BET Awards 2020 Performances!
Queen of the South
Queen of the South 2 dakika önce
Love Carl Weber books, I have read them all. My favorite character is Paris🛍
Yellow Ferrari Like Pikachu
Yellow Ferrari Like Pikachu 8 dakika önce
Also REMY MA !!!
Beyond_artists A
Beyond_artists A 9 dakika önce
My headphones dead.
patience uwa
patience uwa 12 dakika önce
Please I need clarity...the movie the Clark sisters is that kiki true life's story? Because according the movie the mom die....but the comment everyone is saying this is her Mon? Please someone explain to me
T Rich
T Rich 14 dakika önce
China 4Life
China 4Life 15 dakika önce
The song at 15:00 how could I find that version?????
Erik Ottosson
Erik Ottosson 17 dakika önce
When gangstas was tryin to be rappers not rappers tryin to be gangstas
Sean C
Sean C 17 dakika önce
Why should any person, African American, be surprised by what's going on? Discover who you really are, and you're not black!
mooks Mazon
mooks Mazon 19 dakika önce
41 years of service and never seen anything like it??? He needs to get out and do his job
NIKKORLASH 22 dakika önce
Gorgeous! More important than ever that we celebrate our culture and our colour! 💕✊🏽
Jéssica Bouéres
Jéssica Bouéres 25 dakika önce
Tori.2x Babygirl!
Tori.2x Babygirl! 28 dakika önce
Song ?
D 32 dakika önce
Free was one fine woman 😍
IntoThe Multiverse
IntoThe Multiverse 33 dakika önce
Trump just liked this video using his pseudo account.
Time Definite
Time Definite 33 dakika önce
Soon as she get a will be HISTORY!
Daniel Price
Daniel Price 36 dakika önce
U shuld run for president man. No waite u got to be sober for that.
Leah Rose
Leah Rose 37 dakika önce
Leah Rose
Leah Rose 38 dakika önce
Cecilia Davis
Cecilia Davis 38 dakika önce
Both of their gifts are Timeless ❤️
Leah Rose
Leah Rose 40 dakika önce
it’s black vs racist not black vs white people in the world gotta understand black vs white doesn’t fit in black vs racist fits in because everyone knows black will win that why everyone is saying BLACK LIVES MATTER and it’s true they do matter
Mr. Smith
Mr. Smith 42 dakika önce
Been awhile since I've seen Rapsody.....and still dope as ever.
Jenni giro
Jenni giro 43 dakika önce
Money& dedication gets you far..🙌🏽
Jabrill Few
Jabrill Few 51 dakika önce
His raps isn’t even all that his self
Bruno Nunez
Bruno Nunez 51 dakika önce
so is he a kid or an andy milonakis type dud?
Kel0390 54 dakika önce
It's amazing to read all the comments about racism. How do you eradicate something that's innate in every human being? I don't like this anti-white atmosphere right now and if this was happening in reverse, people would not be taking any parts in it. If you think you're doing something noble by disrespecting and falsely accusing white people then you are no better than the racists you hate. BET went full fledge BLM and it's sad. The founder of BET does not support this crap and the network should be ashamed for embracing this hate group.
Kapaya Chimpampwe
Kapaya Chimpampwe 58 dakika önce
Words can't express how much I love these two....the harmoniesss. You guys are simply amazing Chloe x Halle!!!
Kel0390 Saatler önce
I can't understand a word he's saying.
Ramona Azul
Ramona Azul Saatler önce
In every song, Jill Scott’s voice creates a backdrop, atmosphere...lush with emotion. I always want more.
Tyler Hackner
Tyler Hackner Saatler önce
Love all these women ❤️❤️
Mila Mcdonald
Mila Mcdonald Saatler önce
she deserves it like go girl
Ryan Hollie
Ryan Hollie Saatler önce
Kirk franklin had a flashback yall when that song hit his soul lol
Kip Tucker
Kip Tucker Saatler önce
Racist music is bad & divisive. Get off the plantation & think for yourselves!
Emmett Samples
Emmett Samples Saatler önce
You're about 2 years too early
TreySoCool XL
TreySoCool XL Saatler önce
The way OffSet came in was lit🔥🔥💯💯
Elijah Roberts
Elijah Roberts Saatler önce
For y’all saying she pregnant tha means nun she should still give a bomb performance u kno beyonce performed pregnant so many times and cardi so lie thas just on ya
Rashawn Campbell
Rashawn Campbell Saatler önce
How has she been making a living? Does she still perform?
Walter Davis
Walter Davis Saatler önce
Straight knock out!!!
T F Saatler önce
Hillary is not a natural retail politician. She could not efficiently connect.
