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Oh emma...!!!! its really painful to see you off. Over the period of time you have done Invaluable contribution to my language learning goals, you are one of my favourite teachers always always be grateful to you. 😂😂
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I am sorry to see you leaving But life led us to take decisions that I hope they will bring new horizons and new benefits for you I really wish happiness with hey lady
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It’s so sad! You were one of the best teachers on TRshow. I will miss your classes. Good luck ❤
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It is not fair...i just subscribed to your channel a few days ago just to see how you say goodbye from here...That´s life...however i wish with all my heart that you do well with your new projects...Greeting and hugs from a Latino American living in the Middle East...
@SamiChammas-su3kd Saatler önce
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No words!...Thanks for eveyrhing......God bless you in your new goals......we love you soo much!!!!!
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Feeling sad. Thanks for the incredible lessons you have done through your channel. All the best for your new endeavor.
@hectorpitaavila7027 2 saatler önce
I have been following you here and Facebook for years. Thanks yours tips I have been able to boost my English level. I'll miss new videos a lot.. Congratulations and good luck in your new stage. A huge hug from a Spanish fan of you and student of English
@hhemoman1077 2 saatler önce
I am introvert and my English very poor
@user-mr5me3oi1t 4 saatler önce
Hey boys
@bobol4917 4 saatler önce
It's sad to see you go, all the best to your future, thank you for sharing so much useful and high quality video contents with us.
@AbdurRahman-wn4kn 4 saatler önce
It's very helpful ❤ for Thanks
@saulopoesias1030 4 saatler önce
Emma, sad for your leaving, but happy for your new and huge projects. You were my reference for Australian English. I Love to hear your lessons. I wish you success in Hey Lady! I hope to see you again in this great sea of the internet! Hugs! Bye bye! (Saulo, from Brazil)☺😃
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Wishing you all the BEST, Emma! Thanks for all the great lessons. I will definitely check "Hey Lady" out!! Congrats 👏 🎉❤
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Thank you very much, Emma. Learned a lot from you. Love you and best of luck.
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Oh No, Emma! You’re one of the best of bests, thank you very much and see you there Hey Lady!
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😢 you are the best English teacher ever. I wish you the best with your Hey Lady! channel. ❤
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Emma our dear teacher, I wish you all the best in this new journey, thank you for everything, we love you, if someday you decide to come to the Mexican Caribbean call us.
@sophial5971 5 saatler önce
Emma, You are one of the first English-teaching TRshowrs I have followed! I always like how you explain English grammar clearly and help us practice different English skills through interesting activities! Thank you for being consistent for many years and good luck with your future journey!
@carlmartz6276 5 saatler önce
I really wish you the best for your new project.! I've learned a lot from this youtube channel. THANKS SO MUCH for share with us.
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Thanks a lot for sharing tour talent & your knowledge. You're the BEST, one off a kind. 4ever grateful!!!! I'll be saying Hello AT Hey Lady for sure. I Wish you the BEST in all your pojects.
@mmmEnglish_Emma 5 saatler önce
Thanks, legend! I’m so happy to hear that!! See you soon 😘
@jaimemendez73 5 saatler önce
Hello, Emma! I'm gonna definitely miss you here! Thanks for all your time and effort to help us over more than 8 years! Undoubtedly you've done a lot for millions of people!!!
@mmmEnglish_Emma 5 saatler önce
Thanks so much for your message, Jaime - it’s wonderful to know that you’ve enjoyed my lessons over the years! Best wishes to you!
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All things must pass! GH
@user-dq4kq8gw4r 6 saatler önce
Your partner could give u a cup of water .. But well you are marvelous!. See u on the new chanell❤
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Thank you for your help. follow your heart and be happy I wish you all the best ❤
@mmmEnglish_Emma 5 saatler önce
Thank you, Joaquim ❤
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Love u teacher Emma.
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😢I'm sad but at the same time happy for your new channel Hey Lady. I have learn a lot from you, also recomended your channel to others. Best regards. J. Marcela Impellizzeri.
@mmmEnglish_Emma 5 saatler önce
Thank you so much for your support ❤ best wishes to you!
