renee vlogs
renee vlogs 7 saatler önce
Thanks for this these comments making me tear up lol
Issenguele Crisantina
Issenguele Crisantina 8 saatler önce
Iam still stressed😰😰😰😰 My son Cant Unlock his phone because of Keymapper
cathy cologne
cathy cologne 8 saatler önce
Zo prachtig mooi.
Aditi Vashishtha
Aditi Vashishtha 9 saatler önce
Almost 2 weeks ago, out of the blue, I started feeling dizzy, I started vomiting, my chest felt very heavy, I felt like I was going to die and I felt detached from the reality as if I'm not myself .2 days ago it happened again for no apparent reason. I got very scared, didn't know what was happening to me. Then, after reading through some articles, that it was a panic attack. Even when it got calmer, the fear was still there and I was feeling cold and numb suddenly, didn't really know what to do. Then I tried playing this and I already feel better. Surrendering to those frightful feelings is the hardest but this really helped me. Fingers crossed, it won"t happen again, neither to me and nobody reading this. I normally don't comment on things but I really hope that anybody going through this finds the courage to go through it. It's human and it's not abnormal. Know that you are powerful and loved :))
Aaron Belton
Aaron Belton 10 saatler önce
Man I’ve been struggling with panic attacks since I was 21 I’m now 30 they come and go but here recently these last 2 months have been rough on me. Reading these comments give me hope that the panic attacks will eventually end cause I don’t know how to control them when they come. Then I found this music today and it’s helped out some. If you could leave a comment of encouragement or a tip on how to control panic that’ll be great. Love y’all ❤️
Jon  Doe
Jon Doe 11 saatler önce
Small problem to me may be big to you Everyone has a different breaking point Be mindful of that And speak out before its to late Or maybe just stop and listen before its to late
Lisa_kqy 14 saatler önce
V bad migraine but this doesn't help me :( I guess coz noise make it worst. :( but to hear it when feeling stressful I think this is great !
Be Free
Be Free 15 saatler önce
Over the clouds I want to see
Trish Birchard
Trish Birchard 16 saatler önce
We're so lucky to have you, Jason !
Rayray Playzz
Rayray Playzz 18 saatler önce
Another night settling my child to sleep..thank you 🇦🇺
Shalax 18 saatler önce
I'm getting dizzy just moving around and it also causes headaches. This really does help soothe it; it only takes a few seconds for it to go away again rather than a couple minutes.
Alejandra A
Alejandra A 22 saatler önce
My panic attacks feel horrible this music helping me so tranquil 🙏
Jamie Adkins
Jamie Adkins 23 saatler önce
I miss my kids dad so much!! He passed away from heroin and I wish that I could have done more to help!! I spent 15 years of my life with him. My anxiety has been so bad lately. Coming here and reading all the comments and the music has helped tremendously from the bottom of my heart Thankyou!!💖💖
Emily Frank
Emily Frank 23 saatler önce
As all these negative thoughts possess my brain, I lay here praying that everything is going to be okay. Life is so so so hard and I'm losing myself. I'm only 18 but I struggle over a lot of severe things. Feeling like I'm going insane is ruining everything in my life and it's dragging me down like there is a anchor attached to my foot with no way to swim up. This music makes me feel like maybe I have another chance at life. I want to see my brother grow up into a smart man, I want to see my dad finally find happiness. I can't leave yet it's not my time. Thank you to everyone who left supportive comments because they helped me release some emotions that I couldn't get rid of myself. Everything will me okay, you are going to be okay, nothing is going to happen.
Julie P
Julie P Gün önce
Such beautiful artwork!