Vernita Powell
Vernita Powell Saatler önce
Thank You BET!! Our day 1
parker jones
parker jones Saatler önce
at 3:24 he look like wanted to grab her but
Justin Johnson
Justin Johnson Saatler önce
Did dababy perform?
juma Nlechoppa
juma Nlechoppa Saatler önce
2019 😅
Jabez Johnson
Jabez Johnson Saatler önce
Live performances would be better if they we're more of a production like Finnese was than just performances
Ronny Karam
Ronny Karam Saatler önce
Lol... When you hate Eminem so much, you feel you have to say you like MGK 😂
John Colorado
John Colorado Saatler önce
So if I go to Kenya and call someone the n word then I wouldn’t be racist
Josh Plouffe
Josh Plouffe Saatler önce
benny reading bars sounds fire
Shin Yeon Jung
Shin Yeon Jung Saatler önce
cant wait to see halle as ariel 💕💕
rick rolled
rick rolled Saatler önce
Lets face it, i think he likes being a kid
jasmin H
jasmin H Saatler önce
He already predicted what's gonna be in America 🤫🙌
Jsdude2003 Saatler önce
Don't use nicki when y'all did her dirty. Y'all want her back now because the Cardi hype is over and Nicki is still poppin like always...
Eiralyss Saatler önce
Well...The performers look hot but the music sucks....
Areli Ramos
Areli Ramos 2 saatler önce
Johanny 2 saatler önce
Ughh I love them so much!! Beautiful, talented, and beautiful voices!
Smart Ass
Smart Ass 2 saatler önce
No player will ever be better than Kobe!
Toby 10 Bears
Toby 10 Bears 2 saatler önce
Colored people... Sickening.
Darryl Wilson
Darryl Wilson 2 saatler önce
She kissed lela rochen husband
Gozo matic
Gozo matic 2 saatler önce
This is lit
Kevin Hyde
Kevin Hyde 2 saatler önce
Truck load of words that mean nothing.
nonono whoa
nonono whoa 2 saatler önce
They both snapped. Jon B's outfit is banging
james milton
james milton 2 saatler önce
This is melchisedec a collective beautiful things things that I collect have and wings butterflies beautiful aren't they baby bounce back and forth with the rhythm of notes that proceedeth forth from the winning troubling they are what their long curly tongue and truly there are none like unto the butterfly monarch such a beautiful thing truly the musical notes stay here that I sing bring forth inspiration rumor is sad did they let you know that summer ain't dead the richest spring fourth hold your eyes back and forth there you see such a beautiful thing monarch butterfly during winter spring
DrFunkles 2 saatler önce
They made Jimi hear the smooth jazz version
The I.R.S
The I.R.S 2 saatler önce
Cocaine and plastic surgery
Melonie Hightower
Melonie Hightower 2 saatler önce
And energetic to , thank the LORD
Anthony Robledo
Anthony Robledo 2 saatler önce
It’s no Harper Avery award but still iconic
GoodyNation Entertainment
GoodyNation Entertainment 2 saatler önce
So yawl not gone Time stamp the performances 😂
Ridiculously Tyia
Ridiculously Tyia 2 saatler önce
I love this song
Melissa Owens
Melissa Owens 2 saatler önce
sassyintrovert 2 saatler önce
Chills throughout the entire performance. 🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿
Alison Reid
Alison Reid 2 saatler önce
Can I say Uncle Charlie...Oh Yeah!!!!
Joy Edyvean
Joy Edyvean 2 saatler önce
Lily Wayne do you know joy edyvean Kobe Bryant he is my favorite fan tonight in basketball Los Angeles Lakers my favorite
KB 3 saatler önce
Listen to this with earphones y’all not gone regret it
Ryan Mcgee
Ryan Mcgee 3 saatler önce
When the officer laid down his shield and baton and put his fist in the air powerful
Indian Princess
Indian Princess 3 saatler önce
Ik she ain’t say it became ghetto😭 baby it’s death row
illegalonly1 3 saatler önce
What I most hate all this artist like snoop,daz etc started barking about money but you have to understand that suge he made those artist famous and rich and they get paid till this days!!!
Baer 3 saatler önce
Oh so us whites don’t get WET or White Entertainment Awards? Oh but if we did instead of bet blacks would say it’s racist, do us white people say it’s racist? No
Paul Carbone
Paul Carbone 3 saatler önce
TI should shut us stupid mouth if he clears about black he should fix’s all the hoods he raps about. All white people should stop buying is tapes
Bill Aitchison
Bill Aitchison 3 saatler önce
as about as entertaining as listening to a toilet flush.
Lillie Newton
Lillie Newton 3 saatler önce
The 3 Amigos got that dance step from T I anybody wit me on this give me a 👍🏾 up💯
Karen Hardie
Karen Hardie 3 saatler önce
John is very talented. One of our best singers by far.
Kasey M
Kasey M 3 saatler önce
They have to be deleting negative comments
Desmond Youngblood
Desmond Youngblood 3 saatler önce
Man I'm a fan
David Kelly
David Kelly 3 saatler önce
Not interested in race-baiting. K thanks
Kasey M
Kasey M 3 saatler önce
The fact that the people who upvoted this actually vote. That is terrifying
Kasey M
Kasey M 3 saatler önce
Whoa, the kkk upvotes a lot
Malik Wright
Malik Wright 3 saatler önce
Love it
the kingnumberone
the kingnumberone 3 saatler önce
Bring the show back