Paul Harman
Paul Harman 2 saatler önce
Thank you for a vital conversation.
Lori McNamara
Lori McNamara 3 saatler önce
I am extremely moved at the story of your mother. Thank you for sharing
mossberg0 3 saatler önce
Niall has been a soulmate of mine (history graduate here) and I've been a student of his for over a decade without him suspecting. It was great learning more of his personal story in his student days. I wish I could meet him in person some day :)
too 3 saatler önce
Chris Palmer was great. The interminable narration of the interviewer's personal ailments were boring, superfluous and out of place.
Paw Paw
Paw Paw 6 saatler önce
The spinning back kick really touched home with me. Because as a 16 year old teen, I actually used a very well placed spinning back kick. It was against a larger twenty something year old man. It put him on the ground. I basically stood there in shock that it had knocked him down. That guy then ran away. That was over 43 years ago. 😁 it was like one of those fictional scenes in a movie. That never happened in a real fight. So that guy had probably never been in a real fight.
BM 7 saatler önce
Wow that statement on vaccination really aged well 😂
Charon 7 saatler önce
Sadly, I cannot enjoy your podcast. I have hearing issues, (gunfire related) and due to the fact there is no CC or video I cannot read lips. I'll have to pass on your subscription although I don't want to. Hope you change that
benjamin 9 saatler önce
Loved jcal before this podcast, now i'm inspired by Jcal, what a story!
LaChivaX 9 saatler önce
being sober sucks makes me wish I was dead sobriety is so boring omg
Mark Carey
Mark Carey 10 saatler önce
This is a really good interview. TIm interjected just enough on behalf of the viewer who is not an expert to clarify things but mainly let Niall run.
Ronald Mclean
Ronald Mclean 10 saatler önce
Thank you works very well for me.
Momoso 10 saatler önce
One of THE greatest most useful AND informative videos on TRshow. I usually can’t learn too much from TRshow videos because interviews are so surface and shallow but this felt like a lesson, it’s a must for me to listen to it again. Thank you Tim Ferris for taking the time to ask thoughtful questions and thank you to Chris Palmer for answering them just as thoughtfully. There is a huge disconnect in what doctors know and how it is explained to us. But this was wonderful!
Sheyla Abarca
Sheyla Abarca 10 saatler önce
Dr.Peterson knows in his heart and soul God and the holy Spirit exists. He has been touched by it. God bless you Dr. Peterson. Thank God for taking the scales off your eyes. GOD is coming soon!!!
Mark Carey
Mark Carey 11 saatler önce
I have a lot of empathy for Neville Chamberlain. Europe had just been through a long and pointless war and Hitler was a bit of an unprecedented character. I probably would have done the same thing. You had to be a drunk warmonger like Churchill to spot the devil and go back in the trenches.
Mark Carey
Mark Carey 10 saatler önce
reference to @30:10 - re counterfactual history - what if Chamberlain was negotiating with Papen?
thomastraum 11 saatler önce
somehow graded like a hitchcock film.... must be the british accent
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Amiran Bokhua 12 saatler önce
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Great interview! Round 2... Go!
Jude Wanamaker
Jude Wanamaker 13 saatler önce
Marie Elizabeth
Marie Elizabeth 13 saatler önce
Yeah. No.
A.J. 13 saatler önce
Regarding ontological shock; this is one of the reasons I always loved H.P. Lovecraft's work. A core idea of his writing came down to exploring where the edge of human sanity lies. The idea of things existing that so utterly undermine human intellectual coherence as to fracture our psyche is pretty damn awesome.
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Interesting hack
Chris Almighty
Chris Almighty 14 saatler önce
Good stuff
Marie 15 saatler önce
Namuchat 15 saatler önce
Where can I find an edition of the Rothschild brothers' correspondence, please? Thank you in advance!
Adi Kanda - World Without Fear
Adi Kanda - World Without Fear 15 saatler önce
Dear Dr. Maté you are a wonder and a treasure. I made this for you. trshow.info/watch/i_sf0o1Cyhc/video.html
Posthumus 15 saatler önce
Did not enjoy this, guy is all over the place, doesn't actually answer any of the questions, ADHD and mental gymnastics..
BLAB1012 17 saatler önce
Every therapist I saw condemned me saying I was preventing therapy from being able to work because I was allowing anger to get in the way and that it was my responsibility to control the anger so that therapy could work. Intuitively I always knew this made no sense since the anger was the symptom on which therapy was needed. I knew I was expressing anger and rage in ways that were not acceptable to others but I had no idea why. I also had no idea that almost all therapists are clueless about this.
BLAB1012 17 saatler önce
And this is why if you are trying to treat the classic symptoms labeled as mental health problems - anxiety and depression mostly - by way of ANY talk therapy model, you are wasting your time because these are symptoms of trauma not causes, and particularly if the trauma occurred in early childhood and particularly if the trauma was a body and boundary invasion of any kind. Identifying the cause, the response and the connection between them and to validate this while focusing in on what the body experiences rather than the mind is essential.