@MrRemota 11 saatler önce
Genocida. Promoveu golpes de estado no Chile e no Brasil que causaram milhares de mortes e anos de atraso cultural e social. Morreu tarde.
@stanohps 11 saatler önce
Capitalism - Cannibalism. It's like police is trying to catch drug smuglers... Revolution is necessary for decentralised syste, where people will have power, right to decide and change.
@a.b.712 11 saatler önce
its full respponsibility of the goverment who allowed this to happen, there should be not only real army, or police on the streets, but online cyber patrol to guard country from such scams. In this case it would fair if government reimburse to those victims.
@AndyGKaufman 11 saatler önce
Remember never tell anything to DW. They will report you to the police
@congsan3528 11 saatler önce
You can't reform ISIS. Why not grant them their wishes to see Allah and 16 virgins?
@BelieveStriveDominate 11 saatler önce
whats sad is that these women dont even know how Ghani and other Presidents didnt do any better than the Talibans...as we can see they fled like cowards
@butchfajardo8832 11 saatler önce
The first thing to be cut or controlled is over population!
@evan242503 11 saatler önce
electric blue suit and the fruity frames, he cant be a teacher. too cool for school.
@AndyGKaufman 11 saatler önce
Western women with blue hair seething in the comments
@krombopulascody8384 11 saatler önce
we all know what happens when the Russians play with nuclear power plants
@GBA811 11 saatler önce
No. Climate crisis is already here and won't end long after we stop burning fossil fuels. Renewables are part of the answer for the energy crisis we face in the transition to carbon free economy.
@louiechin2937 11 saatler önce
german guy that fled is a clown. he shows pictures, even with the faces blurred there is clearly a child.
@prostokrasavalimited 11 saatler önce
In Memory of Kissinger? You have to be kidding me 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁
@asumanisabiryegalubale9723 11 saatler önce
@jeffreydowell8970 11 saatler önce
Climate scam
@pw53.88 11 saatler önce
This program did not mention that the root cause is Poverty; just like before the war Ukraine was the womb of Europe.
@CharlesLambert137 11 saatler önce
The targets for 2030 (if honestly implemented) will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by about 2%. The IPCC says emissions need to be reduced by 43% to stop the 1.5 degree C increase in global temperature. Have you seen the price of electricity in regions that push these emission goals? Check out Norway, for example. And it's just beginning. Wait until there are a significant number of EVs on the road. Where are they going to get charged? Where is the infrastructure to generate the extra electricity needed? Who pays for renewable energy plants and their corresponding dispatchable power sources to avoid brown/blackouts? Who pays for the massive amounts of redundancy and material being decommissioned at the end of it's (relatively short) lifetime? Where is all the extra raw materials, like copper, going to come from? It currently takes about 15 years to bring a new copper mine online and it is massively expensive. Don't get me wrong, pollution from the massive consumption that powers advanced economies is ruining the environment but renewables are not the solution. We have no solution. Consumption is the root cause so deal with that first.... good luck with telling people to reduce their standard of living. Don't believe me? Look at what's happening in Canada, for example.
@anguskong5132 11 saatler önce
Terrible idea.
@knackeredalien 11 saatler önce
Kim yo Jong ❤️
@johnwhitney1439 11 saatler önce
Is her codename Miss Armageddon? We might need one here in America one day😢
@scubaguy5389 11 saatler önce
not even close.
@Leogx13 11 saatler önce
Thank God for Asian women
@Art-ot2jn 11 saatler önce
U can not maitIn power thru fear
@abrahamlevi3556 11 saatler önce
Meanwhile China builds many more power stations fueled by coal.
@Mr_krabz_mcfc 11 saatler önce
This guy finished the documentary then booked room 102 😂😂
@mattb8754 11 saatler önce
Check for a package 📦
@Rajeshjikehtan 11 saatler önce
The moral of the story is never believe and rely on **ckin America
@rodneyanderson1402 11 saatler önce
I have very little knowledge of nuclear power but I do know that it uses water to cool the reactor. Seems that if they dump that super-heated water from the ship to the arctic ocean....wouldn't that upset the ice levels? Granted it might take a while to make a difference but there has to be some effect
@mansoorahmad8488 11 saatler önce
🎉who is here for the CSS 😢
@MrArtist7777 11 saatler önce
Yes, renewable energy of solar, wind, hydro will be the main power generation in the future, with small nuclear reactors adding 10-20% for baseload and times of need. This will be the grid of the near future and along with EV's, will end climate change effects.
@doctorprocter4225 11 saatler önce
your delusional. we can barely run all of our AC's in the summer, no talk of upgrading the power grid, only converting it to "Green Energy". even at current capacity, if there were millions of EV's, there's no where to charge them, still cant drive long distances, and the grid has no where near enough capacity, especially in Germany. "Green Energy" is a fallacy.
@heungmin-bc9en 11 saatler önce
Who dare tobe her bf?
