Thom Fisher
Thom Fisher Saatler önce
Wuster-shire for the love of God its Wuster-shire 😂
David Stein
David Stein 5 saatler önce
Thanks Cathy. This recipe for cooking a whole chicken in my air fryer was just what I was looking for. Another informative & fun video. Thanks!
Lee Boudreaux
Lee Boudreaux 8 saatler önce
Don’t the bacteria eat the sugar?
Shirley Beltran
Shirley Beltran 10 saatler önce
Dear funny Cathy I do enjoy your channel. About 4 months ago I bought a cheap air fryer. I’m 72 and on a fixed budget. Your copes are great and I can afford most of them. About a month ago I pulled out that new fryer and I started watching your channel. I have become a great cook. I could never cook before hamburger patties and baked potatoes. That was it. That’s what my big meal now I cook steak and I cook pork chops I I cook the pork loin and tonight I made brownies remembering things you said I used the muffin pan but didn’t put anything in the middle and I use the silicone cups that came with my air fryer essentials. I made this without looking up a recipe for them by just watching and listening to you, knowing that to cut the time down and they cut the temperature down and they came out perfect so thank you for making me a good cook, and I hope God blesses you because you are the funniest in the most sincere, and the most informative person I know thank you
Srta Spanish
Srta Spanish 11 saatler önce
That last one looks so tasty! do you think we could sheet pan it instead?
Annika R.
Annika R. 11 saatler önce
Nice video, I "think", I'll be getting an Air Fryer for Chrismas :)
Manuel Castillejos
Manuel Castillejos 11 saatler önce
Looks very complicated
nybsbfan18 17 saatler önce
I just subbed.
Jill Dolan
Jill Dolan 19 saatler önce
Hi have you done anything using the Gournia air fryer toaster oven?
Randy Hanson
Randy Hanson 19 saatler önce
For eggs in a basket, spray the silicone mat in the air fryer and preheat it. You end up with much less... if any egg leaking into the bottom.
aerofly2 21 saatler önce
I have the same meat thermometer you show in your video and it also has an external heat sensor on a wire that plugs in which you can leave in the item you need to check whilst its cooking. I’ve used it it my regular oven, but not in my air fryer yet, but I’m sure it’ll work ok.
Bart Musch
Bart Musch 23 saatler önce
see the airfryer like a convection oven, who the F puts hamburgers in an over to make, use a damn pan
Imad Khan
Imad Khan Gün önce
washed 20 times - it will take forever😢
Jesse Bella
Jesse Bella Gün önce
Ohhh god, I can't wait for my air fryer today, I went for the Cosori Air Fryer 5.5L XXL as its plenty big enough for me and I think judging by videos and other people's opinions that its a very good one to get, these dishes look delicious! Ill certainly be trying a good number of these
Jesse Bella
Jesse Bella Gün önce
Almost every video I am watching on air fryers and considering I'm about to buy my first ever one, you can imagine I'm watching so many videos on different food ideas to use with one and info on the many different models out there, anyway I have noticed that almost all of the videos I have seen show the Cosori Air Fryer 5.5L XXL and even here in this video yet again the same brand is mentioned and I think actually the same fryer! So I think finally that I've decided it will be the one that I buy today and so I guess all that's left is more videos whilst I wait for it to arrive! Good tips video, I've done recipes and different models for days now, a good tips video like was a nice change and very useful, although im not off to see your recipe videos too hehe as im excited now to get my fryer and try everything with it lol
Nan Dep
Nan Dep Gün önce
@FabulesslyFrugal -- Hi! I'd appreciate an update which includes the combination air fryers w/grills. Please! For example, I just purchased the Power XL 12-in-1 Grill Air Fryer Combo. 6 QT. (not a basket type in front, it opens on the top). So far, we've determined this type needs plenty of space under the cabinets, etc. so we can open the top of it and not have to keep moving the unit. I just had to move a few things around on the counter, but other people might find this as more of a challenge. It had a slight chemical smell when we took it out of the packaging. After washing and running it before the 1st use, the smell dissipated. But that definitely is a concern. The "beeps" (a bit loud) for every function and press of a button are something I dislike, even in a microwave -LOL! 🤣 This unit does that, as well. Wish it didn't...and I'd love it if manufacturers would stop with the beeping every time a button is pressed. 😉 It's a new purchase and still figuring out the functions. If you have tips for this type of unit, they would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for the clear, concise, well-done videos which are quick and generally to the point. You are fabulous! 🙂 P.S. "Fabulessly" instead of "fabulously" -- I'm also curious about that. Lol!
carol skinner
carol skinner Gün önce
I will try these chicken recipes with thighs.
