Trillion Man
Trillion Man Saatler önce
You look better in this video Jordan
Busy Daniel
Busy Daniel Saatler önce
GOOD CONTENT !!! Very engaging right from the beginning These are tough times and frankly I appreciate how you discuss global finances in such a delicate way . Business and investment are the best way to make money even under the nose of the pandemic
Akbar Saatler önce
I was just listening to Dr. Lisa Littman's interview on another podcast that there have been HS Transgender support groups that would share stories and influence each other but those that changed their minds were ridiculed so badly they had to change schools for being a "traitor." What this shows is that the popular statement "I am just living my truth" is a lie. Because if looking in the mirror and saying I am not really feeling all the things my Trans group is telling me to feel is their truth then why is it being rejected?! Spiritual people know that finding ones "truth" is way beyond ones gender marker it is a journey of the whole Self when you lose your life (ego) in order to find it. TRUTH BOMB. Women in their 30's 40's and 50's would also come out as Trans if it was just about it being less societal restrictions for the rapid increase in teen girls transitioning. Boom, got em! I love research! "Corruption of Language" has consequences. I love this. Justifying the use of words that are corrupt because you were never given the context or lived in an environment that is conducive to more positive perceptions of yourself.
Billy Bones
Billy Bones Saatler önce
Amazon we know. Which porn site do you recommend?
Alina Andronache
Alina Andronache Saatler önce
Ok, sorry Mr. Peterson, I had the greatest father a girl could possibly wish for, growing up in a very healthy home, great childhood , and I hit puberty veeery early.
Chris Lee
Chris Lee Saatler önce
0:00: 💰 Roy Sabag discusses his background in value investing and the importance of intrinsic value in the stock market. 11:59: 📈 The interviewee shifted from value investing to an interest in understanding the economy and commodities. 34:49: 💰 The natural order of rarity and intrinsic value of metals, particularly gold, is the foundation of money and economics. 45:59: 🌱 The denaturalization of economics in the 19th century led to a mathematization of economics and a focus on the abstract over the real, but the importance of the farmer and the natural world cannot be ignored. 58:04: 💰 The role of gold as a measure and reward for commodities in post-subsistence societies. 69:52: 📜 This book is an exercise in natural philosophy that is occupied with the synthesis of the living breathing economy, which is beholden to the requirements of the present. 81:24: 📈 The GDP is a false metric that does not reflect the underlying economy, and the natural economy should be the national lodestar. 93:01: 💰 Money as a signal and medium of exchange contains intrinsic information about the structure of a sustainable world and sustainability in the world. 105:00: 💰 The natural order of money is gold, and cooperation between people and nature is sustainable when money is gold. Recap by Tammy AI! Very useful and thanks 🙏to Dr. Peterson!
David Rox
David Rox 2 saatler önce
My free speech disappeared 8 years ago. 🤦‍♂️
G-M Walt
G-M Walt 2 saatler önce
When the masculine or feminine is assaulted both are under assault. Wish the recommended title would accurately capture that.
Ferrous Aradicen
Ferrous Aradicen 2 saatler önce
The emptiness in my life is I don't have enough money, give me more money.
Shawn Howes
Shawn Howes 2 saatler önce
Listen very carefully,dudes play against dudes, girls play against girls
jovan 2 saatler önce
It's only going to get worse. Planned destruction comes to mind.
YouTube Premim
YouTube Premim 2 saatler önce
Jordan Peterson you are THE BEST 👍‼️
TheDaggz 2 saatler önce
I've never met JP but I love this man the same way I love my family. He is our modern day Jesus, not for his virtue but for his courage and stoicism in the face of the abyss and all the creatures of the dark lurking in it, just waiting for an opportunity to break out and spread havoc across this world. This man is a hero and should be up for review as a candidate for Sainthood. If we can give Obama the Nobel Peace Prize whilst he's drone bombing women and children, we can absolutely grant the title of Saint to Mr. Peterson. It would in fact make much more sense than the Nobel for Obama. That was just sickening beyond belief.
william cloninger
william cloninger 2 saatler önce
I wish he would go back to basics. He’s a great conversationalist but his monologue is what made him.
Jim Weights
Jim Weights 2 saatler önce
“More than you should” - no b1tch - those rights are very hard earned
Utopiac 2 saatler önce
“More than you should” 🤔. We have more rights than we should? I love Jordan Peterson, but no. Just no. Like no.
DominantKeeper 2 saatler önce
SO what he was saying was fifty fifty you die or live a long life. Just like everyone has been doing for most of there lives...
Dennis Savage
Dennis Savage 2 saatler önce
It's a multi problem education finance law homelessness, no jobs, closing major depart stores, does the government have a death wish on its people, billions send to foreign aid 50 per cent of Americans living in poverty. Terrible leadership God help America.
Frances Demmert
Frances Demmert 2 saatler önce
1:51 I love Jordan’s outrage at her education at Colombia. 🩶 because same
umesh kumar
umesh kumar 2 saatler önce
You two are one of my two favorite person I like to hear to.
Pasta! 2 saatler önce
This girl. Right here. She gets it. Accepting your limitations doesn't make you weak. It merely tells you where you gotta work on so you can improve.
TrailerTrish 2 saatler önce
Jordan Peterson is just spitting out every cosmological buzzword ever invented. It reminds me of that spinny thing you attach to a hose on hot days when you don't have a pool.
