Belinda's Wingward
Belinda's Wingward 19 saatler önce
So what's the point to be vaccinated if you still need to wear mask,wash hand and social distancing???.
john satterlee
john satterlee 19 saatler önce
trshow.info/watch/-OF3YpX8kgI/video.html the answer for this country is not in the republicans, democrats, or any other political party but in the Lamb of God Jesus Christ.
Alastor 19 saatler önce
Yep, those evil white people. That's totally the main problem with this country.
Jason Costanza
Jason Costanza 19 saatler önce
An impeachment is not a criminal procedure. It is a public servant impeachment. No due process needed by law...
Elisa Burks
Elisa Burks 19 saatler önce
You people are so full of doom door and you people are the biggest liers and Trump did nothing and you are fraud and sick liers
john gradston
john gradston 19 saatler önce
simple the officers involved should be arrested and immediately executed for their crimes most appropriate would be gallows.these are the types of police that give good cops a bad reputation.
Vincent 19 saatler önce
Trump did not incite the capital riots . He is being impeached for no good or legal reason.
Nzamu L
Nzamu L 19 saatler önce
Thanks for your service. Our police/guards do not deserve to be standing in this cold because of people with no self control. I'll say a prayer for you guys and your families!!
Dana 19 saatler önce
with the national guard in d.c. for the inauguration adds 25,000 more people to the crowd size than at Donald Trump's, that might just be the straw that broke the camels back and send him in a death spiral
kevin Tidwell
kevin Tidwell 19 saatler önce
👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾.. They all carried trump flags..
Byron 19 saatler önce
How much do you think the military supports what the Democrats have done to America?
Kalman Babits
Kalman Babits 19 saatler önce
Tommy Socks
Tommy Socks 19 saatler önce
Andrew Yang, if you want digital IDs that restrict people's basic freedoms, go live in China.
King Mojo
King Mojo 19 saatler önce
Interesting Nancy Mase is the only one on either side of the aisle the bring up censuring the president. Before I make a decision I need to research what that entails
Lang Thang
Lang Thang 19 saatler önce
Stupid system only exist in USA.
Djgeez 19 saatler önce
Haha Jim Jordan “they’ve always wanted to get this president”. WELL Jim, MAYBE he should STOP upending the rule of Law and spitting at the US Constitution!! I’m thinking perhaps then there would be NO GROUNDS in which to impeach!!! Just sayin......
Red Step Stacker
Red Step Stacker 19 saatler önce
So slow ? It ain’t even a year old. Nancy was in charge of curing aids remember. How’s that going.
Henrik Steffensen
Henrik Steffensen 19 saatler önce
Ann Brown
Ann Brown 19 saatler önce
Lock Trump up that's where he belongs right along with the rest of them that rioted. Not only was it stupid and dangerous it just wasn't right. I hope each and everyone of u people gets what u deserv a lengthy prison sentence.
Oscar Encinas
Oscar Encinas 19 saatler önce
Don’t talk to us about unity you lying hypocrite democrats. You will not bring unity but more hate. I have never been so disgusted at a political party until now.
YB 19 saatler önce
Up coming Rabid Fest
Aladdiin Ciisse
Aladdiin Ciisse 19 saatler önce
Are we still in 2020🙄2021✔️
Brian S/ブライアン
Brian S/ブライアン 19 saatler önce
If your a registered Democrat you can be legally deviant.
Take It Easy
Take It Easy 19 saatler önce
love how there's always some mysterious hurdle to anything the dems want. wow mitch doesnt want that, are you surprised
Someone 19 saatler önce
Aliens be like : "Yeah lets wait here & chill, while Humans develop the mass destruction weapons." lol
Jose Garcia
Jose Garcia 19 saatler önce
Didn't need to be cleaned but still cleaned my tools incase these terriost trumpsters try anything around my block,no room for those terriost trumpsters in my America
Red Step Stacker
Red Step Stacker 19 saatler önce
It’s trials not going to begin because before she signed that piece of paper he signed an executive order stating if you got business with the CCP and you’re a politician you committed high treason. Nancy fostered the deal between General Electric and the CCP and that’s why the lights went off in Pakistan where the deal was going to happen at a table. If you want the real news watch me I got 2.1 Million views yesterday. NBC didn’t get a 10th of that
Heaven Warrior
Heaven Warrior 19 saatler önce
Deportation Trump back to Germany, I believe most of the people attacked the Capitol are Germans and Russian.
e Rika
e Rika 19 saatler önce
Oh so it's balart. I thought it was jose Diaz Ballard.
