It’s over...
18 gün önce
this is the end.
3 aylar önce
Thank You Kobe. RIP
5 aylar önce
Yair Benitez
Yair Benitez 42 dakika önce
Nobody:..... Brandon: When do my toes go like this jackie🦶🏻jackie: 👁👄👁🍆
Abdi Abdiweli
Abdi Abdiweli 43 dakika önce
Who else noticed Brawadis didn't do an intro or an outro
bling_drip 44 dakika önce
the drunk part was so funny u just sat there waitied for her to walk in and anthony is moaning behind the camera
Lablab Santos
Lablab Santos 44 dakika önce
Cindi Naula
Cindi Naula 45 dakika önce
That garage is the size of my apartment. :(
Angee Allen
Angee Allen 45 dakika önce
you know what we have seen this video well parts of it. lol keep up with the great videos. lets see something about spin the wheel and do a dare like eat a sardine,or a tablespoon of mustard or very hot sauce ,drink a 1/2 gallon of milk in 2 minutes come on your can think of some funny ones if not google some. just some ideas I enjoy your channel
HGC LoganBodo15
HGC LoganBodo15 47 dakika önce
Wait Antony is 20 and he drinks alcohol isent the age 21 the hell
Vincent TT
Vincent TT 47 dakika önce
David Flores
David Flores 48 dakika önce
Brandon you should make a music video
Juan Vazquez
Juan Vazquez 49 dakika önce
Okay but if it was 3 am why Jackie got sun glasses on her head mmmmh
ExzyDaDemon 49 dakika önce
Anthony why do u have a pizza sock
Sarthak Verma
Sarthak Verma 50 dakika önce
Thumbnail: Morning 3:00am. Title: middle of night. 😑😑
erin m
erin m 50 dakika önce
I can't be the only one the feels like something is not right lately I know Jackie said she's on a break but I don't know 😢😢 I really hope her and Brandon they are okay with eachother
Frank1205H 51 dakika önce
you will kill cash 2-13 you win
Brawadis 2.0
Brawadis 2.0 52 dakika önce
Jackie is going from a nice person to a negative person I never new she would act like that
EnderGav 53 dakika önce
When a stick tries to fught
Diego Nazario
Diego Nazario 54 dakika önce
That thumbnail is fake Jackie did not went to ur house in 3 in the morning
Claudio Munoz
Claudio Munoz 55 dakika önce
You should convince Jessica to make a TRshow channel
FaKe Juvie
FaKe Juvie 58 dakika önce
He wasn’t drunk he was high
AGR 58 dakika önce
Brandon is just happy and then you have Anthony who just looks depressed
Ibrahim Amir
Ibrahim Amir 59 dakika önce
9:20 look at his hand
dum ass
dum ass 59 dakika önce
the whole video i was waiting for them to make anthony spell alcohol
ayub ahmed-harun
ayub ahmed-harun Saatler önce
Ask jessica if she loves me
KillerBeast 999
KillerBeast 999 Saatler önce
Looks like he high cus of his eyes but Ik they polly don’t vape
Ana Vlogs
Ana Vlogs Saatler önce
Can you make a vid with denis
Briana H
Briana H Saatler önce
Clent and mandi are dating
Briana H
Briana H Saatler önce
Briana H
Briana H Saatler önce
They actually
w h y :D
w h y :D Saatler önce
I just realized Anthony was 20 but he is a alcoholic 😂
LilZd Saatler önce
Me waiting for the we’re getting back together vidio 👁👅👁
B0hog The beast
B0hog The beast Saatler önce
What’s is is outrow song that he uses called
Tanishqa Kawatra
Tanishqa Kawatra Saatler önce
That shoutout flight 😂😂
Barb.Arianator.Kitten_ 4_Life_Periodt.