@dipenadhikari292 11 saatler önce
Earth is common place. We all share same sky. Let’s make whole Earth green and habitable for all, not for some. If cancer spreads all over the body, chance of survival is less. Hope it makes sense to all!
@impping2012 11 saatler önce
По крайней мере для одной группы возведение Берлинской стены 13 августа 1961 года стало удачей. В последующие десятилетия Стена стала источником жизненной силы тайной полиции Восточной Германии, известной как Штази. К моменту падения Стены в 1989 году тысячи агентов Штази работали с единственной целью: сделать Стену непреодолимой. Фильм рассказывает историю этих экзистенциально симбиотических отношений с точки зрения Штази под руководством ее пресловутого лидера Эриха Мильке. Впервые эта самая деликатная глава истории Восточной Германии рассказывается столь образцово и последовательно: включая смерти, произошедшие у Стены, а также сокрытие и сокрытие многих из этих убийств. Мы узнаем об арестах и тюремном заключении десятков тысяч беженцев, а также о тщательно продуманном строительстве Штази туннелей и подземных станций прослушивания для отслеживания туннелекопателей. Специалисты Мильке были повсюду: от миллиардного бизнеса по продаже пленных из ГДР в Западную Германию до «фильтрации» западного транспорта на пограничных переходах с целью вербовки неофициальных сотрудников. Мы видим, как росла власть Мильке, по мере совершенствования Стены и пограничной системы, и как замуровывание населения создавало все больше и больше работы для Штази. Стена стала основным полем деятельности Штази и ее хлебом насущным. Падение Стены положило конец как Восточной Германии, так и ее аппарату безопасности. Ирония истории заключается в том, что 9 ноября 1989 года именно сотрудник Штази открыл первый барьер на Борнхольмерштрассе и тем самым инициировал падение Берлинской стены.
@jeromethibodeau4378 11 saatler önce
300mph..., by 2030, should we still be present, winds up to 350mph..., can the hardwear take it? Then, no, it still won't do, with only a ten to twenty year lifetime, then needing to be completely replaced..., no, that won't do at all, and by the way, salt water makes electric batteries explode, and we have wet slush, packed with salt on the roads in the winter..., WELL?
@daminibaliram5818 11 saatler önce
Jesus Christ loves us
@butchfajardo8832 11 saatler önce
The rapid increase in population must stop because we still don't have a perfect solution.
@i809 11 saatler önce
Funny thing is they are spending 10x time more energy using oil just to build this thing and batteries to store that renewable energy then these things will ever produce. It's funny that these people never think about this.
@BUrtREYNOLDSjr. 11 saatler önce
I think shes beautiful and her coldness is what im in love with. I feel shes not heartless and evil. Just a mask to wear, ..she is at war with the world..so she has to be strong for her nation. And thats something most americans cant do for us when they in another country. What do they say" oh im american but im not dumb or fat." Americans have no true love for their fellow americans and most of you would sink the rest to save yourself.
@corgisrule21 11 saatler önce
No movies/TV and cold showers? I’m out. 😒 Also, humans have been playing god since forever (surgeries, medications, etc).
@MaciusSzwed 11 saatler önce
There is no climate crisis! That is a scam, a new way to drive people into poverty, buying solar panels and crappy electric cars
@princeindrajitlawlaha7027 11 saatler önce
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year ~ 2024 ~ ! 💝 💯 👏 🎉 🎃 🙏 🚀 👍 🤖 🎅 ✝ 🎄 🌝 !
@yolandalogan955 11 saatler önce
And all this trouble because a young man decided to steal a sign, thinking he is in permissive home country.
@yashinrupani 11 saatler önce
Lesson to be learnt: "NEVER give an interview to DW Documentary! They will report you! It's like your lawyer reporting you to the cops and saying "you're guilty!," when in fact you HIRED him/her to DEFEND YOU! Where is the principal of CLIENT CONFIDENTIALITY if anyone doing anything illegal in any country, agrees to give a national or private tv/documentary crew an interview, EVEN without showing the person's face? After he bribed his way out of Thailand 🇹🇭, you all SET HIM UP for an arrest by Germany 🇩🇪? It's like you keep journalistic sources confidential, but you insist on punishing German citizens!!! You have only sent a CRYSTAL CLEAR message to ALL GERMAN AND EUROPEAN 🇪🇺 TOURISTS TO AVOID TALKING TO DW DOCUMENTARY!!!
@mbal4052 11 saatler önce
Here’s a better lesson, don’t screw children
@BecamePneuma 11 saatler önce
What climate crisis? The ones the politicians make up for monetary gain? Yeah. I’m good with that story.
@lancedavidson615 11 saatler önce
Texas represent
@TheGreyLineMatters 11 saatler önce
Pfft, we don't even have clean tap water in my town, yet the next 3 days there's a fair in town. ...get this, it cost the town, 90000 dollars to host/setup. What a load of horsespit. I hate capitalism sometimes, but sometimes, some people actual use it for good.