Most Expensive Construction Mistakes in the World (Part 3)

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World's Most Expensive Construction Mistakes. In this video, we go over Expensive Construction Mistakes including San Francisco's Millenium Tower, the OIkiluoto Nuclear Power Plant, and the Harmon Hotel in Las Vegas. For more megaproject & construction content be sure to subscribe to Top Luxury. Thanks for watching this video: Most Expensive Construction Mistakes in the World
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0:00 World's Most Expensive Construction Mistakes
0:25 Number 6: Liyang Star City
2:03 Number 5: The Millennium Tower
4:22 Number 4: Olkiluoto 3 Nuclear Power Plant
6:56 Number 3: Hallandsås Rail Tunnel
9:05 Number 2: Eastern Span Replacement of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge
10:56 Number 1: The Harmon Hotel
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Top Luxury
Top Luxury Yıl önce
Do you know of similar construction mistakes in your country? 🏗🤔
Team Relgic
Team Relgic 5 gün önce
dubai pearl
anuwar Mohamad
anuwar Mohamad 5 gün önce
Forest City
Marc D
Marc D 13 gün önce
Trans mountain
Bobby Cole
Bobby Cole 3 aylar önce
@Clips & Compilations 195
S. W. A. T COD Mobile
S. W. A. T COD Mobile 3 aylar önce
Yeah twin tower in Delhi India
Odyseusz Koskiniotis
Odyseusz Koskiniotis Yıl önce
'More than 300 countries around the world use Nuclear power' ~Having 193 countries in the whole world, this is quite impressive
Armchair Spaceman
Armchair Spaceman 2 gün önce
@Kingsley Ndam that is absolutely irrelevant to ANYTHING I said here.
Kingsley Ndam
Kingsley Ndam 2 gün önce
@Armchair Spaceman and all 300 of them use nuclear, SMH
Kingsley Ndam
Kingsley Ndam 2 gün önce
@Callie Masters haha, exactly!
Kingsley Ndam
Kingsley Ndam 2 gün önce
@jb5819 yup. Even if he mispoke, It still implies he thinks that there are over 300 countries in the world. If he is reading a script with no analytical thought, then perhaps don't be a narrator.
Farakh Zaman
Farakh Zaman Yıl önce
The Honolulu rail project would be a great one to add to your list. It started out on the west side of Oahu instead of where tourists are in Waikiki and has been plagued with issues. So far it’s about 10 years behind schedule and multiple Billion over budget.
Stephen 4 gün önce
@Pinky Belle It wasn't made for people who have to commute to the city, it was made to be a waste of money. It was original 2.4B but has cost 12.5B for 10 miles.
johnfrombrm 5 aylar önce
The rail was never planned for the East side nor willl it ever be continued there.
Carl Cushman Hybels
Carl Cushman Hybels 5 aylar önce
Captivating Crow I think likely it was easier, they thought, to build the west section, because of much less high property costs or access difficulties for the construction. And fewer people to object and quibble over its placement. Then, in theory, having successfully built the west section, they could expand into the much more expensive (but also much more useful) east side.
johnfrombrm 5 aylar önce
The rail starts at Eddie Debartelos shopping mall and goes right past where he wants his casino.
Mirza Ahmed
Mirza Ahmed 9 aylar önce
@Captivating Crow Locals need to commute too.
yunush Yıl önce
The best piece of information is at 4:25 that there are “around 300 countries in the world that use nuclear power to meet demand”. This guy is a true visionary.
Pauli Toivonen
Pauli Toivonen 6 aylar önce
Vatican City's Nuclear Power Plant 😗
Việt Lại Đắc
Việt Lại Đắc Yıl önce
Flaw info.
burlak Yıl önce
whole video is full of flaws like this. It shows how much efford went in to the video.