RelaxingRain Gün önce
Very sweet and relaxing music🎶🎶🎶 Special thanks for the helpful sharing! 💮🌿💚💙
Kelsey G
Kelsey G Gün önce
My anxiety and even my children thank you. We are all adjusting to A new home with just us and these help us calm our minds and sleep sound xoxoxo bless you!
silvia kapfinger
silvia kapfinger Gün önce
Brigitte Bunn
Brigitte Bunn Gün önce
It kept me up
Michael Morgan
Michael Morgan Gün önce
The tones healed my migraines perfectly strongly recommend
Eileen Barker
Eileen Barker Gün önce
Hi Keith 🙏so Much gratitude 🙏 for a moment of bliss with this recording ✋ No matter what time of day or night music 🎶 can settle the mind in peace if only a few minutes to listen 🎧 May all find peace 🕊blessings ✝️hugs 🤗care 🌹and love ❤️ here in this wonderful moment 🙌🌼❤️ Have a wonderful day dear friend Keith ☘️love ❤️and light 🏮🦄🦋🦅🦘❤️
Midnight 2010
Midnight 2010 Gün önce
Thank you for more music hopefully everyone who sees this sleeps well 💤 💤 😴
Annika Koyle
Annika Koyle Gün önce
I can’t tell you how many times I have used this in the past two weeks to calm down. The music just really allows me to focus on the present as well as my breathing which allows me to calm down. I deeply thank you for this!
A beesting's life: behind closed hives
A beesting's life: behind closed hives Gün önce
Very nice and soothing. 🙂
Ηλιας Ζιο
Ηλιας Ζιο Gün önce
Brielle van Dam
Brielle van Dam Gün önce
I have covid at the moment and I played this while lying in bed and slept for hours it was so noce
Peyton adventure Price
Peyton adventure Price Gün önce
Thank you that was so relaxing 😌
Amy Sanchez
Amy Sanchez Gün önce
I’m suffering so bad from panic attacks. I’m losing weight from not eating and I’m so fucking scared.
Jon Tan
Jon Tan Gün önce
Soporific. Sensual. Soothing. @ Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Hazey Gün önce
I hope everyone who sees this comment finds peace and love
Rob Atkin
Rob Atkin Gün önce
Hope everyone reading this has a safe and relaxing night. X
Sleep Easy Relax - Keith Smith
Sleep Easy Relax - Keith Smith Gün önce
We turn mid-video ads off, these are automatically added and we turn them off for maximum peaceful relaxation. ⭐🙏⭐ All the Best. Keith
HEROHCR2YT 21 saatler önce
Thank you Kieth 🙏🏼
Icarus the Archangel of Justice
Icarus the Archangel of Justice Gün önce
Thank you I dislike ads a lot
Sleep Easy Relax - Keith Smith
Sleep Easy Relax - Keith Smith Gün önce
Calm down and go to sleep easily with this gentle music for soothing sleep. Wherever you are and whatever you are going through we are here and wish you deep peace. This original soothing music is intended for healing and anxiety, stress relief. I always love to see where you are watching from across our beautiful world! Please say hello and let me know where you are watching from in the comments and I will do my best to reply. Healing Peace and Much Love ❤️ Subscribe for more beautiful videos 🙏 goo.gl/6MQTps 🙏 All the Best. Keith 🍃💤
lιѕα Мαяισи
lιѕα Мαяισи Gün önce
Li as was
Justin Peters
Justin Peters Gün önce
Heather Clegg
Heather Clegg Gün önce
Hey can’t sleep i have tried for 1 hour and 19 minutes
Audible Wilcox
Audible Wilcox Gün önce
Is it ok to listen to it while awake too?
kaisuno Gün önce
Hi, currently having a huge migraine and feeling like absolute crap. However, i am putting myself through pain because i was wondering whether “cool n sooths” are well known ??? Ive grown up with them as my mum has suffered with migrained but they work wonders, they are basically like an icepack but gel and they just stick to your forehead and are so useful. Not sure what they are called outside the uk but honestly if you havent heard of them i 100% reccomend. They are legit the best things i have ever seen and they are so effective !!
christy wilson
christy wilson Gün önce
Menopause is really getting me by the boo boo 😟 Thank you for this!!!!😊
Lexy Blu
Lexy Blu Gün önce
This, and Dr. Berg's headache neck stretches is all i need.
