His Identity Was Stolen!
I Was Wrong
20 gün önce
Shane Dobson
Shane Dobson 28 dakika önce
And.... they put the logo on the press release. C'mon...
michael l
michael l 28 dakika önce
I think Dan Snyder was told to either change the name of the Redskins to something else or the NFL owners would force him to sell the team.
Pandarosa 30 dakika önce
the washington monuments
James M
James M 31 dakika önce
Me when the ‘fart’ starts dripping down my leg: 3:23
Gabriel Philpot
Gabriel Philpot 31 dakika önce
No he doesn't. It's not possible
gillamonster100 31 dakika önce
Washington Red Cloud
prod. Hammy Sosa
prod. Hammy Sosa 32 dakika önce
why is that basketball so shiny ??!?!?!
Colton Turner
Colton Turner 32 dakika önce
Come on Pat, you had an opportunity to raise awareness about a child sex trafficking ring and you joked about it instead, absolutely disgusting
Justin Young
Justin Young 33 dakika önce
free hong kong, don't be bought and paid for Pat
Jerry Jansen
Jerry Jansen 33 dakika önce
Free Hong Kong
truthisalchemy 34 dakika önce
Nick stays...
Christian moreno
Christian moreno 35 dakika önce
Jordinho Charles
Jordinho Charles 36 dakika önce
Id say they could keep the Native American logo but just change the name.... we have Texans, Cowboys, 49ers, Patriots, Chiefs!!!! (Chiefs is the perfect example of how you can still have Native American related team name without being offensive)
Jordinho Charles
Jordinho Charles 32 dakika önce
Washington Natives sounds good ?🤔
Mike M
Mike M 37 dakika önce
Nick drops the bomb at 3:15
c green
c green 38 dakika önce
Hahaha Nike trying to be moral? They hypocrisy is unreal. But hey thats a Liberal for you, a walking hypocrisy.
Hernan Oviedo
Hernan Oviedo 38 dakika önce
Free hong kong
Dejavu 40 dakika önce
Because of the mls tv deal they have to split games between espn fox/fs1 and Univision. The mls guys have been playing golf and supposedly the ping pong has already graduated to the point where their are multiple divisions. So far tho the mls bubble is working 2 teams failed to launch but since the bubble there have been 2 false positives and everyone else has tested clean. And they are getting tested every other day and any match day.
Supp 40 dakika önce
“The Washington Secret Service”
Mac Dre
Mac Dre 40 dakika önce
Mets amazing!! I love his mins lol Literally feel like Napoleon dynamite is reading lmao!!!
Mark Reetz
Mark Reetz 41 dakika önce
Woj doesn't deserve any support. Mouthpiece for the commies.
gus ramos
gus ramos 41 dakika önce
Straight out of pornhub lol my friends mom nurse me back to health
Demarcus Garner
Demarcus Garner 41 dakika önce
Definition of semitic:of relating to, or constituting a subfamily of the Afro-Asiatic language family that includes Hebrew, Aramaic, Arabic, and Amharic. Those are all black groups hmm guess we can't be Anti semitic.
Jose Luis Gandara
Jose Luis Gandara 41 dakika önce
What’s funny is that the DC team said their renaming will honor both Native Americans and the military, but the American military is inherently anti-Native. American militias were formed to attack and steal land from Native peoples and the American War for Independence was fought in large part because of anger against British laws that prevented westward expansion past the Appalachians (see: Quebec Act). The American military was then predominantly used to systematically move Native people off their land (way more than any international conflicts “defending” Americans). In fact, the very idea of “defending our homeland” operates on the basis that this land is stolen from Native people. So any support of our military is inherently anti-Native. You. Can’t. Do. Both. So maybe we don't replace one problematic name with another one and just settle on something that's catchy, not problematic, and related to DC. Maybe the Washington Lobbyists. Just a thought.
Mad Twon
Mad Twon 42 dakika önce
i wanna punch that one dude
Mike Rhew
Mike Rhew 42 dakika önce
How many Indians do we have in this country a 150 full blooded they should name it black lives matter
Mike M
Mike M 43 dakika önce
BIG cabinet show
pontiacpaul1 43 dakika önce
I banned NASCAR because of flag. It's pride. This guy is a idiot. U banning George Washington too I bet he owned more slaves then general Lee by far. Your anti American respect r history or move to Canada.
Paul Chapman
Paul Chapman 44 dakika önce
One more reason I will not be watching the BLMNFL
Robert Rawlins II
Robert Rawlins II 44 dakika önce
The Washington "Sunburns" then they could keep their cool helmets the same and say that the image is of a really pale Irishman who stayed out in the sun tool long.
phillyrepn 44 dakika önce
New team name will be the Washington Warplanes. New Stadium sponsor will be Lockheed Martin.
