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Stop Sciatic Pain While Sitting
Worlds Greatest Leg Exercise
Watupm 2 dakika önce
I read moonified thought one of you knew how to moonwalk xD
Firebird 7479
Firebird 7479 14 dakika önce
Any recommendations for sneakers? Everything out there is memory foam and that is terrible for my feet and back.
Judy Kaiser
Judy Kaiser 26 dakika önce
This exercise works amazingly well.
Martha Villegas
Martha Villegas 28 dakika önce
Thanks for your videos! 🌹🌹
Sammy Lenjou
Sammy Lenjou 32 dakika önce
Thank you for this video ! 🙏🙏🙏 I was training martial arts, weight training and skateboarding until i sprained ankle and bruised ribs 4 weeks ago. My doctor advised me to use warm compress with arnica tincture daily and also herbal anti-inflammatory gel. Last days i really feel like i don't need the brace anymore, i started walking in the house without it and feels so good. My doctor said it Should be healed after 3 week, so here we are looking around for rehab exercises. But, is it normal that after every type of light exercise i do, even hometrainer, the swelling comes back ?
bonnie ikamas
bonnie ikamas 40 dakika önce
Would my elliptical machine work as well as walking for sciatica? Thanks!
Ghost of a Chance
Ghost of a Chance 46 dakika önce
God bless these two! They have helped me and my family immensely. Knee pain, back pain hip pain I have shared so many videos with people. Many problems you can fix yourself while getting in shape. Try their videos before going to the doctor or taking drugs
vickie hw
vickie hw 47 dakika önce
I have compressed fracture n try many exercise does not work, what else u can advise? I used to be athletic n strong 76.
MAK麦 47 dakika önce
Hello, B & B. I've been watching your videos since I have my ACL reconstruction surgery about a year ago. Any good suggestion on strengthening leg muscles for me? Thanks. 😄
Marianne Petersen
Marianne Petersen 48 dakika önce
I'm finally admitting I need suggestions to help the arthritis on my hand/fingers. "See what TRshow has to share" I thought.- Your vid is the first one I'm watching. I started smiling BIG TIME. Why? You two gave awesome advice after I had broken my collarbone a few years ago and I was looking for advice. You two were AWESOME in sharing what can help recover. (still did have to go to a physical therapist) Anyway - Glad I ran into you two again. - Time I get one of those hand heaters and do a few of the other great suggestions you both gave.
j b
j b 50 dakika önce
Right shoe or right arch support?
Jim Stamper
Jim Stamper 50 dakika önce
For a lower back pain you often recommend walking only on level ground. But what back problems are affected by walking on slopes, and how can we eventually work up to being able to walk on hills and slopes again? PS. In many parts of the country it is really impossible to find long stretches of level ground
James Armstrong Physio
James Armstrong Physio 53 dakika önce
Do you mean tendinopathy 😉 Great stuff guys
Hans Guth
Hans Guth 53 dakika önce
Can tennis elbow also cause hand numbness? I seem to have both. Pain like tennis elbow seems to create but also irritating hand numbness.
Steve Day
Steve Day 59 dakika önce
I like how you threw the book on the floor at the end. Like it was a piece of trash. Her lifes work and you just tossed it. Good information but disrespectful to throw it away like that.
retiredpipewrench Saatler önce
These two give some very good info in the most boring way. The one talks so fast at times I could not completely understand what he said. They should try to give the info without all their long personal stories and don't talk at the same time, get to the point, it's like y'all are wanting to be holly wood stars, not going to happen.
POLICE Saatler önce
What is your height
allykatharvey Saatler önce
Thanks, boys! Very helpful video and kind of you to approach the difficult subject so politely and clearly. My pelvic floor needs a bit of working on after having children and I have to do the exercises again if I’ve lifted things too much!
James Jordan
James Jordan Saatler önce
I'm only 26 and my I have joint problems and pain
Charles Knister
Charles Knister Saatler önce
I have tightens muscles in the shoulders. Will these exercises work to help the sleeping hands as I drive a vehicle?
Sherlock H.
Sherlock H. Saatler önce
Way to make things really impossible to understand. Two things I'm bad at dieting and math.
Mark Guertin
Mark Guertin Saatler önce
Sometimes when I just listen to you guys I can't tell who is who!
Pratik Das
Pratik Das Saatler önce
How to avoid getting injured during or after gym workouts would be useful,I had recently felt pain in my hip after squatting more than I could bear(silly me) luckily it has subsided completely but I'd appreciate it if you could help us with this topic and also the common mistakes that people make during the various exercises in the gym.Thanks
Zierel Gutierez
Zierel Gutierez Saatler önce
The Agoge Diet is probably the best diet for building muscle. I struggled for so long until I started following it.
beignet1682 Saatler önce
I do ballet as a hobby, and last week having fun in the pool I’m pretty sure I did smth wrong and now my pelvis seems tilted (which is not a good posture for ballet!) … Thanks for this video (which makes me realize I probably have muscles imbalance 😑) ! I’m gonna try this before I go to a PT or smth
Wendy Simmons
Wendy Simmons 2 saatler önce
Fantastic men!! Thank you!! I will be trying this at park today! People will accuse me of "tree hugging"(only park in United States without benches?)😉 Thank you !
Yvette Benavidez
Yvette Benavidez 2 saatler önce
What about walking in place at home? My dad is connected to oxygen and using a walker.