으쌰으쌰 Gün önce
Hello from South Korea 👋 Thanks for this soothing music. I really like the calmness the music shows and gives me. Thank you again. Have a wonderful day everyone out there. 🙏
Madison Potts
Madison Potts Gün önce
I’m going through a hard time right now. My stress, depression, and anxiety is building up and I didn’t even realize it. After crying I felt relaxed. This is the first time in almost 2 months that I’ve felt relaxed. I’ve not been able to stand myself. I starved myself because I would feel bad when I’d eat. I’d sleep all day just so one day when I wake up I’ll either be okay or in heaven. I stopped caring for myself because I didn’t feel like I deserved the care. Every time I’d see a doctor I’d hope something was wrong with me just so I’d have a reason to care for myself. I can’t do anything anymore without having a rush of everything hitting me. I’m lost. There’s been times where I was ready to die… I’m physically here but I’m mentally exhausted and emotionally drained. I feel hallow and dead inside now. But for once I’m relaxed. God is the reason I’m still alive right now. He saved me from myself. Thank you. And I hope I can be at peace one day.❤️‍🩹
Rayray Playzz
Rayray Playzz Gün önce
Thank you I finally settled my 6yr old to sleep.. she is a sensitive and anxious little girl.. but your calming sounds soothed her to sleep. Thank you From Australia 🇦🇺
Jalal Uddin
Jalal Uddin Gün önce
today i found a great channels.. Thank you Sir
Dr Yvonne Murphy
Dr Yvonne Murphy Gün önce
Thankyou, it works! 🌸
Señor Woofers
Señor Woofers Gün önce
im not having a panic attack or birthing a sperm demon, im just trying to work up the courage to go to the bathroom at 2 am after watching freaky videos edit: i am now trying to leave the bathroom after relieving myself. i have a small knife with me and im not afraid to use it :>
Aici Cover Dance
Aici Cover Dance Gün önce
I need help
Katie Gün önce
I just want to know what's wrong with me and how I can fix it. I feel trapped. My heart is beating fast, I'm not breathing easily, no matter what I do I feel like I'm just stuck.
Katie Gün önce
I honestly don't know what's wrong with me.
Martin_Speaks Gün önce
There's some weird-ass people on this page
George Snook IV
George Snook IV Gün önce
I’ve always had some anxiety/depression issues, but about a month ago, I was stricken with this feeling of a racing heart and mind, sweating, dizziness, I thought I was done for… here to find out there’s nothing physically wrong with me and I manifested it all myself because of ‘anxiety’. I am so scared. The feeling hasn’t gone away and I am not myself. I want myself back. I know he’s here I just want to feel like I did before. This wasn’t supposed to happen to me… or any of us 🥺
Lucy Clifford
Lucy Clifford 2 gün önce
I listen to this without a headache it’s so peaceful
Codename Black
Codename Black 2 gün önce
I want to go back in normal again.Being anxious and having panic attack everyday makes me so weak.I couldn't do anything like before.Even going outside for a walk.This makes me more sad because i know I've already missed everything that I need to do especially being in a work. 😭😭😭😭 I hope one day all of us who's suffering for anxiety and panic attack will be back in normal life again.
violet2048 2 gün önce
I hear a refrigerator, washing machine, a pump, something cycling, air in a tube. Something throbbing or pounding at a very long distance. Everything seems far away, now soft rain. Not unpleasant as long as it is soft and low.
Jaelyn Michelle
Jaelyn Michelle 2 gün önce
Is anybody having one Rn?
griz 2 gün önce
doesn't fucking work
iikawaiicatii 2 gün önce
im so scared of dying and im scared that im going to get germs and pass away
nic! 2 gün önce
I’ve been struggling a lot with panic attacks and it makes me feel like something bad is going to happen to me but this calmed me down thank you so much :)
Chiquita 2 gün önce
For He command His Angeles concerning us to guard us in all our ways They will lift us up in their hands, so we will no strike a foot against a stone. Psalm. 91:12 🙏🙇‍♀️🙇‍♀️🙏 Remember all my people : You all are under the protection of the MOST HIGH 🙏
Maryam Masoumi
Maryam Masoumi 2 gün önce
I was in immense pain and this comment section helped me a lot Thank you to all you kind souls
Amina Kishk
Amina Kishk 2 gün önce
Exquisite ! Near Heaven…….