Nan Dep
Nan Dep Gün önce
You're fortunate to live in a place in which you can purchase food for those prices. In Hawai'i, we'll need to multiply the cost by x2 or x3. Example: here, one apple is $2 and a loaf of bread on SALE (reg. whole grain, nothing "fancy") is $6 to $8+! 😯 Obviously, most people will need to adjust for location, availability, organic vs non-organic, etc. 😉 But, you share some great, easy ideas. Thank you for the quick, helpful videos. Aloha! 🌺
Renate Anderson
Renate Anderson Gün önce
15 minutes is WAY too long! As an AF specialist you should know that 12 mins. is enough!
Dan Fitzpatrick
Dan Fitzpatrick Gün önce
That's awesome! I love creativity no matter where it comes from in life. Especially as we age 🙂. Thanks for sharing! Tapping my foot waiting on my air fryer...Great Video's!
carol skinner
carol skinner Gün önce
Hi, Just started watching your channel and we bought the Cosori air fryer. It's an early Christmas gift for our family. There are so many features that we already love. We got the smaller one. It's perfect. Thank you for your informative video.
Bethany Jones
Bethany Jones Gün önce
My best friend in the world purchased me and my boyfriend an air fryer recently as a “just because” gift (the “because” is because she’s wonderful) and I could not appreciate this video more! Thanks so much for sharing.
Joe Joe
Joe Joe Gün önce
I am a cancer patient in recovery would love to have a air fryer looks a lot easier than a regular oven. Love your videos. Happy Holidays
Kimee B
Kimee B Gün önce
I JUST purchased my Instant Pot at the beginning of November. The MAIN reason I really wanted one, the yogurt function!! I've tried several times to make it, EPIC FAIL!!! I was on TRshow night & day just watching videos on how to make yogurt in the Instant Pot. The 6 qt went on sale at Wal-Mart, I snatched one up. Since I've had it, I've made yogurt 3 times!! It's sooooo good! I use same 3 ingredient recipe! I also add a few drops of vanilla extract to the mixture. I like the Fairlife Whole Ultra-Filtered/Pasteurized Lactose Free Milk. Last week when I made it, I only used half the can of condensed milk and of course the yogurt culture. The first time I made it, I actually used a whole container of Oui Vanilla Yogurt & it turned out fine. It was thick & creamy & once I gave it a lil stir, it smoothed out a lil more. For me, the 8 hours is perfect & it's just the right amount of tang. I top it with a lil honey or agave, blueberries & granola. I'll NEVER buy yogurt again! I guess I need to make something other than yogurt in my pot 😂😂
Mike Cee
Mike Cee Gün önce
Great Info for this widower new to the kitchen. Bought an AF from Best Buy with shelves rather than a basket and so far I am pleased with results. Did NOT KNOW I could use foil or other oven friendly containers. THANK YOU for all the links!👍
Tla Gün önce
8:18 baking 8:43 reheat
Stephanie Ellison
Stephanie Ellison Gün önce
X I received my cookbook yesterday and Kathy I love it in people that I know that see me with it oh here let me snap a picture so I can order it everybody’s loving it
Christian Buczko
Christian Buczko Gün önce
My £50 airfryer has been amazing. Only problem with that is its abit small for some foods. Id recommend buying aluminium takeaway trays so you can transfer contents from large trays which dont fit, or foods which make a mess with sauces and keep it clean. After, biggest mistake is not reducing time and temp to compensate or it will over cook things. Sometimes covering with foil to protect it from direct heat will help with meats, then remove it to crisp for last 5mins. Ive recently bought a 2nd one which is far larger to do pizza in, and multiple foods, that dont fit in the small one, but still use the smaller when possible.
Minu mary jolly
Minu mary jolly Gün önce
I recently bought a cosori air fryer. It has got a plastic smell while operating and the cooked food also has that smell. Any tips on removing the smell?
Gloria Thomas
Gloria Thomas Gün önce
Hi what it you don't have a bread mixer! Can you mix by hand have you done it Glo