SilverCrystal Reconess
SilverCrystal Reconess Yıl önce
your right but its given 30 in the subtitles meaby he made an error
Exxon Mobil Company
Exxon Mobil Company 2 gün önce
I sold a couple properties in 2020 and I'm waiting for a house crash to happen so I buy cheap. In the meantime, I've been looking at stocks as an alt., any idea if it's a good time to buy? I hear people say it's a madhouse and a dead cat bounce right now but on the other hand, I still see and read articles of people pulling over $225k by the weeks in trades, how come?
Mark George
Mark George 2 gün önce
@Marcel Robert I did check her out, I see why she's booked up, her creds/resumé is topnotch. I booked a consultation with her regardless.
Marcel Robert
Marcel Robert 2 gün önce
@Mc-Donald Bin She is Julie Anne Hoover my consultant. Since then, she has devoted section and leave attention to safeguards that I have been keeping an eye out for. You can locate information about the chief online, on the off chance that you're interested. I made no regrets about substantially adhering to their exchange strategy..
Mc-Donald Bin
Mc-Donald Bin 2 gün önce
@Marcel Robert Would you mind recommending a specialist with a variety of investment options? This is extremely rare, and I eagerly await your response.
Marcel Robert
Marcel Robert 2 gün önce
True, the US-Stock Market had been on it’s longest bull-run in history, so the mass hysteria and panic is relatable, considering we’re not accustomed to such troubled markets, but as you mentioned there are avenues lurking around if you know where to look, I’ve netted over $850k in the past 10months and it wasn't some rocket-science start. I applied , I just knew I needed a firm and reliable technique to navigate better in these times, so I hired a portfolio advisor.
James Vigor
James Vigor 2 gün önce
it depends on your exit and entry strategy, most folks are used to a bull market and can't handle a crash, but if you know how to navigate and where to look, you'll make a killing.
Susynoid0458 Yıl önce
"It's estimated to cost 7 billion dollars, 7 times more than the original bid of 1 billion dollars." I'm glad you did the math for me on that one, thanks.
《Jerry》 5 gün önce
There's Americans watching this, needs to be made as easy to grasp as humanly possible.
killer bunnyz
killer bunnyz 6 gün önce
@GH1618 I remember this. The design changed, there were construction flaws and somebody made off like a bandit and never got caught.
GH1618 6 gün önce
The original estimate of the cost was for a much simpler bridge design. The eastern Bay Bridge was far more complicated than necessary.
killer bunnyz
killer bunnyz Aylar önce
What a clever comment. How snarky, how pointless.
Iron Fist
Iron Fist Yıl önce
Fun Fact : Biggest mistake in the world is when the world estimated the number of countries to be 300 but it actually is 196...
solmoman 7 gün önce
@W3ndi I bid about three fiddy
W3ndi 7 gün önce
@solmoman any more bids 😂
TheComputec 11 aylar önce
@Jojo The Polyglot Soon to be one less if Putin can find some tanks that aren't made of cardboard
𓏼 Yıl önce
" *About 300 countries around the world* " Guys he's off-script
RAY pitts
RAY pitts 9 aylar önce
@shark to cheap video save money on research
Mark Holtebeck
Mark Holtebeck Yıl önce
The research division in this company sucks. In another video they video they called the H3 a useless project.
Christine Yıl önce
SilverCrystal Reconess
SilverCrystal Reconess Yıl önce
your right but its given 30 in the subtitles meaby he made an error
Crizter Cardell
Crizter Cardell Yıl önce
Original problem with the Hallandsås railway tunnel in Sweden was that the politicians in charge hade decided the location of the tunnel and started to redeem land long time before the geological survey was done. The first Geologist warned for the bad bedrock and recommended the tunnel to be built a some kilometers to the east, where the bedrock was more solid. He got kicked out of the project and and a "puppet" geologist was hired instead that approved the original location. The rest is history
Dankmeister Surf
Dankmeister Surf 9 aylar önce
@RAY pitts haha yeah all kinds of planks xD
RAY pitts
RAY pitts 9 aylar önce
@Dankmeister Surf iv heard what a plank is here in uk silly bloody sod
Tomas T
Tomas T Yıl önce
thats todays standard aproach say yes or you are fired least there is enough material for this kind of videos :D
marilyn webb
marilyn webb Yıl önce
There's a high school in my home town that was built backwards, meaning the entrance was supposed to face a busy street but instead faces a side street. Although it wasn't as expensive as some of those featured in the video, the engineer in charge of the project took this failure to heart and committed suicide because of it.
d gronzega
d gronzega Yıl önce
Yeah, my neighbor told her contractor that the garage was supposed to be on the RH side not the left. Compromise got her a landscaped backyard.
