Riba (Interest) - Jamal Badawi
Qur'an Recitation
14 gün önce
Truth Be Told
Truth Be Told 2 saatler önce
God bless Sheikh..we are lucky 😊
Mobin Dadashpour
Mobin Dadashpour 4 saatler önce
Bullshit at its finest
Nasier Omran
Nasier Omran 8 saatler önce
Unnecessary going out, spending and hanging out of boredom or to find excitement etc. would be wrong for both genders. Specially when married. A woman is considered a home maker, a pious spouse who would be focused on her relationship with Allah swt, the house, kids, her husband. Also depends on where she wants to go. She could go to the mosk with other muslimahs. Or join activities like woman only gyms(most cities have them lately). Walks in nature could also be refreshing for the couples. So again unnecessary going out would mean there is no satisfaction and peace at home. But undertaking activities together wouldnt be wrong. And Allah knows best
PL 8 saatler önce
This is so wrong😂 please talk to some salafi ulema
a_Leaf 10 saatler önce
Sub7anAllah look at how Allah swt has programmed us. If we lie or cheat or steal...it shows in our appearance and health. In order to stop gluttonous eating, you have to cleanse your heart, get God concious, and stop things like lying. Then you can strengthen your ability to control how much food goes in your mouth, by first controlling your tongue. Amazed by Allah's design.
Sam Mirza
Sam Mirza 11 saatler önce
NO “ladies’HIJAB” found in the Quran. The word HIJAB is used in the Quran but not for ladies. Check these Ayath/verses that they say have Hijab in them. (But not found) In Quran 33.59 - “ … JILBAB over themselves…” in Quran 24.31 - “… Khimar over the Jayb..” The word is KHIMAR in the Quran.24.31 - Root Meaning of KHIMAR is just a COVERING, it can also be a neck scarf, any scarf, dupatta, chadar, etc. There is no head, hair, veil, niqab or any such importance in the Quran, transliteration of Quran 24.31: “yadribna bi’Khumur’ihinna ala juyoob’ihinna” [Plurals : khumur, juyoob] Quran 24.31 (see the part of the verse they say has hijab ) // *..put forth the Khimars OVER THE JAYBs…*// KHIMAR = COVERING and JAYB just means OPENING - like an opening in a dress, deep-neck, like shirt pocket - is a jayb To verify from the Quran check this example in //Quran 28.32 (part) “…. yadaka fee jayb’ika …”. // “… put your hand in your Jayb..” (clearly a pocket or opening in the dress) (or) some people translate it as chest/ bosoms coz that’s where the Jayb is. Look at where the importance is in the verse: “COVERING over the Jayb” - but the EXPLANATIONS of ‘Sect’ /Firqa leaders promoted the concept of ladies’HIJAB - by adding it in books written much later after the Quran AND by adding words with brackets in translations and explanations - gradually shifting the importance of COVERING the Jayb - giving importance away from the Jayb seems like distraction from the main emphasis. - AND also these Firqa leaders wrote the Dictionary centuries later to push their meanings - please ask them : when and who wrote the Dictionary that they show their meanings from? We should not accept new meanings to the words after the word is used in the Quran - in the present era the meanings can be understood by checking the same word usage within the Quran - see where the word is used again. QURAN is it’s own DICTIONARY within it - (by using the important words in other verses and locking the meanings). They should know when the same root word is used for intoxicants even then it’s used for “COVER” - - any intoxicant or alcohol COVERS the ability INSIDE THE MIND - - Please NOTE : khumur /intoxicants/ALCOHOL does NOT cover the HAIR or outer-head. How can a religion claiming to be for the whole world - promote desert clothing for far off freezing lands? They’re Spreading culture and calling it religion - They took the desert clothing that is needed in sand storms and called it religion OTHER religious groups were ALREADY wearing it in the desert. IF anyone wants TO FOLLOW WORDS OF ALLAH then they should verify with the Quran - coz every secondary source should match with the Quran AND they should not add words in translations. JILBAB: Means any decent OUTER CLOTHING worn above the under-garments - it’s plural is JALABIB The verse in the Quran 33.59 is about JILBAB - it’s about wearing outer clothing - where it also says that “they can be RECOGNISED and NOT HARASSED” So the condition is to be recognised : how will anyone RECOGNISE if you cover fully? - So avoid tight clothing - it’s really simple as per Quran. Wearing clothes that the security personnel and other people are scared of coz they cannot recognise the person inside - as a result you face difficulty and then that results in feeling harassed. Check the verse Q.33.59 below and remember that some translations or interpretations have added words in brackets - so look at Arabic /or word-to-word translation to VERIFY, yes VERIFY. “… alay’ihinna min jalabib’ihinna… “ -- //Quran 33.59 O Prophet! Ask your wives, daughters, and believing women to draw their JILBAB over themselves . In this way it is more likely that they will be RECOGNISED and not be HARASSED. And Allah is All-Forgiving, Most Merciful// -- Notice it’s only talking about properly covering themselves - there is NO emphasis on head, hair, face covering in this verse also. - Some of them will not VERIFY what is in the Quran - word by word. And you may get to see how they will jump to start calling IGNORANT and names to the person showing them the research.
