TesserId 20 saatler önce
Just realized, old jeans are such a hippie thing.
TesserId Gün önce
I don't mind doing more involved cooking on the weekend, but not everyday. I would like to see what it's like on the time-saving plan, particularly in combination with the calorie conscious plan.
Sifu - Myers
Sifu - Myers 2 gün önce
I'm new to these things and want to get something like this for my girlfriend. Are there boxes that give you snacks from multiple countries?
Sifu - Myers
Sifu - Myers Gün önce
@Food Box HQ ah I see! Hopefully there is one but thanks for the reply!
Food Box HQ
Food Box HQ Gün önce
I haven’t found one that has a box with snacks from multiple different countries but SnackCrate switches up the countries they feature in each box they send.
DenaInWyo 2 gün önce
On my second week with Greenchef, and I think the thing I love most is the crazy interesting things they do with veg. We had a combo of yellow squash, cabbage, dried figs and almonds last night. It was amazing and I'd never have thought to make that combination. I plan to do this for a few weeks to get some good ideas and get out of my cooking rut. I am really loving the high content of interesting veg and we've liked them all so far. Just wish they weren't so danged expensive! Then too, it's also expensive throwing away that broccoli we never got around to using...
Sharon N
Sharon N 2 gün önce
I just got them in my state and going to try them this week.
Food Box HQ
Food Box HQ Gün önce
Steven Moore
Steven Moore 2 gün önce
If your cooking for 2 adults do you have to cook them 1 at a time?
Food Box HQ
Food Box HQ Gün önce
Nope, you can place 2 meals in one Tovala.
reddawn5297 3 gün önce
Are the plans recurring? Do you get the same meals each week? I’m not very good at cooking so this would be great for me.
Wilbur Flaghazen
Wilbur Flaghazen 3 gün önce
Very noticeable that the two times she takes sips (2:50 add 3:08) the initial reaction is edited out; would have love to have seen the unedited version. Also, regarding her claim of feeling more energized: Anyone that has ever heard of the "placebo effect" knows that the mere suggestion of how something will affect you can lead you to believe you feel it. She did say I'll come back and see you "when I'm good and energized". Overall, seems like a paid endorsement.
Food Box HQ
Food Box HQ Gün önce
Sorry it seems that way but I think it’s just the way the video got edited. My husband and I drink mud wtr off and on most weeks. It’s definitely not “delicious” haha it has an earthy flavor. It has some caffeine but it’s mostly adaptogenic mushrooms, which really help improve my focus/energy. I don’t have it every day because it can burn me out a bit, similar to overdoing caffeine. Hope that helps but feel free to read the full review on our site linked in the description.
D 4 gün önce
All they did was deliver you produce and meat! You did 100% of the prep and cooking. Why pay extra for this lazy service?
Bree Love
Bree Love 5 gün önce
It’s very aesthetically pleasing and packaged nicely
jenn jenn
jenn jenn 9 gün önce
Nope not buying it.....
Alan Day
Alan Day 9 gün önce
Be aware they have an initial contracted time.
Zwika Jackel
Zwika Jackel 11 gün önce
Please don't call Ptitim cuscus! Half of the north African people just Got insulted! Just call it Ptitim! Good video
miniprepper 11 gün önce
Frankly- this gimmick is attractive only for the frequent restaurant patron who wants the convenience of cooking "gourmet meals" at home. They are spending unreasonable amounts on food anyway... so they don't feel the bite from Tovala. The packaging itself is very environmentally unfriendly; not everyone who uses Tovala is going to recycle all the boxes, cold wrap. plastic containers, etc. Are we that lazy, we can't read some simple directions on a frozen boxed or bagged entrée from the supermarket? People wonder today why they spend so much money and have nothing to show for it-
SassySag 12 gün önce
for me it’s less about not knowing WHAT to cook but needing the convenience… like not having to find and put things together every single day
Erika Pirogowicz
Erika Pirogowicz 12 gün önce
Good video
Food Box HQ
Food Box HQ Gün önce
Thank you!
Melanie Lis
Melanie Lis 12 gün önce
We’ve loved everything we have gotten from Hello Fresh!! Definitely delicious 😋
Food Box HQ
Food Box HQ Gün önce
Drew 12 gün önce
You are actually supposed to leave the film on while you microwave it (just confirmed with CS). It bubbles up and then comes back down. you remove the film afterwards.