Barb.Arianator.Kitten_ 4_Life_Periodt. Saatler önce
Why does faze rug look so different? What did I miss?
drop low bikes
drop low bikes Saatler önce
I saw this video with jackie an sherman it was on his other video
AdventurPreneur Saatler önce
Lmao i thought brandon was gonna give jackie a hug when she walked in with the food. Nope he goes straight for the food lol im starting to see more and more now why she needs a break from him to reevaluate everything! I would feel used for views too
Ryan VanLiew
Ryan VanLiew Saatler önce
LIKE TO BRING BACK “Let’s just talk man everything’s coo”
Hugo Meza
Hugo Meza Saatler önce
Anthony faces went he was setting on the Couch
yoyopeanutbutter Saatler önce
I know no one is asking but that sub place they were at around 4:50 was called jersey mikes subs and I’ve heard some high rated reviews about this place... I’m in Canada so we only have two locations in the eastern but let me know what you guys think of the place??
Yrndann Saatler önce
So we just gon act like we ain see 1:15
Bridjesh Ramnanan
Bridjesh Ramnanan Saatler önce
Hey brandon you should buy a benz van in white to drive the crew around or a toyota sieana please
Uriel Gasca
Uriel Gasca Saatler önce
I remember this video you posted
F3AR Saatler önce
honestly your videos are ok just the fact that you lowkey act childish
Angel Mercado
Angel Mercado Saatler önce
Bro you need to put Jackie not ex
Fin Moore
Fin Moore Saatler önce
Why do a feel like he’s done a bit of Mary Jane instead of getting drunk
Jonathan Ortiz
Jonathan Ortiz Saatler önce
He looks at her ass at 832 lmao
Leidy Orozco
Leidy Orozco Saatler önce
I love how jess is so serious when it’s her turn to spell😂💕
Jonathan Jolaoso
Jonathan Jolaoso Saatler önce
1:06 my mom is always playing candy crush and bragging about the level she is on 😂😂
Sophie M
Sophie M Saatler önce
Anthony: get these balloons out of here Anthony 5 seconds later: *is fighting over getting them back*
Thebest4153 Saatler önce
11:34 what
Katelyn Saatler önce
i dont think anyone noticed that brandon got conscious but on the video it said conscience
Noelia Marin
Noelia Marin Saatler önce
How many times did Brandon say Brian | |
KeefDexter 420
KeefDexter 420 Saatler önce
More drunk vids y’all be clowning😂😭
Laura Aguilar
Laura Aguilar Saatler önce
So Anthony was 20-19 and drunk 😂😂😂
JT Kelly
JT Kelly Saatler önce
we need more drunk brawadis and Anthony vids
Rishabh Madabushi
Rishabh Madabushi Saatler önce
look at booker on the side he is like whats going on
christian criollo
christian criollo Saatler önce
if you saw a 6 year old boy crying would you help them
THOMAS BROWN 2K Saatler önce
chanelle do be thick tho
Pedro Saquic
Pedro Saquic Saatler önce
You know chanelles insta
contact Saatler önce
stahp shopping at target!
this dood
George Garcia
George Garcia Saatler önce
Boring video bro...
Strike_MarshYT Saatler önce
Brandon clean ur freaking carpet it’s so disgusting
Jose Lamas
Jose Lamas Saatler önce
Something like that happened to me today boi 😂 I'm good
Gtrkid 101
Gtrkid 101 Saatler önce
Eh eh SIMP No hate tho
Anthony Sinclair
Anthony Sinclair Saatler önce
Brandon I watched one of ur video from 3 years ago u was saying u suck at basketball cuz u missed last shot it bounced out u dont suck Brandon but faze rug is like curry u dont suck
Texhnic Saatler önce
He’s 20 and drinks
Caleb Shea
Caleb Shea Saatler önce
FaZe Nad1m
FaZe Nad1m Saatler önce
YWhoever likes this comment this video and likes my videos will achieve whatever your goal are have good day good luck and god bless you.
Gigi Agama
Gigi Agama Saatler önce
wait so are are Madi nd Clint dating or not?
