Trailer NEXT23
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@neuronwave 6 gün önce
Two decades on Webb still has the most amazing thoughts and experiments. Leaps away from where current practitioners are.
@hindrich9495 Aylar önce
6:27 beige shoes. 6:30 black shoes. wtf
@richwilliams1863 Aylar önce
Worth mentioning the mechanism of financialisaton in our society, which is a process of optimising for profit. We can see it at work when the services we are used to are re-designed and function less well as a result, but make more money for the owners. Interesting talk.
@mrericpritchard 3 aylar önce
Sounds like it was a conference that inspired; great!
@jeffhicks8428 3 aylar önce
this book was borderline incoherent ramblings about random tech. no overarching narrative. no major ideas to show. very odd book. huge let down. someone needs to write a real one cuz the new dark age is real, and tech is a big factor in it
@dougmacgregor5053 4 aylar önce
Hear it is 9 months later and the powers that be are finally beginning to realise that what Jessica Berlin has spoken to since the beginning of this war is what will be needed to beat the fascist oligarchy that is now Russia.
@ccoutreach873 5 aylar önce
Though a christian- who would be tempted to not listen [some of the wrods of the speaker would offend] yet this talk is very good and insightful- whihc is the wonder of the internet- being able to connect respectfully with all cultures. Thank you my friend- wish you had more time
@AudioPervert1 5 aylar önce
Computational thinking, at an unconscious level, surmises that the world can be understood better and better, if we have all the information necessary in order to make the best possible decisions. The pundits and technocrats advocate (often without any real evidence) that the ‘richness of information’ makes us more literate and wiser. However in reality, vast aspects of the natural world, systems created by nature, including our own existence, in terms of functionality and behavior, cannot be mapped or made sense of by mere computational thinking. The world simply cannot be deciphered (nor so easily mimicked) by a set of processes, formulas, steps, algorithms and deductions. Did we become better decision makers because of information technology or did a vast set of superior machines, computation, processing and policies replace the previous order? As individuals then, we have little time or space, to care about the consequences of such high-modernist technological education. Does computational thinking serve us or the other way around?
@AudioPervert1 5 aylar önce
His book is good. Useful and challenging ... in terms of imagining new world, maybe to happen or never.
@orbalicious20 6 aylar önce
Fantastic talk as always, Mikko. Allowing just one question seemed pretty ridiculous, unless more were edited out of the video.
@americatheghetto6703 7 aylar önce
Oh he just said it. The one thing I could not do. Trevor, “ she is software”. Ah. Thx
@americatheghetto6703 7 aylar önce
I love Trevor. He is a visionary. A very sophisticated young man.
@arielblakeman4627 7 aylar önce
So good.
@dmystfy 8 aylar önce
“The medium is the message” - Marshall McLuhan
@stevenkim9166 8 aylar önce
Very thoughtful and insightful. As always.
@DeadKoby 8 aylar önce
I've worked with computers and IT for over 20 years..... Humorously my home is pretty darn low-tech. Mikko has allowed me to realize that RELIABILITY is more important than convenience. So many conveniences we have with technology are also exploitable. Anything of mine that I can access online can ALSO be accessed by someone who breeches the systems.
@utrian4148 8 aylar önce
She's one of the best and most undeserved exports of Germany. I could listen to her for hours. She's genius.
@ultimape 8 aylar önce
Hello hive mind..what funny looking ants you've built.
@sageinit 7 aylar önce
@alpaykasal2902 9 aylar önce
I agree with the other commenter This is so out of touch. This feels like some web1 folks watched youtube videos on 'an intro to web3' and claimed expertise. It's like bad comedy with a side of cringe. I KNOW the branding and marketing world has better to offer. Let's hear about potentials in loyalty & rewards programs, let's hear about custodial strategies to reduce friction for the mainstream, let's hear about a 'digital first' generation soon to have their own purchase power as adults.
@h4k1_de 10 aylar önce
Jessica, you are awesome! 👏👏👏
@maghdean 10 aylar önce
Thank you, Jessica, from Ukraine.
@georgeochodo4290 10 aylar önce
Just bumped and discovered this jewel on a DW interview last year and am all the better for it.
@dougmacgregor5053 11 aylar önce
Jessica Berlin is absolutely brilliant! No other analyst has her extraordinary insight and depth of understanding. To prove it for yourself look her up yourself my friends.
@dougmacgregor5053 4 aylar önce
@@ssuwandi3240>> I see, so you think so... Well its good to know you can spell. Keep up the good work it will get better. BTW, I know your a bot so I'm not worried about hurting your feelings. LOL
@ssuwandi3240 8 aylar önce
Manic brainwashing and fearmongering. Tragic lives that's all her very limited world view is
@Kahtilani 11 aylar önce
"Ways of Being" is brilliant and enlightening. The revelations you bring into awareness for anyone willing to think outside the box is mind expanding. Words of appreciation for your work goes well beyond what words can express.
