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Ancient Finn
Ancient Finn 24 dakika önce
Dr Bill Warner is the best expert on political Islam
Smelly Patel
Smelly Patel 41 dakika önce
43:40 is hilarious. Imagine losing a 2 vs. 13 scenario.
Marian Marian
Marian Marian 2 saatler önce
Wow 😮Hollywood is missing out on a great opportunity to showcase this amazing history and professor. The whole world would’ve watched this, unfortunately, old biases die hard and can’t help but think that they would not feature this type of history 😢
Pink Lady
Pink Lady 6 saatler önce
I am from Ireland. You have got most of Irish history wrong and distorted. When Roman Empire fell, there were no Christians among Irish who were mostly pagans. Irish converted to Christianity much later than most of middle & Eastern Europeans. Before that, Ireland was heavily populated by Celts & Vikings, all pagans. Christianity came very late to Ireland, a very isolated island, while the rest of Europe was already Chistianized. What you are teaching is taqiyya and kitman. Try honesty, please.
Muhammad Sharif
Muhammad Sharif 6 saatler önce
Wonderful lecture! Thank you Professor Roy
Soumaya Elghoul
Soumaya Elghoul 12 saatler önce
Umar ibn Khattab (R) never hated Khaled ibn Al-Waleed (R) and never cared about glory or whatsoever. However, I enjoyed your lecture so much.
Wisdomseeker 13 saatler önce
Great lecture! Love your lectures. But this lecture showed me how much of a liberal, or left swinging you are. For instance, i dont agree with your opinion that those accused of sexual assault should be fired from schools at 1:51:48. I believe in innocent until proven guilty. Why should they be fired if not convicted. Alot of women lie about rape accusations
Irwan Rahayu
Irwan Rahayu 15 saatler önce
Islam (Arab Yamen) came to our country without weapons, and now our country is the country with the largest Muslim population in the world. but after that it was different from the arrival of colonialists to our country who brought a new religion and pointed their guns at us, draining our natural resources, and made us natives as slaves for hundreds of years. This is a historical fact, which should be our reflection.
Silver Cat
Silver Cat 21 saatler önce
This lecture is truly underrated.
Aden Farah
Aden Farah 21 saatler önce
what a great history, thank you Dr
G H 23 saatler önce
Damn so many eyewitnesses here 😮
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Wow what a knowledgeable man.
Kaydrov Gün önce
1:30:53 Can some write me the names of these locations down pls
Jeff Jefferson
Jeff Jefferson Gün önce
Caria you say... and the queen was the sole ruler? Had to make sure I wasn't listening to a vaatividya video about elden ring and raya lu*caria* and their queen.
Sal sal
Sal sal Gün önce
The shia just like the Fatamids, worked together with the Crusaders in Iraq and Syria, history repeating itself
truth seeker
truth seeker Gün önce
khalid was replaced not because of political reason but he was replaced to send a message to the ARMY that victory comes from ALLAH not the commander .its mentioned in Quran before the event 8:65) O Prophet! Rouse the believers to fighting. If they be twenty of you who persevere they shall vanquish two hundred; and if there be of you a hundred, they shall vanquish a thousand of those who disbelieve, for they are a people who lack understanding.47
Tony Perkins
Tony Perkins Gün önce
Christianity is bizarre (Luke 19:27 for instance ) but Islam is a train wreck on every level, what with 72 virgins, flying horses, creation from a clot of blood etc. How any intelligent person still believe is such nonsense is worrying.
mando Gün önce
When you only listen from to one part of the story and never listen to the other blamed one defending himself you will never get the truth all this is a lie nothing mentioned in the Quran is wrong Muslim scholars defeated all of that buddy do your research the right way before you speak
S H A R J E E L  98
S H A R J E E L 98 Gün önce
When God send his Army no idols on earth can defeat them 🏴📈
Foyazul Islam 360
Foyazul Islam 360 Gün önce
I love Islam because, Islam is the true religion in the world, Proud to be Muslim
hassan zayed
hassan zayed Gün önce
Umar's Assurance Why did you not mention Umar's Assurance ? is an assurance of safety given by the Caliph Umar ibn al-Khattab to the people of Aelia, the Late Roman name for Jerusalem.
