its over
Gün önce
Cheating on My Ex
14 gün önce
A Message To Gabrielle Moses
I’m Sorry
19 gün önce
Gabrielle Got Sick...
3 aylar önce
Calling Out Emma Chamberlain
this went too far..
5 aylar önce
7 aylar önce
7 aylar önce
When Will I Propose?
8 aylar önce
James Charles Casting Call
A Message for James Charles
it attacked her...
8 aylar önce
Jennie Jeanette
Jennie Jeanette Dakika önce
I bet it's a fucken prank
Chelsea Hodge
Chelsea Hodge Dakika önce
You know what I will stop commenting on her video but I am still really pissed off at her. How could Jack forgive her.
Jessica Patterson
Jessica Patterson Dakika önce
She goes from completely ripping him a new asshole to “oh well I see both sides now, I should’ve talked to jack before.” Like what?? How can you go from one to the other. She’s such a pot stirrer and not mature enough.
samantha agustine
samantha agustine 2 dakika önce
can she just stfu
Ariana Reyes Aguilera
Ariana Reyes Aguilera 3 dakika önce
MAYBE JUST MAYBE everyone should chill on the hate and if you don't agree keep your opinion to yourself and just get your noses out of their breakup and friendship with Sydney they are their own people and can make their own personal decisions JUST CHILL AND LET THEM BE And if you wanted to know my opinion then I already know I'm gonna get hate for this...... Both Jack and Gabrielle are great people I've been watching for a while and it's a proven fact they are great together or not and about Sydney idk her or watch her so I won't give an uneducated opinion on her Anyways the Gist was.. EVERYONE DESERVES A SECOND CHANCE WITH NO HATE AND UNEDUCATED RESPONSES DON'T HELP IN BAD SITUATIONS Thx for reading😁
AvSat20 4 dakika önce
I stopped watching after the first minute! It's all about the views isn't it Jacky boy. When is your channel name change happening? Oh wait, that would cost views!
nelson painting
nelson painting 4 dakika önce
I didnt stop in a red light for tú s jajajajaja😂😂😂😂
Faith Tjelta
Faith Tjelta 4 dakika önce
What kind of lights do you have because they are great.
William King
William King 4 dakika önce
Gab looks different 😂😂
Kimber Brooke
Kimber Brooke 5 dakika önce
I am actually done watching yt. Everyone is just so fake. I don't have any idea how anyone can fake their personality so much. SO much drama!
Jesus Shuttlesworth
Jesus Shuttlesworth 5 dakika önce
She’s fake af
Mark Levine
Mark Levine 5 dakika önce
done. ιм мad wнy? ι ѕaw gaв dмѕ poor нer boyfrend <
Rebekah Leckel
Rebekah Leckel 6 dakika önce
Who the heck eats a potato for breakfast
Aria W
Aria W 6 dakika önce
So much more respect for both of you. The world would be a much better place if everyone tried to work out their differences and strive for love and peace.
riley rose
riley rose 8 dakika önce
I just think she should’ve stayed out of it in my opinion... friends or not this was between jack and gab ... for her to make a video was selfish and immature.
Olivia Jo Messer
Olivia Jo Messer 4 dakika önce
She’s obnoxious
Agus salim
Agus salim 8 dakika önce
done. ι aм мad wнy? ι ѕaw 𝐣𝐚𝐜𝐤 dмѕ poor нιѕ girlfrien *
bitchikee 3
bitchikee 3 6 dakika önce
what??? bott
Natasha Kennedy
Natasha Kennedy 8 dakika önce
Is the last video private for anyone else??
Rhea Rajaratnam
Rhea Rajaratnam 8 dakika önce
The fact that jack forgave Sydney after she attacked him the way she did, is REMARKABLE! She had no right to talk! It wasn’t her breakup!
charlotte k
charlotte k 9 dakika önce
This Sydney girl obviously isn't a horrible person, but she doesn't seem like a very nice one. Sydney had NO PLACE To make a whole video bashing jack when it was ALL LIES. also why did she say "I gave jack a second chance" like she wasn't the guilty one?
