Dark Knight
Dark Knight Dakika önce
1:01 👀👀👀
Sean Davis
Sean Davis 2 dakika önce
Cowboys fans loved Dak when he was making no money...why aren't y'all talking about how Demarcus Lawrence is super overpaid?
Oscar De Luis Jr
Oscar De Luis Jr 2 dakika önce
R.I.P Kobe, looking back on this, it’s one of the best segments they’ve ever done!
Trevor Harmon
Trevor Harmon 3 dakika önce
perry is 3 % black
Dale Brown
Dale Brown 3 dakika önce
You could seriously go back what..at least three months and see the exact same points by these guys. 1) skip talking about the first three games 2) jerry saying it was imminent 3) the rug being pulled after those three games 4) what happened after 5) bringing up golf and wentz / cousins 6) jerry waiting till daks finally year And I’m sure there’s 2-4 more lol
Trevor Harmon
Trevor Harmon 3 dakika önce
perry is black
Tobi A.
Tobi A. 4 dakika önce
Real talk...respect to Kirk Cousins for finessing $150M fully guaranteed over 5 years
Joshua Toledo
Joshua Toledo 5 dakika önce
what in the world does Skiuup smoking bringing up LeBron's "mistakes" again? He should just stick to the issue! unless that's his gig! haha
NXSA 5 dakika önce
We ain’t forgot what you said on twitter skip
Marc A.
Marc A. 7 dakika önce
There was a time where sensational players moved the needle...sadly that time 4 me has passed. Horribly handled by Silver....90% of the blame thanks China 🇨🇳
Grant 8 dakika önce
Shannon making up lies that he said ER that’s just disgraceful man
Maddox Brien
Maddox Brien 8 dakika önce
Skip is a clown lol😂
Bobby Lopez
Bobby Lopez 9 dakika önce
At least the Chiefs won a Superbowl. They coming after them too.
Tristan Courson
Tristan Courson 9 dakika önce
Skip needs to learn some history before he starts virtue signaling complete idiot
Samuel Williams
Samuel Williams 11 dakika önce
But now there is anti protest groups now black lives matter.
V Knight
V Knight 12 dakika önce
It's not a racial slur. The Cherokee used to dye their skin red by rubbing walnuts on their skin. They wanted to flex their red skin. They thought it was dope.
Ryan McClintock
Ryan McClintock 13 dakika önce
He grew up in flint
MMNemesis17 13 dakika önce
C'mon LBJ. Keep that same energy. He did say us black folks out here being "hunted" by the police right? Why not a catchy virtue signaling slogan? 🤷🏾‍♂️
AnhTan Nguyen
AnhTan Nguyen 13 dakika önce
Dak n Tannehill are the same type of players. Their teams are better when the don’t have to throw as much and worse when they throw too much. So Dak SHOULD get paid the type of deal Tannehill got. Add Jerry’s inflated checkbook and you get a generous $35M/yr. ***tannehill led NFL in QBR and YPA last year so I can make an argument that tannehill is better than Dak***
David Hutton
David Hutton 14 dakika önce
He could have folded the Franchise and made a news one. What is wrong with it? Let's just jump on all the Corporate Bandwagons. Money ruins everything. I am soon to be a former NFL fan, the 1st NFL game I watched was Super Bowl IV Kansas City Chiefs vs Minnesota Vikings I LOVE the NFL it is part of American History it is being destroyed by Money and politics. I is supposed to get us away from that garbage. I already will not watch NBA and I have been watching NBA since Kareem Abdul Jabbar was Lew Alcindor. I used to respect you guys because you said the truth now you are protecting your Jobs. You are selling out. The Dallas Cowboys offends me being called Americas team. There are many groups of let's call them Native Americans did not care if the team was Redskins it is a name. it is Football. There is no doubt there are some incidents made public against people of color if we are going to sensationalize that then sensationalize all of the violence not pick and choose. Taking down statues removes history and if it is gone and out of site then we will repeat it. Oh and Native American I was born in Indianapolis, In, that is in America, therefore I am a Native American. I am part German I am not German American I am American, I am part Irish I am not Irish American I am American, I am part Italian I am not Italian American I am American. I have a culture it is an American Culture.
Al Skeno
Al Skeno 14 dakika önce
All this has always made me laugh. Not in a good way. Europeans wipe out indigenous cultures and name their sports teams after them.
yar porras
yar porras 15 dakika önce
Target, USPS, Coca Cola, Converse🤷‍♂️
TheLoneSilencer 16 dakika önce
Disgusting they caved into pressure from companies who were forcing this to virtue signal to liberals. They polled native americans and the majority did not find an issue with the name. Their opinions are the ones that matter, not stupid libtards
yar porras
yar porras 16 dakika önce
DC Redskins
yar porras
yar porras 17 dakika önce
Washington Rogues
My Philippines Exploration
My Philippines Exploration 18 dakika önce
Hahaha for the Washington ? Fans. Coming from rival Giant fan
Corbin Imgrund
Corbin Imgrund 18 dakika önce
At some point society has to stop catering to the perpetually offended...
jdog1424 21 dakika önce
he called a white person the n word, wow, i bet the dude was so offended...
