Sky Brown Intro Package
1987adam1 5 saatler önce
The show wanted extra ratings I am sure. She just wanted attention.... She has to know the dancing is awful
savanna augustine
savanna augustine 5 saatler önce
Love it ❤️❤️❤️
Nic The Barbie
Nic The Barbie 5 saatler önce
not her snatching his soul
Nick Harty
Nick Harty 6 saatler önce
Omg so cringe 🤣
mintu gayari
mintu gayari 6 saatler önce
c looks like a Barbie
Anita Bhoyroo
Anita Bhoyroo 6 saatler önce
Krishell, now that you're free, you're simply shining and showing the best of you. Wish you only the best.
Kim Sohyun
Kim Sohyun 6 saatler önce
Ik after she pulled his hair the rest of his performance was like 💢⭕️💢⭕️💢💢⭕️💢💢💢⭕️💢💢⭕️💢⭕️
Makuback street
Makuback street 6 saatler önce
The coach dont make shine he s dancing s boy
Nikki Imagination
Nikki Imagination 6 saatler önce
I was just watching clips from The Princess and the Frog. I’m happy to see Skai dancing to its music
kimmie6209 6 saatler önce
They're always trying to put the black guy in the front and he isn't even the best dancer by far.
madeline la pay
madeline la pay 6 saatler önce
Raven Purple
Raven Purple 6 saatler önce
1:07 That move gets me every time!!
I.M Melody
I.M Melody 6 saatler önce
I'm three years late... I never knew they were dating 😅
Maria Young
Maria Young 7 saatler önce
That was awful
redblkgirl99 7 saatler önce
This may be weird but she has really long legs but she such a little person and she isn’t growing any more so no chance the rest of her catches up with her legs.
idamcgowen 7 saatler önce
Stop with the fake applause!
idamcgowen 7 saatler önce
She was great!
Peggy Gibbons
Peggy Gibbons 7 saatler önce
Anne Heche looks like a commercial for Why Not To Do Meth or Symptoms Of Bipolar Disorder. (yackita, yackita, yackita...)
Mihai Mutascu
Mihai Mutascu 7 saatler önce
Someone let me know when the samba starts 😂
Panda Sannah
Panda Sannah 7 saatler önce
I feel deceived by Nev, he's a very talented human, glad he's on DWTS!
Ravenous Raven
Ravenous Raven 7 saatler önce
Killed her husband, Whacked him, Can’t convince me, That it didn’t happen.
Clau 7 saatler önce
I love and enjoy Kaitlyn+Artem, Nev+Jenna, Justina+Sasha, Johnny+Britt, & AJ+Cheryl! 💗💙💗💙💙
Jack Austin
Jack Austin 7 saatler önce
Why does Tyra keep doing strutting down the ballroom. It’s not about her
Anaiyah J. Roque
Anaiyah J. Roque 8 saatler önce
My favorite performance from them💜
Marz742 8 saatler önce
Not too bad for the Cha Cha Nelly!!!
Marz742 8 saatler önce
I love Nelly & the chance that he actually danced to his own song! Score! He does need to loosen up little bit & he'll be just fine!!!
aquadroplett 9 saatler önce
I never knew that there could be 3 cat themed dances in a row....the production crew really worked hard didn’t they
Maika H. Le
Maika H. Le 9 saatler önce
Oh my God I want more!!! I'm going to have this dance on loop.
Milan Nguyen
Milan Nguyen 9 saatler önce
Absolutely not
Maika H. Le
Maika H. Le 9 saatler önce
That's cute
Tone Lise Akademiet
Tone Lise Akademiet 9 saatler önce
I would love if we can se also what the judges has to say
Maika H. Le
Maika H. Le 9 saatler önce
Omg that dress is so nice and I love her legs!!!!
Maika H. Le
Maika H. Le 9 saatler önce
Oh yeah she's amazing
Nathanael Herbert
Nathanael Herbert 9 saatler önce
This is the worst and didn’t do no justice to Lion King 😓😓😓😭😭😭😭
Burningdaylighter 10 saatler önce
“It is clear that Carol is going to be going home..” the way Tyra said it came off really insensitive and unprofessional to be honest.
Marietou Sangare
Marietou Sangare 10 saatler önce
I love Britt and I love the partnership, however I think it was a LITTLE over scored
MN Th 10 saatler önce
I miss Tom more than ever
pandazoe 21
pandazoe 21 10 saatler önce
Go girl, give us nothing
Isabelle Garcia
Isabelle Garcia 10 saatler önce
“Alright okaaay”
lock heart
lock heart 10 saatler önce
The like to dislike ratio 😲
leuma1610 10 saatler önce
Skai after leaking a minor's private information over a joke
Paige Mann
Paige Mann 10 saatler önce
I’m still impressed he danced with the ring box in his back pocket the whole time!