Daniella Grace
Daniella Grace 9 dakika önce
Is he going to change the TRshow channel name or get another channel? Just a question
sasha chaudhry
sasha chaudhry 10 dakika önce
I really love and appreciate the maturity with which Jack has dealt with the whole situation , and no hate to Gabrielle ofc but her not responding to any allegations made against Jack , and the fact that many of her friends are dissing Jack ..... i feel it's just not right to both of them , since a breakup is something which is extremely personal and between two people
Juan Rodriguez Alvarez
Juan Rodriguez Alvarez 10 dakika önce
done. ιм мad wнy? ι ѕaw ɢᴀʙ dмѕ *ι aм ѕorry нer eх-boyfrien *
bitchikee 3
bitchikee 3 6 dakika önce
Bella and Emma
Bella and Emma 10 dakika önce
Did anyone else click on this video thinking it was him and Gabby??
S.K.I. 11 dakika önce
Yo, do you guys remember when the biggest problem used to be about Jack's forehead 💀
Paige Keenor
Paige Keenor 12 dakika önce
It makes me feel better that she’s married but she still annoys me
Adi Jain
Adi Jain 12 dakika önce
This is good to see
Paige Keenor
Paige Keenor 13 dakika önce
It makes me feel better that she’s married but she still annoys me
Angel Lugo
Angel Lugo 13 dakika önce
I loved every single part of this. 🔥❤️
Phil Rusto
Phil Rusto 14 dakika önce
Had Jack released part 2 of his response? Anyone want to summarize what he said in it?
L.C. Williams
L.C. Williams 14 dakika önce
Allyssa Smith
Allyssa Smith 14 dakika önce
She did a complete 180. I get that she feels bad about it now, but how do you go from not really liking him in the first place to "such a big misunderstanding "? Props for the maturity but this doesn't seem authentic coming from her. I hope their friendship will be real this time...
Paige Keenor
Paige Keenor 14 dakika önce
I’m confused who is this girl whooo annoys tf outa me
Julia Schwartz
Julia Schwartz 14 dakika önce
Probably poop like a bunny from anxiety and then go into the shower to cry it off...
Paige Keenor
Paige Keenor 15 dakika önce
She annoys me
Roblox Gaming
Roblox Gaming 15 dakika önce
"We shouldn't hate anyone, everyone deserves love" "Thats truly what I stand for" - continues talking about the 2 million subscribers- Two faced smh, Jack be careful just because its "im sorry" doesn't mean its true
Hannah Finnegan
Hannah Finnegan 15 dakika önce
I know this is late bute Jack litteraly looks like hes about to tear up and he keep putting his head closer to Gab which is so adorable 😍
Th Potato
Th Potato 16 dakika önce
if anyone reads this, i go through these comments and are disgusted by what i see and I’m glad for most of you saying nice comments. This breakup and make up is none of our business. I honestly don’t give a f*ck if Sydney wanted clout or if you don’t like her, it’s not our situation, they made up, and i see so much more hate. Jack and Gab, I’m sure are not ready to see eachother and if they are, it should not be my, or anyone’s business, I personally would not want about 2 million people to know my sh*t and my break up, it hurts. Breakups suck. Gabrielle is learning and trying to find herself because she couldn’t with Jack. Jack is trying to help himself. And addresses the hate and here i read on these comments hate towards Sydney, saying, “i don’t like her,” or “she’s using Jack for clout,” who the f*ck cares? Not our problem, we can’t do nothing about it and if you were her, maybe you’d do the same thing. Grow up. Improve. And mature. Stop hate comments, they don’t help, or do anything, everyone has feelings, and it hurts a lot if you hear or see something mean on the internet or out of the internet. My god.
Shay Shay
Shay Shay 16 dakika önce
Im waiting for the next video of him and gabrielle saying JOKES ON YOU.
Susan S
Susan S 16 dakika önce
Wtf is this? Hey Sydney/Bird Brain Sally, all I will say is that I feel sorry for your husband. This bird really tried to cancel someone and got cancelled herself, and now is trying to remediate the damage. Don’t make a vid with her ever again please.
Robot Cat
Robot Cat 17 dakika önce
this girl is so two faced its so painful to watch
Sydney Santo
Sydney Santo 17 dakika önce
These videos are not the time to be promoting ur book or diet/exercise routine
Mutant McNuggets
Mutant McNuggets 17 dakika önce
I’m sensing tension…
lol my life sucks wbu
lol my life sucks wbu 18 dakika önce
Lmao I can’t even watch this without cringing 😭😭🤣 so Sydney likes Jack now and we are all good friends now? BAHHAAHAHA.
