Jan Singcol
Jan Singcol 23 saatler önce
Like they care about what you say.
Shad D.
Shad D. 23 saatler önce
Now nobody knows that you are supposed to get your change in shoot around THERE IS AN UNWRITTEN RULE!!!! And he was joking!!!
isaiah 23 saatler önce
Plot twist they’re pretending to have a fight to fake being distracted and throw off opponents to take that damn gold medal
Dexter James - Root Fruit Solutions & Ministry
Dexter James - Root Fruit Solutions & Ministry 23 saatler önce
I’ve lost respect for Skip. He can’t see past his biases. That’s a serious problem towards his credibility. The movie was ❤️❤️❤️❤️by kids - the target audience.
Dike Umolu
Dike Umolu 23 saatler önce
Guess Giannis is gonna get Lebron’s crown along with his haters😂.
Danone Amiss
Danone Amiss 23 saatler önce
Only thing that holds giannis victory back is his weak opponent
Chilly Charles
Chilly Charles 23 saatler önce
KD did that narcissistic deflection calling others weird. Grown men aren't supposed to be that sensitive.
Matthew Tan
Matthew Tan 23 saatler önce
Every basketball players can pass the ball
SBmedo20 23 saatler önce
"A little friendly banter and all of a sudden it went wrong, we had Michael Rappaport on here and he is SHELL SHOCKED over it" Skip is hilarious :'D
Wil Perez
Wil Perez 23 saatler önce
There was no scuffle
Patriots Nation 4 life
Patriots Nation 4 life 23 saatler önce
Ill be honest In the moment i thought it was over at 28-3 I had lost most hope But i couldn't walk away because we still had that Brady magic
Veto Live
Veto Live 23 saatler önce
There actually is a term and rule for that ! It's called Change skip! KD FOCUSED BRUH lol shot out to Bam. Stop playing so much bro. That ain't Jimmy Butler .
CandymanGR7 23 saatler önce
In Skip's defense , I also think that Harlem Globetrotters are the best team ever! Skills Skills Skills!
Kurtis Richards
Kurtis Richards 23 saatler önce
Skip you are a sad, salty old man, it’s not even been a week you absolute clown. That’s why this makes this championship for the Bucks so much sweeter when old fools like you doubted them for so long
Indr1DC01D 23 saatler önce
Bron and russ are ballhogs wouldn't work
Prodigy 23 saatler önce
His Accolades speak for themselves
King Tay
King Tay 23 saatler önce
Ravens vs bucs Lamar send the goat out the right way lol 😂 I wish that would be crazy 😈
bill pap
bill pap 23 saatler önce
Jenny looking mighty fine! Damn!
Sunshine feels
Sunshine feels 23 saatler önce
Skip trying to hate on Giannis is the weirdest reach he’s had in recent years
Beki 8888
Beki 8888 23 saatler önce
I'd hate to be in the middle of Skip and Shannon and tell them that both Space Jam's are pretty average movies or even below that.
JGIFT WadsWorth Productionz
JGIFT WadsWorth Productionz 23 saatler önce
Who watches these 3
Antellio 23 saatler önce
There is an unwritten rule skip......you don’t hoop obviously and it’s a joke tf
Kentucky Fried Children
Kentucky Fried Children 23 saatler önce
Rockets aren't the Bucks, Rockets lost 20 straight games after trading Harden if I remember correctly and had the worst record of both conferences 17 - 55, the best thing Houston did was CP and that ended pretty fast, best they could do this season was John Wall and Boogie? I mean I love Boogie but both John and Boogie are injury prone players and John even when healthy is not good enough help for Harden, overall Rockets are a terrible organization and don't blame Harden for leaving, honestly I would have left sooner if I was in the same position. Giannis didn't prove James wrong, James said something about being 7 foot and just dunking, he wasn't proven wrong because that's all Giannis mostly did, dunk or take point blank shots, his free throw percentage was terrible and he barely took any shots from outside the paint. Obviously James Harden has become somewhat a disliked player even more so now because he joined a 'superteam' as many have before him like LeBron with Miami and Kevin Durant with Golden State, but I think it's important to keep things into perspective and not judge based on who you like more.
John Spensley
John Spensley 23 saatler önce
The constant sniffling
George G
George G 23 saatler önce
Giannis has to develop that jumpshot.
Joseph Schmitt
Joseph Schmitt 23 saatler önce
Nothing makes me happier than Harden getting shown up. Empty. Stats.
Hollywood Cartieer
Hollywood Cartieer 23 saatler önce
KD made a big deal over nothing 🤣 he literally had a ball in his hands. He dropped that ball bcuz he wanted that other ball 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ wat if Dame actually took the ball he picked on the young blood
Kevin Kohoutek
Kevin Kohoutek 23 saatler önce
I’m 1 minute in and he said sabonis who was hurt . Vlade was in the nba finals , Dino raja was on Boston , drazen was peoples choice of best player in the world outside the us . I get what he was trying to say but these were amazing players they just gonna pretend and forget
King Feliciano II
King Feliciano II 23 saatler önce
Ladies and gentlemen, Skip finally has his new LeBron, and that's Giannis.
