kaff0 5 saniye önce
I've lived in various continents around the world, politicians and media ALWAYS drive racism, especially when there's none. Its designed to divide us, this is no different!
Виктория Гричишкина
Виктория Гричишкина Dakika önce
It's so sad and sweet, I'm crying straight 😭😭😭
Gis128 Dakika önce
I love you guyysss!!! I'm always looking forward to your videos!
Mark Stein
Mark Stein 7 dakika önce
The only homeless with health insurance are Medicare and Medicaid recipients who got evicted.
Chue Lor
Chue Lor 8 dakika önce
thats all she wanted. to hear someone say they are willing to help her.... shell stop being an annoying brat now....NOT!!
Ellie de Groot
Ellie de Groot 9 dakika önce
She is the best actor ever !!
Rufaida Asad
Rufaida Asad 10 dakika önce
Very nice lesson to all racists
Darnell Howard
Darnell Howard 13 dakika önce
Thank you so much for me not feeling that you're going through the bathroom is a good idea for the gym until the bathroom the bathroom isn't it myself 😅😅😂
Peggy Starr
Peggy Starr 15 dakika önce
Oh my blood was boiling. Unfortunately it probably happens too often.
Mimi Bottoms
Mimi Bottoms 16 dakika önce
This is so sweet
MFR 12
MFR 12 16 dakika önce
Bruh why did she undress I would scream and say we’re going to the f*coin police station honey
Fabiola Arzamendia
Fabiola Arzamendia 19 dakika önce
Lindo gato
Fabiola Arzamendia
Fabiola Arzamendia 19 dakika önce
Lindo goto
dead_ gaming
dead_ gaming 21 dakika önce
This is so stupid.I do realized this can happened but to put it on tv is not even funny. Has a black person are we really safe in this society. I do understand that black people go through this sorteo of situation an a daily basic. But how can we protect ourselves from these situation.
Basia Leśniak
Basia Leśniak 21 dakika önce
Is sed
Tina Staley-Haden
Tina Staley-Haden 28 dakika önce
Arnold Terry
Arnold Terry 28 dakika önce
Can you please do a follow up on the cop store manager on this so we know what happen to them
Boxy 29 dakika önce
you are growing keep up this type of contenet
Brad Lund
Brad Lund 31 dakika önce
All store employees must treat all customers with respect and privacy when trying on clothes !
Mai Alyssa Silva 💞
Mai Alyssa Silva 💞 32 dakika önce
I love their foreign accent. What accent is it? Swedish? I'm trying to figure it out
Siomara Feliz
Siomara Feliz 35 dakika önce
Kitti on. Lover
Joycie Latoga
Joycie Latoga 37 dakika önce
This happened to Oprah in Paris hahahahaha
Crisoforo Castillo
Crisoforo Castillo 39 dakika önce
Que amable el niño por el gatito lastimado el gato esta hermoso
Maxima Aleman
Maxima Aleman 39 dakika önce
Da mucha pena el gatito estaba triste porque nadie le queria pero un niño vinio pago pero el señor no queria el niño mostro su pierna y no te nia el gato tambien😭😢😭😢😭😢😭😢😭😭😢
MexiSal03 40 dakika önce
you know its crazy i had speculations that these videos are filmed in NYC and i was right!!! 😦
Jodi McKenzie
Jodi McKenzie 41 dakika önce
All that nasty behaviour and she doesn't even have her own place
Ioana P
Ioana P 42 dakika önce
Hülya Kolaçık
Hülya Kolaçık 43 dakika önce
kartonun üstünde "ÇOK GÜZEL BİR GÜN AMA BEN GÖREMİYORUM" yazıyo
Antonecza Rajanayagam
Antonecza Rajanayagam 49 dakika önce
This video was like walking in a very long dark tunnel untill you see a light, a light of hope. A hope of that racism wont win against humanity
leadsolo 51 dakika önce
Script was a bit hurried at the end - How did the Sheriff know what happened without being told ? And the rest was absurd - Script writer needs to think of consistency, not just focus on the hate & quick ending
asmi rahim
asmi rahim 51 dakika önce
Brilliantly produced, brilliantly acted by everyone.
سجاد العراقي
سجاد العراقي 54 dakika önce
Jason Ascaño
Jason Ascaño 54 dakika önce
This is absurd.. do this kind of people really exist???
Shiku Moenga
Shiku Moenga 56 dakika önce
Iris Hudson the woman our society needs ❤️❤️
Ben Berean
Ben Berean 56 dakika önce
a true story. there was this kid in primary who stuttered funny enough a fellow boy noticed when the boy put his hands like in prayer he spoke fluently. Another family man from another area can only speak speak swa which is not his mother tongue how strange any explanation ?
yvonne b
yvonne b 56 dakika önce
Officer gets his rocks off by making iris undress. All them needs firing. Woman get a lawyer and sue. All they did was wrong
Shiku Moenga
Shiku Moenga 57 dakika önce
This is a thrilling message❤️❤️Officer Pierce why do you always act as a Karen😂😂😂😂😂😂but that character suits you
Murugiah Logeshwaran
Murugiah Logeshwaran 57 dakika önce
oh god i couldnt resist my anger towards those 3....espcially a lady manager put down another lady wow....
