Minecraft Beta was WEIRD...
Sarah Gardner
Sarah Gardner 22 saatler önce
What a genuinely well made, professional video. I am honored to have watched it.
I'm a dog.
I'm a dog. 23 saatler önce
When I saw "I made a Grian Proof House in Minecraft" while watching this video: hmmmmmm... -Mametchi- The dog is watching you, Mumbo...
Reilynn Heidbrink
Reilynn Heidbrink Gün önce
Alvin Li
Alvin Li Gün önce
I have a Idea put ads on the rings of the elytra corse.
Nathan.britt666 / Nathanthekingzz
Nathan.britt666 / Nathanthekingzz Gün önce
Stairway to heaven
Muttzon Gün önce
Grian, you were a vital part of my childhood. Everything you have done up to this point has done nothing but inspire me, and I cannot thank you enough for that. To see you still going strong with an even stronger community brings me to tears. A million thanks, and a million more.
Dudbsugskyd jehehndhd
Dudbsugskyd jehehndhd Gün önce
I always get just a tiny bit confused when I hear your name because “grian” means “the sun” in my language. ☀️ If anyone can guess my language, well done
Minero Gün önce
Grian before: kind to everyone and makes people happy Grian now: Big rock = Dwayne the rock Johnson
시ᄅᄒ어 Gün önce
Woah this is what desert villages use to look like thats wild!
King Crimson
King Crimson Gün önce
grian is not a furry confirmed
pingidjit Gün önce
The sound effects made by Grian are now a requirement I have decided. So freaking funny!
infin8void Gün önce
14:37 why are there bunch of balls here?😂 This is what I heard😅
Dan Mărginean
Dan Mărginean Gün önce
The tower of Hermits
🍑Alice- g-o t0 my Ch@nnel live *now*🍑
🍑Alice- g-o t0 my [email protected] live *now*🍑 Gün önce
Tim basically threathening Grian with a literal war Grian: Dont threaten me with a good time
💗- tAP Mе T0 have sex WiТН (me)
💗- tAP Mе T0 have sex WiТН (me) Gün önce
This turned from Grian into the server-verse to Grian no way home
🔱- TAP Mе T0 Hаve Sех wiтн -ME-🔱
🔱- TAP Mе T0 Hаve Sех wiтн -ME-🔱 Gün önce
The distant yell as Solidarity blows himself up at 12:31 is such gold
Shauka Hodan
Shauka Hodan Gün önce
goes "I JUST FIXED UP MY BED GRIAN!!" Is absolutely amazing.
🍑Alice- g-o t0 my Ch@nnel live *now*🍑
🍑Alice- g-o t0 my [email protected] live *now*🍑 Gün önce
The distant yell as Solidarity blows himself up at 12:31 is such gold
🔱Em-J- G0 TO МY Channel live -NOW-
🔱Em-J- G0 TO МY Channel live -NOW- Gün önce
Jimmy: Sets boundaries Grain and Joel: Constantly violate boundaries
GabeMemes Gün önce
Thank you for my life
Rhea Gün önce
Grian haunting Martyn is the funniest thing ever, one of them at least
Ryan Burge
Ryan Burge Gün önce
"My dastardly plan worked" well joke's on you grian I clicked of the video haha
Ryan Burge
Ryan Burge Gün önce
Omg when he said "why can't I put it on my shoes" I cringed so hard
Veng14 Gün önce
19:58 “Oh that was so much effort and you didn’t even die” Pulls out bow
Victoria Vu
Victoria Vu Gün önce
This build is gonna become grumbot’s moving castle lol
😟Mу iD 4178 - TAР mE TO havе sex wiтн МЕ!
😟Mу iD 4178 - TAР mE TO havе sex wiтн МЕ! Gün önce
Timmy's messages and Scar hiding were both too much for me! So funny!!!
super kawaii senpai
super kawaii senpai Gün önce
Year:3071 Some random person:let's watch hermycraft
peanutbutterinajar Gün önce
If it made me this emotional when just one season of the Life series ended, I can't imagine how hard I'll cry when Hermitcraft is gone
💗Lina- Go t0 MY Ch@nnel LIVE -NOW-💗
💗Lina- Go t0 MY [email protected] LIVE -NOW-💗 Gün önce
Joel and grian are my favorite pairing. So much shenanigans happens when they are together
Beau Gaming 2.0
Beau Gaming 2.0 Gün önce
When u said bring home the beacon u actually said said home the 🥓 bacon😅
Gen  Z
Gen Z Gün önce
Grian should have called it the B A R B E R B locks A ranged R ight (To) B real E xisting R eality