Wingman46 3 saatler önce
Liliana Campos Altamirano
Liliana Campos Altamirano 3 saatler önce
Deepak Jamra
Deepak Jamra 3 saatler önce
ZeVio74 3 saatler önce
I agree with the rest, the trailer showed too much
Seaskunk 3 saatler önce
ugh. As soon as you see a happy and in love couple you know that one of them is going to have an incurable disease and die. sigh
Joshua Gonzales
Joshua Gonzales 3 saatler önce
What the hell… I was only 12 when I saw this movie! Now I’m 20 and realizing the cast! 😭 this movie is still awesome!
Hontoni X
Hontoni X 3 saatler önce
This is child of IT and Sinister
Jai Norman
Jai Norman 3 saatler önce
So hyped for this movie 2022 kicking off to a good start. 😎
Balaj Veer A2Z Channel
Balaj Veer A2Z Channel 4 saatler önce
Longtime _ very extraordinary trailer, wait for this movie
GodZi 4 saatler önce
3 minutes for a trailer is way too long.
Dapatriot21 4 saatler önce
0:42 This Isn’t Funny!
rast yar
rast yar 4 saatler önce
I will always root for michael no matter what .
Spacier Knight
Spacier Knight 4 saatler önce
This movie is crazy! Everyone give 110% to their performances, except Cera. The nonchalant roommate is more believable than Cera. Even Brie "Stoneface McGee" Larson shows more emotion than her latest performances.
Emma Göring
Emma Göring 4 saatler önce
In the first movie the population of Haddonfield was not half black. But in this movie, which takes place in the same night, half the population suddenly turned black, lol. How does that happen?
Cyruss 4 saatler önce
Whenever The Crowd Isnt Fake
Israel Magalit
Israel Magalit 4 saatler önce
Oh this looks good...
DiAuhna Johnson
DiAuhna Johnson 4 saatler önce
Win DiAuhna
Elijah 4 saatler önce
no 4 saatler önce
The pot head in me heard "Are those pack of woods in there ?" 0:39 🤣🤣🤣
Sheri Alexander
Sheri Alexander 4 saatler önce
I thought we were getting away from shitty "too long and revealing" trailers?!?!
Jordan Fisher
Jordan Fisher 4 saatler önce
Michael Myers, one of the ONLY entities alive that can actually KILL the cameraman
Genna Brooke
Genna Brooke 4 saatler önce
I don’t get like what did the fire have to do with anything I’m probably just really stupid
cameraphotostudio 4 saatler önce
The Call 2
Eli Chilton
Eli Chilton 4 saatler önce
One of my favourite comedies from 1999.
Doug Ryan
Doug Ryan 4 saatler önce
Hi I'm Doug and I've seen all Michael Myers films 100 times each one of them I've seen 74thousands movies in my life I'm 52 years old not to brag but I'm the best in the business
Wildfire 4 saatler önce
Gives me lovely bones vibes. Too triggering for me. Pass.
Qjesi Lemcor
Qjesi Lemcor 4 saatler önce
The makeshift step-brother certainly back because brandy frequently pine throughout a direful pea. troubled, dashing frown
Nicholas Marsocci
Nicholas Marsocci 4 saatler önce
i’m trying to figure out how this fucker walked from the fortress to the town before sun even came up. tf
Ben Quinney, III
Ben Quinney, III 4 saatler önce
Clerical error
ShawnK 4 saatler önce
The film was alright until the ending. Like what the heck was that, it made no sense and ended too abruptly. And after how savage the mob in the hospital was portrayed to be, you would think they would have ripped Michael inside out, not just beat him up.
Rasu Bosu
Rasu Bosu 4 saatler önce
But it seems like the whole movie was spoiled 😐
Angela S
Angela S 4 saatler önce
🎃🔪 I'm getting ready to watch this movie & watching the trailer is getting me even more pumped up for it. I'm a HUGE fan of Halloween & I knew last movie we'd have another epic one to follow. I couldn't watch any YT reviews bc I didn't want to ruin ANYTHING for myself & usually I'm ALWAYS watching vids on new movie reviews.🕯👻 * I'll update my opinion on it after I watched it!*
anil kumar
anil kumar 4 saatler önce
Auto 4 saatler önce
Emma Göring
Emma Göring 4 saatler önce
In the first movie, the population of Haddonfield was not half black. But in this movie, which takes place in the exact same night, half the population suddenly turned black. How does that happen?
Simson 4 saatler önce
I didn't see the title when this trailer played as an ad in the middle of a video i was watching. I just figured out thats Ethan Hawke when i searched this movie. Wow. I might just watch this movie now, cuz his acting had me convinced it wasnt him.
Zach S.