Michelle O'neal
Michelle O'neal 18 dakika önce
I watched a little bit of this when it was published, and had to go do something but just realized he lost subscribers! 😭
Mike Tran
Mike Tran 18 dakika önce
I hate Gab, jack u da man!
Jessica B
Jessica B 18 dakika önce
x0rion RBLX
x0rion RBLX 19 dakika önce
You still cheated, that will NEVER be okay, but your mature, you didnt hide from it and u didnt lie about it, you owned up to it.
Trinity Marie
Trinity Marie 20 dakika önce
we need more love and support in the world starting with how we treat each other on the internet
emma manzer
emma manzer 20 dakika önce
i think the amount of times sydney has apologized should show how truly sorry she is. she never claimed to hate jack, she only was standing up for her friend like any other person would have. did she mess up on some things, yes, but she’s human. we all mess up and she’s apologized way more than any other in way bigger drama has. she’s never been a person to try and “cancel” someone and she said that several times. she never wanted to “cancel” him but just stand up for her friend. there’s no need for hate jack, gabrielle, and sydney. she educated herself and came back to change her opinion. she’s held herself up very maturely during this whole thing.
TofuIs Yummy
TofuIs Yummy 21 dakika önce
Jack cant frickin move on with life and content cuz he has to deal with preschoolers. He acts immature a little in his sense of humor which is NOT a bad thing, but overall this dude has the maturity level of a 55 yr old. Good for him. Not to downplay Jack's maturity but maybe Gab had a push in this too. Some serious shade was being thrown her way. P.S. Jack- it's going to take time for your fans to step back on the shade as you asked because we love you and not sure we can trust all those Jack haters. #TeamJack
Emma Marie
Emma Marie 22 dakika önce
Can you please make a video explaining what happened between you an Gab?
Aaron Conway
Aaron Conway 23 dakika önce
Shane Kalcevic
Shane Kalcevic 24 dakika önce
U picked the right shirt Cindy My favorite song is photograph
Julia De la paz
Julia De la paz 24 dakika önce
i miss the "hi im Jack, and im Gabrielle"🥺
Amy McCharles
Amy McCharles 24 dakika önce
Why is it still called jack and gab and there’s no gab
Gigi Elizabeth
Gigi Elizabeth 24 dakika önce
Gabrielle posting a video with a guy in the thumbnail then Jack posting a video with a girl in the thumbnail....not them trying to make each other jealous or anything
Lyman Richardson
Lyman Richardson 24 dakika önce
done. ι aм мad wнy? ι ѕaw ɢᴀʙ dмѕ ιм ѕorry ғor нer boyfrien <
Andrea Parks
Andrea Parks 24 dakika önce
lost respect for both of them 🤣
Passstheebooof 25 dakika önce
Bro I thought that was gab
lily b
lily b 27 dakika önce
sydney never let him freaking get a sentence out. all shes trying to do is save her case and its not working lmao she looks so bad in this situation all she wants it clout
Sanja Sakota
Sanja Sakota 27 dakika önce
This girl is so irra ugh
Juan Rodriguez Alvarez
Juan Rodriguez Alvarez 27 dakika önce
done. ι aм мad wнy? ι ѕaw gaв dмѕ * poor нer boyfriiend *
Jaxon Gilliam
Jaxon Gilliam 27 dakika önce
Geuss who’s back back again..... jack is back back again
Nana diana
Nana diana 28 dakika önce
Jacks the type of person to have people step all over him and he will still be there to hold you when you need it. He has such a nice heart
AleMar 29 dakika önce
This video is bs....
officialscuff 29 dakika önce
Arianna Huynh
Arianna Huynh 29 dakika önce
done. ιм ѕad wнy? ι ѕaw gaв dмѕ ιм ѕorry ғor нer boyfrien *
Brenda Polo
Brenda Polo 30 dakika önce
So when are you gonna change it to jack and not jack and gab or like what you gonna post now
tailsmaster 7
tailsmaster 7 29 dakika önce
let’s hope he does not delete all the videos with gab
Jaxon Gilliam
Jaxon Gilliam 30 dakika önce
Jack has handled everything so incredibly well
Skelton 30 dakika önce
So did Jack actually buy the car for Gab or just say he did for the video they made?
