Rob Slattery
Rob Slattery 10 gün önce
He's still young and strong so he can get away with it
Matthew Dosier
Matthew Dosier 5 aylar önce
Any update on where he’s at now in life
Martin cancetty
Martin cancetty 6 aylar önce
Hi my name is Martin I'm from NYC I've been homeless with my wife since 2017, living in the street for 2 years and in the nyc shelter system till today, I have knowledge of NYC streets, and 5 boroughs, I also grew up in foster care and group homes, and I also want to share different ways me my wife and other homeless ppl get by in nyc, also the covid situation in the system, basically I think our story would make very good content, please e-mail me if your interested in doing our story!!!!!! [email protected]
Martin Parvanov 🇧🇬
Martin Parvanov 🇧🇬 6 aylar önce
Oh so Bulgaria
Beloved Disciple
Beloved Disciple 8 aylar önce
To be fair that's the kinda thing Americans say when you say your from 80% of countries. "Duhhhhh, isn't that by Brazil? Japan?"
Anton Keith
Anton Keith 8 aylar önce
Thank you for sharing. I’m an aspiring storyteller and I thank you for the inspiration.
RWB 8 aylar önce
This guy is such a special soul, so pure, honest, open to everything and everyone I think he'll find his way ❤️
Kristian Kociski
Kristian Kociski 9 aylar önce
So true
Iworkwithnitwits 9 aylar önce
He should have set money aside so he could get his own housing if things did not work out with his flaky girlfriend.
GL N 9 aylar önce
Did they not cover all of these questions in school? You know, the part about a mega empire?
Turbine68 9 aylar önce
I don't know where Macedonia is but I know the directions, its "Second star to the right and straight on 'til morning"
Sammy Kyrk
Sammy Kyrk 9 aylar önce
The whole world thinks you stink
Mac 10 aylar önce
This is killer.
Jose Malave
Jose Malave 11 aylar önce
I live in new york. and am poor.but I always thanks God make it here .just fight work never give up God will bless you vote for Donald trump make America great
Username 123
Username 123 Yıl önce
Where are you from? -Macedonia mate. Is that Moldavia? *sigh*
nebojsa sokolovski
nebojsa sokolovski Yıl önce
The act bad all of them know who we are we are MACEDONIANS!
ger marc
ger marc Yıl önce
everyone knows where is macedonia after ancient macedonia.
null Yıl önce
To truly question freedom is to become homeless
Terry Barentsen
Terry Barentsen Yıl önce
Had to unsub and resub to find this and watch it for the 3rd time. I love it, thank you!
Alabaster Stone
Alabaster Stone Yıl önce
American ignorance
Itzel Direm
Itzel Direm Yıl önce
He is in self-denial which helps him not to be pessimistic.
King Goldie🌹
King Goldie🌹 Yıl önce
wow beautiful!
Robson Francescato
Robson Francescato Yıl önce
wow. I'm no film industry professional, but to me you did a great job as a student. I loved your short doc and I hope your friend is now in a better position in life. Are you still in touch? What happened to him?
Yo Yo
Yo Yo Yıl önce
Turn your way to God for help homeless guys. Stop addiction if you maybe have. Read the Holy Bible for answers, for consolatian, the New Testament in it for the Gospel. Go to church, ask there for shelter included some work for money. Pray God for forgiveniss of your sins through the powerful work of His Son Jesus Christ. Amen. (that should be the main wish) When you have God, you have everything, He will help you if you are honest and do your best. Pray and work if you can, I am sympatize with you, best to you!
booba Yıl önce
Once I told a girl im macedonian and she was like ooH tHatS sO cooL and we just sat in silence for like a minute
booba Yıl önce
@κυψελιώτης what
κυψελιώτης Yıl önce
did you pork her?
booba Yıl önce
Frank H. - New Entertainment Pictures
Frank H. - New Entertainment Pictures Yıl önce
A Tribute to all homelss in NYC... trshow.info/watch/HTAaNP3P0iQ/video.html
G E E T A N J A L I A R T S Yıl önce
Nice documentary
XEvieX Yıl önce
Cleopatra was Macedonian (:
Kaily Kelly
Kaily Kelly Yıl önce
Maiko 💖
Anastasia Yıl önce
Okay I just wanna say that Greeks should not be that mad at Macedonia, I know many will disagree and some will agree, but I just wanna live In Macedonia in peace! Without any people saying that Macedonia is Greek or things like that. And I can agree with Bulgarian having a similar language to Macedonian but I still disagree because 30% of the time I don't understand anything in Bulgarian, And Greeks should really stop involving Alexander The Great in this. History is history and it will never be changed. I just hope one day Greece and Bulgaria have better terms with Macedonia :)
Nick laus
Nick laus Yıl önce
@κυψελιώτης nice preschool insult dude, how old are 12?