Stephanie Drake
Stephanie Drake 19 saatler önce
Republicans "Trump didn't cause COVID" NO, he didn't, but he didn't contain it and almost a year later, we're still dealing with it. He politicized masks and blamed everyone else for HIS failures.
Justice Matters
Justice Matters 19 saatler önce
Mitch wants to punt this to Democrats it will only happen after the 20th.
Jon Dough
Jon Dough 19 saatler önce
The problem is...the cons dont care. They arent the law n order/christian values party. Theyre the idolating/hypocritical party.
Carol Smith
Carol Smith 19 saatler önce
Fauci is a fraud. He was supposed to be leading the task force and gave all false info from day one. The virus is not a problem, then millions will die. Dont wear masks, then do wear masks. Vaccines won't be available till next year, and now acts like it's his vaccine. Phony!
Slim Tinskin
Slim Tinskin 19 saatler önce
He couldn't stand to berate them.
Kat Lynn
Kat Lynn 19 saatler önce
People are dying and having bad reactions to the vaccines.
JOHN Te Whauwhau
JOHN Te Whauwhau 19 saatler önce
Let's put it this way. at least 3 in 4 believe Trump lost the election, and that is all that counts, and that's according to the evidence, where's theres, absolutely none.
ケリイメルダ 19 saatler önce
The reason is not that trump lied to them. The main reason is coz trump supporters hae no brain to think
William Skyler Yoder
William Skyler Yoder 19 saatler önce
These troops are for when the Democrats riot after Biden gets arrested
iAmHarrison 19 saatler önce
She looks exhausted. She must have a lot of binders full of lies to pack.
golfdude2007 19 saatler önce
when you keep believing the Lies....about a stoeln election....you hurt our Nation.
Stefa Bacik
Stefa Bacik 19 saatler önce
Nie moge uwierzyc. Co to sie dzieje 😡
Lee Herr
Lee Herr 19 saatler önce
White Al-Qaeda of America!
gary clark
gary clark 19 saatler önce
The National Guard is my WELL REGULATED militia.
zinxeb 19 saatler önce
Fauci himself is just a 'misunderstanding'.
Baby Boy
Baby Boy 19 saatler önce
The DEMS are bringing Marshall Law to the USA !! 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔😶😶😶😶
Elizabeth Garcia
Elizabeth Garcia 19 saatler önce
O M G😭... No words⁉️
TOM NGUYEN 19 saatler önce
Oh no, NG sleeping in Capital building floor. Ask the men and women that deployed in combat how & where they slept on deployment. Snowflakes
Juan Carlos Perez Cortes
Juan Carlos Perez Cortes 19 saatler önce
The USA is on edge
Atherton X
Atherton X 19 saatler önce
She said, ' there is so much division in our country right now". There has ALWAYS been division.
Krinkle Shrinkle
Krinkle Shrinkle 19 saatler önce
It’s not hard to get a green car
Gabriela Parks
Gabriela Parks 19 saatler önce
Atlas Shrugged
citizen x
citizen x 19 saatler önce
Twelve people will be there
Mam564 19 saatler önce
The GOP are Goons of Putin! Follow the money! They have blood on their hands!
Frank Johnson
Frank Johnson 19 saatler önce
FAKE NEWS : all reports say that it's 39% of Republicans and 22% Democrats that think the election has been rigged = 39% + 22 % = 61 % and data update brings it down to 59%!! Fake news can lie as much as they want, but reality says that more than half of the whole US population has been screwed!
Johnny Young
Johnny Young 19 saatler önce
Joe Biden need to work with Chuck Shumer not Mitch McConnell....