Food Box HQ
Food Box HQ 12 gün önce
Thank you!
Christopher Crowder
Christopher Crowder 12 gün önce
They look and smell good, but if the $7/bag (serving?) price point I see below is correct, then I think I'll stick with Olive Garden's AYCE soup and salad since it's only $7.99 for lunch and $9.99 for dinner....and my local Olive Garden will actually give me a soup and a container of salad to take with me as well.
LMc M 15 gün önce
so I just went to check to see if there were any new selections in case I wanted to switch my second order that I had already locked in and discovered that they added a 3.99 per item surcharge to my Grass fed selections. It was not there when I set up the order and selected my cuts. I looked at a couple you tube unboxing videos that had screen shots of the menu because I thought I may have missed it... and it is definitely not there- tiny writing in the lower corner on all the grass fed selections +2.99 and +3.99. - :-( I checked the invoice after making my initial selections and it was 149 with the 30 dollar coupon - for the 2nd order for a total of 119.00. But just now when I checked- it was 122.98. I feel a little bait and switched and am wondering if you see that on your orders. Not super happy with the unannounced changes. Not very professional.
Ryan Miller
Ryan Miller 15 gün önce
If you can, when you’re doing these on boxings, please describe what you’re doing. Those of us who listen to it, and can’t see it, need to know what’s going on. Also, please take out the music. It’s not helpful, and at best it’s a distraction. It would be better just to have you talking with no music. I happen to be blind, and find such a Videos more helpful the more you talk.
Arthur Alien
Arthur Alien 15 gün önce
I read reviews and some people said its disgusting and then I watch this video and her face looks like she thought it was gross too lol I thought I might buy this but nah I'll stick with my delicious jittery lavazza espresso. Taking it with some CBD will probably balance it out and take away the jitters.
Food Box HQ
Food Box HQ 15 gün önce
It tastes “earthy” is the best description. It’s not bad, just not amazing.
هـــاركツ 16 gün önce
Adam Lans
Adam Lans 16 gün önce
You're not searing it right! Make sure you dry it with paper towels, especially if you aren't drying it in the fridge. Thanks for the review
jianping su
jianping su 17 gün önce
Me clicks on this vid and gets a hello fresh ad lol
jianping su
jianping su 8 gün önce
Food Box HQ yea
Food Box HQ
Food Box HQ 15 gün önce
Lol! Really??
Haute Modesty
Haute Modesty 18 gün önce
Okay, I will try the box!
Haute Modesty
Haute Modesty 18 gün önce
I loved the blooper in the end! That was funny!!!
Food Box HQ
Food Box HQ 15 gün önce
Haha thank you!
Linda Sue
Linda Sue 19 gün önce
I just read on another video that sometime over the last couple of months (it’s now September 2021) that they’ve switched their system so that you have to submit payment and then they present you the meal options. That’s totally ludicrous… It’s like going to a restaurant and paying before they sit down and give you the menu! Nobody would put up with that! Can anyone verify that this is how it’s now done?
Nicole Apodaca
Nicole Apodaca 19 gün önce
Would be cool if u can put the lid in freezer and be able to mix it up to frozen to make it really feel like a smoothie.
Jillian Murphy
Jillian Murphy 20 gün önce
we would love to send you a box to review
Chase White
Chase White 20 gün önce
Nice Video! thank you!
Food Box HQ
Food Box HQ 20 gün önce
Thank you!
Tina Boggs
Tina Boggs 24 gün önce
My meals come frozen. 😳
Food Box HQ
Food Box HQ 20 gün önce
Glad to hear they still taste good! I wonder why they came frozen? Maybe you live in a very hot area and they wanted to ensure the food stayed good?
Tina Boggs
Tina Boggs 24 gün önce
They still taste good!
Patricia Bumpas
Patricia Bumpas 25 gün önce
Honestly, in my opinion, no. There aren't enough packaged foods to scan yet and I'm not going to order their meals constantly. Without those two options, it just sat on our counter because the oven was just as easy. 🤷‍♀️ the suvie...I'm gonna try that.