hassan zayed
hassan zayed Gün önce
The reason for the dismissal of Khaled Ibn Al-Walid from the leadership of the army The Commander of the Faithful, Umar ibn al-Khattab, explained the reason why he dismissed Khalid ibn al-Walid from the command of the army, when he said: I did not dismiss him for treason, but I was afraid that it would be said: He is the maker of victory. Or for fear that people will be fascinated by it. The reason for this is that Khaled was not defeated in any battle he fought for. Then Umar appointed Abu Ubaidah to lead, and his courage and stature are well known, and he is the oldest convert to Islam and the oldest emigration from him, and God did not disappoint Umar’s insight in him, as Umar was successful in choosing him, in addition to this that Khalid continued to practice what He used to practice, but under the leadership of Abu Ubaidah, and Abu Ubaidah used to know his place for him, seek the help of his opinion, and give him tasks that he saw as more important to him
hassan zayed
hassan zayed Gün önce
Your claim about Islam to reconcile Christianity and Judaism was a big mistake
Armrix Gün önce
Mohammed Almaamari
Mohammed Almaamari Gün önce
Great materials
Bully In Ze House
Bully In Ze House Gün önce
Cant believe a man like Khalid bin Waleed RA actually existed. His story makes him seem mythical almost. And Im so glad this amazing lecture was recorded and put on youtube. Instead of some 20 people, millions got to hear it. Great storytelling. Was engaged every second of it.
There is none Good but God John 3:16, Rev 3:16
There is none Good but God John 3:16, Rev 3:16 Gün önce
All Humans need to repent & Believe in Jesus. Why? Because all Humans have sinned (lied, lusted sexually, stolen, dishonoured parents etc). Avoid the fires of Hell (justice of God) and choose Heaven today. GOD IS HOLY
Obeid Golamrassoude
Obeid Golamrassoude Gün önce
Respect to you Sir, this professor in an encyclopedia in itself ,what an amazing lecture and all that without any slides, papers or notes,wow ,a very knowledgeable person in the history of the world,a long lecture but it was so good to listen to,thankyou very much and bless you .
A Faarax
A Faarax 2 gün önce
What does the gender fluidity believers think about science?
dmha 2 gün önce
Have you known that all Moslem will be comers in the hell. If You haven't known, please to read your Qur'ran Sura Maryam verse 71. Do you want to be free from hell fire, just to believe in Jesus as Your Savior right now. So, have You realized that your last day in this world is your first day in the hell as a comer?
Muhammad Sharif
Muhammad Sharif 2 gün önce
Great lecture! Thank you Professor Roy! You are the GREATEST!!!
Patriot_123 2 gün önce
Dr. Roy, well done! Your knowledge about Iranian history is accurate, enjoying to listen to you.
Patriot_123 2 gün önce
Dr. Roy, your knowledge about Iran contemporary history is exceptional, exact, perfect descriptions of details.
aftab m
aftab m 2 gün önce
Big bang still needs a necessary being i.e, god! Contingent existence cannot arise unless it is made necessary by a cause.
Run Day Woo
Run Day Woo 2 gün önce
Thank You A Lot Professor, for me, as a nobody from Malaysia, I admitted I shed tears upon watching this video and witnessing what you and your university has done to spread the real history about ISLAM, it is very honorable. Although there is some inaccuracy in what you have given here, but as an early introduction of the Islamic history, your presentation and delivery is amazing and spot on, and I hope your dear students and your viewers will want to dig more. Forgive me but there are a lot of MAJOR FACTS that need to be put into the limelight, whereby if left unexplored, ISLAM will still be misunderstood by not just the world but also the majority of Muslims; even the Arabs themselves might not know this. I know, I am not even eligible to be the dust under your shoes, but as a Muslim who is still in the learning phase of becoming a good Muslim for ALLAH, I am compelled to share these additional information which might be beneficial. Here are some additional points that I would like to share: 1) The Planet Earth is owned by Allah, and here is when history has been forgotten in your presentation, and I can say that it has begun to go astray. The Earth need to be returned back to Allah, hence why even The Khalifah Umar R.A wore rags full of stitches. Why, even our Prophet Muhammad PBUH, living as a poor man, was never a King and left the world without leaving any property to be inherited, only the Ummah is his joy. This world needs to know or learn more about this, including us Modern Muslims. So, the objective for all The Earliest Real Pure Muslims of that time, which is to win more love from Allah and to prove their love towards Allah is, by sacrificing themselves to save others from the great oppression caused by their own fellow humans who think that they can rule over others. Humans are the Khalifah of this earth, but this is only when they are free from both being oppressed by their own kind and also free from oppressing others. It is COMPULSORY for all Muslims to liberate all humans from this sort of slavery and back into THE REIGN OF JUSTICE AND LIVE IN HARMONY WITH ALLAH, our Beloved Creator. THE SHAHADA means to love Allah through LailahailaLlah (GOD), and Muhammadar RasuluLlah (Muhammad is human) is meant for us Muslims to love His creation which He love the most - which is Humans. 