@codygaudreault202 10 aylar önce
when your favourite youtuber posts 😮🔫
@marie2274 Yıl önce
Do take a look at MacKinnon's contract on Cap Friendly. He definitely set the benchmark for players. Unfortunately some teams will be in Cap Hell because there won't be a significant increase till 2025. As of right now the Leafs are over the Cap, in which they have 5 days to get into Cap Compliance. Matthews probably will stay in Toronto, but if they fail this year to get past round 1 in the playoffs how long will he stay. I had the same feelings about MacKinnon. I actually could see Coyotes making a play for him.
@LETZGONHLdraft Yıl önce
@canucksbo Yıl önce
how think do matthews deal cap space
@ronmatthews2250 Yıl önce
My guess is one of these two contracts Signs with Leafs 14.5 mil x 2 years. Or 14 mil x 7 years for LA
@LETZGONHLdraft Yıl önce
or 14x5
@MicBergsma Yıl önce
Can’t wait to see what will happen
@pitchforksarecoming Yıl önce
Lol that's not a thing.
@andrewdiceclay2595 Yıl önce
Did this shit in junior too
@keeperofthebonessean2872 Yıl önce
So first, thanks for the vid. And second, I hope that you grow your channel. I've subscribed. Good luck,
@Atmlifestyle Yıl önce
Great video thx alot 🔥
@That90sShow Yıl önce
@dontpokethebear4190 Yıl önce
Tkachuk is a future Flame forever. Speculating whether he stays or goes is just pure nonsense. The organization has some prospects yet and tanking this coming season is some kind of unbelievable thinking. Depth is what wins not having a Star or two. The Oilers like to build around a Star. The Flames win with 4 lines and 6 defenceman and having a decent goalie doesn’t hurt.
@keeperofthebonessean2872 Yıl önce
A decent goalie? Ya......nope.
@thedailytalon9259 Yıl önce
I mean to be fair, the Oilers handled us and tossed us out the window like it was nothing
@dontpokethebear4190 Yıl önce
Tkatchuk got 30 goals. I’d rather have him on the team then say that crack pot Kane.
@freedom1028 Yıl önce
Tkachuk ends up in St. Louis. He ìs a turtle dove, ask Kane. 🤣🤣🤣
@That90sShow Yıl önce
@prodalib1 Yıl önce
I don't know about Tkachuk, but I think Johnny probably made up his mind once they lost the battle of Alberta
@prodalib1 Yıl önce
stumbled accross this channel and i love the content so far!
@MackBullDogMack Yıl önce
@kyledavidson2867 Yıl önce
great video 👍
@Brandos_channel Yıl önce
Relocate Calgary lol give Saskatchewan a team
@dontpokethebear4190 Yıl önce
@lordoflek Yıl önce
john gaudreau is a real jerk
@dawsongodfrey Yıl önce
They need to sign Kadri. Orrrr they could just ship the whole team and tank for Conner Bedard lol
@remoteviewer57 Yıl önce
It Is Extremely Rare To Build A Team Around One Star, Take Connor McGregor For Example. There Are Few Players Like Nathan MacKinnon That Are True Leaders! Any Honorable Team Does Not Tank! That Is Dishonest! Never Pull An Edmonton!
@waggylads Yıl önce
Honestly though just imagine the battle of Alberta Mcdavid vs Bedard
@woozifymc4840 Yıl önce
Exactly what I'm hoping for. Bedard would be good
@tomslick2058 Yıl önce
Debrincat is not worth 9 million on a rebuild. Plus Hawks want to tank and end up in the top 3 not a 6 or 7 pick.
@googleisshit3220 Yıl önce
@@ryanwasiak7050 ...lmfao...if he wants that then we ll trade him for much more than we stole him for...a few picks what a bunc h of rubes
@ryanwasiak7050 Yıl önce
Dude is so hurt that Cat will be getting 9M+
@googleisshit3220 Yıl önce
@@tomslick2058 kk left mtl for 6.1 then signed at 4m ...dude just stop
@tomslick2058 Yıl önce
@@googleisshit3220 the minimum he has to be offered is 9 million. League rules.He will get a multi year deal at least at that per year. Hes not Gonna take less . Thats a cap hit the Hawks did not want Don't know what your talking about. Enlighten me.