Tomer Umesh
Tomer Umesh 26 gün önce
36seconds ago... haha love your videos. :)
Food Box HQ
Food Box HQ 26 gün önce
Thank you!
tomservo 27 gün önce
Thanks for making this, I'm so tempted to try it. Does it do anything for general mood? My problem is that I need energy in the morning, but suffer from anxiety and so drinking coffee doesn't exactly help that :). My biggest needs are something to give me mostly a mental energy boost, mood, and concentration.
KyLeigh Richardson
KyLeigh Richardson 15 saatler önce
Matcha lemonade and green tea lemonade are both really good. As someone who also suffers from anxiety and experiences a very noticeable increase in anxiety after drinking coffee, I can say that matcha and other green teas don't affect me that way. I love the one I get from Costco -- it's Kirkland Signature's green tea, which is a mix of matcha and sencha tea. You can try Starbuck's matcha lemonade just to see if you like it before investing in a large quantity.
tomservo 25 gün önce
@Food Box HQ The only tea I drink comes in a 16 ounce bottle and says "Arizona" on it 🤣. But if I could chill it and put in lemon and sugar I might try it. I believe they do make green iced tea though...
Food Box HQ
Food Box HQ 25 gün önce
Have you tried green tea? I’ve used it for those reasons :)
PrimeReal 27 gün önce
Would be nice if they didn’t use all that plastic
Food Box HQ
Food Box HQ 20 gün önce
Agreed :/
Donna Berscht
Donna Berscht 28 gün önce
How do you deactivate your account
LadyBeeBee B
LadyBeeBee B 29 gün önce
I look forward to ordering my first box from Daily Harvest
Always Decent
Always Decent Aylar önce
But What if I want 2 meals a day for 7 days a week for 4.3 weeks a month for 12 months a year for 10 years in a decade minimum 🤔
Elizabeth Yates
Elizabeth Yates Aylar önce
I just got my first one today so now I’m searching up what other people got.
Tony Gilbert
Tony Gilbert Aylar önce
i just got my 1st box. my meals were not in those bags like urs are. did they change that? because i had hello fresh and they came in those bags and liked that. just seemed like they dumped the food in a box and sent it
Trey Anastasio
Trey Anastasio Aylar önce
So I was thinking about trying Magic Kitchen and landed on this review. May I suggest next time reviewing something more interesting than mac and cheese? In all respect.
Monster Aylar önce
I really want to order from Misfits, but I want to view the Website first. Why do I have to enter CC info just to view? Am I doing something wrong?
Monster 17 saatler önce
@BellezzaBellyDance I'm not interested anymore, but thank you so much.
BellezzaBellyDance 18 saatler önce
I found more information on their site's FAQ section.
Performance Based Heating & Air
Performance Based Heating & Air Aylar önce
I'm doing this meal plan now. I cant believe how good the food is. Yes portions are smaller than my usual meals but the purpose of this plan for me is to lose weight. And I have several keto cookies and Casein powder to compensate if I need anything in between. This is a wonderful option for me. I added a microwave to my service van. Food quality on all the meals I've had in keto plan are above excellent. Feel like I'm eating at nice restaurants or better in most cases....
Tyler Blanton
Tyler Blanton 27 gün önce
Thank you I just place my order trying to loose weight and get ripped I'm a truck driver and all the food on the road is trash have a refrig and microwave in my big rig so I'm exited
Eli C
Eli C Aylar önce
I wonder what is an alternative to styrofoam?
Mark DiNatale
Mark DiNatale Aylar önce
I have gotten tired of how coffee has been making me feel, but I am not sure this is going to fill that void...lol
Randy Rodriguez
Randy Rodriguez 17 gün önce
Surprisingly good. Smells great. Has a sense of chai tea tastes. Definitely more substantial than tea and I went from three cups of coffee to one cup and then 1.5 of MUD easily. Price might be the blocker for some but better than I expected
pawg playground
pawg playground Aylar önce
We still need that Instagram asap
Sethirium Aylar önce
Gonna get my first box this Saturday so I have enough time to prepare I'm always home from work past 6 and have to go out of bed very early, I barely cook and lose alot of time so I hope I can manage it so I can start having some cooking expierence aswel, a picky eater I don't like the idea of fish but I'm gonna try my best to start eating some fish when it gets in the box.
Food Box HQ
Food Box HQ Aylar önce
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Reynald Adolphe
Reynald Adolphe Aylar önce
WTF? Just tested one meal?
