I Customized A School
3 aylar önce
I Customized 1,000 Phone Cases
My Biggest Accomplishment...
Ma Xinyue
Ma Xinyue 49 saniye önce
Lisa from BlackPink be like...
Algie Matthew Oberos
Algie Matthew Oberos 58 saniye önce
I love all your video zhc
FilipKV Gaming
FilipKV Gaming Dakika önce
The girl in the middle for the 1st round is a tiktoker or a person on yt shorts
Solomone Latu
Solomone Latu Dakika önce
I dare you to pick your nose
Anandan Anandan
Anandan Anandan Dakika önce
Bro will you give me one i pad please replay ♥️♥️♥😘😘😘😘
Claire 2 dakika önce
They look better in black hair
DJDogDoesThings 3 dakika önce
5:56 work it zach!
Carson Godwin
Carson Godwin 3 dakika önce
i love zhc
Catherine Fraser
Catherine Fraser 3 dakika önce
I have
Lorissa Cowan
Lorissa Cowan 3 dakika önce
Omg is taut krena
Caroline McLaughlin
Caroline McLaughlin 3 dakika önce
Zach trying to do his lines Michelle: This painting bussin
Tracy THE MF SIMP 5 dakika önce
When your name is tracy-
SlowpokeTail 6 dakika önce
It’s amazing how much Zach cares about his girlfriend
w t
w t 7 dakika önce
blinks are boiling😂
Pyaye Phyo Phyo
Pyaye Phyo Phyo 7 dakika önce
i see in tiktok
Ramesh Kumar AGRAWAL
Ramesh Kumar AGRAWAL 8 dakika önce
The World Needs more people like zhc
Hitman Business
Hitman Business 9 dakika önce
Ain't good friend, just a copycat
Bureta Street
Bureta Street 10 dakika önce
I love how he ( James Charles ) is so happy 😁
XxCOOKIEMASTERxX 10 dakika önce
Can I give you a custom house a pop it house
Delilah-Rose Corcoran
Delilah-Rose Corcoran 10 dakika önce
I scribred and tuned the bell on
vs krishna
vs krishna 11 dakika önce
LilacAnimations 12 dakika önce
ZHC 20years later: broke
Kits'O Montshiwa
Kits'O Montshiwa 12 dakika önce
🤯😍😍😍wow wow look at it
Kits'O Montshiwa
Kits'O Montshiwa 8 dakika önce
Savannah Scowcroft
Savannah Scowcroft 12 dakika önce
Luckily Michael didn’t change her favourite colour
Mehar Bhargava
Mehar Bhargava 13 dakika önce
Awwwwww 🥺🥺
Kathryn Playing
Kathryn Playing 13 dakika önce
You’re actually real kind ☺️
Nitish Kumar
Nitish Kumar 13 dakika önce
Love from india bro You are too good
Pro Gaming Hub
Pro Gaming Hub 15 dakika önce
You shouldn't have Made Lisa Thrown Away 🤬🤬😡😡
Crazy Cat
Crazy Cat 15 dakika önce
Zach: and this is the...... Michelle: has heart attack
Dennis Nobelen
Dennis Nobelen 15 dakika önce
Zo cool
Jvr power
Jvr power 15 dakika önce
i have subsribe
Dennis Nobelen
Dennis Nobelen 16 dakika önce
Hij love you filmpjes groetjes Larissa
Sinead Maguire
Sinead Maguire 16 dakika önce
You are a good artist
Roderick abello
Roderick abello 17 dakika önce
Hi zach im your fan:)
Delilah-Rose Corcoran
Delilah-Rose Corcoran 17 dakika önce
I think she will go crazy
Abdelhamid Haddou
Abdelhamid Haddou 18 dakika önce
Mee is au moroko
Suraya Shaipudin Shah
Suraya Shaipudin Shah 18 dakika önce
Hi i need robux
Glitchimations 16 dakika önce
Alyssa Arguelles
Alyssa Arguelles 19 dakika önce
Starlight163 19 dakika önce
Zack: if you are watching …* eyes get a bit bigger* I love you Me:so you love me I only love your videos but THANK YOU
일리나 19 dakika önce