Dick Head
Dick Head 58 dakika önce
This seems like a bunch of Perverts trying to see this woman naked. I would file a complaint with the police department still for false imprisonment and rights violation. Can’t nobody in the world steal anything that fast. People need to learn their history to see who the real thieves of the world are.
celia duran
celia duran 59 dakika önce
Que dios te bendiga
Azumi Yaretzi Álvarez Martínez
Azumi Yaretzi Álvarez Martínez Saatler önce
They cat is so cute i'm crying
Uenio Santos
Uenio Santos Saatler önce
Demar Neal
Demar Neal Saatler önce
This was so good
MexiSal03 Saatler önce
6:15 shut your mouse and geeme za dress 😭😭😭
Xxlove cutiexX
Xxlove cutiexX Saatler önce
Zachary Vargas
Zachary Vargas Saatler önce
Even the professor that kicked Elle woods out of class for not reading the school material is a better teacher than this professor
Vinay Mulukutla
Vinay Mulukutla Saatler önce
Funny how that disgusting manager upon realising the trouble she was in then was quick to point out ''Please...I have children'' when before showed no concern over the gravity of her actions together with those other two reprehensible individuals.
Rloveosie Stout
Rloveosie Stout Saatler önce
MexiSal03 Saatler önce
this is the foreign version of dhar mann 😭😭😭
Kuba Rado
Kuba Rado Saatler önce
Very cute cats😍😍
pudimxd Saatler önce
anjinho, vim para te lembrar que você é especial, suficiente e foi feito com muito amor, jesus te ama muito e espera por sua voz e coração ;3
pudimxd Saatler önce
hi little angel, i came to remind you that you are special, enough and made with a lot of love, jesus loves you very much and waits for your voice and heart ^-^ he's coming back! ;)
Jaana Kampe
Jaana Kampe Saatler önce
Jesse Baker
Jesse Baker Saatler önce
The world is so racist they had to pay some actors to star in a short film who had to pretend to be racist,seems about right in today’s world,keep stirring the pot,keep trying to divide everyone by race,talk about creating a bigger problem than there actually is,the real sad part are the people that actually buy into this sensational propaganda bullshit,keep portraying black people as underprivileged victims,I’m sure jussie smollett would approve of this video
Khalil Gebran Diano
Khalil Gebran Diano Saatler önce
Tiktok bring me here
Stephanie Benway
Stephanie Benway Saatler önce
pudimxd Saatler önce
anjinho, vim para te lembrar que você é especial, suficiente e foi feito com muito amor, jesus te ama muito e espera por sua voz e coração ;3
pudimxd Saatler önce
hi little angel, i came to remind you that you are special, enough and made with a lot of love, jesus loves you very much and waits for your voice and heart ^-^ he's coming back! ;)
Julio Cesar Paulo
Julio Cesar Paulo Saatler önce
Top gênio
Shahad Saatler önce
Hasina jan
Hasina jan Saatler önce
Nancy is the root of their misunderstanding...shame on her that bitch
BloomJD Saatler önce
This such nasty how can a cop do that? To a black person its rude
María Isabel Vázquez Román
María Isabel Vázquez Román Saatler önce
Bella Rodgers
Bella Rodgers Saatler önce
That is so
Bronwyn Diedricks
Bronwyn Diedricks Saatler önce
Awwwwwww now I want it
Lukai Society
Lukai Society Saatler önce
i don't like this....
Hammad Hashmi
Hammad Hashmi Saatler önce
Terry has some psychological issue in my opinion.
Lottie Phillips
Lottie Phillips Saatler önce
That's racest
Tiktok Vibes
Tiktok Vibes Saatler önce
americans is always an americans they think because they are white they are the highest people that live in society who do you think you are? you are born without any dress and everyone born like that too you were born crying and everyone born like that too i was thankful that i open my eye my dream when i was a kid was to go to the state of america then help anyone everyone who need help but now i realize my country needed me more
Bella Weaver
Bella Weaver Saatler önce
This relates so well but it’s so true….. and was the girl that got harrased was she like a mayor or something?
StacySweetPopTOCA Saatler önce
I’m literally crying for the kitten and the boy 😢😢
Sourav Das
Sourav Das Saatler önce
Wow 😌😌
Yogita Sarma
Yogita Sarma Saatler önce
Ayo my bestie backstabbed me. She portrayed my character as vice to her so called crush. And now she is all alone even her crush left her and no matter what I can’t forgive her for this!
steve huggett
steve huggett Saatler önce
Evidence to support the intentions of this video can readily be found in reality. Perhaps in not so blatant a manner as in this dramatization, but no less damaging. Damaging to the victims,mto the spirit of the offenders, and to our society in general. For so long as such attitudes and behaviors are permitted, even encouraged, so long will such injustices persist. Only YOU can prevent racism plyers!
THE REAL RÉMI Saatler önce
I feel bad for hurt pets that are homeless no joke I'd even wave at a homeless pet
Itz_moonlight Saatler önce
I'm always like nothing in the world Is free now can I uh get something from u please I gave u this DONT JUDGE ME I JUST NEED SOMETHINGS WHEN I DONT HAVE IT I NEED TO ASK MY BESTIE I mean she will give it me but I owe something later so ye great video btw