Aj Ryan
Aj Ryan 10 saatler önce
I thought everyone was safe on Disney night
Magentakisses38 10 saatler önce
MAGICAL! That's all I can Say!💕
Mike Candella
Mike Candella 10 saatler önce
Also, holy hell. Nastia hasn't been on the show in a while and she still is the belle of the ball.
The Lejindary Thirstae Jiminion
The Lejindary Thirstae Jiminion 10 saatler önce
This is my cousin and I at 11 years old, performing a dance that we just made and showing it to our family😳
Isabel Charles
Isabel Charles 10 saatler önce
This was so boring
Ms Cynthia
Ms Cynthia 10 saatler önce
Where can I find this version of the song ?
Magically Morgan
Magically Morgan 10 saatler önce
Considering how much this generation is crafted by John Mulaney, I’m surprised that they chose THIS song
Emilitta1246 & TDWins6
Emilitta1246 & TDWins6 10 saatler önce
I don't think we will ever have another Jordan Fisher on Dancing with the Stars. Or will we? We may find out in a future season so just be watching everyone for some as good as Jordan Fisher and Meryl Davis. I'm talking about me cause I am always full of myself and think I'm best cause I am, I beat everyone in the world except for maybe some people like Laurie Hernandez, Jordan Fisher, Bindi Irwin, Meryl Davis and some others who are up there. And to let yall know I will be up there in the near future. But I'm 100% sure that Jordan, Bindi, Laurie and Meryl will beat me out or I will tie up with all of them. Meryl having highest cumulative average (I will not pass that for sure), Bindi and Laurie with the second most perfect scores of 8 perfect scores (Yeah I could get up there in no time, possibly in the time they did it. Jordan, most perfect scores (I would have to train hard to beat that cause he was energetic and all I am is hyper (Not ADHD though)
wendy C
wendy C 11 saatler önce
not impressed tyra
Preston Wall
Preston Wall 11 saatler önce
Real talk. Don't have the robot smile on your face; feel the music. You danced well, but your face didn't change so people know it's not... authentic. Be who you are when you you on the phone with your friends with no guard up. That is all.
Henry Blas
Henry Blas 11 saatler önce
Tango Minaj??? 🤨
Khieyleigha Withers
Khieyleigha Withers 11 saatler önce
They went off
TiredMilky 11 saatler önce
I think she did AMAZING and deserved a much better score for this week. Smh
Loved By You
Loved By You 11 saatler önce
Here in 2020
dany. beez
dany. beez 11 saatler önce
Wow!! I'm impressed!!
Saphire Golden
Saphire Golden 11 saatler önce
I came here cause I know this is gonna be dumb as fuck and funny
Nyny Slay
Nyny Slay 11 saatler önce
Michelle Bergt
Michelle Bergt 11 saatler önce
AJ is the best ❤
Jrdn K
Jrdn K 12 saatler önce
Nev is going to win this I’m calling it! He’s surprisingly good!
Cathy Han
Cathy Han 9 saatler önce
I second that also! He’s so good! He’s got the moves!
greenmonster66 12 saatler önce
YES MONICA!!!! I teared up!!! It was so beautiful!!!
sam sneed
sam sneed 12 saatler önce
Mr. President
Mr. President 12 saatler önce
Child this dress is gorgeous but this wig/hair is STIFF as fuck!
Emelin Marin
Emelin Marin 12 saatler önce
Skai better win!
Ale !
Ale ! 12 saatler önce
I need the name of the singer of this cover
Bernardo Gonzalez
Bernardo Gonzalez 12 saatler önce
At this point they’re beating up a dead meme
S A N I A A A N Y S S A 12 saatler önce
Team reach for the skai
Ruben Leyva
Ruben Leyva 13 saatler önce
I love that they used this song... They were both Mulan and I found it to be very creative!!
Kuncan Dastner
Kuncan Dastner 13 saatler önce
VictoryFilms 13 saatler önce
BUT WHAT about evan PETERS
대단타거참대단하네 13 saatler önce
Lupe Cervantes
Lupe Cervantes 13 saatler önce
He was robbed of the mirror ball!!! I said what I said
Vijay Gupta
Vijay Gupta 13 saatler önce
Okayyyy okayyyyyyy!!!! That’s all you got?
sotuur aeei
sotuur aeei 8 saatler önce
I feel like she trying so hard to learn the techniques but that’s stopping her moving to the flow of the musics rhythm so she looks stiff...
Ibi 13 saatler önce
Ya'll need to stop! I can't like all of these comments!
Francisca Cattan
Francisca Cattan 13 saatler önce
I think this coreo was the best of the episode.
Francisca Cattan
Francisca Cattan 13 saatler önce
Whats with that change in tone at 00:59
gta try hard fag
gta try hard fag 13 saatler önce
she look like she ate Samba
Shanae Dyer
Shanae Dyer 13 saatler önce
I love this performance sooooo much.
gta try hard fag
gta try hard fag 13 saatler önce
some one come get her she is trash next !!!