RIP $5,000 Art | ZHC
REDXGAMERXPROX -_- Dakika önce
I was laughing like the part when he removed his shirt off his girl friend was next to him and was like 👏👏👏👏👏😳
Mester Mekk
Mester Mekk Dakika önce
I like the musk rat on the hood
Danial Zharif
Danial Zharif Dakika önce
Hey all dat say wtf is mean
Omer king
Omer king 3 dakika önce
Faze house like Hype house comment
We Post Viral Videos
We Post Viral Videos 6 dakika önce
Dope cars 👍👌
k 2
k 2 6 dakika önce
Pls me
Lance Sapico
Lance Sapico 6 dakika önce
Shadow GT
Shadow GT 6 dakika önce
James is more hyperactive than I thought no offense but best reaction
jayden the beast at fortnite
jayden the beast at fortnite 7 dakika önce
Ile neve win a give away
Jan Mihayiditi
Jan Mihayiditi 9 dakika önce
I don't mind winning your giveaways, I really love your customizings, and your videos are so fun! I recommended you to all of my friends then they started watching and loved your vids!
Sana Saifi
Sana Saifi 9 dakika önce
Phone Subbed India Reason I have no money I am poor 😭😭
Mr Clasher
Mr Clasher 10 dakika önce
My big goal is to reach 200k amazing subscribers milestone this year 💪
Wassim Sabhi
Wassim Sabhi 10 dakika önce
Rose Sun Flow
Rose Sun Flow 11 dakika önce
Durian actually taste pretty good, I like it
Sana Saifi
Sana Saifi 11 dakika önce
We do not have so much money that we can take one I phone 😭😭😭
OLIVIA WONG SIAW CHING Moe 12 dakika önce
Please give me one I am at Sarawak kuching bdc
Michelle Ko
Michelle Ko 14 dakika önce
Poor Turkey
oscar landeros
oscar landeros 14 dakika önce
your so nice
Igor Mikuška
Igor Mikuška 14 dakika önce
A custom paintjob isn't a custom vehicle...
Sana Saifi
Sana Saifi 16 dakika önce
Please give me a phone too
Aasination Studios
Aasination Studios 18 dakika önce
That was thrilling 🔥🔥
Sara Hagman
Sara Hagman 19 dakika önce
Are u from Japan?
Dwyise Etan Toliao
Dwyise Etan Toliao 20 dakika önce
Subscribe to zhc
Mhike vargas
Mhike vargas 20 dakika önce
Zhc has 1 mission spread positivity only a couple channels to that zhc dharnm ham are sent here by god
Dwyise Etan Toliao
Dwyise Etan Toliao 20 dakika önce
Me please 🥺🥺🥺🥺
Elsa hui chi Chiang
Elsa hui chi Chiang 21 dakika önce
Cool i wish i could be there
Nabil Nasr
Nabil Nasr 24 dakika önce
Keep doing video's like that I love them
Spirit :I
Spirit :I 24 dakika önce
I have been not watching this channel for 2 months and when i camr back you bought a damn bus- oh my
Kendall Sheweiry
Kendall Sheweiry 24 dakika önce
Zhc I don’t have Twitter but I have followed u on insta. Can I still be entered into win the AirPods.
Khadija Touseef
Khadija Touseef 26 dakika önce
Omg your videos are soooo cool
skylander buddies
skylander buddies 27 dakika önce
i love zhc
Allychee 27 dakika önce
*ppl watching ZHC for the giveaway* Me: watching for the cool video effects + music + s a t i s f a c t i o n Anyways this race looks dope
HAYOMEDIA TV 30 dakika önce
Hello OK 🆗 ☺️☺️☺️👍👍👍
Mahir Cave
Mahir Cave 30 dakika önce
If I could choose between those two cars, I'd take the Tesla
Fructoze Productions
Fructoze Productions 23 dakika önce
well you could get the lamborghini, sell it and get the tesla and have leftover money..
Gianella Duffoo
Gianella Duffoo 30 dakika önce
Custom white classic nike air force 1!! I’d love to see that
Top Survival Cooking
Top Survival Cooking 31 dakika önce
hasha now i'm claim your video 2 Million Viewers
lerizza joy zulueta
lerizza joy zulueta 32 dakika önce
Azoo ytb
Azoo ytb 32 dakika önce
Please me
Tanem Balaban
Tanem Balaban 33 dakika önce
Can you come turkey plss
juan pablo jordan
juan pablo jordan 33 dakika önce
Las fundas quedaron: 🤡🤡🤡
Aleksandar Kitanovski
Aleksandar Kitanovski 33 dakika önce
Where is the video of the hupe buse
Jordan Fincher
Jordan Fincher 35 dakika önce
Wait is that jaden smith lol idk
Karyle Villanueva
Karyle Villanueva 35 dakika önce
We love your veidio sahc,
Hailey Smythe
Hailey Smythe 36 dakika önce
Hi Zach my name is Kimberly I have a sitter named Hailey and you would so make our day if you would plz Mack us phones that would be sooooo cool if you would thx so much you guys are so cool ❤️
Gianella Duffoo
Gianella Duffoo 36 dakika önce
Omggg i loved thatttt
little pirates
little pirates 37 dakika önce
Zhc : guys lighting's in portant but getting lit is more important *throw's money* Me: moooooonnnnnneeeeyyyy!!!!!!!
Jeidhen Paramio
Jeidhen Paramio 37 dakika önce
Neat customs bro
Sydni’s World
Sydni’s World 37 dakika önce
You literally went outside to spray paint
Attitude King
Attitude King 38 dakika önce
drackiline and uni 2020
drackiline and uni 2020 38 dakika önce
I like the drawings
Kok Jun Hao Dylan
Kok Jun Hao Dylan 38 dakika önce
Are u becoming beast jr.
Irina Urukalo
Irina Urukalo 40 dakika önce
.an i want to be in his videos i want nintendo switch im sl jelous
Yojana Bhattarai
Yojana Bhattarai 43 dakika önce
Can I get one please 😭😭😭🙏🙏🙏🙇
Santhosh Thomas
Santhosh Thomas 43 dakika önce
Can I please have the phone I have always wanted it for 3 year's I watch your video when it is posted and like and subscribe your channel
GoodOle F100
GoodOle F100 44 dakika önce
so this a knock off mr beast?
jazztin patrimonio
jazztin patrimonio 46 dakika önce
I wish i can have one of those please🥺