Ricky Bobby
Ricky Bobby 22 dakika önce
I hate people that think the way this young man does. We are all HUMAN we are all equal. Just because we look different does not make anyone better than anyone else
Mr Hollister
Mr Hollister 24 dakika önce
Who is Shay to demand anything from KD? Shay left CBS & ESPN for a better gig in warm LA climate. And NOW these jealous pundits wanna criticize KD for taking advantage of free agency. Had KD went to LAL, Shay wud be all on his jock. Skip just want KD to validate his existence.
Spider Sense
Spider Sense 24 dakika önce
As a businessman, Synder should know this phrase, "never say never"
MrGoddlie 25 dakika önce
My Life Matters... FcK u mean
Robert Lynn
Robert Lynn 25 dakika önce
This phoney social justice scam being run by marxists is a joke. A real Social Justice movement would be dedicated to crushing Black Lives Matter.
James Walker
James Walker 26 dakika önce
With a global economy and social media in my opinion racism and bigotry has about 2 generations left to go before we will see the growth that is needed to put this behind us. These kids are to worldly to be closed minded like my generation and those before me.Its already started and it’s good that we are finally having the conversation.
Cody the Conehead Puppy
Cody the Conehead Puppy 26 dakika önce
Brandon Relitz
Brandon Relitz 29 dakika önce
"The chant" is not a native war chant. Its the Beat of the song "Seven Nation Army" by the White Stripes...
Bruce Gelman
Bruce Gelman 29 dakika önce
Treyvon Moore
Treyvon Moore 29 dakika önce
Its funny how when lebron has teammates that score its used as “saving” him so you guys want lebron to score every single point for his team what y’all don’t seem to understand is basketball is a team game it’s not all about one person
Prince Ofpeacecorps
Prince Ofpeacecorps 29 dakika önce
New Name: Washington Redcoats
Roy Fokker
Roy Fokker 30 dakika önce
mike perry listens to much rap lmao
Vance Wade
Vance Wade 30 dakika önce
Sold out LJ.
Shukri Elam
Shukri Elam 32 dakika önce
This man can’t never give lebron credit people don’t realize when bron first came in the league he carried the the cavs MJ would not be able to do that
Ben Ancona
Ben Ancona 32 dakika önce
It will be a sad day when Native Americans don't have any teams who represent them.
Marcus Miami
Marcus Miami 33 dakika önce
What about the Jeep Cherokee
Flávio Hollanda
Flávio Hollanda 33 dakika önce
Perfectly put. Congrats to both of you, from Brasil!
Bruce Gelman
Bruce Gelman 34 dakika önce
A sign from God that Trump will lose in November
STREETSURF SLUMPY 35 dakika önce
Skip droppin gems 💎
R A 36 dakika önce
Punish them by not supporting Native Americans anymore and name the team "the Washington Whiteskins" and have the new logo be a colonial white guy 😂
Jeff George
Jeff George 36 dakika önce
@RealSkipBayless @Nike @NFL @ShannonSharpe @undisputed Cowboys killed Indians, time to change the murderous name... Right Skip?? The gas lighter activist of the year
Issac Bullard
Issac Bullard 37 dakika önce
Skip is right even though he saying all this because it’s Lebron but he is definitely right.
Jesika Vocisano
Jesika Vocisano 40 dakika önce
Nike demands a name change? They stop using child labour and slaves to make their products? Or nah? Biggest virtue signallers in history.
Ran Karat
Ran Karat 40 dakika önce
Most hypocrite primadona athlete walked on earth.
Jai Sion
Jai Sion 41 dakika önce
What about the cheifs? And black hawks? Since we being this pety
T Choi
T Choi 41 dakika önce
I'm getting the impression that Skip is desperately trying so hard to get a message across without actually saying it and hoping people watching figure it out. He's always made facial expressions like he's in pain, but this is on a whole different level IMO. I wouldnt be shocked if he one day said "f this I cant keep doing this and quits"
Tommy 42 dakika önce
Once the new generation comes in, let’s be honest Lebron will be talked about as the GOAT
Cpl. Dean
Cpl. Dean 42 dakika önce
Groundhog Day.
Pain Coming
Pain Coming 44 dakika önce
Did you also know after Omar kadafi was murdered. People from Africa were put in cages and sent to Lebanon as work slaves. Do you remember Hillary Clinton's words after Omar kadafi was murdered."we came we saw we we killed him"and Joe Biden is cut from the same cloth. Difference between you and me is I bring facts. I dare you to call me a liar. Trump 2020 it's about humanity..
KeepingUp WithTheAncestors
KeepingUp WithTheAncestors 44 dakika önce
It's all opinion anyways.
HilariouShaun313 Gifted
HilariouShaun313 Gifted 44 dakika önce
Jacob P.
