Bartholomew Surles
Bartholomew Surles 53 saniye önce
Would be really nice if Cowboys got Cam.. like Romo never had reliable back up.. Now Dak has no reliable back up.. I don't get it
Adan Dangli
Adan Dangli Dakika önce
I trust LeBron. When healthy, I trust AD. I wouldn't trust Westbrook with the ball in the 4th quarter if he is the last ball handler in the Lakers.
D.C. Robertson
D.C. Robertson 5 dakika önce
✌🏿's 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
John Capo
John Capo 6 dakika önce
# HOUSTON ROCKETS TWISTING THE KNIFE guess who is enjoying the philly drama guess who leaked the news to bens camp the 76ers were willing to trade ben for harden Daryl voodoo payback is cooking in Houston
Ricky Sanchez
Ricky Sanchez 6 dakika önce
Still don't know why we still have cooper rush differently a head Scratcher
Pierre Gustave Toutant Beauregard
Pierre Gustave Toutant Beauregard 7 dakika önce
Skip calm down and trust in Doctor Shannon !!!!! :)
Kurt Llanos
Kurt Llanos 8 dakika önce
Skip: Russ might get a quadruple double every game with all that turnovers.
Conscious Zone
Conscious Zone 8 dakika önce
I want 🎂 🥧 and ice cream 🍦 to...
Porterhouselivin 11 dakika önce
Probably coming from compensating from that ankle injury from last year. Being conscious of how he lands on it and things.
Jennifer Graham
Jennifer Graham 12 dakika önce
They needed to move on from Kyrie. It's all about the championship, not a selfish person.
ShaH M
ShaH M 13 dakika önce
AD needs to stop his mid range jumper. its kinda bad now
Mahdi Knicks
Mahdi Knicks 14 dakika önce
Sam Hinckey the only person who can trade Simmons.
Elnene 21
Elnene 21 14 dakika önce
Sixer cut your losses y'all over pay him simple than that trade him to Alaska if you can
Maurice Williams
Maurice Williams 15 dakika önce
I truly believe both of them are under estimating the patriots team. I am a Cowboy fan also, however I was worried about that game against the patriots. The patriots have several offensive threats and I do not believe people are taken notice of how dangerous this team is right now and the potential this team have for later.
Imam LeBron James al salaafi
Imam LeBron James al salaafi 15 dakika önce
We need to protest in the streets to stop the Ben Simmons hate its getting way too much
jdawgy6 16 dakika önce
Y don't u show it
thomas wilson
thomas wilson 19 dakika önce
John doe 2 you
John doe 2 you 20 dakika önce
Shannon wears the best suits 👌
Massive Action
Massive Action 21 dakika önce
Lebron ain't no king
RedGoApe 24 dakika önce
Talking bout quitting the job then coming back the next day 😂😂
Tha truth hurts
Tha truth hurts 25 dakika önce
Get rid of these turf fields
Shoehorn O'plenty
Shoehorn O'plenty 28 dakika önce
Unc Shay must have been browsing Tik Tok a lot to say his intro. 👋 😂
The Prophet215
The Prophet215 30 dakika önce
Skip said yesterday multiple times. Sports fake. They putting on a show. This is the most talked about thing in basketball. Soap opera
Gee Dee
Gee Dee 31 dakika önce
In the words of Skip... "He was too big to die". 😪
Saynoclaasic270 32 dakika önce
He was the 3rd option at UCLA. He can do it.
Hugo Soup
Hugo Soup 36 dakika önce
Shaq said he was better than Wilt on Inside TNT just now. I’m sorry Big Diesel, you were great, but you weren’t as dominant as Wilt. And don’t even start telling me that Wilt played against weak competition in a softer era because that’s just not true.
ground awakers
ground awakers 37 dakika önce
Ben will go to another team then dominate the 76ers
Marcos Gallardo
Marcos Gallardo 38 dakika önce
His feet work was insane like Antonio brown in his prime
cristian lopez
cristian lopez 38 dakika önce
If im ben simmons i throw everybody under the bus after each game they lose… or every time media asks him something… “Ben what do you think is the reason for losing 3-1 lead?” “Idk ask doc its not his first time losing a 3-1 lead.”
Ace Ventura
Ace Ventura 39 dakika önce
Mike Trout missed almost the whole season this summer with a strained calf!
William Wade
William Wade 40 dakika önce
I can't subscribe, i would sit at home all day watching this.
Roshizzle731 40 dakika önce
If this was the 90”s Ben would be missing some teeth.
Alan Fortune
Alan Fortune 41 dakika önce
I've listened to various sport talk shows...what did Ben Simmons expect Doc Rivers and Joel Embiid to say after the Atlanta game? Someone, anyone, answer me that??
E 44 dakika önce
Sharpe is right. Rush needs to be able to win a game!
E 45 dakika önce
Ya gotta keep getting Lamb involved early. He's better down the stretch when he's in a rhythm