The Snowflake Mystery
8 aylar önce
Math's Fundamental Flaw
World's Lightest Solid!
World's Roundest Object!
Anti-Gravity Wheel?
8 yıl önce
Math's Fundamental Flaw
World's Heaviest Weight
Musical Fire Table!
8 yıl önce
Fire in ZERO-G!!
5 yıl önce
Henry Loader
Henry Loader Saniye önce
awesome so I am just the end result of deterministic conditions that began long before me and my free will and ability to learn and grow are probably just illusions. thanks
Soheil Rasekhi
Soheil Rasekhi 41 saniye önce
he was trying to play god
JimCroft21 46 saniye önce
Stop these facts! I’m triggered!!
TheMinecraftManiac401 3 dakika önce
This guy can understand astrophysics but still uses the erroneous Mercator projection on a globe 🌎 🌍 🌏
Nicholas Wiewiora
Nicholas Wiewiora 3 dakika önce
Gotta love scientists naming things. "Weakly interacting massive particles" They're weak, so they're called "WIMPs"... XDDD
Peter Hayman
Peter Hayman 3 dakika önce
this video was great, i learned a lot😅
Nathan Bieber
Nathan Bieber 5 dakika önce
Omg i live near a flight school. Constant C172s flying around me
Allen A
Allen A 5 dakika önce
How can you put kasparov as azeri flag they committed genocide against Armenians and he is an Armenian
souP 6 dakika önce
Muller, I’m not even two minutes in, but for further understanding on this topic, talk to your postman. If he’s been around long enough, I bet he could tell you way more about your neighborhood than anyone cares to ever know. Anyone has the capability of being an expert. I look forward to the rest of the video 😂
Nathan Bieber
Nathan Bieber 6 dakika önce
Thank god for karma... F*ck that guy
EL XABER 7 dakika önce
This reminded me of middle school, where I was not a good student, there was a test on the Greek alphabet. Per my norm I didn't study, do homework, or bother to even look at it (School to me was the apitimy of boring). I went to class and had 5 minutes to memorize the alphabet on the board. I passed and still remember it to this day. Perfection is achieved by practice, experience, and knowledge about the subject, but the subconscious mind can be rather powerfull.
anish nagpal
anish nagpal 8 dakika önce
Very informative
theveluxhorse 13 dakika önce
"...Biggest thing other than human caused nuclear war..." then proceeds to laugh...
Patrik Sakai
Patrik Sakai 14 dakika önce
I think the problem with the way of thinking in regards to these myths is the fact that we have a child like mentality of how technology can solve things.
James Demos
James Demos 14 dakika önce
OK I have but one question... Where can I get a Helium Cryocooler?
Danny Deighan
Danny Deighan 15 dakika önce
Kevin Roberts
Kevin Roberts 16 dakika önce
As I recall, most of the intelligence and SAT type testings were more geared towards the noticing pattern talents and not the excluding theories skills. Maybe this is a bias held in memory, though.
Holee JR
Holee JR 19 dakika önce
Lol easy questions ever
Arghore 19 dakika önce
Ok, Gravity isn't a direct force, but it does have a field, mainly a field of influence that's denoted by the inverse square law.
discord stuff
discord stuff 19 dakika önce
Amazing content for free.
Mass Exodus
Mass Exodus 20 dakika önce
There is a fatal flaw in your problem. You draw the room with the boxes arranged 10 x 10 and all labeled. How do we know the boxes are labeled with numbers? What if they are instead not labeled? Or stacked up to make a single - yet tall - pile of boxes with no labels? What if instead of being numbered the boxes are labeled AA, AB, ..., BA, BB, ..., CA, CB, ...DA, DB, ..., DV? Or what if all boxes are numbered but with the same number say 100? Since no specific details were given, that the boxes were all labeled and w 1...100, how would the prisoners plan on that without that stated as a fact before entry?
Numrah Ansari
Numrah Ansari 23 dakika önce
Man, i wanna go on a staycation.
Craig Gerlach
Craig Gerlach 24 dakika önce
So this tellurium, no way to incorporate that and not have the odor by means of some catalytic converter? I mean rather be all electric, but if this did increase MPG by nearly double.. why hasn't this been brought back into the game? tetraethyl lead.. I rem buying that as an additive.. and AV gas had much higher concentrate than auto ever had and they were still using it years after banned in cars.
Leo E.
Leo E. 24 dakika önce
People who ever rode a motorbike be like: Well, we knew that for quite a while
Name 26 dakika önce
Take a good look at that little bastard, cause that's what's going to become self-aware and kill your ass. 🤣
Ron J
Ron J 26 dakika önce
I used to play tournament chess in HS, learned tennis as an adult and played in USTA leagues, learned a few instruments and played in a few bands. The number one fail I saw of people along the same journeys as I while learning new things is their comfort level. Everyone has a rough time learning but some would gain a little competence and rest on those tiny laurels - and not get more competent. It seemed like people would find the laurels that fit their egos and then they stopped. They didn't go until they exhausted their abilities. Someone/something didn't say stop. They stopped themselves.
lord kajetan kajetan
lord kajetan kajetan 26 dakika önce
You destroy my mind
David Storey
David Storey 27 dakika önce
LoneStarStinger 27 dakika önce
Im convinced its not only mosquitoes but fleas too. I knew someone growing up who had animals that brought in fleas. I would get swarmed but they never believed there was an issue because they would never be bitten. So if you are a mosquito magnet, I bet you’d also serve as a flea buffet should you be exposed.