Chiquita 2 gün önce
💞BEAUTIFUL,🌹POWERFUL, 💪PEACEFUL🙏 Thank you soooo much. 🥰
Aspen Jay
Aspen Jay 2 gün önce
Not only am I having a migraine attack, but I am also dealing with sensory overload. I just hope that this helps one of them. Fingers crossed.
ddsioux sui
ddsioux sui 2 gün önce
I've been feeling really sick these past few days. sever diahrrea and vomiting. I don't know what to do anymore. please pray for my health. thank you for this music. 🙏💕
Rockstarr 013105
Rockstarr 013105 Gün önce
Jean Robert
Jean Robert 2 gün önce
Rite on Track Again with this Healing Music 🎶 that we all Could Use Everyday for Our Healing ✌☮🕊🏳💞🙌
Jean Robert
Jean Robert 2 gün önce
Greetings from San Diego Cali..Luuuuv this Piece when I Need to be Free and Lifted up to a Spiritual High and Just Get Lost and in Tune with this Epic/Transcendent 🎶 Thanx and Be ✌☮🕊🏳💞🙌
teacher noor maen
teacher noor maen 2 gün önce
This is soo gooddd
Jean Robert
Jean Robert 2 gün önce
Great Soothing/Healing Music Keith 🎶 Greetings From San Diego Cali...Really puts me at a Higher Plane of Existence Where I Need to be at Least Once a Day...Be Safe and ✌☮🕊🏳🌱💞🙌
R 2 gün önce
I dont know what it is about this video that seriously helps. My thoughts and stress get so bad sometimes, my legs ache from all the adrenaline, my heart is heavy, and I'd be just exhausted. It's really weird how instant the relief is when I play this track and it immediately centers my emotions and gives me the strength to deal with the task at hand. I honestly owe my current work success and life coping to you.
Alexandralite 2 gün önce
I got my final covid shot which has caused my bad shoulder to ache, in turn it's give me a migraine. This has helped more then the nurophine. But I haven't got complete relief. 😢
Nicci Seabreeze
Nicci Seabreeze 2 gün önce
This is the best video and sounds to get rid of migraine. This is my source when I get the worst headache. It works almost instantly.
Rose Thorne
Rose Thorne 3 gün önce
How did this stop my migraine? I'm shocked.
Sarah Louise
Sarah Louise 3 gün önce
i’ve never had a migraine before and this one has lasted two days :( this is hell i’m so sorry to anyone who goes through this regularly
Rose Gamer
Rose Gamer 3 gün önce
Here a tip: while listening, put some peppermint oil on your forehead. At first, it might kinda get sore but then it'll go away along with your headache.
Erwin Wagner
Erwin Wagner 3 gün önce
Awesome just great
Sleep Easy Relax - Keith Smith
Sleep Easy Relax - Keith Smith 3 gün önce
Thank you! Cheers!
Michelle Painter
Michelle Painter 3 gün önce
So calm and serene
JACK 3 gün önce
I love you mother nature
Em 3 gün önce
In one of my 5 AP classes right now. It’s almost 11am. I have to take my car in for repair at 3, and have an 8 hour shift starting at 4. Worst thing to happen. The room is spinning so fast. I’m very thankful to my band teacher for recognizing I wasn’t doing to well in the hall and let me sit for an hour in a dark practice room. He even wrote me a note so I wouldn’t get marked absent for my class :,)
Denelyn Marie
Denelyn Marie 3 gün önce
I use this even before an attack. I make an effort to have it as my routine just to center myself. It works amazingly well.
Princess Diva
Princess Diva 3 gün önce
I was in a bad car accident and have stress and anxiety when in the car and I'm scared to drive I just want to go back to the way things were before the accident hoping this music can help me
Bigbumperz818 3 gün önce
I'm not having a stroke or heart attack I am fine nothing is wrong with mii its all in my head !! I'm scared to die without achieving anything in my life or get a chance to experience being pregnant and being a mom 😭😭😭😭