Marcos Delmondes
Marcos Delmondes 10 saatler önce
Clippers campeão 22/23 ✏
Young Rain
Young Rain 11 saatler önce
Man to this day I’m still wondering why the Celtics kept Collapsing in the 4th quarters. If it wasn’t for their 4th quarter offense they would be NBA champs
Riquelme XCX VII
Riquelme XCX VII 11 saatler önce
Scary first quarter Dubs sleep
Aubrey Wallace
Aubrey Wallace 11 saatler önce
Y so they can have the rest😂 of leage for Dinner i wish him JW injury prone half season,, hey! We need a handycap😎😃
The LIM Report
The LIM Report 11 saatler önce
Really need a Seattle NBA team
The LIM Report
The LIM Report 11 saatler önce
My favourite TRshow channel
The LIM Report
The LIM Report 11 saatler önce
Welcome back!
Sapientia haereticae
Sapientia haereticae 11 saatler önce
When will the game against Palestine 🇵🇸 take place, NBA ? 😉🙄 .. ..so sick of that propaganda.. 🤢
พสิษฐ์ พิมลสุขีเสวกุล
พสิษฐ์ พิมลสุขีเสวกุล 12 saatler önce
TomerZ 12 saatler önce
יאללה רעננה
xen garcia
xen garcia 13 saatler önce
Hahaha! They defeat a team not a nba team lol...
vasilis zaxaropoulos
vasilis zaxaropoulos 13 saatler önce
Alfred Lu
Alfred Lu 13 saatler önce
my pinky alone can defeat your entire hand.
Agam Ohana
Agam Ohana 13 saatler önce
Bro whaaaattt does raanana doing in hereeee lmaooo Israel representing
neil lol
neil lol 13 saatler önce
M number 1
איש לא חשוב
איש לא חשוב 13 saatler önce
where's Kusma monster dunk?
Muhammad R
Muhammad R 17 saatler önce
Nicolas ZYX
Nicolas ZYX 17 saatler önce
If this “kid” Wiseman reach the 100% GS will go for a 3peat #markmywordsss
Susanadaniela Encarnación
Susanadaniela Encarnación 18 saatler önce
Suga de bts❤😊
Chazzerayen 18 saatler önce
James Wiseman with 20ppg 9reb 1ast in 24 mins!!
Nassir Mohamed
Nassir Mohamed 18 saatler önce
God is great that's what James Wiseman is being saying to himself and to his teammates am pretty sure specially after every basket he made today and probably kissed the floor and the basketball.great to see him back playing the game he loves and hopefully no more injury's 🙏
Piotr Be
Piotr Be 21 saatler önce
Oh yeah, finally! NBA is back!😃❤🏀
The Truth
The Truth 23 saatler önce
Taj Gibson looking good in his 34th season
Nicola Cabiddu Nioi
Nicola Cabiddu Nioi 23 saatler önce
these higliths can't be seen in the Nba app?
skiip Gün önce
Yes, we have some NBA, it has felt like forever
Michael Strode
Michael Strode Gün önce
The pass at 1:31 was rediculous. Wiseman is in incredible condition. Absolutely dynamic and dominant. Him/Kuminga/Moody...what a future trio...
RanDMemes 14 saatler önce
Future stars
saudade Gün önce
Judy Seager
Judy Seager Gün önce
Good win 🏆 👏🏿 👍🏻 ka.pai Warrior's ka.pai miss M klay.K.