@googleisshit3220 Yıl önce
@@tomslick2058 ...lmfao..no your wrong this is commonly done...watch some hockey
@coreyhill681 Yıl önce
Ottawa Senators won big time, Chicago could've ask for some players like...... Tierney, Brannstrom, Conor Brown,then add 1st round pick 2022 but no Chicago got only picks
@gbot3377 Yıl önce
We have a Brandon like leader. 100% incompetent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
@hunterenright7826 Yıl önce
Stoked to have the cat.. weird they didn’t trade back for korchinski, however the kid is really good and people are simply overhating because he’s the main piece back
@renegademan83 Yıl önce
If I were the Habs, I would wait 2 years when he becomes a free agent. The Habs are not going to give up assets for him if they can get him as a free agent.
@AAC82010 Yıl önce
Good analysis Mr Bllainer :) keep up thr great videos !
@MM-tw7pu Yıl önce
What kinda stupid question is this? 😤
@6969a11 Yıl önce
@andrewdiceclay2595 Yıl önce
60 points he thinks he's major star lol
@m.fheagle3286 Yıl önce
No, that shouldn’t have counted. After the NHL made this call analysts, video coaches and refs were all lining up to get on Bettmans jock. Faking all over themselves with the most bizarre convoluted bullshit reasoning. Shout out to Jenn Botterill for possibly the stupidest take when she suggested we ‘give credit to Makar to have the hockey IQ to bring the puck over the line and then not touch it until Nikushkin tagged up’ as though any of this was planned. Oilers fault for losing the draw and letting him walk in, but the league failed to protect the integrity of the game.
@Landis_Grant Yıl önce
Trade him to the Habs for Shane Wright.
@DaveRossignol Yıl önce
Had Toronto ruled this offside - there would have been no controversy. Maker, my favourite player, was in full control. Of course he is - he’s Cale Makar. To say he wasn’t, is to argue that any player stick handling isn’t in control of the puck. Nonsense. This is offside in every hockey rink & league in North America - except the NHL.
@micktaylor5205 Yıl önce
Have I got a bridge to sell you!
@reeljustice. Yıl önce
6:06 Once the puck crossed the blue line with the Av's other player still inside the blue line it became a delayed offside. The linesman is on the other side of the rink and the linesman never put his arm up and signaled a delayed offside. Once the other player clears the zone it is no longer a delayed offside. However, it was a delayed offside at 6:06 and there is no way the linesman could see from the other side of the rink that the puck was not on Makers stick.
@g-urts5518 Yıl önce
In any game other than NHL or AHL. Possibly a few others like the CHL. That's no goal. Any minor hockey, any pickup game, any other hockey you would ever play. Even in a video game that would have been offside. That's all I'm saying. I don't care either way, neither team is my team. I understand the way the rules are stated, I get why it's considered a good goal. But imo, it shouldn't be, rule should be changed/better clarified. That being said, I obviously never got to the point of being a pro, so what do I know? :p
@jean-christophemarier1318 Yıl önce
not good, if it was in Montreal and it was the Canadiens the goal would be disallowed... so fairness, disallowed
@arlenstrauch Yıl önce
Good video. Excellent prep, well thought out. 👍
@beat44koby Yıl önce
If this is not offside then all amature leagues need video replay eh. This need to be offside orherwise it's bad for the game
@er070559 Yıl önce
Your overthinking it kid.
@tazer9735 Yıl önce
It’s an analysis of the rules
@flybynight1929 Yıl önce
If you need a detailed explanation to convince yourself that your eyes were lying to you, it ain't gonna work. It was a horrible call, and the idiots in Toronto are a joke.
@pierre-ql8yf Yıl önce
Can't imagine any of those guys in different uniforms.
@richards6180 Yıl önce
So if Makar is not touching the puck the refs considered he does not have possession. What if an Oiler defensemen were to hit him as he crossed the blue line, then it would be an Interference penalty?
@alexandrapreston7283 Yıl önce
That's actually a very good point
@jopharhautman9716 Yıl önce
What a crock. Enjoy your Mickey mouse league. Wrestling is a more legit sport.