Food Box HQ
Food Box HQ Aylar önce
Carl standford
Carl standford Aylar önce
I wish they would include the nutrition content on the packages.
Bob C
Bob C Aylar önce
Why is there no expiration date on the food?
Dee Anna
Dee Anna Aylar önce
I just got my first box and made my first meal tonight. It was delicious!
Jill Davis
Jill Davis Aylar önce
How do I find the heart button if I love a meal and want to add it to my favorites?
Luis Rios
Luis Rios Aylar önce
looks good,but im concerned if they use preservatives or anything to make the food taste good or to keep it fresh for a long time
Aztec Girl
Aztec Girl Aylar önce
Thank you for your review!! 🤗
Aztec Girl
Aztec Girl Aylar önce
What is the sodium range for these meals?
llahmitswr Aylar önce
I have used CU for several months. I get eight meals per week for $100.?? (can't remember the change). Shipping and tax are included in that price. Each week you can choose from over 200 dishes. They can be frozen if you can't eat them all in time. They come stamped with "best by" dates. They span every type of cuisine you can imagine: paleo, keto, Mediterranean, Asian, Mexican, American/traditional, comfort foods, Indian, Italian, seafood, Beyond meat, vegan, vegetarian, Greek, Middle Eastern, etc. You can find plenty of low-sodium, low-fat, low-calorie, etc., meals every week. The food is very fresh, the recipes are crafted well, and you can read reviews for each dish left by customers, which is helpful. The reviews don't seem to be censored. The bad ones don't get deleted. Seems like the chefs read the reviews because if there's a general consensus of complaints regarding something, they'll often fix the recipe. The ingredient lists are always words you can pronounce and nothing else. No preservatives or anything like that. The meats, shrimp, salmon, cod, tilapia, grass-fed beef, hormone-free chicken, pork, etc., are all top-notch as are the veggies. They offer a lobster mac and cheese dish at times that is awesome. I find so many of the meals amazing. The recipes are so varied, which I appreciate. They don't feel like cookie-cutter recipes aimed at mass appeal or solely for gym people. There is something for everyone, and it's nice to be adventurous sometimes. I've never had a problem with a shipment being late except for once in winter when it was delayed a day because of snow in NY. They gave me a $20 credit, and I didn't even complain. Whenever I've had a question, customer support gets right back to me. The packaging is all eco-friendly, and the meals are so easy to heat up. I prefer to do mine in the toaster oven rather than the microwave. Normal time to cook is about 10-15 minutes. All you have to do is heat, eat, and wash your plate and fork, and that's it. Dinner is done. And it's like eating at a fine restaurant with zero effort. I'm not a big vegetable person, I confess, but CU has changed that. The freshness is really key along with real chefs who know what they're doing. Anytime I try out a new meal delivery site, I regret it and go right back to CU. I love salmon, and every week they have at least a dozen or more salmon dishes to choose from. Sometimes I just pick all fish and shrimp dishes. The shrimp are always firm, nice-sized, super fresh, and plentiful. My meals are cooked Monday night and are on my doorstep Tuesday. When you open the box, the smell of slightly still warm, freshly cooked food wafts out. It's amazing how this happens week after week without hardly ever a glitch. Once in a blue moon, they'll swap out a meal for some reason with something I've ordered before. Otherwise, smooth sailing with this service. :)
Sharon N
Sharon N 2 gün önce
Do you know where their meat and especially seafood is sourced from? Thanks
Food Box HQ
Food Box HQ Aylar önce
This was very thorough! Thank you for your comment :)
Yair Valdez
Yair Valdez Aylar önce
MY wife is a horrible cook, actually no one every taught her , I work a lot i thought her a lil bit, but with dinnerly she is able to actually cook me meals this thing is awesome for anyone
Rayhan Rizvi
Rayhan Rizvi Aylar önce
300 dollars for the oven and 12 dollars a meal 0_0 cool concept but ill pass
Dick Johnson
Dick Johnson Aylar önce
This will go down in flames in a few years
Rayhan Rizvi
Rayhan Rizvi Aylar önce
@Bianca Logan yeah, and i will still have to pay 12 dollars a meal. i can easily make myself a lot more food given 12 dollars. Cool concept though, its innovative, but expensive
Bianca Logan
Bianca Logan Aylar önce
its 99 dollars rn!!!!!
ban2fab4 Aylar önce
So far I am enjoying Daily Harvest. Don't order weekly, maybe monthly or less. I really like the smoothies and the eggplant bowl - delish. Box arriving today and I can't wait. To solve the soggy flatbread issue, heat up the pizza pan before putting the flatbread on it and you will not have soggy flatbread.