TheLukejacobson 33
TheLukejacobson 33 31 dakika önce
Change the Chanel name bro
Isaac Thomas
Isaac Thomas 31 dakika önce
On a break between Uni classes Rn (In Aus) and was quickly scrolling through n saw JACK AND GAB then some chic in thumbnail.... I was like damn Gab rlly changed 😂😂😂 Then scrolled back up to the vid n realised lmao
Katherine S.
Katherine S. 32 dakika önce
i didn’t cheat on my ex. title:”Cheating on my Ex”. btw we love you jack
Juan Rodriguez Alvarez
Juan Rodriguez Alvarez 32 dakika önce
done. ιм мad wнy? ι ѕaw gaв dмѕ * ι aм ѕorry нer eхboyfrend <
Today’s Topic Studio
Today’s Topic Studio 32 dakika önce
did anyone notice after this vid he lost 100k subs???
Zoie Grace
Zoie Grace 33 dakika önce
anyone else notice jacks jawline in this video
Jayce Chavera
Jayce Chavera 34 dakika önce
idc , all i got outta this video was how she eats eggs and ketchup.... and i agree 100% . eggs and ketchup is amazing 😂
Sneakyjax 34 dakika önce
This is so dumb
Brenda Pozsonyi
Brenda Pozsonyi 34 dakika önce
done. ι aм ѕad wнy? ι ѕaw gaв dмѕ * poor нer eхboyfrien <
Mr Tristan
Mr Tristan 35 dakika önce
Why is the channel still called jack and gab
Kiana Gibson
Kiana Gibson 35 dakika önce
this is most definitely damage control
Kaelynn K
Kaelynn K 36 dakika önce
this whole thing is just wack like I'm convinced this is just for clout
Sammyis107 36 dakika önce
Who is this chick ?
Fiona Marcotte
Fiona Marcotte 36 dakika önce
Jack laughing at his own jokes is such a mood.
emmashelters 37 dakika önce
tbh i feel bad for both jack and gab and wished all the hate on either one of them never happened because yes maybe jack made a mistake but you cant hate on him just for that one mistake he was obviously sorry about it, especially having the balls to make videos about this.
Mark Levine
Mark Levine 37 dakika önce
done. ι aм ѕad wнy? ι ѕaw ɢᴀʙ dмѕ * poor нer eхboyfrend *
Mexthemen 37 dakika önce
what happened
anna ramsey
anna ramsey 38 dakika önce
waitttt what happened to his “my response” video?!?!?
TheSilverRiver999 38 dakika önce
You're kidding me I finish the vid and go out to youtubes general page and first vid that takes up half my screen is "I HAVE THE BEST BOYFRIEND EVER" -JACK AND GAB '1 year ago' and I'm -
Corissa’s Fam jam
Corissa’s Fam jam 38 dakika önce
Ketchup on eggs is actually so good 👌 don’t judge it till u try em 💯
jayden done
jayden done 38 dakika önce
Can you just let it go gab has already moved on shes making entertainment now like fun excited content i think its time for you do the same
M K 38 dakika önce
i have huge respect for jack and gab but why isn’t gab posting anything
ok ?
ok ? 39 dakika önce
Why did you break up? Just asking no hate
Odilia Waller
Odilia Waller 39 dakika önce
done. ι aм ѕad wнy? ι ѕaw ɢᴀʙ dмѕ ιм ѕorry ғor нer eхboyfrien *
Shaan P
Shaan P 39 dakika önce
Hey guys! There’s a lot of bots in the comments saying “Done. I am sad/mad why? Ex-boyfriend....something something” Pro-Tip: DONT CLICK ON THE LINKS
JazzE’s Fridge
JazzE’s Fridge 40 dakika önce
Faze Not Trever
Faze Not Trever 41 dakika önce
SniperLyfe 101
SniperLyfe 101 42 dakika önce
i still cant believe the channel is called jack AND GAB but they broke up
Kamden Weeks
Kamden Weeks 42 dakika önce
done. ιм ѕad wнy? ι ѕaw ɢᴀʙ dмѕ *ι aм ѕorry нer eхboyfrien *
The orr family
The orr family 43 dakika önce
Wait so jack and gab arjt together anymore or what