Motorcycle World
Motorcycle World 23 saatler önce
James harden greatest skill is cheating the game, hooking opponents arm when driving to the basket for a foul is just so irritating to watch, i hope he never wins a championship
Joshua Parkes
Joshua Parkes 23 saatler önce
Jake Paul going to knock out that clown tyron Woolley and then be the ufc champion
IdenOfficial 23 saatler önce
Lmao shannon mentions lebron who isnt even in the top 5 right now but he says that cuz he old school. lmao not the best in the league dude learn your ball.
Guns of Naverone
Guns of Naverone Gün önce
Bucks don’t even make the finals barring all the injuries
Jyon C
Jyon C Gün önce
I think Skip is forgetting that 2019 Giannis and 2021 Giannis aren't the same. Wall or no wall Giannis was breaking through it in 2021.
Salomo Gün önce
"I feel a cold chill down my spine"...is this the feeling you get when you actually agree with skip😳 but indeed it looked scripted this road to the finals its all too much of a coincedence. Injuries everywhere giannis cant boast on that. Bad defense in the last games although they dominated in first by closing down the bucket. And yes close off that bucketgame of giannis and he cant do sheit. And thats with reasonable defenders already the case. He should be happy and humble with his championship his work and effort will show his talent in time along the greats and prolly soon enough as they are looking for the next posterboy of the nba.
bill pap
bill pap Gün önce
Leshannon face tells the entire story
jesus rivera
jesus rivera Gün önce
Dam I get so frustrated listening to skip🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬
Christopher Duncan
Christopher Duncan Gün önce
Yes Ginnias started this on TV. Skip right, yes he is gloating yes he is being dismissive to the rest of the NBA. He got one I don't see more because now the rest of the league will come for his roster the players that stay going to want the max type numbers in two seasons. Plus they will draft in the 20s for the foreseeable future mean no game changer. Pride comes before the fall. All this James Harden talk from Ginnias is pride his fall is coming
Jesus Christ Saves
Jesus Christ Saves Gün önce
Casual corner show. Worst coverage of mma.
Rex GameWell
Rex GameWell Gün önce
The movie is for the kids not adults.
karl domingo
karl domingo Gün önce
skip is just a professional hater and a clown.
Warren Rambo Terry
Warren Rambo Terry Gün önce
Thank the LORD for neurological scientists
bill pap
bill pap Gün önce
This was cp last chance to prove everybody wrong. I call it like I see it the man choked under pressure
Jadon Jones
Jadon Jones Gün önce
Terrible topic
Farid Tannouch
Farid Tannouch Gün önce
Skip & Shannon a golden duo, love it!
amin3007 Gün önce
Lets keep it real. Harden and them other guys are just hating, since this native African bro from Greece Giannis is taking over their sport.
William Schaeffer
William Schaeffer Gün önce
space jam 2 is just one big commercial.
georgekech Gün önce
shannon how u gonna use this covid stuff for players talent? lebron great but dont compare him to jordan
Khulekani Magubane
Khulekani Magubane Gün önce
The look of pain on Skip's face whenever he pays LeBron a compliment will forever amuse me. 3:35
alan fagan
alan fagan Gün önce
Justin McClinton
Justin McClinton Gün önce
So Bam slick trying to snitch 🤣🤣🤣
Rashad Mabon
Rashad Mabon Gün önce
I’m a Clippers fan but I hope the bucks get Kyle Lowry move Jrue to SG bring Dontae off the bench and the bucks face off against the nets and win to destroy skip I don’t like ppl that hate someone
Rashad Mabon
Rashad Mabon Gün önce
How can skip b tired of Giannis but talk about lebron Jordan Brady and Mahomes everyday
speed demon955
speed demon955 Gün önce
Sugar Ray would beat Mayweather badly, Tommy Hearns would destroy Mayweather, Mayweather is a joke who worships two things, money and himself,
MrFrazierCampbell Gün önce
Justin Fields is gonna come down to Florida and smash the Bucs
Kool lion
Kool lion Gün önce
You gotta respect the shot skip you don't play ball bro I make it give me my change
Carlo Mendoza
Carlo Mendoza Gün önce
Hardwork beats talent period.
TJ Gulley
TJ Gulley Gün önce
Make it take it. C’mon now. Yall shooting around and you make it, person rebounding throws you the ball back. Simple. You miss it, rebounder now can shoot whatever shot they want
Tay Stephens
Tay Stephens Gün önce
Did they forget Denver tucker kicked?