Justin Mitchell
Justin Mitchell Aylar önce
This is a great way to make diff meals everyday. You get about 25 dishes a week to choose from. I live alone and got the serving for 2 and it feeds me for two days straight for dinner. It’s only $62 dollars for 6 meals. And you can save the recipes and duplicate them if you like!
Naziha Here
Naziha Here Aylar önce
Ikr!! Just a question, do you make the whole meal on the same day and reheat your food for the next day (since it’s a serving for two) or do you just make half of it and then the other half the next day?
Tiberius Maximus
Tiberius Maximus Aylar önce
I may try this for a week and see how it goes
Hyun Kim
Hyun Kim Aylar önce
Why do these meal kits have so much sodium? Consistently I see 800 - 1100mg of sodium. Am I just focusing on the wrong number? Doesn't seem like I have that much when I cook myself.
QFITTY Aylar önce
Isn’t it bad to microwave in plastic?
Daniel Cardenas
Daniel Cardenas Aylar önce
Does it also comes with Smoothies?
Osiris Aylar önce
The thing with all these metal services is you can make this at your house and meal prep cheaper than what it cost for the subscription.
It's ya girl Indica
It's ya girl Indica Aylar önce
I ordered this by accident, ugh… I didn’t know I was gona have to cook 👩‍🍳 😳😫
Food Box HQ
Food Box HQ Aylar önce
Checkout freshly, CookUnity, or Factor meals. They’re all great premade options 👍🏼
Kelly Mcgrath
Kelly Mcgrath Aylar önce
Hellofresh has the absolute worst customer service ive ever dealt with. Totally useless, long waits, random cancelations, a horrible experience overall
discogirl Aylar önce
nice video!! you should try the woohoo snacks subscription box next!
Mark Ma
Mark Ma Aylar önce
Doesn’t look like a lot of food.
Food Box HQ
Food Box HQ Aylar önce
Small portions :/
Gladys 2 aylar önce
Has anyone told you you look like Toni Collette?
Preston Phillips
Preston Phillips 12 gün önce
Lol are you high?
Food Box HQ
Food Box HQ Aylar önce
No but thank you!
WhitlovesAngel Always
WhitlovesAngel Always 2 aylar önce
Just got mine and I’ve had 3 meals and one of em I made while tipsy 😂 so you know it’s easy I love this oven and the meals I’ve tasted so far perfect for lonely little cat lady
Food Box HQ
Food Box HQ 2 aylar önce
Happy to hear :)
whyyouthein78 vlog
whyyouthein78 vlog 2 aylar önce
Wow i like
America The Truth Speaks Volumes
America The Truth Speaks Volumes 2 aylar önce
Am about to order from this company am so happy to watch this video so i will know if it’s worth it all ❤️😇
Nichole Dunkley
Nichole Dunkley 2 aylar önce
I am so hungry
Chris Johnson
Chris Johnson 2 aylar önce
Just did our first Hello Fresh meal tonight and it was amazing! Seriously impressed. We had Creamy Dill Chicken, asparagus, and roasted potatoes. The sauce is bomb!! Anyways, we are in a cycle where we just don't know what to cook anymore. We are bored with the same old same old. I don't think I could eat another piece of baked chicken ever again. Sigh.... Anyways, very impressed! Excited to try tomorrows meal!! Mozzarella and mushroom Hoagies. So easy, and just so convenient! Gotta admit, I was unsure about ordering this. When my wife said she was making this tonight, I was ready to order something via Uber Eats just in case. I'm just really bummed I didn't get Hello Fresh sooner!
Food Box HQ
Food Box HQ 2 aylar önce
Happy to hear! Check out www.reddit.com/r/hellofresh they have a bunch of great HelloFresh recipe recommendations.
BeltranAdventures 2 aylar önce
Are their ingredients organic/pasture raised??
Kaitlin Ramspeck
Kaitlin Ramspeck 2 aylar önce
Sooo much plastic. I was thinking about trying blue apron because planet fitness gives you a huge trial discount but I dont like that they use so much plastic. Great video though. Thank you!