The War of Jenkins' Ear 1739
3 Years On
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I attended Bentham Grammar from 1965 to 1971 (where Hardy was a Headmaster) and was in Hardy House. We were all proud of his achievements and daily passed a large photograph by the front door of him receiving his George Cross from King George himself. To this day I often think of him and how his bravery inspired me to be a better person
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Chris I really enjoy your work!
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Another wonderful account of a great and valorous man; thanks yet again, Chris.
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Hardy was NOT the most decorated 'non-combatant' Briton in WW1. Noel Chavasse a medical officer RAMC with the King's Liverpool Regiment was MC, VC and BAR. He was the only double VC of the War. He was not a Chaplain, but was in minor clerical orders and his father was the Bishop of Liverpool who founded St Peter's College Oxford where the Chapel has Noel's medal bar.
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Another brilliant, fascinating video. Thank you!
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Let's not forget also Capt Dr Noel Chevasse, Royal Army Medical Corps, another non-combattent, who was awarded the Military Cross, and the Victoria Cross TWICE! True heroes, all.
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These sort of stories show how in every generation there are those special people that care so much about their fedllow humans they will do anything and risk everything to help them in some of the worst and most dangerous places. While it is sad he died just 3 weeks before the end of the war maybe since the King had been unable to get him to take a rest and slow down risking himself so much that maybe the one he would truly answer to decided he had done his bit and it was time for his rest.
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Thank you for the taking the time to post, such a thoughtful comment
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Great story.
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Thanks for watching
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WOW whot a great man he was ... thank you for your work Chris , another great production ... cheers SI
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@@TheHistoryChap have a great day 😃
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What a great story about it Amazing man. 😁
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Thank you very much
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I visited his grave many years ago, my inlaws served with 22 Field hospital. We were on a tour accompanied by welsh veterans and a choir, my in laws persuaded one of the belgian buglers from the Menin gate to play the last post at his grave, sang a couple of hymns and a few words from my father in law and laid a wreath. Quite a man, thankyou
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What a great story. Thank you so much for sharing.
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Very interesting and enjoyable, I still watch Dad's Army and It Ain't Alf Hot Mum, they just can't compete these days with talent like that, always good for a giggle no bad language and always hilarious.
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It was a golden age for British comedy
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Job well done, thanks for sharing! This yank really enjoys the history of SA especially the Zulu War of 1879 and Boer War 99-02. Thanks again!
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Former RAF Padre and retired vicar salutes this outstanding man of faith and courage. What an absolute inspiration. Thank you for telling his story. Another story that would make a great film. Should be material for children in schools. Will you perhaps be able to tell the stories of the other clerical holders og The VC ? I suspect he may have been inspired not just by Woodbine Willy but moreover his Lord and Saviour who said "Greater love hath no man than this: that he lay down his life for his friends". Thank you again.
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@@TheHistoryChap Thank you.
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Thank you for taking the time to watch and to comment. I also salute your service as an RAF Padre
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I was touch Sir bye your lecture on this extremely brave but loving individual. You have given this elderly gentleman joy; I have problem with the heart . So today I am completely exhausted but wishing not just lay in bed. I perused through TRshow, and I found a gem. Indeed your video lecture on this extraordinary gentlemen has brought broad smile upon my person. Thank you, and God's blessings to you and family.
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What a lovely comment. Thank you so much for taking the time to watch my video.
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Malaysia “stable and democratic” for the last 50 years? Hmm.
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Thank you for taking the time to share your opinion
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This is an excellent video on perhaps the most forgotten front of WW II, the CBI. The twin battles of Kohima and Imphal erased the stigma that had become attached to the British (this includes the Indian, Burmese, Nepalese and Assam contingents) forces in Malaya and Burma at the outset of the war. And it cemented the fact that Field Marshal William Viscount Slim was the best battlefield commander for the Allies in WW II. I'm an American and my father fought in Europe in Patton's Third Army and I had two uncles who fought in New Guinea and the retaking of the Philippines. They were especially sickened by the vicious Battle of Manila, which unnecessarily cost the lives of over 100,000 Filipinos. The Kohima Epitaph was repeated in spirit in every courageous fight against the Axis Powers in WW II. They were truly The Greatest Generation, no matter what country they hailed form.
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Thank you for watching my video and for taking the time to share your very poignant comment
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Love these stories about VC recipients....