Caleb Shea
Caleb Shea Saatler önce
9:20 gets abit cringe tho lol, waking about how his toes glow when he finishes lmao
Alex Martinez
Alex Martinez Saatler önce
When booker stepped on brandon all the boys felt that 😔🥺
Mariana Medina
Mariana Medina Saatler önce
I understand your pain because I almost lost my dog Panther (black mix lab) to Rat Poison. I was crying all day and hugging her because I thought I was going to lose her that day💔💔. I can't even imagine the pain that you are going through right now and I don't expect you guys to quit mourning for your dog because losing your best friend is like someone stabbing you in the heart.
JMo Production
JMo Production Saatler önce
N1ghtSky11 .
N1ghtSky11 . Saatler önce
I was dying when he said your my bitch when the default was shooting him
Lanna Wallend
Lanna Wallend Saatler önce
Maybe he can see things that you or an human can’t see like an ghost or sprite
Caty Ramos
Caty Ramos Saatler önce
lol Anthony at 15:52 :Ouhhh
Brady Burden
Brady Burden Saatler önce
Duck Hodges is the 🐐
Jennysee Saatler önce
Papa Rug is so funny
Aries Hannah
Aries Hannah Saatler önce
Omg that was pretty funny!
Cyan Gts
Cyan Gts Saatler önce
Day o nza day nza that's the go song
Thesebastiansesi 57
Thesebastiansesi 57 Saatler önce
Are we not gonna talk about how Anthony’s 20 and drinks
Sebastian Santos
Sebastian Santos Saatler önce
Does this lady sound like she is already and acting like she is a female English teacher
Caleb Shea
Caleb Shea Saatler önce
That's was an awesome vid man, just made me instantly reminisce
Ignacio Rodriguez
Ignacio Rodriguez Saatler önce
i have a crush on Chanel 😩❤️
Brandon Sanders
Brandon Sanders Saatler önce
Jackie is right, the house is amazing and I am happy for all of them!
dyke shooter
dyke shooter Saatler önce
I know I seen this before
FaZe Nad1m
FaZe Nad1m Saatler önce
Whoever likes this comment this video and likes mine will achieve whatever your goal are have good day good luck and god bless you.
FaZe Nad1m
FaZe Nad1m Saatler önce
Whoever likes this comment this video and likes mine will achieve whatever your goal are have good day good luck and god bless you.
Shawnique L
Shawnique L Saatler önce
Love Anthony’s laugh
Milad Mozaffari
Milad Mozaffari Saatler önce
if he said when you're drunk what you really think comes out, what was he saying while he was drunk.
Tauqeer Khan
Tauqeer Khan Saatler önce
Never been click baited harder but it’s cool
Kevin Gomez
Kevin Gomez Saatler önce
What happened to the quality at 7:26
Raffie Perez
Raffie Perez Saatler önce
german ruelas
german ruelas Saatler önce
Rug tryna act tough
carlie freis
carlie freis Saatler önce
Why he in the old house
Nataly Lopez
Nataly Lopez Saatler önce
Get with jakie 🥺🥺🥵🥵🥵
CJJ 08
CJJ 08 Saatler önce
so your home alone
kurt paul bazil
kurt paul bazil Saatler önce
this is clickbate check.
Khalil Clarke
Khalil Clarke Saatler önce
yeah that carpet is not clean..... I literally see dirty spots all over the floor lol.
Eddy Castillo
Eddy Castillo Saatler önce
Shanell should’ve been in the roommates reveal
Josedabest 55
Josedabest 55 Saatler önce
Bro he def uploaded the first part
erin m
erin m Saatler önce
Jackie needs to come back for real I miss her so much and brackie bring it back 💗💗
Giant 415
Giant 415 Saatler önce
🔥🔥🔥Is this your TRshow channel or your Ex-Girlfriends channel? 🔥🔥🔥 (Drake)