@peterpike Yıl önce
It's actually easy to understand when you read Rule 83.3, which is the Delayed Off-side rule. People are only quoting one sentence out of it, ignoring the rest. Read the whole thing, but for this comment I will focus only on the relevant portion. First, was this delayed offsides? "Delayed Off-side -- A situation where an attacking player (or players) has preceded the puck across the attacking blue line, but...the attacking players are in the process of clearing the attacking zone." When the puck got to center ice and Makar stole it, Landeskog and Nichushkin were both in the offensive zone. At this point, the puck is in the neutral zone and NO ONE is offside. Makar advances the puck toward the blue line. As he does so, both Landeskog and Nichushkin are racing to exit the offensive zone. Landeskog exits before the puck crosses the blue line, meaning he's never offside. Nichushkin is still in the offensive zone when the puck enters. Makar is still in the neutral zone, so HE is still onside too. Only Nichushkin is offside, and he is attempting to get to the neutral zone, thus the offside attacking players "are in the process of clearing the attacking zone" when the offsides occurs. So, delayed offsides is the right call. The very next paragraph states, "If an off-side call is delayed, the Linesman shall drop his arm to nullify the off-side violation and allow play to continue if: (i) All players of the offending team clear the zone at the same instant (skate contact with the blue line) permitting the attacking players to re-enter the attacking zone." This happened as soon as Nichushkin hit the blue line. At that point, Makar was still in center ice, Landeskog was straddling the blue line, and Nichushkin was now on the blue line. All the Avs players were on-side. The delayed offsides is therefore nullified and nothing else that happens after this is off-side. This means that the length of time for the offside was about 1/10th of a second between the puck crossing into the offensive zone and Nichushkin leaving the offensive zone. That is relevant because the paragraph being quoted is, "If, DURING THE COURSE OF THE DELAYED OFF-SIDE, any member of the attacking team touches the puck, attempts to gain possession of a loose puck ... the Linesman shall stop play for the off-side violation" (emphasis added). The "course of the delayed off-side" was 1/10 of a second (I checked and it was literally 3 frames of a TV feed at normal speed, which is televised at 30 frames per second), and during that time no member of the attacking team touches the puck. Importantly, for that 1/10 of a second, you can't say that Makar is attempting to gain possession either. First, because he already has possession of the puck; secondly, because he makes no move in that 1/10 of a second that could be called "attempting to gain possession" -- he doesn't change his angle of attack, he doesn't change how his stick is positioned, literally nothing. Any attempt for possession happened while the puck was in the neutral zone and before the delayed off-side even happened. In other words, for the purposes of this rule, the ONLY thing that matters here is whether there was a touch or an attempt to gain possession during the course of the 0.1 second when the penalty could have been called.
@danielrichard2788 Yıl önce
From the NHL website - "Control of the puck" means the act of propelling the puck with the stick, hand or feet. If while it is being propelled, the puck is touched by another player or his equipment, or hits the goal or goes free, the player shall no longer be considered to be "in control of the puck. He was in control of the puck as soon as he took it from Kane and never lost control.
@danielrichard2788 Yıl önce
@@bllainer the chances of this ever happening again are so slim but I would say anyone that has ever played hockey or watched the game understand what possession is intended to be. I think the fact he was moving the puck from his backhand to his forehand hardly constitutes a loss of possession. It really sucks because it not only cost them that goal but the PP goal at the start of the next period. Maybe the rule we should all be talking about is a penalty for a coaches challenge. I understand the intent but why punish a team for making sure the call was right? That seems like a punitive rule to ensure challenges aren’t used. Maybe a solution is make it like football. You get the challenge wrong and you lose your timeout. That would have still hurt the Oilers at the end of the game when the top line was tiered and doesn’t feel as punitive.
@bllainer Yıl önce
There's definitely a gray area in the rule, and causes this moment to be determined off of a linesman's opinion. As it is written, what is considered possession when it comes to offside seems to be if a player makes contact with the puck, not with the intent to play the puck. Just some thoughts, and I'm not a huge fan of the rule, but that's how it's written in the rulebook.
@danielrichard2788 Yıl önce
I will say if someone else dumped it into the zone and Makar was chasing it then he wouldn't be in control yet and the "tag up" idea makes sense but since he possesses the puck, moved it into the zone with an attacking player in the zone, and never had another player take possession from him.
@dant2192 Yıl önce
He definitely had possession
@maximilianmaier3950 Yıl önce
He did, but it doesn't matter because the rule literally says that he has to touch the puck for it to be offside. Again: TOUCH THE PUCK! Not be in possession of the puck! TOUCH it! He did not do that and therefore it was the correct call
@pkindel Yıl önce
WRONG! NHL Rulebook, Page 213. "Possession of the Puck. The last player to physically touch the puck with his stick or body shall be considered in possession of the puck. (NOTE 1) A player can have possession of the puck without control, but he cannot have control of the puck without possession."
