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Violetta1912 Gün önce
Watching Sinasi is like watching my sister, I've never seen anyone so like her before.
Sözler 2 gün önce
şort giyip sahaya çikinca başımız göge eriyor...
meijes 2 gün önce
aku ikutan baper pas cem datang bawa apel terus balik lgi ... layla tutup pintu terus menangisss .... itulah yg aku ikut merasakan bahwa mereka itu aslinya ada cinta .... omg
Yanixa  Marin
Yanixa Marin 2 gün önce
Que lindo! Cómo llora, tan bello, muy bonita esta serie, me encanta, saludo y gracias desde Venezuela 🇻🇪👍🏻
Emeralda mahinay Esmie
Emeralda mahinay Esmie 3 gün önce
I like so much this series.good actor and actress .very nice ending
Ching chanG Chong
Ching chanG Chong 3 gün önce
sinasi is so funny🤣🤣
Yanixa  Marin
Yanixa Marin 3 gün önce
Excelente serie, me encanta esta guerra jajaja, saludo desde Venezuela y gracias por traducirla en español 🇻🇪👍🏻
Cristina Gulino
Cristina Gulino 3 gün önce
Marye Velez
Marye Velez 4 gün önce
Paraque publican mas eltitulo de Aziz yamelabi osivan apublicar lasegunda telenovela de elconlamisma protagonista dale entonses perl diariolorepetido
MURAT GÖZE 4 gün önce
Kubilay aka 😩🔥😍
Boykey Quuera
Boykey Quuera 4 gün önce
I love this story... leyla and cem really making me drooling...
Renny Yulianti
Renny Yulianti 5 gün önce
Subtitle Indonesia nya ga banget deh...jadi males nonton nya
mosetsana manyeke
mosetsana manyeke 5 gün önce
For someone who is known to be bad ass when it comes to her job, she has shown me her stupidity, jumping to conclusions not even listening to Cem. Where is her strength when those man came to say nonsense to her, she should have grown that back bone and told them off, she has had those men in her back for so many years but they still treat her like nothing. She owes no one anything, they betrayed her and she went up on her own. I would have told them off and what I would say to them won't give them any comeback. The words would haunt them in their sleep.
Poonam Gharat
Poonam Gharat 5 gün önce
Drama started off well but writers spoiled it.They could have used the characters mach better ..Story lost the track Completly
mosetsana manyeke
mosetsana manyeke 6 gün önce
I had so much respect for Leyla but when she started behaving like those hooligans I can't respect her anymore... For someone who knows her former bosses she shouldn't jump into conclusions, she just have to investigate everything before making decisions
nancy gerritsen
nancy gerritsen 6 gün önce
👏👏👏👏👏 Just finished the series and rate it at 3.85🌟's. Mostly positive series with not as many a**holes or 100% jerks to keep you irritated on a constant basis (like there normally is). = More Good than Bad. Some amazingly good moral and upbeat living standards too !! Well done to the writers of this series !! 💝💖💞🙏🙏
Marye Velez
Marye Velez 6 gün önce
Quedesfraudasion conesas novelas nomegustan sino los erkanes0
online school
online school 6 gün önce
Learn Turkish Easily🏝
Touseef basit
Touseef basit 6 gün önce
Leyla cem just love them greeting from Pakistan 🇵🇰
Touseef basit
Touseef basit 6 gün önce
Love reserved ❤❤
ten💕💖 6 gün önce
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ten💕💖 6 gün önce
mosetsana manyeke
mosetsana manyeke 6 gün önce
My 10th Turkish Series Checking in ❤️ Leyla's adoptive mother is everything a girl child needs
kum 6 gün önce
Cem 💜😍 LeyCem 🍎🍒
Paula avelina Orlanda tabirara
Paula avelina Orlanda tabirara 6 gün önce
Luv it more episodes please 🙏🙏🙏
bruh_bg 6 gün önce
Ah, now I know who's the old man who talks in the restaurant...🤭😊
Marye Velez
Marye Velez 7 gün önce
Yononesesito videos deyaman yonesesito que publiquen latersera partedelatelenovela quesiguede elosino nomasvidrl
Sevin İlter
Sevin İlter 7 gün önce
Bitmesin yaaa offf
Eunice Alonso
Eunice Alonso 8 gün önce
This woman is beautiful
Caty Rombola
Caty Rombola 8 gün önce
Me encanta esta serie porque es auténtica, real,sin mentiras. Excelentes y bellos Leyla , Cem. Muy buenos los actores.