Kee Shanell
Kee Shanell 16 saatler önce
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TOH YONG JIN Moe 17 saatler önce
thank you the song i like it
KM Choi
KM Choi 17 saatler önce
I can recall my daddy while listening this music. He actually does love this kind of jazz. And so do I :)
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この動画を毎回聴きながら何かをしないと捗らないほど、一日に何度も何度も聴いています😊そして広告も最初と最後という…最初に公告が出てきたとき、二本中一本目となっていたので二本目の広告が聴いている途中に来たら嫌だな…と思っていたのですが… 主様の優しさに感謝いたします😢
Life With Barefoot Chef
Life With Barefoot Chef 18 saatler önce
Is your music copyright free to use for vlog?
D Brow
D Brow 18 saatler önce
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Jacyka Taylor
Jacyka Taylor 18 saatler önce
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Mei Tsuki
Mei Tsuki 18 saatler önce
가능하면 젤다 35주년 맞아서 새로운 커버곡들도 들어보고 싶네요.
Relaxing Coffee Shop
Relaxing Coffee Shop 20 saatler önce
Relaxing Jazz and Coffee Shop Music Ambience
Nora Howard
Nora Howard 20 saatler önce
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Kas Kahea
Kas Kahea 21 saatler önce
Right on Hula Moka!! 🙂
Kas Kahea
Kas Kahea 21 saatler önce
😎😎 nice 👍🏽
Cafe Music BGM channel
Cafe Music BGM channel 16 saatler önce
Thanks! 😁
Jazz Coffee Shop
Jazz Coffee Shop 21 saatler önce
thank you so much for making these videos...I just found your channel like a week ago coz I was looking for some music to listen to while studying for my finals and wow your videos really helped me focus on studying while having chill vibes so I don't get stressed easily.
Maplestory pro
Maplestory pro 21 saatler önce
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Elise Baldwin
Elise Baldwin 21 saatler önce
This is great
Minnie Minnie
Minnie Minnie 21 saatler önce
Martha Domínguez
Martha Domínguez 21 saatler önce
Me encanta este playlist. Lo escucho mucho. Gracias
Nora Howard
Nora Howard 22 saatler önce
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리카일 22 saatler önce
I have heard lot lots of cafe music but this cafe music is the best
Marina Henderson
Marina Henderson 22 saatler önce
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리카일 22 saatler önce
The best music i have heard is this
리카일 22 saatler önce
I always thought this kind of music was boring but i was wrong
Beth Hayes
Beth Hayes 22 saatler önce
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Rafa atoji
Rafa atoji 22 saatler önce
Day 1: Today I went to school, it was pretty nice, tomorrow well have to wear a pink shirt to show that were against bullying
love God
love God 22 saatler önce
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Maria Gabriela Espina Gonzalez
Maria Gabriela Espina Gonzalez 22 saatler önce
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a takahashi
a takahashi 22 saatler önce
Dominique Larue Enchantez-vous
Dominique Larue Enchantez-vous 23 saatler önce
Very good music before sleeping... Thanks! :)
Alma Malo
Alma Malo 23 saatler önce
just what I need this afternoon before I start pm appts. Thank you
Ari Matilda
Ari Matilda 23 saatler önce
Guys me and my friend are doing this for our AMAZING PIG PROJECT my friend's name is sally mcwally MAKE SURE TO READ MORE!!!!! 🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷
Andrew Zeitler
Andrew Zeitler 23 saatler önce
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joshua payne
joshua payne Gün önce
what the name of the first song?
ching ho
ching ho Gün önce
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Lin Gün önce
Heyyyyyy! Loving this jazzy head boppin groove!
Massey Lemons
Massey Lemons Gün önce
The uneven scarecrow obviously kill because organ expectedly squash over a demonic shade. synonymous, vivacious tennis
Larry Little
Larry Little Gün önce
Ahh... so relaxing... so good... thank you for the music. I was wanting to add some background Hawaiian music to our family Hawaiian vacation video, but I could not find any truly FREE downloads... (always need to buy something or pay... :)
Massey Lemons
Massey Lemons Gün önce
The discreet step-son centrally race because french initially present sans a noxious crowd. level, materialistic lizard
Michael Kent
Michael Kent Gün önce
Just a quick thank you for the soft music. I write mystery novels and I listen to it while I create new stories it seems to inspire me.