@SeanHillaby Yıl önce
@@JSauer21 You don't need possession or touch the puck for it to be offside. It's on page 125-6 Rule 83.3. Don't let them gaslight you.
@JSauer21 Yıl önce
Don't get hung up on the word possession, this doesn't enforce offsides. It's no different than a player dumping a puck in the zone while his team is tagging up. According to that rule it's technically possession but it's certainly not offsides
@elhefe2222 Yıl önce
does not apply to offside!!
@wego5930 Yıl önce
Yes, it was "technically" a good goal in the rule book. But.. Anyone who has ever played hockey knows that's offside. Give Makar the goal now but the rules need to change next season
@rew3809 Yıl önce
@@duncanmathers76 He’s saying that it should be offside and that the rules need to change which most agree with including myself.
@duncanmathers76 Yıl önce
How is it offside if it's a good goal in the rule book? Doesn't the rule book dictate.......the rules?
@wego5930 Yıl önce
Also well done video, keep it up
@simoholm Yıl önce
What If you shoot the puck to the goal before blue line like this? Is it a good goal?
@JSauer21 Yıl önce
Only if the team is back onsides when the puck enters the net
@wesleybramer8534 Yıl önce
Rule 83.1 does not mention the word touch , it uses the words possess and control , change the wording and there is no debating , people interpret control and possession differently , for example , I possess a car , doesn't mean I'm touching it , I hired an accountant to control my money , doesn't mean their touching it , if it's a puck on the stick that is the determining factor then put it in the rules otherwise this will always be a subjective discussion , good job on the video though
@dclark2776 Yıl önce
Great take. It can only be offside when an attacking player ‘touches’ the puck which makar does not. It is very common to see players push the puck over the blue line but not actually touch the puck because they see a teammate in the zone which would trigger a delayed offside. People that say this is an offside play just don’t know the rules.
@micktaylor5205 Yıl önce
@dclark2776 Yıl önce
@@Sam-ef7hn you're right I forgot coaching and officiating were the same thing
@blaneleary5200 Yıl önce
All right snowflakes Makar stick handles puck over the blue line his player dis not tag up So your delayed offside is no good ..he stick handles it from outside the blue line then rips a great shot over the shoulder .....but I'm the real fucking world he is still offside offside and offside In any world on any planet so fucking quit ruining our game with these bullshit calls and videos saying it was a good goalyou crazy fucks just because.you tell yourself it's a goal doesn't.mean it is. Ruining hockey with snowflake bullshit calls been offside for 100+ years still offside
@Sam-ef7hn Yıl önce
I’ve coached AAA hockey in Alberta all my life this gives me the right to tell me you’re a goofball..
@danielrichard2788 Yıl önce
@@ericksonjustinAK dumping the puck into the zone, waiting for a touch up, and then chasing the puck is completely different than stick handling the puck into the zone with someone offsides. The issue is he never lost or gave up possession of the puck. He doesn’t need to be touching it to have control. These are professionals I bet 50% of the time they are skating with the puck it isn’t on their stick but they still have control and possession. It just makes a clear rule unclear now so they will have to reword it next season when there was nothing wrong with how it was understood.
@daveholiday3946 Yıl önce
Willie nylander for 14th overall pick prob need to throw in another piece but that would help Toronto with their cap troubles
@davepangburn Yıl önce
Even if somehow the cap could be manipulated is some alternate reality allowing Pittsburgh to keep both Malkin and Letang...if that scenario entailed the Penguins to be near cap-maxed, no realistic financial flexibility left...in my opinion it would be still be advisable to still let Malkin walk and get Letang under contract. Yes, Malkin is an All-Time Penguin, Hall of Famer. But he is 35 years old now and over the last couple seasons it has been shown that his proneness to extended injuries is getting worse. Aging will probably not reverse that trend. It's probably better long term for the franchise to part ways with Malkin and start planning the beginning of a new era with the cap space. Its cutthroat & its cold. But the NHL is a business.
@KesselsHotDogs Yıl önce
they have 24 million in cap space to re sign 4 players malkin and letang will eat 14 million. The situation isnt that bleak lol