Evan Durant
Evan Durant 44 dakika önce
did yall see that player on the Kings who was forced to quarantine because he left the boundaries of the bubble to pickup postmates lol
Liberty_Hoonigan 46 dakika önce
Pat's face tho! So red lol
Ares Volkov
Ares Volkov 46 dakika önce
The bubble girls to the rescue to the NBA🤷‍♂️👀
Scott Slocum
Scott Slocum 46 dakika önce
They gonna catch the HOVID virus
James Rippy
James Rippy 46 dakika önce
They should rename the team the “Sentinels”
dylan anders
dylan anders 46 dakika önce
Anything but Redtails lol
J Lyons
J Lyons 47 dakika önce
“5-10 years from now, will anyone be upset about this? No.” 2 words. West Ham. You wanna see how greed can kill proud sports clubs, check them out. They sold their soul for a bigger stadium and can’t move back because the old one was demolished. They killed iconic small businesses that thrived on the team’s existence and lied to their faces when they asked whether they were going to benefit from the move as well. Been 5 years and fans are still heartbroken.
Rookie Florida Sportsman
Rookie Florida Sportsman 48 dakika önce
How about you name it after a tribe native to the area and give yearly donations to local tribes
Shad0wmoses 49 dakika önce
damn dom went in on this ref. he was smoking and drinking and now apparently he was really nervous too. what else was he that night? besides being the one to derail Cruz's title dreams.
Himer Samps
Himer Samps 49 dakika önce
Nick is just too real for the rest of the bois
Benjamin Eric
Benjamin Eric 50 dakika önce
I’m starting to think Pat just has blind support without further inquiry for anything that twitter loves. It’s a win/win, people can just keep living in their bubble and Pat keeps gaining an mass audience to have his show sold.
Brendan Burke
Brendan Burke 51 dakika önce
Pat what do u think about the Redwolves they keep the old R and HTTR plus it is a sick name
Ingenious Productions
Ingenious Productions 51 dakika önce
in earnest phrase "in earnest" definition: occurring to a greater extent or more intensely than before.
James Villano
James Villano 52 dakika önce
The Washington Squaws because they have no bawls!
Caleb Chen
Caleb Chen 52 dakika önce
I'm still hoping they end up choosing Redwolves!
Live Wire
Live Wire 52 dakika önce
Wayfair is nothing, look up “Ghislaine Maxwell, Charles Manson and the coffee war”
Den O Mach
Den O Mach 53 dakika önce
Pat if everything else is changing are the there colours changing ? Because Ur more defined by your colours I hope they keep same colour just change last name like could they have Washington red wolves or just wolves or a native animal of America!
Frankie Rangel
Frankie Rangel 54 dakika önce
The Washington Monuments
I Eat Glass
I Eat Glass 55 dakika önce
Dusty is a god in Australia, especially for the tigers, plus, the tigers have the highest fan base in the AFL.
Angry Vet
Angry Vet 55 dakika önce
Of course LeBron got involved.
Evan Sanford
Evan Sanford 55 dakika önce
Uhhh what did I miss? what is a red table? What did Will Smith do? like...what?
Sean Dolan
Sean Dolan 55 dakika önce
People only change when the dollar is effected.
D J 55 dakika önce
Man camp lol ... I heard a few say it’s like their going to prison ... sign me up for millionaire prison and golf
utmag 56 dakika önce
Aldo deserved to go out on his shield. He took a nasty body shot in the second that almost finished him and held on. I don't think Aldo was going to recover but it seemed like every time it was going to be stopped he started to defend and move. It's a fine line between calling it early and protecting a fighter. If herb would've protected Kongo when he was almost out on his feet we wouldn't have seen him ko Pat Barry. No one saw that coming and still is a shocker to this day.
Trivelli Music
Trivelli Music 56 dakika önce
TANK SHERMAN 57 dakika önce
The Washington Wokes?
disturbed3330 57 dakika önce
Jim Akin
Jim Akin 58 dakika önce
The Washington Chickenshits.
Sohrob Nyman
Sohrob Nyman 59 dakika önce
DC Dark Horses
Javier Suárez
Javier Suárez Saatler önce
This video is the cure for a crappy day. Loved it
Shawn Awesome 77
Shawn Awesome 77 Saatler önce
I wish China would buy Twitter so it can get banned like tik tok also. Then you will see how much better off the world would be.
Harry Gthang
Harry Gthang Saatler önce
That's why I am watching NHL now, go Blackhawks!