Loren D
Loren D Gün önce
Love this JAZZ music. However, I am listening to the music and not focusing. :)
Thando Mazaleni
Thando Mazaleni Gün önce
Everyone in the comment section is sooo positive❤️ really hope whoever reads my comment finds the will to keep keeping on! You're this far already, let's finish strong! Trust in the process, trust in yourself, you've got this!
krista mccoy
krista mccoy Gün önce
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tae hoon oh
tae hoon oh Gün önce
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Shanna Shenna Gün önce
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Bedrich Suchy Gün önce
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alexsagor77ali robinkhan
alexsagor77ali robinkhan Gün önce
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its very good
Queen Antonette Bello
Queen Antonette Bello Gün önce
Omg this help me to relax/to concentrate while answering my modules and making projects🖤🖤
alexsagor77ali robinkhan
alexsagor77ali robinkhan Gün önce
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Dragan Jeremic
Dragan Jeremic Gün önce
Kora 2
Kora 2 Gün önce
This always helps me focus and relax
why is it that i exist
why is it that i exist Gün önce
aced a coding assessment with a company listening to this in the background :D hoping they will hire me as a junior dev
Jay Here
Jay Here Gün önce
Can you make a 1 minute version?
Rein Hart
Rein Hart Gün önce
Play on 1.5 speed for club version. 1x for study lol.
PRXNCE Gün önce
The first track is my absolute favorite love it 🙏🏽
Dragan Jeremic
Dragan Jeremic Gün önce
Martina antonia
Martina antonia Gün önce
con el fondo de la lluvia me dieron ganas de hacer pipi jiji
mintii Gün önce
Jan 7th, 2020, we were so young and naive. Look at this cafe full of these tables!! One year later... Not a chance in 🔥
Lamonze Parker
Lamonze Parker Gün önce
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Leah Gün önce
Love this one, thank you.
Emma Holt
Emma Holt Gün önce
I play these behind my zoom classes... for a little bit of ~spice~ and it definitely helps keep me awake....
Matthew Lewis
Matthew Lewis Gün önce
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nekos and nari
nekos and nari Gün önce
this reminds me of when summer comes in a small town and you're staring out at the sky thinking of nothing...
Matthew Lewis
Matthew Lewis Gün önce
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신영미 Gün önce
The hurried currency externally ban because plane ganguly subtract onto a undesirable creature. easy, grouchy washer
LifeIsRosy Gün önce
I ❤BGMC.. thank you for your awesome work. It makes my soul say: ahhhhh, while I work and sip my coffee. Greetings from Toronto Canada. Wishing everyone a blessed and peaceful day.
Michelle Goldstein
Michelle Goldstein Gün önce
With all the cares in the world, this station makes me forget them for awhile.
Lada Lazarenko
Lada Lazarenko Gün önce
Хэй, русскоязычные отзовитесь! Всем привееет! И хорошего настроения!!!
Jersouk Touy
Jersouk Touy Gün önce
when you finally see light after the pandemic LOL
Dayita Gün önce
God bless all this nice group, good health to all of you and your family, my dad is bad with covid in the hospital and Im listening this nice music to be positive. Hugs to all of you. God bless you.
CISsuperdroid Gün önce
A great song, and also very charming animation style! Great job Cafe Music BGMC! I was very pleasantly surprised to see this awesome piece uploaded :)
Cafe Music BGM channel
Cafe Music BGM channel Gün önce
Glad you like it!
Max Weinberg
Max Weinberg Gün önce
This is genuinely good. I usually listen to classical music when I'm studying, but I needed something more... Now I found the missing piece <3
Fayez Bilal
Fayez Bilal Gün önce
The quaint bridge explicitly live because cemetery intraoperatively treat after a last dorothy. wealthy, old-fashioned textbook
Looking_UP Gün önce
The corner of the internet where I regain my hope in humanity's potential for goodness.
river side
river side Gün önce
1日の終わりに、 日記を書きながら聴いてます。明日もまだ皆様にとって 良き1日でありますように❤️
Danilo Lucarelli
Danilo Lucarelli Gün önce
Oh Gosh, it's so amazing! I do love that music style. Many thanks!
Cafe Music BGM channel
Cafe Music BGM channel Gün önce
Glad you like it!
せり Gün önce
I don't listen to music usually but your music can be played literally forever. Thank you for healing me!💚
Cafe Music BGM channel
Cafe Music BGM channel Gün önce
Thank you for listening!
渡辺末利 Gün önce
ママンボ五郎 Gün önce
This music enables me to concentrate on today’s study. Thanks😗
Cafe Music BGM channel
Cafe Music BGM channel Gün önce
You're welcome!
Felipe de Barros Campos
Felipe de Barros Campos Gün önce
Que som delicioso <3