κυψελιώτης Yıl önce
@Nick laus calm down zorbass, there's enough tzatziki for you too...
Nick laus
Nick laus Yıl önce
History says that Alexander was Greek, wtf are u ranting about weirdo
AjitaDas399 Yıl önce
I thought everyone heard about Alexander the Great who was from Macedonia
Nick laus
Nick laus Yıl önce
@κυψελιώτης do u have anything new to say only spam the same message all over? Go back to yo mamas basement kiddo, grown-ups talk here
κυψελιώτης Yıl önce
@Nick laus the whole world knows zorbass. try pulling your head out from up your [email protected]
Nick laus
Nick laus Yıl önce
Ofc they do, they don't know that there is fake slavobulgarian country with that name too though
spaghetti man
spaghetti man Yıl önce
idk if this was a weird hallucination or whatever, but when i first saw this video and went through the comments i saw a person saying something along the lines of "since u put an asian person as ur thumbnail, that means ur saying macedonia is in asia" did they delete it orrrr
George T.
George T. Yıl önce
Next time someone asks you tell them that Macedonia is a part of Greece.
Jan-Hendrik Swanepoel
Jan-Hendrik Swanepoel Yıl önce
Cool film. What happened to Maiko?
Jan-Hendrik Swanepoel
Jan-Hendrik Swanepoel Yıl önce
@Maiko Newell, that's brilliant news, man 🙂 I'm glad to hear you're alright. Good job! It couldn't have been easy.
Maiko Newell
Maiko Newell Yıl önce
Jan-Hendrik Swanepoel moved to Connecticut, worked my way up from renting a spot in someone’s living room to living in a beautiful house in the woods!
dark side
dark side Yıl önce
Skopje and Ohrid best from Macedonia 🇲🇰❤
Gamer Space Marine 368
Gamer Space Marine 368 Yıl önce
Good video but music is like 200% louder than his talk at 3:40
PM 15
PM 15 Yıl önce
I can relate to this.
Nik D
Nik D Yıl önce
Once a guy asked me where I am from and I said Macedonia. Her reaction was I'm from Texas, but I have many Greek friends.
Mel_UWU Aylar önce
@Nick laus I'd prefer Russian.
Mel_UWU Aylar önce
@Nick laus wooow okay lol.
Nick laus
Nick laus Aylar önce
@Mel_UWU yea i don't want to admit what the whole world believes, i'll just take as fact what a bunch of slavobulgarians say lol Take care kid
Mel_UWU Aylar önce
@Nick laus don't worry hun, I did you just don't want to admit it
Nick laus
Nick laus Aylar önce
@Mel_UWU Greek always loved it's biggest hero, Alexander went to Persia to take revenge for Persian invasion Don't believe your politicians my friend do your own research
Room 9 Podcast
Room 9 Podcast Yıl önce
Nathalie... I just went through the majority of your channel. I love your work. Keep kicking ass. It inspires me to continue to work day in and day out.
LILMS Yıl önce
"I don't see myself as homeless" Video title: Homeless in New York
Aleksandra Maksimovska
Aleksandra Maksimovska Yıl önce
I am Macedonia but i am not to Macedonia like my dad is from Germany and my mom is from Macedonia but not just that i can speak Macedonia and German and a lot of languches
Swirl Yıl önce
seriozno go vikaat ova ako si od makedonija XD
YourAnimeWaifu Yıl önce
Okay,I never thought I'd find people stupid кога праша дали јадеме храна засркнасе на воздух
Stefan Sovreski
Stefan Sovreski Yıl önce
Angela Angelova
Angela Angelova Yıl önce
I'm from macedonia too🇲🇰
Jordan Yıl önce
Македония е българска!
emi Yıl önce
“Wow so cool! Where Macedonia again?” 🤣🤣
A A Yıl önce
Is that where Macadamia nuts come from? That's the main one I hear.
Johnny Sins
Johnny Sins Yıl önce
Macedonians are turks
Steve B
Steve B Yıl önce
Lord hear our prayers
Stefan_ooo_ooo Yıl önce
A live in macedonia zdravo
i Am A bAd GuY DUH
i Am A bAd GuY DUH Yıl önce
Say something in Macedonian: Me: da ides u tri lepe --- Them: wow
xJAY42Ox Yıl önce
I'm in the same position. I'm 25 and homeless in los angeles.