Jacob P. 44 dakika önce
I could actually see skip arguing that Lebron released Corona to hurt MJ’s legacy by killing people who actually have memory of Michael Jordan, but saving the younger generation
Mackolm X
Mackolm X 46 dakika önce
Lebron’s mission message: 4-6?
Jacob P.
Jacob P. 47 dakika önce
Something cringey and hilarious how skip is like “The basketball gods said here you go lebron Pandemic! Millions unemployed! Thousands dead! 5 months off!”
sugarz005 47 dakika önce
These guys are frauds, just Friday they were using it like it was not a big deal. Now all of a sudden. It is a problem
Craig 48 dakika önce
Who thinks they change their name to another racial slur?
seiryuden 48 dakika önce
Skip just said Goat James without phony or quote unquote at 17:45
Jack Rockholt
Jack Rockholt 48 dakika önce
does anyone believe skip has a bias
DanielVid Cervantes
DanielVid Cervantes 50 dakika önce
Jordan could've won without Pippen and Rodman? Yes Jordan is the GOAT but no.
UlOv3 m3
UlOv3 m3 51 dakika önce
They should change the name to Capitals
Gabriel Angelos
Gabriel Angelos 51 dakika önce
Fighting Irish name change when?
I Love Carlito Ganja
I Love Carlito Ganja 53 dakika önce
Dana White doesn’t care if anyone uses the N word. I don’t mind that he doesn’t care but I just hope that he remembers if “this” is ok then “that” should be ok too. Another words don’t get upset about one thing if you aren’t going to be upset over another thing.
Jack Rockholt
Jack Rockholt 54 dakika önce
Jordan's 1-9 playoff record before playing with Scottie Pippen
Mars 55 dakika önce
No matter what Lebron chose to do Skip would have argued for the opposite decision.
Dirty Autobot
Dirty Autobot 56 dakika önce
DC Liars, DC Swamp, Washington Impeachers,
Lee Kautz
Lee Kautz 57 dakika önce
Shannon u idiot
eli lowpez
eli lowpez 57 dakika önce
I mean is it really a racial slur ? It’s more of a slang word at this point in culture
Jason Bennardini
Jason Bennardini 57 dakika önce
Absolutely pathetic. America full of cry babies.
Warren France
Warren France 58 dakika önce
I’m a die hard eagles fan but it’s clear he deserves a contract better than Wentz and Goff simply because he was a fourth round pick and he actually played decent. Never mind he’s not elite but since when has the qb market been based on eliteness? Cowboys fans want to pick and chose when to support their qb and it’s pretty toxic to watch
Dirty Autobot
Dirty Autobot 59 dakika önce
they should go with something govermental like the other franchises in the area. Capitals, Senators, ya know something to go along with that.
whogivesa.... 59 dakika önce
Skip "never seen anything like it" Bayless
andre young
andre young Saatler önce
He should’ve ran into a 2 piece no biscuit huh😂
david scruggs
david scruggs Saatler önce
"We?" Shannon will always front run like he actually plays and helps in the results. Unless it's a lose, then he got more excuses than the ex wife.
george palacio
george palacio Saatler önce
Rename the team the Lebaron Lakers
Ronniejames Saatler önce
This doesn’t make sense the majority of native Americans say they couldn’t care less about the name basically they said shut up and mind your own business
Tom Mater
Tom Mater Saatler önce
Skip stop talking about the Indians your taking away from BLM and police
Dephlow Dollar
Dephlow Dollar Saatler önce
These sound like some really useless suggestions for a very uninspired effort at letting “white people” know police are murdering black folks on camera. At this point the whole world knows the problem. LeBron James’ slogan choice has no bearing on the answer. “HBCU” is irrelevant. “Reparations” on the back of a professional athlete...really? Hold this L Chirs...
Izzi family Adventures
Izzi family Adventures Saatler önce
So sad, getting rid of Native American culture and pride because white people are offended.
ShinoMar Saatler önce
Lebron will never passed mj and kobe . Lebron got all the tools and teamates super stars that every players want to have. Shonnon your a big joke
Kameron Jenkins
Kameron Jenkins Saatler önce
soooo... how can michael jordan win a playoff without a second all-star when he’s 10% in PLAYOFF win percentage without ONE all-star... scottie pippen🤔? hmm okay skip...
Lee Kautz
Lee Kautz Saatler önce
They'll never stop the goat convo. It gives too much TV time for the boneheads
Tom Mater
Tom Mater Saatler önce
Washington red vaginas btw a Native American created and drew the logo lol . It’s like firing mrs butterworth . Skip bay less when did you slaughter Indians ???? Follow the money lol hey. Buffalo bill was racist he hated Indians can we change buffalo too? Hey Pittsburgh says that all the surrounding states think there thief’s gotta change them Steelers to payers or lovers . Wait the titans were killers in Roman times gotta change that . Hey the Bucs logo pirates they were bad guys to killers change that too. When’s it 🛑