VimalaNowlis 7 saatler önce
How about over 1000 Nazis, including top officials, airlifted to US under the secret "Project Paperclip"? Then, many of them were given top positions in the NATO? Because US was a pro-Nazi nation until the day after Pearl Harbor! And US still is a pro-Nazi nation. That's why it unleashed the Neo-Nazis in Ukraine after 2014 and go to war for their Neo-Nazi regime in 2022.
Dead 7 saatler önce
Everyone saying that he pronounced Nicaea wrong but that's how you pronounce it in Greek. It's Νίκαι knee quee aaa
Prajwal Shetty
Prajwal Shetty 7 saatler önce
Greedy powerful white men, stealing natural resources since centuries..
Dead 7 saatler önce
So orthodoxy remained unhunched since it's creation
Macintosh “Mac”
Macintosh “Mac” 7 saatler önce
Wanna see modern day conflict between protestant and catholic? Look at Glasgow Rangers and Glasgow Celtic in the Scottish Premiere League 😉😉😉
Michael Idarecis
Michael Idarecis 7 saatler önce
The US was selling oil and made tanks for Germany.
673-T 8 saatler önce
Muslims must retake their lands in Siberia and Caucasus and expel the Russians
itsve 7 saatler önce
I agree but I also think Donbass should remain Russian,
drxym 8 saatler önce
I like Gibraltar but it's also a weird place - it's like a pokey British town on the side of a mountain and everything is in miniature - small highstreet, small supermarkets etc. since space is at a premium. There is absolutely no doubt at all that the people living there consider themselves British and have no intention of uniting with Spain. The funny part is Spain also has enclaves in Morocco and there is a little bit of "you too" going on whenever they complain about Gibraltar.
RAKIBUL HASAN 8 saatler önce
12:31 i am from Sylhet
AY 8 saatler önce
Few Muslim majority country have tolerance n unity like Indonesia otherwise we all know condition of middle eastern n west eastern muslim countries… Muslims countries on eastern side of India is calm n progressive on other hand western part like Pakistan afghan Middle East we all know the condition 🙏🏻🙏🏻 Anyways time will teach them a lesson n will make them better human which coexist with others like western Muslims countries 👏👏
Stephen Ellis
Stephen Ellis 9 saatler önce
The pronunciation of this man shows ignorance and lack of education or genuine interest, mere commentary!
choysakanto 9 saatler önce
And Siberia was turned into open prison for anyone who speaks ill of the tsar
Mirek Mareš
Mirek Mareš 9 saatler önce
So isn't a time for Russia to return these lands to their rightful owners? :D Alongside Kaliningrad and Karelia
Mirek Mareš
Mirek Mareš 7 saatler önce
@itsve When? Its hard to believe that when they have their big naval military base.
itsve 7 saatler önce
Well for Kaliningrad, they wanted to give it to the Germans and Lithuinaina,s but they refused to take it.
In aeternum Rōma Māter "DCCLIII"
In aeternum Rōma Māter "DCCLIII" 9 saatler önce
Siberia rightly Kazahstan land🇰🇿🇰🇿💪
НИКОЛАЙ ВЕСЕЛИНОВ 9 saatler önce
in short:easily
Neluril 10 saatler önce
What do you call an army consisting entirely of women? No-guy horde
George T
George T 10 saatler önce
Czechoslovakia did not collapse. They just had a civil divorce. Yugoslavia collapsed.
eliskakordulova 10 saatler önce
In school we learnt that one of the main reasons we split up was because we couldn't agree on what to call our country, which is pretty funny.
CND23 10 saatler önce
Nice job, are u romanian?
The Greatest
The Greatest 10 saatler önce
honestly it was christians love for pork and wine that made them reject islamic rule, only these two things.
jp4vk 11 saatler önce
What do you use or where do you go to make your maps?
Christophe Fischer
Christophe Fischer 11 saatler önce
Things need to go to1500 borders
mccaboy 11 saatler önce
Jan hus was killed
Sarkis Masrian
Sarkis Masrian 11 saatler önce
Fuckin bloody history.