This is so cool
Ishfaq Ahmed Posh
Ishfaq Ahmed Posh 21 dakika önce
Iam so glad she is a blink❤️❤️ blackpink in your area
Anitha Hari
Anitha Hari 21 dakika önce
Rajeev Ramtohul
Rajeev Ramtohul 22 dakika önce
Of all of u guys r channel
Emy xxx
Emy xxx 23 dakika önce
God bless you for helping people out ♥️
Kenzi ZEE
Kenzi ZEE 23 dakika önce
WAIT WAIT belle from PHIL
Tudas 24 dakika önce
Very nice video and it makes you really happy seeing this, but PLEASE everybody, ignore this Elongate scam 🙏🏼
MEMERGAMER 24 dakika önce
Khang Huỳnh
Khang Huỳnh 26 dakika önce
i love you
Kayleigh Fryer
Kayleigh Fryer 26 dakika önce
I love you so much
fire_flower 26 dakika önce
Noice 👌=]
Asish Kumar Sahu
Asish Kumar Sahu 29 dakika önce
Who told you to buy
Haneen Asim
Haneen Asim 29 dakika önce
Please Im begging please don't annoy jake I also said before he is my fav
Jayvee Tan
Jayvee Tan 30 dakika önce
Anyone watching from 2021
Freakoutgamers 31 dakika önce
Thank you so much for helping those who really need help (:
Fedra Grigorian
Fedra Grigorian 31 dakika önce
How the heck did you make the principal been OK with that
Sanna,moody and sunny Fann
Sanna,moody and sunny Fann 31 dakika önce
That fact that they missed each other is so sweet
Nixon Shigoli
Nixon Shigoli 32 dakika önce
Can I get a new ps5
Bishop Cook
Bishop Cook 33 dakika önce
She is honestly cute without makeup
sun flower
sun flower 33 dakika önce
williamkim164 35 dakika önce
I sub
Anitha Hari
Anitha Hari 36 dakika önce
Martyna Kaczor
Martyna Kaczor 36 dakika önce
Daisy Lopez
Daisy Lopez 38 dakika önce
How rich are you???????
RehanPlayz R[]łëx
RehanPlayz R[]łëx 38 dakika önce
Ummm.. is this her real house?..
Salahuddin and mia studios
Salahuddin and mia studios 42 dakika önce
your thumbnail photo is just like amungus
Maria Cristina Oñate
Maria Cristina Oñate 42 dakika önce
😴😴💤 😴 💤 😴 Zzz
esila de bubbelthea
esila de bubbelthea 43 dakika önce
I have that fear to
Shubham Gurung
Shubham Gurung 43 dakika önce
Zack u and your team is jst amazing hope u have 100 million subscribers.. ❤️❤️
𝓣🌺𝓽𝔂_𝓻🌸𝓫𝓵𝓸𝔁 43 dakika önce
who is else here to see his oldest video
the nuggie gang
the nuggie gang 43 dakika önce
I actually didn’t know that his your friend!!!
Toma Navickiene
Toma Navickiene 44 dakika önce
eunice Ronquillo
eunice Ronquillo 45 dakika önce
Wow nice house.your so lucky to have him
eunice Ronquillo
eunice Ronquillo 46 dakika önce
Your so lucky..
Steven Nguyen
Steven Nguyen 46 dakika önce
I like your drawings!
L𖤐. 47 dakika önce
هذا الانسان يزق فلوس
daniel wieber
daniel wieber 47 dakika önce
bruh he can draw better than me while he undewater
Jennievie F. Mamauag
Jennievie F. Mamauag 48 dakika önce
her reaction was lit,but when she starts heating that pillow with lisas picture?my face went like 🤨, like wtf?
Aimee Abo
Aimee Abo 48 dakika önce
I wonder if Michelle ate slept or used the bathroom or had breaks fitting her challange
Lee Baxter
Lee Baxter 48 dakika önce
There’s 22.7 million subscribers so it will never be me
Sainabou hydara
Sainabou hydara 50 dakika önce
She going to love you so much bro no kidding bro