@mandymckeown8625 12 saatler önce
Henry was a narcissist he went through all the cycles of lovebombing devaluation and discard treated his women like objects and playthings horrible vile man
@Sam-cz2bz 13 saatler önce
They were feared by the Europeans but not by everyone. The Europeans were never any match for the Mongols. They tried to align with the pagans against the Muslims but the Mongols didn't fall for it. Instead they saw the light and became Christians ( only a handful became Nestorian Christians)
@GelgoogJ 15 saatler önce
I heard William Walice is eight feet tall and shoots fire from his arse.
@GelgoogJ 15 saatler önce
Mythologys kick ass. Thanks for the video!
@spaolozzi53 16 saatler önce
William did not lead a French army, if he had then Philip I could have declared himself King of England. At the very least, William's title would have been held as a vassal of the Frankish crown. Williams army were Normans, with Flemish and Breton mercenaries. They were paid by him, and owed their loyalty to him, not the Frankish king.
@human8454 16 saatler önce
Scotland is stronger 💪🏻
@highdef8152 17 saatler önce
8 prayers a day while everyone works for you. Religion is so dumb lol
@cubby6988 18 saatler önce
Bet you could get voice work for pirate characters, you sound just like what I imagine they sound like.
@bbatjargal1549 18 saatler önce
Not Knubish but KHUNBISH in correct Mongolian!
@Lily-dv3qf 18 saatler önce
Love to see Father continuing his holy conquests.
@_dbzeibert_1718 18 saatler önce
Thank you for saying what you did, Mr. Eisenhower.
@yeshig9 20 saatler önce
why is he white not Asian lol?
@evettbradshaw-pn7id 21 saatler önce
Merlin was a real true human being individual then King Arthur beheaded him at sword in the Stone and faked everything since
@AtomicB-zq2cw 22 saatler önce
Wow! It was like everybody was a minority back then.
@HuskyTheDog2202 Gün önce
My mother, born in 1955, in her early teens plowed the fields walking behind oxen. Today I’m still using lard for cooking every day. Not all old practices may not be that old. Well done this docu!
@whukriede Gün önce
A bit too sensationalist to be credible, in my view. And I don't think it can explain the coming about of the English language, which very obviously and thoroughly is based on a Germanic substratum.
@TheVerdantGryphon Gün önce
Oh my god, it's Baldric!! Just hearing his voice transports me joyfully back to my childhood in the '80s when I watched all the Blackadder episodes about a million times. And now he's giving us real mediaeval history! This makes me so happy!
@1957bullshit Gün önce
Doesn't look like Anne's Book of Prayers was used very often. I don't think she was all that pious.
@sirgrindenson8174 Gün önce
I wish god was smart enough to create to people that didn't have 2 evil sons.....then wait thousands for years to make Jesus 😂
@sirgrindenson8174 Gün önce
Seems like gods where made up to stop people throwing people in volcanos and for the Vikings
@ohdamnitsthatguy60 Gün önce
I would not join the Templar's I like money and women too much. That said I would still help out my fellow man as needed and fight when I had to. But I strongly believe God wants us to get along and not kill each other.
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King Jahova - King Judas
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@ginnyjollykidd Gün önce
"Mutations like Delta 32 are genetic mutations that die out..." No, mutations don't die out unless there is environmental pressure to reduce or remove them as a strategy for species survival. They just hang on. There is a hypothesis on the Internet that humans will eventually lose their toes. Toes are, at this time, very important for balance and sprinting. I don't see them disappearing any time in many generations. But say they did. It would be because a different structure allowed humans to survive better than with toes. Otherwise, if having toes presents no difference in survival, they will remain. This has happened with fingers. There are many presentations of fingers on the hands of people that have no effect on survival. Polydactylism-one or more extra fingers on a hand-is common among Amish. Having extra fingers doesn't affect survival, so people with extra fingers or toes exist alongside five-fingered people. Neanderthals existed alongside ancestors of modern human beings. If there were no environmental pressure, they would still live as full, genetic Neanderthals.
@mytvbs4865 Gün önce
These conclusions are all lies. The magic is bacon fat. AZ still gets several cases of bubonic plague every year. Happily it is no longer a death sentence if treated early. Pretty sure they treated it with bacon.
@Jennifer-es9dq Gün önce
Unwatchable. Music too loud. I moved on.
@JudySherburne-jh1gf Gün önce
@AmazingFalcon276 Gün önce
Watching this after living through the Covid pandemic has me wanting to get myself tested. None of my 4 children or myself have had Covid despite 2 of us having severe health problems and all of us having been exposed to it on numerous occassions due to those around us being careless. My mother and sister have had it 3 times each. I have no relationship with my father so I'm unsure if he has had it. But it's strange and even my doctor has commented on it once.
@hauntinggoingonwithangelamylif Gün önce
Interesting I had head injury it changes your personality and anger comes out. You loose everything. David Tennant did a drama of living with a head injury ❤❤❤ all the best thanks for the video Merry Christmas
Was there really history ? or did we pop into existence and have feelings and knowledge of history implanted in memories when really, Weve only been on earth since our ancestors arrived and made babies ? lol
@muhacnt7988 Gün önce
Really loving this Warriors way docs
@daveg-Vancouver_Island Gün önce
A bunch of bs this one is!! Hahahah
@ListenToPowerViolence Gün önce
Some of my guys told me about this video. They weren't wrong. It's a good one.
@kahhowong3417 Gün önce
One perspective and opinion is that China and India were the last two Khanates of the Greater Mongol Empire.
@kahhowong3417 Gün önce
​@@seka1986 The Mongol Empire were never good sailors. Failed to conquer, Japan, Taiwan, and Java. and never tried to Conquer Hawaii, let alone Brazil
@seka1986 Gün önce
What about Brazil?
@zeeb116 Gün önce
I’m not even 8 minutes in and 4 commercials, like damn
@Obelievers17 Gün önce
@IHWKR Gün önce
Wheres the winter?
@anthonyaer8303 Gün önce
Meanwhile 1,000 years later in Africa...
@tango-bravo Gün önce
You can tell by the way this guy presents and the melodramatic music that there is no Gospel truth in this… do you, in your heart, feel mislead? Seek the truth in God’s word
@alphagoldenvolk Gün önce
The Holy Qur'an was written in A.D. 632, which must have been around the time the Colossus fell and started the dark ages.
@user-lq5ge9lh8l Gün önce
This was soooo good!! It took me a few days to watch it completely but i learned a few new things! I am caribbean, and i really wish i could find more documentaries of our natives before that man found our islands. esp from countries outside of pr and dr because there were many natives spread out and were other islands as well. In my parents country we have a statue of anacaona in one of the cities.
@trevorforrester3142 Gün önce
Why did you use a pic of Andy Gibb as your thumbnail?
@sabbethroberts3674 Gün önce
My favorite show ever,I fall asleep to it every night, ❤