Lab Nab
Lab Nab 11 saatler önce
Bruh, Cossac is not an ethnicity, it’s a profession like Viking
Raymond Seger
Raymond Seger 11 saatler önce
They probably will secede in the future just like central asians. The central asians were not white and blonde like the russian, and they are not orthodox christian too. They seceded. Same reason why Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland seceded, they were not orthodox christian, they are catholic. They also seceded. Siberians are not orthodox christian and they are not white too, they look more like central asian or chinese, also they are mostly animist or tengri or other eastern religion, so technically the "white russia party" which is the current government, doesn't really represent them, which means they are not really "their government"... or as americans like to say, "no taxation... without representation"... which they are, like your video said... "How did the Russians Conquer Siberia?"... "Conquer", which means they used to be a nation of it's own, which explains why they looked so different, they looked more central asian than white & blonde european. Central Asia is now pretty much under the umbrella of the muslim world and China while former catholic soviet nations in East Europe are now under the umbrella of European Union and the Catholic Church. Unless of course, Russia reformed itself into a multi-cultural country, but i don't think it's going to happen because the party after the soviet union believes in "orthodox christian & white russia" concept. Siberia make up 70% of Russian land... but there's barely any siberian in russian government, they are all mostly white and blonde and orthodox russian, it's kinda like South Africa in the past where the whites are the government, while the super majority black people are second class citizen. In a weird way, if you think about it, the soviet union revolution can be seen as a class warfare, which it was, the government of the soviet union make up super majority of non-russian ethnic. Jews, central asian, siberian, georgian, tatars, which is also why they later focus on creating what is now post-Soviet nations like Central Asia, Georgia, Ukraine, and also focus on defeating Europe and decolonize Asia and Africa, it's the opposite of "Czar Russia" policy. The soviet union was a government of "minorities", the idea of "White, Orthodox" Russia under "Czar" is foreign to them. If Russia was ruled by the Czar in World War 2, it would probably sided with Germany, really, the Cossacks were busy targeting minorities, and Russia have a strong history of pogroms. You know in jewish tradition, there is a tradition where you "swing a chicken and sacrifice the chicken" and if you check world war 2 era art, there's many arts portraying the Czar as a chicken, the relationship was bad because of the constant pogrom and Cossack harassment.
ziumbatista 11 saatler önce
Vatican played a huge part in this
Костадин Йовев
Костадин Йовев 11 saatler önce
Both The Catholic and Orthodox Churches represent what is the true meaning of being United despite language differences troughout the Ages and History! The first Bible was the Orthodox Bible or The So Called By Me The First True Christian Bible because more than 50% of the words in the used Greek language are Real True Christian Words in other words the First Created Language Specified In Explaining Christian Essences like true facts teological science explanatins and logic! Latin is the Second Holy Christian language and the Third Holy Christian language is the Bulgarian which is represented by 2 two alphabets The Bulgarian( Cyrilic( Кирилица ) The First True Bulgarian Alphabet created by Bulgarians ) and the Bulgarian ( Metodievitsa (МЕТОДИЕВИЦА))needed for Godforshipping language during praying to and worshipping God and writing The Holy Scripts!!!! These 2 Bulgarian Aplhabets were used to create 3 fourth Holy Christian Language called The Slavicchurch language wchich was mostly used to convert Slavic Tribes and others! No wonder why The Holy Place for Orthodox Cristians Athon has a Bulgarian Monastery includin many Greek and Russian Monasteries! It's a fact Bulgarian Schollars and Bulgarian Christian Schollars and mostly their work and interest in keeping the Hermetist Secrets writen in Christian Language was the reason for the Holy Crusades and the burning of many monasteries and scripts in Athon! The first the only Ezoteric or Hermetist Christianity which was founded by Bulgarian Nobles and Bulgarians the Bogomils or the Katar christians 'some of them called The White Brotherhood(lately) were the biggest reason because they helped for the creation of Non-Chalcedonian and Western Protestant and Luteran and other Churches and they did so many big things for this World normal people don't know about! The Easter Non-Chalcedonian Churches are Christians but they are Muslims and other religions connected together but they partly approve Jesus! The True Church is the Orthodox Church! No doubt they have the biggest contribution to our World and it is proved and it is well known by historians! The True Face Of God is seen in their eyes and in their work! Their followers never betrayed the anyone even their enemies!!!!