2) Since the SHAHADA can only be proven to Allah through the work at paragraph (1), and this also means, if we Muslims refuse to do the work of paragraph (1), then our Salah/Prayer, Fasting/Ramadan, Tithe/Zakat and Haj will not be approved by Allah, hence why we Modern Muslims are almost useless, because we did not really love Allah. However, our Salah, Fasting, Tithe and Hajj are only done to regard Allah as our slave to grant all our worldly needs. For example, we are now overzealous of our quantity rather than the quality of our submission to Allah. And let’s say if America/Europe were transformed into a Muslim nation due to the reason of Muslims being in the larger quantity; sooner or later, it will easily be the greatest FITNA. Why? Because none of us Modern Muslims knew how to surrender America/Europe back to Allah. Moreover, when we are clueless on what to do, we only rely on imposing Sharia law as our main legislation; we will not actually liberate humanity as we perceive, but we will in turn become the oppressor. So, there is something that was missing in this planet; and that is the real history on how Rasul SAW and Sahabah RA.hum imposes the REAL ISLAM (can’t cover this side of history here since it is sacred); so we need to understand the point of paragraph(1), and how to live our lives in order to comply with the economy, politic, education etc, according to paragraph (1). The keyword here is, living a worldly life similar to our life at RUH Realm, before The Realm of Rahim (Mother’s Womb) and transition into this world. The life similar to our past RUH realm, is the actual WAY OF LIFE, and that WAY OF LIFE is ISLAM! 3) The terms of THE ARMY/THE SOLDIERS/THE WARRIORS OF ISLAM that has been ingrained in to us all, including which we Muslims (even the Arabs too) strongly believe in, are actually NOT THE TRUTH. In fact, these terms are the actual FITNA (Destructive Terms). If we concede this term as the truth, then that is why Islam has been known as the religion of brute and violence, wherein Muslims imposes wars and wielding swords to force the world into Islam. The TRUTH is that Khalid Al Walid, Saad Abi Waqas, Mus’ab ibn Umaiyr RA.huma etc, are not WAR GENERAL, they were just among the AMIR of the EARLIEST TABLIGHI JAMAT and it is not a permanent rank. If the unity of Islam has not been corrupted with the assassination of Uthman R.Anhu,, the AMIR will even have to take their turns as The Makmum too. It is mandatory for Real Muslims to abide and follow the rotation of being The Amir and The Makmum according to the MUSYAWARAH held at The Mosque. That is why Khalid Al Walid R.A was set free from his AMIR position by Umar R.A. Furthermore, Umar’s decision was based on abiding to the results of the MUSYAWARAH, and not of his own freewill. 4) The biggest truth is, Khalid R.A and all the others are actually called THE FIRST TABLIGHI JAMAT or a bunch of missionary/preacher/evangelist. Their mission is to set free and liberate mankind from worshipping other humans, to only prostrating to Allah. The area of residence which has been approached with the calling to Islam, will be marked with THE MOSQUE or THE HOUSE OF ALLAH. Even if that particular area has been marked with THE MOSQUE, for the residents there who wish to remain in their religion, they must financially help the other Muslims to achieve their goal which is to follow the life similar to RUH realm, and this is known as JIZYAH. Of course, major worldly kings and tyrants will not want their comfortable life to be threatened by the fair and equitable system of Islam. So most of the TABLIGHI JAMAT in that era, have to equip themselves with the knowledge of defending themselves for the sake of SHAHADA, against the insurgency of the hysterically psychotic kings and tyrants. So when Khalid Al Walid and other Sahabah RA.hum uphold their job which is mentioned in the paragraph (1), their Creator, ALLAH SWT will be with them. In certainty, without those SAHABAH, ALLAH can easily utter KUN, resulting in not only the destruction of the Roman and Persian empires, but the universe itself as well. In contrast, where are HIS promises when HE mentioned that HE will create The Khalifa of this world which is us Humans? And certainly, we as The Khalifa must prove to Allah that we are worthy of the title. And that answered the mystery as to why Khalid Al Walid and the minute number of people in his JAMAT, is able to cover a vast area of the earth to be returned back to THE MOST MERCIFUL, THE MOST JUST, THE MOST BENEFICENT ALLAH! Is it logical for us to assume this small quantity of Muslims as ARMY/SOLDIER/WARRIOR? Which is more reasonable; to name them as TABLIGHI JAMAT or ARMY/SOLDIER/WARRIOR? With this understanding, it is clear that ISLAM does not come by force, nor does it intend to launch wars against others. They are merely a bunch of Muslims, formed by MUSYAWARAH to be sent out to the far corners of the Earth to promote ISLAM to the world. 