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Each one eye uncover is a gem about the human spirit
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Well I have just had one Hell of an education and thank you for that. I'm a proud Aussie and have known a few surviving POW's of the Japanese (have to say that correctly so I don't get deleted). I know of the punishments handed out for the smallest offence as well as escaping. Until now I never knew this (Real) story. I do know of the effect on surviving POW's for the rest of their lives. They all have to be remembered, never forgotten.
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'Well done, good and faithful servant." HERO 💯✨‼🫡 Thank you for your service!
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Very welcome, thanks for watching
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Thanks for another great video. I miss the jaunty music you used to play at the end though.
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Maybe I should bring it back
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God bless you pastor 😊
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Nice words
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Woodbine Willy. The trench padra. The writer poet and Priest. A friend and campaigner of the poor. "Though I walk through the valley of death thats where you will find me." A curat at leeds minster. Whose portrait hangs in Worster cathedral. A visit to the armed services Chaplin's Musium"
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Thank you for watching my video and for sharing this additional information
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A fantastic video about an extraordinary man. Thanks for keeping his story alive
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My pleasure, thanks for watching
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I mean Zulu never really set out to be a biopic and if it was made today would have dealt with Hook and the others very differently I'm sure. It would appear very little research was done on the real men and they used the names of real people to create fictitious characters. I can only assume the reason they created Hook as a no good malingerer comes from the expression "to play hooky" meaning to deliberately avoid work.... the other one I feel is unfairly maligned is Otto Witt who made no attempts to get the British to leave and by all accounts had initially planned to stay and fight with them
@TheHistoryChap Saatler önce
Yes, the film played fast and loose with the historic facts. In fact I made a video about the differences, please check it out on my channel.
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Wow, what a man.
@TheHistoryChap Saatler önce
He was indeed. Thanks for watching my video.
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I KNOW you’re saying “noncombatant”, but I kept hearing “non competent”.
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@@TheHistoryChap Oh, it’s just me being a know-it-all Yank. Peachy, can you forgive me for being so bleeding high and bloody mighty?
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Is there a hearing version of Specsavers?
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John Weir Foote, VC, Presbyterian minister. Was a Chaplain with the Royal Hamilton Light Infantry. Won the VC for his actions on the Dieppe raid.
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Very very interesting. Thanks for sharing.
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Thanks for honouring this wonderful man. Your video left me in tears
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Thank you so much for watching my video. I’m glad that you enjoyed it.
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What an awesome story of valor...thank you
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I remember watching the fictional film in 1960. Thanks for bringing truth to the story of the Bridge on the River Kwai. And thanks for honoring the real Lt. Colonel commander of the POW's. "History Chap" you do an outstanding job of teaching us history in an outstanding way.
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Great Video. Thank you.
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An amazing man, finally promoted to Glory rest in peace reverand Hardy
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Bravery of the highest order
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Very inspiring. Though wonder in modern day wars Chaplains will still be need of time, as in previous battles.
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In my time in the army I can't think of one chaplain I didn't want to punch in the face. Wonderful fairy tale.
@avnrulz8587 9 saatler önce
In American military history three Catholic Chaplains have earned the MOH. Posthumously, sadly.
@michaelmalone9062 9 saatler önce
Wow, what an outstanding chaplain. Thanks for honoring him through your video. Chaplain Mike (AUS, RET)
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What a great story, thank you for sharing. I'm gonna have a cigarette now :)
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A fantastic story of a brave, brave man. Thank you for bringing it to us!!
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Brilliant documentary as always! I'm excited to learn about the Napoleonic Wars in your next upcoming videos!
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Chris, this i s an amazing story of bravery, fidelity and courage. Vicar Hardy certainly deserved every accolade which was given upon him. His memory deserves to be cherished and revered by all who served with and followed him. They certainly earned the title Royal in their designation, very well done amigo. I always enjoy your contributions to history, Chris. Nos vemos pronto. 😊
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I enjoy your videos, I learn something new each time. Thank you for putting the time, effort, and knowledge in to every video.
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All too often churchmen used religion to guilt men into filling the ranks of the dead. It is gratifying to learn of a man who used his religion for the compassion that should never be missing...even towards the enemy.
@formwiz7096 11 saatler önce
Don't know of any American chaplains with the Medal of Honor, so this story is doubly impressive. He was one in a million.
@gswombat 5 saatler önce
There are
@jeningle8288 11 saatler önce
Chris, thankyou so much for this tribute to an amazing and very special man. You have ensured that he becomes very much better known, as I feel he deserves.
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Love this one, History Chap.