Krischi Kirsche
Krischi Kirsche 12 saatler önce
Awesome, thank you for all the information gathering together!
Ruth Jaeger Banon
Ruth Jaeger Banon 12 saatler önce
"German Officers"?! Doesnt that sound neat. You mean ruthless murderous blood-hound beasts who gave up a human existence to become vicious animals. All the German military collaborated with murder of civilians. They had no problem doing so. Thats just the kind of people they are. Most never got what they deserved so humanity never got justice on these evil weak brain-dead creatures. Too bad. I hope they all rot in hell.
AH Novel
AH Novel 12 saatler önce
What about USA, UK, France annexed around the world ??
s H
s H 7 saatler önce
Whatabautism. A silly argument for stilly people
Average_Coder 12 saatler önce
Romans Greeks had connections with modern day south and south east asia
Introducing Mr. Lucci
Introducing Mr. Lucci 12 saatler önce
Mongols was Massive Racists towards Caucasians for real that's facts 💯
Funigazz 12 saatler önce
Uk and France: Let decolonize. Russia: No
𝗘𝗹𝘃𝗲𝗿 𝗚𝗮𝗹𝗮𝗿𝗴𝗮
𝗘𝗹𝘃𝗲𝗿 𝗚𝗮𝗹𝗮𝗿𝗴𝗮 13 saatler önce
Russians trying to find warn ports
Charles 13 saatler önce
Most of Russian expansion was eastward against the Tartars and Mongols raiders who had troubled them for centuries not expanding into Europe yet Atlantiscists prefer to ignore this. The whole thing is due to the fact that Russia hasn't been under the thumb of the UK and it's ackcolyte the USA in any way, Teuton Vs Slav dynamic and political religion for belonging to the wrong church
Kot narkot
Kot narkot 13 saatler önce
It's really cool video. Thank you for it. Hello everybody from Siberia (Krasnoyarsk)
Hamza Abbas
Hamza Abbas 13 saatler önce
Why did not Russians annex Mongolia...
Hamza Abbas
Hamza Abbas 11 saatler önce
Stalin has committed a stupendous mistake...
country 11 saatler önce
Mongolia was conquered by Qing China and later on Mongolia was vassal state of Soviet Union.. Mongolia offered Stalin to annex into Soviet Union but Stalin rejected
Sony Mike
Sony Mike 14 saatler önce
I am Haiti but there are a lot of imaginary things in your version because Spain didn't support the Haitian revolution and they didn't give ammunition's
BlackSwanGaming 14 saatler önce
Bull shit willingly , they killed or exiled Muslims
Triston Daniels
Triston Daniels 14 saatler önce
I’d be willing to bet it had more to do with the country’s proximity to Antarctica. Ever heard of operation High Jump?
Arcade 14 saatler önce
the mongols were cruel unjust thugs
GermanShepherd1983 15 saatler önce
Where will trump flee when it comes time for him to report to prison?
Sabbas D'Souza
Sabbas D'Souza 15 saatler önce
Ghenghis Khan didn't exist according to this bizarre rewriting of history. 😂😮😅😊😢
country 11 saatler önce
This happened after the fall of Mongol Empire
Random Guy
Random Guy 15 saatler önce
They tried Japan too.
Nico Dangond
Nico Dangond 15 saatler önce
9:10 “and the Russians likely didn’t see such a significant obstacle cumming, until it hit them in the face” 😂😳😂😳
Giorgos Papoutsakis
Giorgos Papoutsakis 15 saatler önce
"Siberia is almost like a land of a legend" True because in ancient greek mythology they speculated a place called hyperborea in the north (borea=βόρεια aka north) because their exploration was limited at the time and it is believed that they were referring to modern day Siberia
Bob LawBlah
Bob LawBlah 16 saatler önce
Because the women are hot
The West is the Best
The West is the Best 16 saatler önce
It’s crazy how the Russians conquered some place called Siber and said “Yea, everything past this is Siberia!” 😂
chris chuba
chris chuba 16 saatler önce
We must free Siberia from Russian Tyranny. The entire world must remain a protectorate of the U.S. 🙂