Lena - Satellite (Germany)
ArcticDragon97 Dakika önce
This masterpiece being extremely underrated must be the reason why Slovakia doesn't want to take part in Eurovision anymore.
Lazarbeam_is_lit 2 dakika önce
Babkina Lisa
Babkina Lisa 2 dakika önce
Amazing song with thought-provoking lyrics😻😻😻
Laura Moonlight🌛💕
Laura Moonlight🌛💕 2 dakika önce
EpicPerson 3 dakika önce
Deserved better, the first song from the Czech Republic I actually liked
Alex Petrov
Alex Petrov 4 dakika önce
Nathan Tisdale
Nathan Tisdale 8 dakika önce
Someone with the talent and spark finally gave representing the UK a chance nobody has done this in years we’ve been sending meh talent for the last couple of decades
Патриарх Кирилл
Патриарх Кирилл 10 dakika önce
Glory Russia
Peter Schneideŕsmann
Peter Schneideŕsmann 10 dakika önce
Wo heiratest du, dear Lena???
Miguel Ángel González
Miguel Ángel González 12 dakika önce
I love this song!!! Awesome Cornelia!! 🇪🇸❤️🇸🇪
Simos Iordanidis
Simos Iordanidis 13 dakika önce
Totally underrated, I find it so catchy
zconkaful 15 dakika önce
Mtm 15 je baš dobra ali baš Srbije za mene i ja sam Nikolić Luka baš mi se sviđa ta pesma i kako se zoveš
morbidsearch 18 dakika önce
The guys representing Azerbaijan and Australia were straining for all their high notes, but Ochman made them look effortless.
Дмитрий Постников
Дмитрий Постников 20 dakika önce
This year's winners are so-so... The second and third places were much more interesting, and more powerful💪 🇬🇧🇪🇦❤️❤️❤️
Maja Porenta Bukovec
Maja Porenta Bukovec 21 dakika önce
The best performance and song this year!❤
JukkaX 22 dakika önce
Absolutely fantastic.
Nino Burduli
Nino Burduli 23 dakika önce
You are great. Love You!
Ariana mini artist
Ariana mini artist 24 dakika önce
Such a nice song and singer
N 24 dakika önce
Keith Salazar
Keith Salazar 27 dakika önce
I thought that a rock song winning last year would guaranteed a Serbian win, but seriously these troll or weird acts are what I love in this competition haha
anime boo 013
anime boo 013 28 dakika önce
That passion tho❤️
Connie Bugeja
Connie Bugeja 30 dakika önce
Great song, great voice❤❤
Waisman75 Waaisman
Waisman75 Waaisman 31 dakika önce
Дякуємо хлопцям!
Star the Triple Devil
Star the Triple Devil 31 dakika önce
"The 1980 contest was the last contest that was not hosted in the country that won the year before." This already became untrue with the Netherlands hosting in 2021 since it said the *year* before. But if this is taken to mean the previous contest, it might be untrue with 2023 because nobody even knows which country will host it in 2023.
Daniel Cojocariu
Daniel Cojocariu 36 dakika önce
this are the winners?! what a good joke
Maksymilian kulmaks11
Maksymilian kulmaks11 37 dakika önce
Daniel Cojocariu
Daniel Cojocariu 37 dakika önce
astia au castigat?! :)))) ce gluma buna
Keith Salazar
Keith Salazar 37 dakika önce
No offense but why did the Swiss let James Newmann lose some a few pounds, dye his hair blonde and compete for their nation?
Tomas Balčėnas
Tomas Balčėnas 38 dakika önce
my winner!! thanks
Keith Salazar
Keith Salazar 39 dakika önce
These kinds of songs are an immediate win in my heart!