@calebmcurby8580 Aylar önce
Dude, as a Ranger fan, seeing Mitch Moreland hits me in the feels
@ramenlover1727 3 aylar önce
this is so bad of a take have you seen the his stats
@jaredrogers7863 4 aylar önce
an example of what now? lmao, you slave of the moment 12 years olds crack me up.
@Pariah_Larry 5 aylar önce
Just pulled his red white and blue rookie auto from a 10 dollar hanger pack of prizm from target. Stoked!
@Owen004 5 aylar önce
This aged well
@user-ds1fd2rm4p 5 aylar önce
Movement matters
@redbrrdz7423 4 aylar önce
movement is most important yes. and placement. you have to challenge the inside of the plate. doesnt matter the speed. also changing (eye levels) with pitches . movement is apart of moving the eyes.
@TheseHotIdiots 5 aylar önce
Soft contact expert pretty much. Radical
@tonywong8134 5 aylar önce
Almost 80 games into the 2023 season he's just 2 points under .400.
@LandoCali5 5 aylar önce
this didnt age well. heim is way better than jeff mathis
@Kickingit06 5 aylar önce
1:44 Batter wasn't even bothered that the catcher conked him in the head.
@quanicle101 5 aylar önce
what is this silly wii shovelware soundtrack ass music
@kelbyswartz2664 6 aylar önce
That curve was working last night… let’s go Dick Mountain
@t.mitchell9135 6 aylar önce
Mississippi State grad here, that’s where Moreland played college ball. Still remember Mitch Moreland coming in from the outfield to pitcher to close out a super regional and send us to the college World Series.
@milkmanjohn5658 7 aylar önce
So cool watching him grow into the player he is. From Adam Jones letting him go out on field by him self, as the new and future center fielder. Very great of Adam Jones by the way to do that. To last night hitting for the cycle to go out on the field by himself, while team waited in dug out. Congrats Cedric Mullins, and the Baltimore Orioles, and fans. FUN TIMES to be an Orioles fan.
@nkirk6 7 aylar önce
We love Dick mountain
@nkirk6 4 aylar önce
Dick mountain may be the only one working hard out there, but it’s a long game
@cameronmachado1774 4 aylar önce
Dick Mountain's might not be a generational talent, but he lasted longer than most. Don't sleep on Dick Mountain
@mr.niceguy_420 7 aylar önce
And now he’s a pitcher as well 😂
@PHANTASMEZ 7 aylar önce
This proves you don’t have to throw fast to be good
@MichaelCoughlan. 7 aylar önce
@@bd1zzle god damn bro wrote the bible
@bd1zzle 7 aylar önce
I tried to tell coach but naw rather me as bullpen catcher and right field where 2 pop flies hit the sun and hit me right in the face causing me to instantly bleed from my nose and bruises around my cheeks. Tried to say I can throw good enough for outs but never believed in me. I only pinched hit and walked or basically *lean and hbp to reach 1st and more likely I was usually replaced with a pinch runner and they would continue the games and I’d be back in the bullpen. Such BS I thought when I was a freshman in high school but then again 2 people from my high school (Elsinore high school home of the tigers, Lake Elsinore, CA) go on and pitch in the MLB and being both pitchers and both drafted and played for the Angels back in like ~2010-2014 and ended their career assuming they just sucked hahaha but my arm was great enough to throw from the fence to first fence ALMOST to 2nd and all the way home but needed a cut off man without a doubt. I’m wasn’t like bo Jackson or Vlad sr. but coach had me bat a few times a game just to reach base because I struck out or just infield throw outs to first so I just started to almost stop swinging and just *lean into the pitch and BAM on first, time and then jogging to the dugout for catcher gear and hit the bullpen while I got the new player to replace me finally. Better overall. I sucked at defense but had enough aggression to throw the ball hard and far from how my mom’s ex boyfriend treated me for 10 years so I thought I’d be better at pitching but nope got cut sophomore year and joined tennis and made varsity jr. year and finished off senior year at tennis with only 1 angry outburst where I slammed my racket on the ground and bent the hell out of it and had to finish my match with the 2nd guy and BAM my best friend said here’s my extra racket and really got great at tennis. My serves and all being with my best friend teaching me more on slow serves and slowly tried to keep my serve look the same every times that was rough but worked for the best
@lilwaynesworld0 8 aylar önce
😂 this is such a bad take
@mikeishype9894 8 aylar önce
@Ryantakacs04 8 aylar önce
That’s not yours goffy mlb has those clips to
@theleftycatcher 8 aylar önce
Then why don’t you pull it from MLB and make your own edits instead of stealing someone else’s if it’s so easy? Don’t be so lazy and people won’t call you out on it.