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I really like your lessons very very much. 💙
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Very good. You teach practical English
@Sparrowdog10 7 saatler önce
I wish you good luck in this new challenge, and I am convinced that it will be a tremendous success! Good luck at Hey Lady
@mmmEnglish_Emma 5 saatler önce
Thank you so much!
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many thanks for this Video really i enjoyed it .. actually i'm From Iraq the First Country you started your video
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Thank you Emma, I really enjoy watching your videos and learning new things. Be healthy and safe and see you at Hey Lady.
@mmmEnglish_Emma 5 saatler önce
Thank you! ❤
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I wish you all the best. Good luck 👍🏻
@mmmEnglish_Emma 5 saatler önce
Thank you! 🙏🏼
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I'm SO SAD to lose my afternoon s ,watching and leasing with you...,All the very Best for you with your proyects ;❤❤ Of course ,I Will continúe see the old videos ....But BELIVE ME .... I will MISS YOU SO MUCH !!!!😢😢😢😢😢 GOOD LUCK DEAR EMMA ....THE BEST TEACHER TO ME !!!!!❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
@mmmEnglish_Emma 5 saatler önce
I’m so sorry, Maria! ❤ Thank you for your sweet message, I will miss making lessons at mmmEnglish too 😢
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My sincere thanks to you Emma. Your lessons in MmmEnglish has been very helpful in my journey to improving my spoken English. Thank you so much. I wish you success in your new adventure.
@shenoudaabdelsayed9550 8 saatler önce
@rachelsenglish 9 saatler önce
Hi Emma! It's a great feeling to know the direction we need to move in, and then point ourselves there and start moving. Congrats!
@mmmEnglish_Emma 5 saatler önce
Sure is! I feel like it took me longer than it should have to arrive here, but it definitely feels right! Thank you for continuing to inspire me, always! I love following the journey of Rachel’s English - keep on bringing it you rockstar!
@FormerlyknownasX 8 dakika önce
​@@mmmEnglish_EmmaBoth of you, as man, inspire me.
@mohhhaha679 9 saatler önce
Hi Can we use recycling as adjective
@SuperAdil08 9 saatler önce
Hey boys
@fistonfaustinnsabe3498 9 saatler önce
Hello dear Emma! It IS to bad for me! I am from a francophon country and joined mmmenglish so late, to mean since 3 years but i am satified of improvements made. So, thanks for all i ve learned from your vidéos. The most lesson for me IS " 8 mistakes to be avoided at the workplace" I have already joined " Hey lady" and once again i appreciate your commitment, creativity and motivation
@mmmEnglish_Emma 5 saatler önce
Awesome, we’ve got some exciting projects planned for professional English inside Hey Lady! starting in the new year!
@user-sr5rn3wu4e 9 saatler önce
EMMA , thank you very much!!!!! You are great teacher!!! You help a lot of english learners! I' ve been watching ur chanel for so long.... . I' m really crying now. Hope to see u in ur new video! All the best! Thank you very much for all u are doing!
@mmmEnglish_Emma 5 saatler önce
Thank you, me too! ❤
@user-pw8vi8gs1t 10 saatler önce
I'm insanely hungry
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Hi Emma, thanks for the efforts and hard work to develop language skills. Wishing you all the best in future endeavours 🎉
@mmmEnglish_Emma 5 saatler önce
Thank you! You too!
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I'm not an English native speaker but British English is my favourite,it is very classy.
@nouhaila_channel 10 saatler önce
thank you Emma
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Wish you best of luck madam...🇵🇰..Enjoy your life and keep smiling as you did always in each vidoes.
@mmmEnglish_Emma 5 saatler önce
I will, and I hope you do too! 🫶
@jjou7334 11 saatler önce
Thank you so much for sharing all your knowledge with us! 👋👋👋👋
@mmmEnglish_Emma 5 saatler önce
My pleasure! 🫶
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Thank you so much Emma! I will definitely check out Hey Lady. 💋🇳🇱
@mmmEnglish_Emma 5 saatler önce
Please do! Would love to see you there 😘
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I am very sorry and I Will miss you very much
@mmmEnglish_Emma 5 saatler önce
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Thank you so very mmmuch dear Emma for all the lessons we learned from you, we'll definitely mmmMiss you here.God bless.
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❤❤❤ I will mmmmmMiss you too!