Hamim Traveling Vlog
Hamim Traveling Vlog 15 saatler önce
Is there anyone can write the Arabic this Dua?please
M. Andersson
M. Andersson 15 saatler önce
This group called "nation of Islam" is a nation of Satan, they have nothing to do with Islam. They believe in another Prophet, they believe there is no judgment day and other nonsense, which takes you out of the fold of islam. Their followers are brainwashed believing this is Islam. Read the books of Malcolm x, may Allah have mercy upon him. He was a member in "nation of Islam", then he went to perform hajj, he saw something that changed him forever, he saw Muslims from different backgrounds, colors, poor, rich, standing together side by side, shoulder by Shoulder, making rukoo (Bowing down), sujood ( prostration) at the same time. Malcolm x became muslim and left this satanic group. Malcolm x was a legend, rahimahullah wa ghafarallah.
Salih 17 saatler önce
Wahabbis (قرن الشيطان) are backbiting the whole Ummah and all of the Ulema
Pippo Killerman
Pippo Killerman 18 saatler önce
Read and learn. This woman did her homework, good for her.
pathan1k1 21 saatler önce
اللہ اکبر۔ اللہ اکبر۔ اللہ اکبر۔
spiderlocyugo Gün önce
There will be 12 Emirs all are from Quraish. Sahieh Bukhari 7222
aripson Gün önce
The dua for the cure is at 8:13
Zak Kibriya
Zak Kibriya Gün önce
🤯🤯🤯 ❤️❤️❤️
アレクスペインター Gün önce
there are many black muslims. even as a westerner myself there is a novelty to seeing white western revert muslims mashaAllah
dortoka Gün önce
We’re not a novelty, we’re human beings, so shove your fetishizing
Ishmael Iben-Malik
Ishmael Iben-Malik Gün önce
Ramadan Mubarak 2023
Ishmael Iben-Malik
Ishmael Iben-Malik Gün önce
Jamal AlGHZEIWAT Gün önce
حسبنا الله ونعم الوكيل
Jamal AlGHZEIWAT Gün önce
حسبنا الله ونعم الوكيل
Jamal AlGHZEIWAT Gün önce
Greta Aitken
Greta Aitken Gün önce
🥹🥰messages such as these are God sent not just pure coincidence….I believe God guides who He wants to guide.
Forever Believer
Forever Believer Gün önce
Palestine🇵🇸 Gün önce
كل عام وانتم بخير Peace and mercy of God🤲🕋 I am from Palestine, I have orphaned children, and my husband passed away several years ago, and there is no one to stand with us. I have a child who wants eye treatment and I have no one to help us Even most of the time, there is no food for the children, and I live in a rented house I have no money for treatment, food, or house rent, which is very difficult O my brothers, do not forget me By God, I am not a deceiver, nor a liar, and I speak the truth I have all medical appreciation ⁰⁰⁹⁷⁰⁵⁹²⁵¹¹⁹⁶⁹ رمضان كريم
Convey message of Islam to all people of the world and to everyone who will come also convey message of Islam to all world leaders......
menna Gün önce
I dont know why i'm writing this here. I love god so much. I can feel his existence. But i am so scared if am not in the right way. I am so confused and scared. Dont even know if this is a true feeling or not since i have anxiety. I wish i can see the real and true way and follow it me and my family.. I care about my afterlife. I know that "maybe" i don't deserve guidance... I am not totally a good person. But i know that the mercy of god is greater than anything.. God please forgive me .. and guide me to your true way.. There is alot of ways. But i believe that there is only one way which is the true one..