@tatisss782 8 aylar önce
Why did you stop uploading? 😢😢
@theleftycatcher 8 aylar önce
I'm focused on my other channel right now. I just did a video about the Rangers and I upload shorts once or twice a week there. www.youtube.com/@WhatHappenedtoBaseball
@GOATQE3 8 aylar önce
UFO slider
@jasondousett3620 9 aylar önce
Kyle Seager is a class act. Glad he spent his entire career with Seattle.
@stephonlamar1815 10 aylar önce
He's a Push Hitter🤷🏻🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏽‍♂️
@roselia5415 10 aylar önce
@tommyherbert4618 10 aylar önce
My cousin
@gregmitchell2435 11 aylar önce
dudes hitting 22HR with the tigers this yr....bank it
@theleftycatcher 11 aylar önce
With the fences moving in he might have a chance
@thanosmaster-abel559 Yıl önce
I remember going to like 10 Astros games 2011-2013 and we lost every single one…
@markpeirson7832 Yıl önce
Lol Astros fans who didn’t show up for 5 years cause the owner tanked to steal money from the mlb. Now they are this proud fan base all of a sudden. Go bang on a trash can
@rickdon6006 Yıl önce
Haters will always hate!!! This guy pretends his team didn’t do sign stealing to get an advantage. Sign stealing has always been in baseball. Astros just happened to use trash cans but don’t pretend your favorite team(‘s) didn’t do other things. Look at the Yankees smart watches and bullpen calls to relay signs!! Bums!!!!!!!!’
@aaronhoppie1755 Yıl önce
I remember those days… I always try to forget the lastros
@theleftycatcher Yıl önce
There's a mistake in this video that I didn't notice until I published. Can you find it?
@theleftycatcher Yıl önce
Alas that wasn’t it. I said something wrong at one point in the video and then I said the corrected thing a minute later
@BennettPalmer Yıl önce
You called the dodgers the best team in baseball when it is in fact the seattle mariners
@ericplace6726 Yıl önce
One year in Little League I hit 3-for-21 (.143 AVG) with 17 strikeouts and 24 walks (.562 OBP). Relying on pitchers’ inconsistency is a terrific way to mask your contact issues 🤣
@qwuzzy Yıl önce
I went an entire summer season of little league without striking out, I was really good at just smacking the ball forward whether it got fielded or not. I don't think I had much discipline though 😭
@theleftycatcher Yıl önce
I was only slightly better myself… I’m pretty sure I hit like .220 with absolutely no power, but I walked so much my coach would hit me leadoff and then I’d just walk and steal second at the same time because almost every catcher had throwing issues
@sourapple6604 Yıl önce
He should of did that in NY
@richard8257 Yıl önce
the shift is the equivalent of leaving a guy wide open from 3 knowing they can’t shoot
@blacksheep832 Yıl önce
the 2 best teams wasted time getting the best record.
@blacksheep832 Yıl önce
The best 2 teams in each league have a week off. Last year straight to the division series.
@jackieward3032 Yıl önce
All they do is complain. 👎
@aldo5101 Yıl önce
Bro who??
@SpookyMulder2022 Yıl önce
They can't beat the Braves or Astros. They play in a weak division and it's a joke.
@pitcrew8662 Yıl önce
Honestly all they would need to do is have the wild card series be detached from the main bracket just like the NFL, the lower seeded WC Winner would face the #1 seed and the higher seeded WC would face the #2 seed. That’s how I thought it was going to work for most of the season quite frankly.
@rockn4ever Yıl önce
already making excuses for the inevitable Dodger postseason collapse I see
@jdcaldwell5088 Yıl önce
Just like your team collapse during the REGULAR season?
@theleftycatcher Yıl önce
Bro I’m a Braves fan
@mkl5448 Yıl önce
Big deal, if you're that good you should have no problem facing ANY team to a championship.
@lazyidiotofthemonth Yıl önce
Arraez just finished as the AL batting champion, what even funnier is he only had 43 K and edged out Aaron Judge for the Batting tittle, with 93 less plate appearances than judge.
@joejordan1259 Yıl önce
Division winners only in playoffs no wild card they did it for years and that's settled everything too many teams in there that don't belong there to begin with.
@Rickyfyied Yıl önce
Very well conducted video. I appreciate the time spent on it.
@theleftycatcher Yıl önce
Much appreciated! Hope you stick around!
@Christoph5782 Yıl önce
I’ve never understood why the sport that plays 162 million games a season has the shortest playoffs of all 4 major sports. All playoff series really should be best of 7 Though to help solve the issue mentioned here, it’d probably be better to go to 2 divisions like how the NHL does it and lets say the top 2 teams in each division get a playoff birth and home field in the first round, then the next 2 teams get a Wild card birth and play P2 from the division or something of that nature. Having 3 Divisions just isn’t great in working out the math/seeding
@ktbeatty Yıl önce
@@theleftycatcher Totally. What SD did to the Mets is playoff baseball. Mad Max, among the best in the game, has the first 4 HR/7 Run start in the postseason since 1939. Nothing is for certain, but this format mathematically maximizes the odds of the largest number of top team matchups throughout the playoffs.
