Elektron Digitakt Review 2022
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4 yıl önce
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Beaticulous 21 dakika önce
Not bad for a $1000 setup. ;)
Dillip Phunbar
Dillip Phunbar 3 saatler önce
Really wanted the takt when it came out, and still think it is an excellent device, however the MPC One gives me more than enough on all these points (maybe not conditional trigs, but I'm sure there is a workaround). Infact ,the "one" is overwhelming for a noob like me.
Michael Trenier
Michael Trenier 3 saatler önce
Is there a pattern sequencer
Def Bones
Def Bones 4 saatler önce
Awesome Gabe!! Which pack? Delorean dreams or A force truly evil?
Gabe Miller Music
Gabe Miller Music 4 saatler önce
Thanks! It's the Retro Futurism pack by A Force Truly Evil. It's one of my new favorites.
Blue Skys
Blue Skys 5 saatler önce
Didn’t realize how well these two go together and I own them both. Inspiring, I’m gonna hook them up today. Great video 👍🏻
Nick 12 saatler önce
nice video Gabe, thanks. I am still having problems finger drumming, you make it look so easy
David Goode
David Goode 13 saatler önce
Robert Thompson
Robert Thompson 16 saatler önce
Just watched all 14 of your vids on the MPC ONE, non-stop. I'm new to beat making, I bought the One a week ago and am totally inspired by your videos. I was able to follow somewhat, I definitely understand much more than than I did a few hours ago! Thanks!
Kyle Reilly
Kyle Reilly 17 saatler önce
Gabe, this hit me in the synthwave sweet spot. Love it.
Max Powers
Max Powers 17 saatler önce
Synthwave is my fave.
Roof Elmao
Roof Elmao 21 saatler önce
toms retro af
KAMOSE BEATS 22 saatler önce
Good job man
R Meister
R Meister Gün önce
Why was this only 59 seconds? Give us more!!!
Gabe Miller Music
Gabe Miller Music 23 saatler önce
That's the limit for the shorts format. I did record a full version as well that I'll probably post to my second channel at some point.
Brendon Smith
Brendon Smith Gün önce
is that bass from the circuit?
Gabe Miller Music
Gabe Miller Music 23 saatler önce
It's from the MicroFreak, although the Circuit can definitely do basses like that as well.
Sponge Knock
Sponge Knock Gün önce
Comrade Pasto
Comrade Pasto Gün önce
Hey Gabe! I'm having a hard time deciding which to buy between the Arturia MicroFreak and Roland JU-06A. Which would recommend to get first?
Gabe Miller Music
Gabe Miller Music 23 saatler önce
It depends on the sound and experience you're going for. If you want the possibility of more wild sounds and more sound design options/modulation, the MicroFreak is a great bet. If you want a simpler subtractive synth setup with a vintage vibe, the JU-06A is great.
Mike Gün önce
More of that please!? Always those similar boom bap, hip-hop and trap oriented videos start to get boring and monotonous… It's nice to see someone is exploring other great genres!
auroraname x
auroraname x Gün önce
Still I dont get why the hack mono?
Fernando García Ferreira
Fernando García Ferreira Gün önce
hey gabi, it's amazing how you handle all the machines. you're a crack kid. keep it up.
Creepcomp Gün önce
😂 nice intro
Joel Gilardini
Joel Gilardini Gün önce
I love my Digitakt, it's such a powerful, versatile box! I use it very often as a monophonic sampled based synth, which is super cool. To mangle sounds and create beats, it's always a very pleasing experience, and once you get used to its sequencer (Elektron's conditional triggers make a huge difference) and general "device architecture",and you can get pretty good results in quite a short time too (then of course, you can get mad and tunes every detail as you wish). The 2021 firmware update with the additional LFO, external input mixers, etc... was just amazing and pushed few steps further the capabilities this magik box!
Skarry Prank Hunter
Skarry Prank Hunter Gün önce
Let's goooo! Nice jam!
Yarden Gün önce
Well done!
John Saunders
John Saunders Gün önce
Awesome. Is that manual ducking you're doing?
Gabe Miller Music
Gabe Miller Music Gün önce
Thanks! The Circuit Tracks is ducking the synths to the kick/snare track. The slider I was moving on the JU-06A is the filter cutoff.
Virtuoso VR
Virtuoso VR Gün önce
nice! Very atmospheric
Ernie Gün önce
Great video - thanks man
Ildafons Gün önce
You will forget the rest of your gear once you get in touch with Digitakt
mikenagol69 Gün önce
No song mode or the ability to save pattern chains... Unacceptable..
MBF Gün önce
Mines just came in the mail I’m really impressed with the build the pads feel great at this price point job well done Akai 🤙🏾