MRCS Part A Online Course
Owen Johns
Owen Johns 6 saatler önce
Lalhlupuii renthlei
Lalhlupuii renthlei 20 gün önce
I just passed my class 12,can i study medical Aesthetic or do i need other cetificate first?
Audrockz Aylar önce
scam artist. "Mosab Deen, D.O., of Royal Oak, MI, resolved civil liability for alleged violations of the False Claims Act by entering into civil settlements with the United States. These physicians approved orders for medically unnecessary braces and cancer genetic testing despite many red flags that these items and services were illegitimate." Ordered to pay a $28,500 fine. worthless, opportunistic human being
Nazim .
Nazim . 6 aylar önce
And also i am from india
Nazim .
Nazim . 6 aylar önce
How can i take addmission in this course
Maral Fatima
Maral Fatima 7 aylar önce
can physciotherapist do aesthetic medicine
Maral Fatima
Maral Fatima 7 aylar önce
sir can physciotherapist do aesthetic medicine
Samantha Pash-brown
Samantha Pash-brown 7 aylar önce
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Maral Fatima
Maral Fatima 7 aylar önce
can dpt student do this
FlameFlake 8 aylar önce
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katerine re
katerine re 8 aylar önce
Hello. Your video was actually educational! I've been trying to research for an insightful TRshow video like yours that informs everything in this TRshow vid! 🥼 The part at 1:18 is my favorite. Your explanation for sure is like the vids from Doctor Ethan. Doctor's videos are for sure informative and I learned a lot for my diet. He is an awesome med student! You should check his page out and give Doctor Ethan a like! 👉 #DoctorEthanQuestions
Victor Wilson
Victor Wilson 9 aylar önce
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Shahraan 1123 gamerz 11 aylar önce
I'm interested
Malik Junaid
Malik Junaid Yıl önce
Please contact number
Syeda Saba bukhari
Syeda Saba bukhari Yıl önce
Sanuhunain Sanuhunain
Sanuhunain Sanuhunain Yıl önce
In pakistan
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nji Hans Yıl önce
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pardeep jangra 98 Yıl önce
Sir master certificate
MisterTracks Yıl önce
amazing content
Jamie Desaillly
Jamie Desaillly Yıl önce
IBC Medical Services
saba shah
saba shah Yıl önce
I need to do this course 0552326790
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IBC Medical Services
Cindy Dow
Cindy Dow Yıl önce
Doctors laugh and smile on there face when they put little vinegar on female patient cervix and cells and HPV on cervix shows white, next step is bisopy, shows cancer, doctors laugh and smile on there face when they burn abnormal cells and HPV on cervix using leep procedure, doctors removed to much of a female patient cervix cause problems libibo, orgram function, sexual function, shorter cervix harder to get pregnant, nervous around cervix damage by treatment. Female patient should be wearing condoms and lube while having sex with one or partners.
nueinna Bal
nueinna Bal 2 yıl önce
I have some questions, how do I get in touch?
Hamza Osto
Hamza Osto 2 yıl önce
Longest thumbs I’ve ever seen
Kervin Dow
Kervin Dow 2 yıl önce
Lot country's will skip coloscopy give you leep procedure give side effects with procedure.
Hawraa Saeed
Hawraa Saeed 4 yıl önce
ممكن تكلفه الكورس والشهاده الممنوحه وتاريخ الكورس. . . ممكن رد
Hawraa Saeed
Hawraa Saeed 4 yıl önce
كم سعر الكورس لطفا وموعد الكورس والشهاده الممنوحه بعد التدريب. وهل هي معتمده دوليا. ارجو الرد