Mathew 19 saatler önce
Good thing this riot came along now we don't have to deal with Covid anymore.
C. ABB0TTR0N1X 19 saatler önce
Science is salvation
NewYorker Joe
NewYorker Joe 19 saatler önce
🤔 My response to Trump is a Trump quote: "Be careful what you wish for." Besides, it will take years for the US to get rid of the ‘’Trump Stink’’
Vancouver ViKinG
Vancouver ViKinG 19 saatler önce
I'll be back on the 21st for the Democrat tears!!
Faith Henderson
Faith Henderson 19 saatler önce
Those republicans love all the money Trump steal from our taxes, social security, Medicare, we have paid into.
DJ Troopy
DJ Troopy 19 saatler önce
30:12 "Everybody Get those arms out, and get those needles ready to inject us"... bruh.... these are sick people
Matthew Lechowick
Matthew Lechowick 19 saatler önce
Senator Booker is a gentleman and a scholar-his time on Meet the Press is informative and heartfelt every time.
King Mojo
King Mojo 19 saatler önce
These people who are in the Republican Party have a tribal mentality and that's why the Republican Party is in shambles those people I neither Republicans or conservatives they are alt right white supremacist who are hiding behind the words conservative and Republican.
Jones Roy
Jones Roy 19 saatler önce
(Malcolm X)The fight for Black people are their rights is being run by “outsiders and groups like BLM-NCAA-NBCSL-Kamala Harris Cory Booker Jim Clyburn-Barack Obama- Michelle Obama etc...Cory =TOKEN
Debra -SMILELaDy Johnson
Debra -SMILELaDy Johnson 19 saatler önce
This Video is a ... Great Reparations argument, and a great standard for History Classes , Homes and Churches Sad in 2021 we still have to talk Non Violence , commUNITY is needed
Kelli Peterman
Kelli Peterman 19 saatler önce
Big tech taking away our freedom of speech! And where is the coverage on The CEO from Twitter talking about blocking Trump about January 6th before it even happened. Hmm, why don't you cover real news instead of making it up.
Red Step Stacker
Red Step Stacker 19 saatler önce
The ain’t NBC
Jane Butterfly
Jane Butterfly 19 saatler önce
Why they still allowing people to travel if New strains are popping up.
the cook
the cook 19 saatler önce
john satterlee
john satterlee 19 saatler önce
trshow.info/watch/-OF3YpX8kgI/video.html the answer for this country is not in the republicans, democrats or any other political party but in the Lamb of God Jesus Christ.
Bee Web
Bee Web 19 saatler önce
Come on Corey, Just imagine the Capital building as your wife....
golfdude2007 19 saatler önce
come Nov 2022.....Remember those Traitors that voted to protect the Criminal in the oval office in 2020....then vote BLUE and Protect the CONSTITUTION
e Rika
e Rika 19 saatler önce
Gosh the volume of this video is inconsistent. Sometimes it's too low.
Freddie Torres
Freddie Torres 19 saatler önce
Here dr fauci😂 go again
Anita Richmond
Anita Richmond 19 saatler önce
Make America great, again/ IMPEACHED AGAIN ? So much for Second Chances.the time.💩
Gruesome Silence
Gruesome Silence 19 saatler önce
Who cares honestly
P Sou
P Sou 19 saatler önce
He won’t last that long.
Jan M
Jan M 19 saatler önce
Shouldn't it say 2021, not 2020?
Megan Modelia
Megan Modelia 19 saatler önce
Trump said, "No true supporter of mine could ever endorse political violence." So... the MAGAturds who attacked the capitol, erected a gallows, fashioned rope nooses and chanted, "HANG MIKE PENCE" were just playing around?
scottydamion 19 saatler önce
Why is there a hard edit at 16:23 ?
Eduardo Cordova
Eduardo Cordova 19 saatler önce
I went to washington DC for vacationand I Met Joe biden and we hugged saying hi then he lets go so quick and then he hugs my sister and I realise he hugged her for 30 seconds and if I knew he was pervert and this was back in September 8 2015 and If I knew he was so pervert like that I would of called him out