Q QK 2 gün önce
God bless you ❤
John Tyson
John Tyson 2 gün önce
Im not devout NOI but I know somethings. I never heard that white people were created on the moon or that they didnt originate from Adam as in they’re not human. Only one race could be direct descendants of Adam. Others would be forged through mutations and cross breeding but still descendants of Adam. I thought there were multiple races - Adam had two germs black and brown. White was created by Yakub. NOI never says black people are God. He repeats the Old Testament- man was made in the image of God. Then you must ask “what does the image of God” mean? This guy spun truths with lies.
Fuad Malik
Fuad Malik 2 gün önce
Taweel umr Shaikh.
Jens Lyn
Jens Lyn 2 gün önce
You can’t even compare the 4 imams to a Muslim murderus sect inventor!
Omar Khalil
Omar Khalil 2 gün önce
PLEASE Mr. Lang learn about Shia Islam for yourself.
Gregory Hunter
Gregory Hunter 2 gün önce
Excellent message! Allah Akbar!😊
Uvais 2 gün önce
🇵🇸 فلسطين
🇵🇸 فلسطين 2 gün önce
كل عام وانتم بخير Peace and mercy of God🤲🕋 I am from Palestine, I have orphaned children, and my husband passed away several years ago, and there is no one to stand with us. I have a child who wants eye treatment and I have no one to help us Even most of the time, there is no food for the children, and I live in a rented house I have no money for treatment, food, or house rent, which is very difficult O my brothers, do not forget me By God, I am not a deceiver, nor a liar, and I speak the truth And I have all the medical appreciation that caused it ⁰⁰⁹⁷⁰⁵⁹²⁵¹¹⁹⁶⁹ الحمدلله
A Idris Palmer
A Idris Palmer 3 gün önce
Notice how in a separate lecture, Siraj Wahhaj gives an entirely different recollection about the same event: trshow.info/watch/y73ttztrGCU/video.html
observer on earth
observer on earth 3 gün önce
Backward people will never change fairy stories
The real deal
The real deal 3 gün önce
Siraj Wahhaj
Amira Abdullatip
Amira Abdullatip 3 gün önce
Abdallah Usman
Abdallah Usman 3 gün önce
absolutely fact
Kiara Ferris
Kiara Ferris 3 gün önce
Jesus is the way the truth and life. He doesn’t advocate beating . Enough said
🔓िcी🔗 3 gün önce
Lost for 65 years ….and the now the destination is sealed… John 10:14
Nada Ismail
Nada Ismail Gün önce
The Bible is coruppted
Nada Ismail
Nada Ismail Gün önce
Christianity is man made religion PAUL'S RELIGION and the coruppted bible
Xpress Visa
Xpress Visa 3 gün önce
Brilliant, great knowledge I did enjoy greatly. May Allah reward Prof. Lang abundantly for sharing his knowledge, life experience, and his journey. trshow.info/watch/Z_CWxG3gMtc/video.html هذا الرابط لمن يريد المحاضره مترجمه
Zoheb Afsar
Zoheb Afsar 3 gün önce
57:45 dua
Aisha M
Aisha M 3 gün önce
This is the best video that I've heard so far online on marriage, well explained. جزاك الله خير
Aisha M
Aisha M 3 gün önce
Excellent advice and points! جزاك الله خير May الله allow those who are getting married follow these great points and advice. It would save a lot of marriages from destruction. امين ❤
Ahmed Bamunif
Ahmed Bamunif 4 gün önce
I assure you there is nothing called Ibrahamic religioun and the only religion Allah sent 8s Islam & this is mentioned in the Quran ان الدين عند الله الإسلام
Ahmed Bamunif
Ahmed Bamunif 4 gün önce
J Green
J Green 4 gün önce
Subhan'allah this was in about 2000-2001. How much the world and our situation has changed since then
Truth Lover
Truth Lover 4 gün önce
This is a wonderful mashup. Thank you !