Joshua Hallqvist
Joshua Hallqvist 4 dakika önce
Walmart version of Madison Beer's selfish.
Vanesa Penova
Vanesa Penova 6 dakika önce
No hate but when i read comments there are only cameraman comments
Devika Boby Pillai
Devika Boby Pillai 11 dakika önce
can you guys like appreciate the effort she took to make this song and listen to it properly then u will understand what she is going through.
AARON RICHARDS 12 dakika önce
Y’all need to stop bullying her over a got damn fart like come on that’s childish 🙄😥
leona leona
leona leona 25 dakika önce
Arissa vlog time
Arissa vlog time 26 dakika önce
Ur song r suck1
Arissa vlog time
Arissa vlog time 25 dakika önce
Alli B
Alli B 26 dakika önce
She sings beautifully 💕
Timerjrt 27 dakika önce
So trash sorry
Blair Claira
Blair Claira 28 dakika önce
This looks like Madison beers videooo
Kiera Lane
Kiera Lane 28 dakika önce
Idrc if this was or wasn't based off of Maddison beer or not cause message is flipping awesome at singing and can relate to me a lot also this my new absolute FAVOURITE song<3
Rachel Haam
Rachel Haam 32 dakika önce
Nessa Shartett
Adriana Segui
Adriana Segui 33 dakika önce
upintheclouds 38 dakika önce
just saying, it couldnt have been a coincidence that she released this song on eid 😹 like girlie do it another day
Green tea army :D
Green tea army :D 40 dakika önce
I can kinda see the camera man or girl
Elisheva Bookatz
Elisheva Bookatz 44 dakika önce
Idk what people say, I don't particularly like this type of music but her voice is QUALITY.
Nitzan Kolatacz
Nitzan Kolatacz 45 dakika önce
SATAESH Godarze 46 dakika önce
The music video and the director is awful 😑
Ariana Canter
Ariana Canter 48 dakika önce
Its awesome!!
Laventira 49
Laventira 49 50 dakika önce
Nessa: *emotional* Cameraman : *zoom in* *zoom out* *slide to the left* *slide to the right* *up* *down*
Løvèly Buñ
Løvèly Buñ 54 dakika önce
Grace Ezo
Grace Ezo 56 dakika önce
I plan on reading all these comments
Lisa Veliu
Lisa Veliu 57 dakika önce
Pov: u r here comparing nessas song to madison beers song
Priya Aa
Priya Aa Saatler önce
Dear nessa,despite all this stupid unnecessary hate, if I CAN still love you more than anything, so can you. Love yourself,you are amazing nessa. Not only your voice but you yourself ,so beautiful and amazing. I love you Janessa Barrett ❤️
Abhijeet Mokale
Abhijeet Mokale Saatler önce
I don't know what are this people talking about ! Some shit cameraman! The only thing attracted me is her voice ( & the lyrics off course ).....love you ❣️
ii_Lay K
ii_Lay K Saatler önce
i’m in ✨PaAaIiNn✨
A.Verdetie Saatler önce
zhaklin qorri
zhaklin qorri Saatler önce
She is sad😳🙈
Priya Aa
Priya Aa Saatler önce
Nessa your voice is amazing i-😍😍😍😍😍😍
shayenne mikhael
shayenne mikhael Saatler önce
Nessa : im in painn cameraman : renagade renagadeee
ryan Saatler önce
wow great voice, more songs please!
Zero Saatler önce
In all honesty Nessa can sing and the song itself isnt bad. But I can understand that we are to be taught to forgive those who have done wrong, but disrespecting a whole religion isn't something that anyone will just forget about. Yes maybe she didn't know it was the Quran there and then, but apologizing with the fact that she has family members from Egypt was unnecessary from my view. Apologizing without bringing in excuses is what I'd call a good excuse. But again, some are harsh about it. Don't send death threats to anyone, Nessa has all rights to live on this planet. And though I'm not in a place to be able to forgive her, I want to see her growth and how she can change if she will change. But apologies without action taken wont slide.
Dania Gonzalez 88
Dania Gonzalez 88 Saatler önce
Damn what a beautiful voice, my respects to you nessa💙
Gana Mohammed
Gana Mohammed Saatler önce
R u speaking to josh?
Ruby Tsuakaiki
Ruby Tsuakaiki Saatler önce
Image stabilization will do nothing
Clare Mundie
Clare Mundie Saatler önce
i love this
Ruby Tsuakaiki
Ruby Tsuakaiki Saatler önce
This song is dedicated to the camera man
baby yoda
baby yoda Saatler önce
am I the only one who thinks that the concepts looks similar to Madison Beer Selfish? 👁️👄👁️
Olivia Reilly
Olivia Reilly Saatler önce
Nessa reminds me of Tate Macre
Nikki Jean
Nikki Jean Saatler önce
Not a Nessa fan (don’t dislike her- just have neutral feelings ig) but y’all saying she can’t sing clearly don’t know a thing about music. I wasn’t expecting it to be this good considering i only recently found out she sang even though i first saw her name like several months ago. Though I’m glad she is trying to focus on her music. Her voice is stunning.
tumtum Saatler önce
I'm crying in tears my grandad is fed I love your song great job nessa you are my favroute tik toker
zara samsodien
zara samsodien Saatler önce
Ptoly Joe
Ptoly Joe Saatler önce
Nessa when she sharted on live
tumtum Saatler önce
My grandad died froma heartatake
Lexi Angel
Lexi Angel Saatler önce
I'm wondering how much money the camera man got out of this
Bibi_vand Lea
Bibi_vand Lea Saatler önce
Rebecca Sommer
Rebecca Sommer Saatler önce
beautiful ❤️
Dippshit X
Dippshit X Saatler önce
i’m in spaaaaain
avanissglam’s tutorials
avanissglam’s tutorials 2 saatler önce
why did people press it if they are going to comment something bad and hate to anyone omg its sucks 🥱
Mookie 1913
Mookie 1913 2 saatler önce
🚪*open this door if the camera man suckz* 🏃🏽‍♀️
Rachel Green
Rachel Green 2 saatler önce
The camera man was trying out tiktok transitions...
おかっぱ野郎 2 saatler önce
it's so sad how this only have 3.6M views 💀😭 she did everything 💀 she even shatter💀💩💩
Dwi yuni Indarwati
Dwi yuni Indarwati 2 saatler önce
Nobody : The cameramen after reading the comment : I'm in Pain
Jenna Dunne
Jenna Dunne 2 saatler önce
When i search this nessa barrets song comes up as Well lol
Omars Laptop
Omars Laptop 2 saatler önce
She watched Madison beer selfish once and said copy paste
yara elnajjar
yara elnajjar 2 saatler önce
lol why do i feel like am watching madison beer's video clip
Ayeo`RyyyZ-EU 2 saatler önce
Madison song
Ayeo`RyyyZ-EU 2 saatler önce
Copy song
HA chipsi
HA chipsi 2 saatler önce
I love you so much❤
Belen Garcia
Belen Garcia 2 saatler önce
I feel like i heard this song before