Natalya Smirnova
Natalya Smirnova 2 saatler önce
Williams are not able to play equally with men. Serena used to do it and she failed. And she took steroids
Vanessa Thompson
Vanessa Thompson 2 saatler önce
I thank you thank you thank you for acknowledging the loneliness and grief and trauma of parents. From the bottom of my heart, at midnight, listening to this interview-thank you. I wept. And for once, some of my tears were from relief, because of your words. And thank you Mr. Peterson for letting her speak.
Lore Fox
Lore Fox 2 saatler önce
same girl was all about LGBT rights, gay marriage and gays adopting as long as it didn't affect her. All she deserves is sardonic laughter.
Randy Bell
Randy Bell 2 saatler önce
It’s all the dumb people who let their TVs tell them to inject an experimental vaccine in their arms, everyone should have said no.
Jason McQueen
Jason McQueen 2 saatler önce
As articulate as Jordan and Naomi both are, and I enjoyed listening to both of their arguments, but, my own observations suggest that in the end, while you can fight biology to some degree, you will never completely win.
mridul pillai
mridul pillai 2 saatler önce
"U have Amazon and pornography"....👌
Ryujin 2 saatler önce
Randy Bell
Randy Bell 2 saatler önce
Line up the doctors against the wall.
ichtys 2 saatler önce
Woke nation already USA.
Greek Zeus
Greek Zeus 2 saatler önce
Menagerie each and every day you try to get around it there is another way The politicians and their lip service deception and lies! the legislation writing the laws! deception at its finest to control the whole lot with their deception and propaganda media lies against we the people! Menagerie at its finest to control the whole lot! The Congress the Fed in bed with each other! day after day it's a game they play corruption at its finest to raise the debt! inflation on our gas! 'food our rent, Menagerie at its finest deception in lies.Ukraine, Russia, Afghanistan,Iraq,Libya, Iran Contra,menagerie at its finest ! deception and lies! We the the people are sick of your menagerie deception and lies we have awakened to your lies deception corporations in media pharmaceutical lies it's time for menazariata's finest Nuremberg 2.0 time to hold these politicians corporations in lobbyists accountable for their treasonous ways they are like animals that need to be locked up in a zoo No more menagerie each and every day we're coming after you for the mass genocide in your corruption ways Nuremberg 2.0 we need Justice for we the people for the black white asian Spanish German Greek and French Italian swedish Russian polish worldwide USA all the way wwg1wga God bless you and yours Z
Chirs Weed
Chirs Weed 2 saatler önce
Celebrate men's uniqueness too...why only woman
KB Thankful
KB Thankful 2 saatler önce
Gillian Savant
Gillian Savant 2 saatler önce
Keep it simple stupid
It's All Good Man!
It's All Good Man! 2 saatler önce
Why does my man sound just like Saul Goodman
Norbyat Maneuvers
Norbyat Maneuvers 2 saatler önce
More rights than I should? gtfoh There aren't enough human rights. Why do other countries have more?
Eric Farina
Eric Farina 2 saatler önce
What do you want from me? Nothing at all. That's the Truth. There are no reciprocal obligations among isolated fools.
Felix Mizu
Felix Mizu 2 saatler önce
That’s a nice suit and tie
58efd 2 saatler önce
Vivek had a meet & greet in Denison IA, I was so glad I went, a very special person and can come to anyone's level and speak to all the issues presented, from farmer's needs to how he would interact w/ world leaders as compared to Trump, and how he would derive respect and gain respect back for our country. Glad I got a selfie with Vivek, easy person to talk to, he'd make a great potus.
Eric Farina
Eric Farina 2 saatler önce
Listen to this audio. Peterson is still talking to you as if you *should* be egocentric. As if the only thing you should be concerned with is yourself...
Every intelligent person educated and lived in a communist country - knows that communism is a sham and so is socialism . PS. I am a liberal - voting Dem - but I a having serious questions now.
Gary Thornbury
Gary Thornbury 3 saatler önce
Thank God 🙏 for a real Canadian bless you Jordan Peterson
Shane O'Cianain
Shane O'Cianain 3 saatler önce
Dr Attia looks suspiciously like Captain Scarlett from the Thunderbirds !
There is a war on MDs who are working in the Natural Alternative holistic field. As many as 50 or more - prominent were literally killed ( Died unexpectedly under suspicious circumstances ) May say that Big Pharma is behind it.( the Cartel)
maam9243 3 saatler önce
I do agree that men need more social support though. There should be shelters that men who are suffering from domestic violence can go to in major cities. Also men need places they can express what they are feeling without fear of ridicule/disdain/loss of attraction from women and maybe that should not be in female therapists' offices.
mike demike
mike demike 3 saatler önce
As quick as the British ended the transatlantic slave trade they modified the laws in parliament to make everyone slaves white or Black...and this emancipation declaration of Lincoln is snake oil salesman trick of using the word''person''and not man...This in effect freed the corporations to stand above man and the institutions where as before it was God-man-parliament-corporation...the black lawbook claims the corpus is a ''person''
Abdalla Khalil
Abdalla Khalil 3 saatler önce
Mr Hijab is very difficult to listen to, unable to escape the dogmatic aspects of his belief system. Peterson is difficult to listen to in another sense, one of the most prominent pseudointellectuals of our time.