@theleftycatcher Yıl önce
I guess another thing is that MLB can guarantee a matchup like Dodgers/Giants (or at least almost - the Padres absolutely beat down the Mets last night).
@ktbeatty Yıl önce
@@theleftycatcher For sure. But that is more likely to happen in this format. As you pointed out, last year the 106 win Dodgers were the wild card team behind the 107 win Giants. Hard to declare either the “best”. One or the other would likely get to the LCS after baseball first milked that matchup, and then most probably face the #2 seed in the LCS as they had the easier path. It’s because the top wild card team is frequently one of the very best that this works so well for MLB.
@ktbeatty Yıl önce
BTW: since the creator is a Braves fan nobody needs to tell him about baseball playoffs and the fluky nature of small sample sizes in the sport. The 90s Braves were these Dodgers.
@theleftycatcher Yıl önce
This is actually a great perspective. I don’t think the league would ever admit to that, but without reseeding, winning the #1 just isn’t worth it. I hadn’t thought about it from a sheer marketing standpoint, in that the best would play in earlier rounds. But also, wouldn’t MLB prefer to have the best teams play in the LCS, when coverage can be more focused?
@FightingCamel22 Yıl önce
I’ve had the same problem with the nfl and nba playoffs. In the NFL it used to be the 1 seed automatically playing the winner of the 4-5 game, but now they play the lowest seed remaining even though a 7th seed wins card team could be better than a 4th seed division leader. I don’t know how the NBA playoffs works now, but I know it used to be a standard bracket like the NCAA March madness. The advantage that the NBA has is that it seeds entirely based on record, giving no advantage to a division champ. March madness would need a new name if the successive rounds were shuffled based on the seeds of the remaining victors, but that would be a perfectly selected bracket worth billions 💵💵💵!
@Baseballify Yıl önce
I am sorry how are the dodgers not the World Series favorites no matter what they are from a Mets fan
@blacksheep832 Yıl önce
They are from most people.
@theleftycatcher Yıl önce
@Ray Barrios, yeah that was the hypothetical. The Dodgers will actually play either the Mets or the Padres
@raybarrios8813 Yıl önce
@@theleftycatcher My bad. That 2nd graphic is hypothetical
@raybarrios8813 Yıl önce
@@theleftycatcher Based on the graphic you put put, the dodgers will be facing either the 3rd or 6th seed in the divisional series, AND THEN, they'll face the 100 win braves/mets. I actually like dodgers' seeding position.
@theleftycatcher Yıl önce
The Dodgers have a harder path to get through than the Astros or the 2nd NL team. Even if your team won 115 games, would you rather face two 90 win-teams or two 100 win teams to get to the WS?
@AndThatsBaseball Yıl önce
Eliminating both Central divisions would solve this problem. Divide central divisions up geographically into the East/West of their respective divisions and add 2 expansion franchises. Top 2 seeds are division winners, rest of teams seeded by wins. EDIT: Also re-seed after WC round
@MassBoost Yıl önce
@@theleftycatcher Yeah I have no clue as to your age, and while the 2 division setup was ok at times, it did create it's bit of controversy as well. It was probably fine at first, but over the years with expansion Royals, Expos, Padres, and Seattle Pilots who became the Milwaukee Brewers after only 1 year all came in 1969. Then in 1977, the Seattle Mariners and Toronto Blue Jays joined the fray, and then in 1993 Colorado Rockies and the Florida Marlins broke the camels back as the divisions became too crowded, things were getting worse, and teams were getting cheated. We haven't even made it to the D'back and Rays yet who were added in 1998, but within a 30 year period 10 more teams joined major league baseball (The size of the Central division), which is something to think about.
@theleftycatcher Yıl önce
I think it's pretty clear that I was born after 93 (you'd really have to be born around 83 to have any real opinions on the 2 division setup). I'm not suggesting (nor is And That's Baseball) to revert back to how many teams made the playoffs pre-94. It's simply trying to not make it where the central isn't such a weak division (the AL and NL have been incredibly weak for a half decade now)
@MassBoost Yıl önce
@@theleftycatcher Yeah that makes sense, they're such a letdown that only 3 of the last 11 World Series winners came from the Central, and only 7 of the 22 teams in the World Series during that time came from the Central as well. Come on man, almost 32% of the Central teams over that time span played in the World Series, and you want to abolish the division. You must have been born after 1993, because 2 divisions per league didn't work pre 1994, and it's the reason why they added the Central after the 1993 season with the Braves and the Giants both winning over 100 and hailing from the same division, that's why they made the change.
@theleftycatcher Yıl önce
Eliminating the Central division would be interesting, mostly cause they’re usually such a letdown compared to the East and West, but I’m also just for a free-for-all NBA style where you just have the top 6 teams from each league in, regardless of division
@jamestiscareno4387 Yıl önce
Go. G I A N T S