Chris makes me feel some typa way in this music vid😭😭😭😭😭
Chris Ramsay
Chris Ramsay Saatler önce
I listen coldplay band since i'm 5 years old. Now i'm 17 and it's already a pleasure to listen their singles
vincent o'donnell
vincent o'donnell Saatler önce
Has to be one of the best songs ever!
Glori Tousignan
Glori Tousignan Saatler önce
Supervivant. 😀 I like very ... 👍☯️
BTS ARMY Saatler önce
I love this song💜🐙
Kabazjaka Saatler önce
Pia Simona Cervello
Pia Simona Cervello Saatler önce
Amazing! A dream! ❤️
Raquel Campos Medina
Raquel Campos Medina Saatler önce
irfan Saatler önce
Letícia Fernandes
Letícia Fernandes Saatler önce
Coldplay I need you in Brazil again !!!!
Vibez Music
Vibez Music Saatler önce
Day 82 of commenting on Viva La Vida by Coldplay for a whole year
Andrea Damico
Andrea Damico Saatler önce
I know what you are feeling listening this song
Marcia Rosa
Marcia Rosa Saatler önce
Amooo de mais cold play 😍😍😍
Judson Alexander
Judson Alexander Saatler önce
I love you coldplay ❣️
COOKIE BUNNy_ 97 Saatler önce
I still watch this in 2021. I will watch this after 10 years tooo... It's so beautiful and so emotional 😭💜
flaquinaro Saatler önce
hello Monkey Mokey
lucero yared reyes
lucero yared reyes Saatler önce
No puedo creer que vallan hacer colaboración con bts soy fan de los 2 ya quiero escuchar la canción
Crownyt²² Saatler önce
Legends seeing 5 years later
Mohammed Suhail
Mohammed Suhail Saatler önce
ഇവിടെ മായാളീസ് ഉണ്ടോ?❤️❤️❤️
Kerstovicka Wicke
Kerstovicka Wicke Saatler önce
Bmw sucks!why?
Roberto Saatler önce
💙⁷mElLoW⁷💜 Saatler önce
Indians 2021♡