Brandon Muñoz
Brandon Muñoz 2 saatler önce
I’m fighting everyday. Pray for me
Ms.KC_Cooke 2 saatler önce
Yes! what can we do indoors, for specific sports. Also for overall strength. I am 60 and a weekend long distance cycling enthusiast but during the winter I don't do anything. And each spring I notice it more and more. As I am listening, I like all your ideas.
Psych Trail Mix
Psych Trail Mix 2 saatler önce
Bob really needs to cut back on the booze.
Emile Fa
Emile Fa 2 saatler önce
Do you have some tips to get energy during the day? - Someone with hypersomnia
yakk13 2 saatler önce
Bob seems drunk in this one. What’s up with that?
Scrimmer08 2 saatler önce
If I say how many I do in a minute, they will be labelled 'too fast' even though each one is chest to the floor. Way more than 40.
Peace 2 saatler önce
Love the caption you put at the bottom of the screen during the opening. Blessings
Anouk Anouk
Anouk Anouk 3 saatler önce
Can you expain why Nordic Walking helps my lower backache? Your advises helped me also, but even when my backacke is really bad, it is relieved by nordic walking with poles. I know it works, I just do not know why.
Ru Kh
Ru Kh 3 saatler önce
It's a tough problem ....have it...the electrical running down the legis awful. I found your channel when I was helolesd searching for solutions .Thanks guys you are God send
Pam ela
Pam ela 3 saatler önce
I call it... 'working behind a desk for years hump'....(tight spots) = stress spots....who can relax in this busy world...p.s. I love the spine prop...wish more doctors would use those for us visual learners. Pat you're a real trooper... Great channel. Subscribed.
kilocam 3 saatler önce
I work in a cold warehouse with sciatica bi lateral. My main problem is quadriceps and hamstrings get stiff and tight which reduces my range of motion. My question is what type of hot pack should I use while I’m at work during a 8 hour shift are there any brands you suggest?
-cecil-on-life -
-cecil-on-life - 3 saatler önce
this was oddly wholesome
Anna Y
Anna Y 3 saatler önce
This is less of a general question and more personal. I've got muscles in my calves that have been tight since January (no, I am not exaggerating), and no amount of resting, stretching, or rolling has helped. A PT said it was to do with my tight psoas, so I've been doing the exercises they gave me but while I'm more flexible through my hips, it doesn't seem to have affected anything in my calves. I have checked my form per your psoas videos. How long does it take for one loosening muscle to affect the ones below it? Thanks.
Ron Marasa
Ron Marasa 3 saatler önce
Hello. I think I may have this problem. I have these attacks when I go to sleep. They actually occur when I change my sleeping position. I’ve done 2 sleep studies. Originally, the doctor said I had sleep apnea. I tried a cpap machine to no avail. Also, tried all types of medications. Still didn’t resolve the problem. I can actually feel the sensation coming on before it begins. I am In bed, but I’m awake when these attacks occur. These attacks are extremely bad, and result in me screaming. Sometimes it feels as though my brain is being squeezed. They usually occur between 2-4 times during the night. I am from the USA but I live in Ecuador. Is there a way I can perform the procedure I saw in this video on my own?
XDFLow - Topic
XDFLow - Topic 3 saatler önce
I had no why my hand go numb but I recall last time I was holding handstand for 90 sec for couple of reps then now my hand went numb. Is there somebody like me here?
Ibrahim Moosa
Ibrahim Moosa 4 saatler önce
Laura Forkes
Laura Forkes 4 saatler önce
I have had both of my hips replaced- and the lean down method of the bike works the best for me. The lifting up of the bike and rodeo style to get on would make me fall backwards. But this 68 year old woman loves to bike and I do not want to lose my mountain bike. I looked at step throughs and they are not going to do the job for mountain bike trails- they just don't make them...or at least I have not found any that would suit my Senior needs. This video I was thrilled to see that on my own I have been doing a BOB and BRAD method for years now! Go figure? lol lol Thanks for the support. I do have one of the percussion massage tools you recommended years ago and it too has been added to my inventory of helpful physio aids to keep me going You ARE THE BEST on the internet. Greetings from Kingston, Ontario CANADA.
abdel achir
abdel achir 4 saatler önce
Feel free to DM or email us for any questions you may have!
abdel achir
abdel achir 4 saatler önce
Feel free to DM or email us for any questions you may have!
Philip Holman
Philip Holman 4 saatler önce
I didn't think it was supposed to heal, it's a herniated disc . I've got 5 . I'm pain free a majority of the time but went it goes out I'm crippled. The last time my left leg was dead from the knee down and I had drop foot for about six months . It's horrible to have this thing.
Vishal Kumar
Vishal Kumar 4 saatler önce
omg it works.. thanku
B N 4 saatler önce
Suggestions: 1) How to approach or talk to doctors/other medical professionals about problems in such a way that they will be willing to listen to you. Especially to continue to pursue other treatments or diagnosis when their initial ones have failed or did not properly address the symptoms. Basically, what to do when you've tried and followed what you were told, but it didn't fix the issues. Bonus if it includes what to do when you're outside standard statistical ranges, i.e. especially tall, or young but have something that is rare in young people, etc. 2) And connected to that, how to try and lose weight or become functional again, after a long period were you haven't been able to function or do much due to pain/injury/lack of treatment.
Bonnie Hoke-Scedrov
Bonnie Hoke-Scedrov 4 saatler önce
Great video! Thanks!