Maiko Newell
Maiko Newell Yıl önce
xJAY42Ox hoping everything is going good for you bro!
zedsian Yıl önce
The name: ''Alexander'' ''Philip'' ''Macedonia'' ''Thessaloniki'' ''Edessa'' In Ancient Macedonian writ.: Αλέξανδρος Φίλιππος Μακεδονία Θεσσαλονίκη Έδεσσα In ancient Hellenic writing: Αλέξανδρος Φίλιππος Μακεδονία Θεσσαλονίκη Έδεσσα In today's Hellenic writing: Αλέξανδρος Φίλιππος Μακεδονία Θεσσαλονίκη Έδεσσα In FYROMian writing is: Александар Филип Македонија Солун (Solun) воден (Voden) In Bulgarian writing is: Александър Филип Македония Солун (Solun) воден (Voden) Dear Uploader and the rest of FYROMians... tell me again... what is your Language... Macedonian or Slavic-Bulgarian ??? Come on... it's time to stop trying to hide yourself back of your finger... Please... it's Completely Ridiculous !!!
Karen Hargis
Karen Hargis Yıl önce
God bless you man... I wish I could help...give out a P.O. box for mail
Karen Hargis
Karen Hargis Yıl önce
This makes me sad
Tricia Williams
Tricia Williams Yıl önce
Powerful I pray that you have a place of your own now and all the best in life 💪🏾
Anobin Yıl önce
When people ask me where Macedonia is i say in Scotland They say thats why u speak good english XDDD
10 4
10 4 2 yıl önce
That's an amazing positive attitude. I myself was homeless in NYC and managed to get myself out of my situation.
Jimbojet 11 aylar önce
10 /4 it’s a deluded attitude. Do you think he isn’t homeless? He is a man deluded, a man of contradictions. Good luck to him.
the Balkan baguett
the Balkan baguett 2 yıl önce
are amerikans that god damn blunt
Faruk Alfa
Faruk Alfa 2 yıl önce
I was really pulled into the world of your character. Please what's the name of the instrumentals playing in the background? Especially the one place at the middle of the video?
Mariya Magdalina Kovacheva
Mariya Magdalina Kovacheva 2 yıl önce
He has a deep view of life.
Mateo Naranjo
Mateo Naranjo 2 yıl önce
kokan mokan
kokan mokan 2 yıl önce
Macedonia for Macedonians
M Y L O 2 yıl önce
leonid janeski
leonid janeski Yıl önce
i mean there are a lot of Muslims here
i am
i am 2 yıl önce
"Do you eat food?" No,Eva will tell you how we survive.
Yaaa aight
Yaaa aight 2 yıl önce
once they asked my dad if the sun was in Macedonia 😅
Anastasia Yıl önce
LoL 🤣
Ryan Rittenhouse
Ryan Rittenhouse 2 yıl önce
The poor out number the rich. Why don't we rise up and just take it all back.
RedWar 2 yıl önce
Reported bastard macedonia is only one greek
Jesus Will Come
Jesus Will Come 2 yıl önce
Натееее зошто си стаила вентилатор на крај на видео? Нашето правилно знаме е шестнаесет кракото сонце.
Jake Sazdanovski
Jake Sazdanovski 2 yıl önce
Do you live in a house??? No we live in the trees 😂
doctor mcstuffins
doctor mcstuffins 2 yıl önce
AND I HAVE TO EXPERIENCE THIS. one like = support for me not to slap my friends.
moon moon
moon moon 2 yıl önce
i always find myself coming back to this video. It's so pure
Inot 2 yıl önce
Macedonia forever❤
Thomas Zioudros
Thomas Zioudros 2 yıl önce
Macedonia is not a country but a Greek state of ancient Greece as well as modern Greece that is fact .
vidooks HD
vidooks HD 2 yıl önce
You dumbass idiots !!!!!! Being Macedonian is the best thing ever. YOU CAN JUST WISH YOU WERE BORN IN MACEDONIA
miki car
miki car 2 yıl önce
Ne be site sme od jorejnes
Petar Nikolov
Petar Nikolov 2 yıl önce
I'm from macedonia and I'm proud😂🇲🇰
The Monarchist
The Monarchist Yıl önce
well the Former Yugoslav Republic Of Macedonia ok I will not upset you any further
well the Former Yugoslav Republic Of Macedonia
well the Former Yugoslav Republic Of Macedonia Yıl önce
@The Monarchist I mostly swear at Greeks who say macedonia is Greek, but now I'm asking you politely to go comments those stuff in another video.
The Monarchist
The Monarchist Yıl önce
Real history is unpleasant! That would imply that Macedonia is Bulgarians but you’re absolutely correct when it comes to his roots
The Monarchist
The Monarchist 2 yıl önce
Petar Nikolov always be proud to be greek
Pelopidas Mavromichelakis
Pelopidas Mavromichelakis 2 yıl önce
Region of Macedonia is Greek. The country so-called Macedonia, is a Slavic nation speaking Bulgarian. Easy peasy.