Zach S. 4 saatler önce
lol the whole movie in the trailer
Pipsta 4 saatler önce
vivian amaya
vivian amaya 4 saatler önce
I saw the movie totally suck I laughed the whole entire time sucks
Tim Paytes
Tim Paytes 4 saatler önce
Jamey Lee curtis lives Michael profits. Or. . waiting ????????
A P 4 saatler önce
Worst film i ever seen.
Salma 4 saatler önce
Seriously the whole city can’t kill a man The writer thought watchers are stupid, the level of the movie was -0
Mirosław Głowkowski
Mirosław Głowkowski 4 saatler önce
4:29 when he makes eye contact is absolute chills.
Joseph Ippolito
Joseph Ippolito 4 saatler önce
Free Penny! Feed many! 🏝🛸🐢♥️,,,,
Steve Jones
Steve Jones 4 saatler önce
Nothing is wrong with this movie People just love to hate on anything
lilcupid200 4 saatler önce
He got me dead walking in the heels out the ward 🤣😂
Antwone Jones
Antwone Jones 4 saatler önce
0:58 Michael looking like he lost his puppy 🐶
TheDiamondPrime 4 saatler önce
Laurie disappears Michael : That's my final girl
Dixie Normus
Dixie Normus 4 saatler önce
"Hm...Oh, let me guess...Snatched by a shadowy limb, and dragged off to the past?"
randy Hooper
randy Hooper 4 saatler önce
B A S E D 4 saatler önce
1:12- *Artist's posing for a rap album cover be like:*
PabloVP 4 saatler önce
South Park done it better
CeltycSparrow 4 saatler önce
I may be the only person on this planet who actually ENJOYED this movie. lol Indeed, I will even go so far as to say that this version of Cats is BETTER than The Lion King (live action one) Garfield, The Cat in the Hat, Catwoman and Cats and Dogs. And its FAR better (at least singing-wise) than Les Miserables or Phantom of the Opera (the one with Gerard Butler as the Phantom).
Rhino1931 4 saatler önce
Holy shit, I watched this a week ago and just realized that was Ethan Hawke.
B A S E D 4 saatler önce
Well this is definitely gonna be the most uncomfortable *Valentine's Day* film in history.
acceptthisname 5 saatler önce
My theater went bonkers when Laurie vanished. Fans of the original understand the significance of that moment.
Marsh 5 saatler önce
I hope they make a King Kong vs a megladon
Lauren O
Lauren O 5 saatler önce
1:02 🇬🇧🇺🇸 is Purdy
Lauren O
Lauren O 5 saatler önce
:54 no one told you sweet girl
Cotonete De Elefante
Cotonete De Elefante 5 saatler önce
Se alguém souber oque ghost b.c tem haver com esse filme agradeço
Lauren O
Lauren O 5 saatler önce
Oh that was pretty. .... Nice work The scene .shot..of Mikey baby on the front porch...in the fire...the firefighter brawl eh
rotskat 5 saatler önce
Super dissapointed.
Alicious Al
Alicious Al 5 saatler önce
The Shape (Michael Myers) is a legend.
Juan Castillo
Juan Castillo 5 saatler önce
no trailer all movie in 2:55 shiiit
JAGLA JAAT 5 saatler önce
"Yesterday is history" "Tomorrow is mystery" "Today is gift" "That why it's called 🎁🎁
Niki Gregely
Niki Gregely 5 saatler önce
This is Original I think and honestly looks like it's going to do well.
Oh_Shenanigans 5 saatler önce
Man, I remember reading this short story and thinking it'd make a great movie. Glad to see it happen!
Dharma24 5 saatler önce
Thanks to this trailer i dont need to watch the movie! Nice ending!
Jeff Trotter
Jeff Trotter 5 saatler önce
Lol I like the ending of this video.I like how Micheal Kills as a way to say No Thank You 🤣🤣🤣
Roberto Buenafe
Roberto Buenafe 5 saatler önce
*Ethan Hawk back with his weird but cool characters.*
Alexa Jones
Alexa Jones 5 saatler önce
People don't know anything about good movies these days And apparently cringe is the only word that these kids have in their brains because it's the only word they used
Alexa Jones
Alexa Jones 5 saatler önce
You can think Halloween kills wasn't a good movie and still enjoy it.
Light skin black woman
Light skin black woman 5 saatler önce
I remember watching this on tv everyday as a kid. Like DirecTV would play this movie EVERYDAY and I never got tired of it. One of the best zombie films I've watched.
Rafael Gutierrez Barroso
Rafael Gutierrez Barroso 5 saatler önce
Quiero subcribirme
Kyriacos Antoniades
Kyriacos Antoniades 5 saatler önce
Keep On
James Parr
James Parr 5 saatler önce
What a load of shit. I'm in two minds to turn in y off now. This is the third time I've tried to watch it... 👎💀💀
B B 5 saatler önce
would've been interested if the entire fucking movie wasn't spoiled by this dumbass trailer :))