@soniyoize Yıl önce
Sad olinga just got bought by China He is an investor and knows authoritarian rule forces through everything to achieve success and buisness and money works like that Guy is just a pawn that knows how west work to help china build for future and dominate
@dianezilliox6724 Yıl önce
wow, i would have really appreciated a closing statement over the walk off music
@MichaSpektralny Yıl önce
I feel like the smartest organism out of group of 26 viewers as I’m the only one to like this fascinating presentation😎
@CristalMediumBlue 5 aylar önce
@@stefaniastefania5672 Here's another one
@stefaniastefania5672 8 aylar önce
Plus one today 🙂
@rheijm9201 Yıl önce
God knows what its about. Reacting ontitle.Both trains and buses need actual paid, trained workforce. In times like these government strutted playmobil Coppers, or bladibla clerks are gotten easy. Training still costs money, meanwhile its a darn boring job. Thats problematic. Denmark triple more than netherlands has no inhabitants, and you have come out of closet with ghetto law since recently, but these Arab people do use bus. Often Few customers is always a problem. You can make bus electric, a bit smaller, a bit bigger, not enough customers is ian issue. I was in Mosel region Germany, beautiful. Once every two hours a bus goes. The measures of cost cutting lead to bad image, lead to downward spiral. Flixbus and small initiatives are competing, but until now do nothing but make 1 ceo rich, then bancrupt. Its well possible - if you d have eye for past and economic data - a communist style society i think be best : bus for free, cheap made, even almost falling apart; plus heavily oppose cars. So at least it generates work, since jobs are needed. 2022 i speak of. This is another thing than demographics: companies downsize like maniacs, we quickly need fresh jobs one can easily train into, not too demanding ones.
@dalemerritt4149 Yıl önce
The main reason Concord ended, was due to the crash that killed 113 people early on, and the lack of demand after that. At the end of the day, there might be good reasons for "stagnation". Whether safety concerns, or the lack of market for the product. Speeding up innovation for the sake of speeding it up, is dangerous.
@alainportant6412 Yıl önce
96,5% ?
@sofra2169 Yıl önce
The way he changes between British, American and Swedish accent is perfect 🫵
@tristandondada Yıl önce
Great discussion
@_ufo_8126 Yıl önce
6:26 6:34
@jonathanedwardgibson Yıl önce
Big Tech pays high price for Cancel Culture with innovation stifled. Tech advancements were already slowed from effects of predatory consolidation alone. Seems like the Big Money gave up on all the freedom and democracy and innovation in favor of Control.
@jonathanedwardgibson Yıl önce
ADDENDUM... As guest interview wraps up I am finishing logo design for Solarpunk collective here in Portland, Oregon. Damn funny.
@sarah-janelowes4782 Yıl önce
Brilliant talk.
@HK-gp4fr Yıl önce
On point as always Mattes !
@alvarogmail Yıl önce
Status a good question por Ucranian people, trends a better future for whom?
@jonathanedwardgibson Yıl önce
Neurohax … What is the point of Free Speech if one human voice is shouted down by myriad bots? Further, as every engineer understands when you wire-up IO, you’ve also set up an OI. Opening up the human brain to fullness of Internet is exceedingly problematic. We do not even know what wearing goggles over long durations does to ur systems and to pretend understanding or power over a subject like this is folly. Where does Madison Avenue wiring-up our hind-brains to ‘Songs’ of commerce Exeter discussion and where do things like Nuremberg trials and informed consent play?
@ashleytalksdigital Yıl önce
Thank you!
@shoaibkahut Yıl önce
Greetings from China, looking forward to join
@jamesgromwell5673 Yıl önce
This talk is so disconnected from reality it almost boarders on self-satire. So much is said about Web 3.0 without a single concrete example of how it is any different from what exists already. There is nothing here of any value, just a promise of luxury vaporware.
@chriswizo9891 Yıl önce
Melissa Chan is a joke
@janpor6204 Yıl önce
Medium apartment undervalued :p
@R1GAMBLER Yıl önce
🖕 GFY!
@cengizsk642 2 yıl önce
Worldwide webb is the next big thing
@Mayeverycreaturefindhappiness 2 yıl önce
what is the technical requirements for the metaverse
@garygeorge3421 2 yıl önce
It would be interesting to see the results on the teenage communication for 2021 as 3 years in tech advances makes a big difference.
@rudyrodnase 2 yıl önce
You should invite Kartik Gada.
@DavideBulgari 2 yıl önce
Very interesting
@commandersprocket 2 yıl önce
@10:00 Azeem intro, fractal mathematics, recursive functions @13:45 what technology is changing the world, 2 things Quantum Computing and blockchain, leading into Quantum Computing @22:00 blockchain and liquidity disintermediation @26:30 where is this happening? (it won't happen in institutions) @30:30 how do organizations approach exponential? (there will be lots of Kodak moments) @35:00 what parts of the world will be able to handle the consequences of exponential technology (especially AI) @37:30 the future of cities, what will play out there? (more people will live in cities, but primarily in Asia and Africa, more Lagos and Kuala Lumpur) @41:30 can we solve this through education? (credentialing and exams is working against real world needs) @44:30 Next World: permanent base on new world, 5 questions, trivia