5) What is the life similar to RUH realm or THE WAY OF LIFE or ISLAM? Again, I am sorry, I am unable to divulge the details here. It is compulsory for me to disseminate the TRUE PRACTICE, but I’d rather it be face-to-face so that the message can be clearly conveyed. So, back to the question and I only have this much to say; it is the life where all of mankind must be The Amir and also must be The Makmum on rotation, regardless on whether we are on KHURUJ or journey to spread the virtues of ISLAM, or within our locality - in the daily administration, in management of businesses, factories, estates, etc, and even in the MOSQUES within our locality. Each and every one will experience being the bosses and the workers on rotation. All of mankind will be living a fair and equitable life, where nobody is more superior than the other. And without wasting the essential part of our lives spent in the system of madrasa, school, college, university, the knowledge and skills will be abundant and can be distributed freely and evenly. The gap between the rich and the poor will be destroyed, whereby all the blessings of ALLAH SWT will be enjoyed by all, or in my MALAY word of wisdom “Hati Gajah Sama Dilapah, Hati Nyamuk Sama Dicicah” - which means fair and equal distribution of wealth among all mankind. Just to reiterate, these 5 points which I have just divulged is merely the tip of the iceberg of Islam. These points can be conveyed to everyone regardless of their religion, since this is the REAL ISLAM; and it can be introduced to the masses even if we are Non-Muslims trying to convey about ISLAM to other Non-Muslims. Hence, by understanding the fundamental 5 points which has been shared here, the whole world will be able to understand what ISLAM really is about. Without the 5 points, the ISLAMIC history which is intended as a source of knowledge will only be treated merely as the source of entertainment. All the dots from the history will remain unconnected. So, I hope my micro effort here can spark others to seek a deeper understanding of THE TRUTH OF ISLAM. Again thank you.
Captain Solo
Captain Solo 2 gün önce
Wow! What an amazing lecture!
Shazeen Shoaib
Shazeen Shoaib 2 gün önce
Magnificent lecture
Tanjiro Kamado
Tanjiro Kamado 2 gün önce
59:28 sir I would recommend you to read some Islamic books regarding Hazrat Omar (R.A) so that you can understand that that the Khalifa didn't think of their muslim brothers as a threat to their power.He didnt live a luxurious life.They didn't consider something mundane and materialistic like power,money or authority etc as valuable.
If ONLY my History teachers back in high school were this knowledgeable, animated, and engaging… they were bland, predictable and just getting through the motion… not to mention how biased they were against non-western historical narratives… 🙄
mohamed nader
mohamed nader 2 gün önce
nice but khaled was way better than this and there is some information not correct like that Omar ibn l Khatab was worried that khaled will koup at him that's not true he left him from charge because muslim is getting is consume all of this victory to khaled not for saw he feared if he was killed that muslim will lose faith. and for more information profit Mohamed named Khaled the sword of the god and he didn't die in battle . Omar was a very strong man and he was the right hand of khalifa abu bakr that was not weak at all but soft and he was abu bakr sowrd that what he did with khaled and abu obieda he makes abou obeida the general because he was like abu bakr and khaled was his sword. omar was the greatest man in islam history so he will not never afraid for his rule he was sleeping in the street with out any guards
Lubna Sherrief
Lubna Sherrief 2 gün önce
He is just amazing. I am inspired.period!
maybe the one
maybe the one 2 gün önce
1:23:18 got goosebumps here
تلعب كوتشينا
تلعب كوتشينا 2 gün önce
At 46:19 the name is not Zenji His name is Zenki with K Zenji in arabic means N i g r o
Sun_of_Mithras 2 gün önce
Please upload the third part as soon as possible. I wish I could some how support this channel, after watching the first video you really changed a lot in my mind and I cant have enough of the material this professor teaches. Is there a way to contact him?
Nobody 2 gün önce
At 50:07 the Turk mental illness of identity theft is on display. They did it to Arabs, Israelites, and here is the Roman identity theft. Diabolical idiots.
ATA Custom Painting
ATA Custom Painting 2 gün önce
51:24 "don't do 23 and me if you're racist " 😂🤣😂
Sharif TABBARA 2 gün önce
Wow what a a story …! The last 20 minutes left me awe inspired
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I am Indonesian, you’re welcome for the malaria ;)
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Faisal Qazi 3 gün önce
When is Part 3 coming?