Frank Saatler önce
Just go ahead and replace the frame of the American flag and bald eagle with a Chinese flag and hammer & sickle while you’re at it
Phasefella tv
Phasefella tv Saatler önce
This dude wants to talk about himself instead of Aldo lol.
tony lavine
tony lavine Saatler önce
One of the most random off the wall clips. Amazing.
J Lyons
J Lyons Saatler önce
As a diehard Eagle fan, HTTR
Kyle J
Kyle J Saatler önce
This is wack. Everyone is thinking it. I'm just saying it
Nicholas Nicholas
Nicholas Nicholas Saatler önce
Maybe the best segment yet
Jack dull
Jack dull Saatler önce
If Jack Kent Cooke was still alive, he would never change the team's name and mascot no matter what because he's not sell out!
Harry Joiner
Harry Joiner Saatler önce
QUESTION: Don't you think Redskins Management has seen this coming for a long time? Certainly, they have a list of potential names that have been bandied about. No?
Pat Dearth
Pat Dearth Saatler önce
John Samuelson
John Samuelson Saatler önce
People want free speech with no consequences
owen daboss
owen daboss Saatler önce
I can’t believe they changed there name to the Washington RG3s
MrHoundDoug Saatler önce
The "Washington Streaky Bacons" that stuff is both tasty and deadly... and the color scheme is right.
Lt Dan 1969
Lt Dan 1969 Saatler önce
No NFL this year, NCAA college could do a 32 team invitational play 8 to 12 games, each team gets 4 bye weeks to make season last longer. Imagine Ga. Bulldogs and Ohio State Monday night game. Or Notre Dame, and Clemson, And At the end College Super Bowl. OH!! Wait, I was just dreaming.
Boston Chris
Boston Chris Saatler önce
So dumb they did it
Travis Frost
Travis Frost Saatler önce
im just really tired of whiners tbh. if the name of a football team affects your life so much you can't go on unless it's changed..... welll,,,, you are living life wrong...
jammko1970 Saatler önce
Washington Foreskins
James Barry
James Barry Saatler önce
Lol NFL King of Cancil Colture))) Your Fired)))
maizeman90 Saatler önce
Jesus, did Will line up in the C gap on this Nick dude at some point? He big mad.
SwayJJ Saatler önce
People acting like Woj is the most oppressed man on earth. Like WLM groups need to pop up (woj lives matter). The dude is a multi-millionaire for calling draft picks and trades early, and he now gets a few weeks off. Imagine if people actually got so passionate about real issues in the world
bennie boy
bennie boy Saatler önce
I will NEVER watch another nfl game again in my home Hello soccer ⚽️ Jajaja
HeadR47 Saatler önce
Washington Warrens, they can pretend they are native americans
Bill Burken
Bill Burken Saatler önce
I seen a video of a guy going to Indian Reservations and ask the people their if the name redskins offended them, the all said no and a few said they were fans of the Redskins. It only offends white woke snowflakes.
CLIMAX TV Saatler önce
The Patriots and the refs had a long entanglement!!
Richie MacDonald
Richie MacDonald Saatler önce
Washington War Hogs
Chris Owens
Chris Owens Saatler önce
Dom still complaining about Peterson is a pretty bad look...
Marcel Liu
Marcel Liu Saatler önce
Okay so red wolves sound really dumb. Like crimson canines or something would be better
Jonathan M
Jonathan M Saatler önce
What other sports teams are deemed offensive?
phillipbullrider Saatler önce
I totally understand the reason for them being so unwilling to go in on the the topic.. but if this comes out as factual, it makes this video age terribly with all the laughing about it..
Michael Topping
Michael Topping Saatler önce
Keep the mascot call the team the warriors
KenBox Saatler önce
the dc defenders...
andrew wolf
andrew wolf Saatler önce
Be the capitals
Kevin Osborne
Kevin Osborne Saatler önce
The wash SOYBOYS!!! great name
Travis Wilding
Travis Wilding Saatler önce
.... This guy went to college but has never heard the word earnest?
Chase Kramer
Chase Kramer Saatler önce
Daniel Garcia
Daniel Garcia Saatler önce
How bout the foreskins there tools anyways 😆 😆 😆 😆
Samuel Fotheringham
Samuel Fotheringham Saatler önce
I bet it's going to be stupid, just like the new chargers logo
Mike Saatler önce
I'm sure fans will be flocking to the stores to buy new merchandise
Jake Sarson
Jake Sarson Saatler önce
If this decision was only up to Dan Snyder he would easily just make the team the Washington Snyder’s!