Robert Yıl önce
The San Francisco Bay Bridge story mentioned the city government and showed an image of the US Capitol building in Washington DC. Also, as mentioned previously, I'm surprised to learn that there are at least 300 countries in the world - so many new places to visit after the pandemic!
Ocean The Orca
Ocean The Orca Yıl önce
I live in sf and it took YEARS for the old bay bridge to be fully dismantled
SilverCrystal Reconess
SilverCrystal Reconess Yıl önce
your right but its given 30 in the subtitles meaby he made an error
Solace Easy
Solace Easy Yıl önce
Shoddy work. Numerous mistakes. One: A picture of the state capitol building of Utah described as the city hall of San Francisco.
sfmike711 10 aylar önce
@Mark Brooks : Upon closer inspection, it's not the US Capitol Building. Also, it's definitely not SF City Hall as the narrator seems to indicate.
Mark Brooks
Mark Brooks 10 aylar önce
@sfmike711 look again.
Nelson Ricardo
Nelson Ricardo Yıl önce
@Most Luxury Thanks for the opportunity to give you a dislike.
Paul Johns
Paul Johns Yıl önce
@Brian T. Phelps But Willie Brown sued over the path the bridge took. One of many suits wasting money and time. Willie Brown is important because he trained his mistress, Kamala Harris, in politics.
David E. Miller
David E. Miller 11 aylar önce
I watched the Harmon go up, and watched its subsequent dismantling. As for sinking buildings, mention could have been made of Mandalay Bay here in Las Vegas. According to Wikipedia: "The problem was solved by installing 536 micropiles (200-foot-long metal pipes filled with grout, each capped with a hydraulic jack) below the building, at an estimated cost of $8 million to $10 million."
PuzzLEGO Yıl önce
4:26 ‘More than 300 countries around the world use nuclear power’ the 196 countries: cool fact bro
Soly - DP - Colo
Soly - DP - Colo Yıl önce
195 or 197, depends who you ask, but definitely NOT 300. Bad research, clickbait video.
SilverCrystal Reconess
SilverCrystal Reconess Yıl önce
your right but its given 30 in the subtitles meaby he made an error
NewtonCountry Yıl önce
@Prado Creations You kicked this entire thread down the well...genius comment!! 🤣🤣
Green Weed
Green Weed Yıl önce
@Khwaywo RoC is loser in war there's no need validate them
Jerry Of San Francisco
Jerry Of San Francisco Yıl önce
The Oakland/San Francisco bridge mentioned had an image of the collapsed freeway in Oakland which had nothing to do with the old bridge now demolished, or relative to the new bridge replacement. The freeway collapsed during the 1989 earthquake that caused a segment of the Oakland/San Francisco bridge to fail.
Menachem Salomon
Menachem Salomon Yıl önce
The Ayalon Highway between Tel Aviv and Rishon Letzion in Israel was rebuilt for limited access over the last 20 years. One of the goals of the project was building room for a train line in middle of the highway. However, the company building one of the interchanges neglected to consider this during construction, requiring major reconstruction of that interchange just 10 years after it was completed. I don't know the cost of the mistake, but I could update with the intersection name, if you're interested.
Most Luxury
Most Luxury Yıl önce
Part- 4 on Our New Channel
Testcards and more
Testcards and more Yıl önce
Cool to see the Hallandsås tunnel here! I live in the eponymous county of Halland and this project made top stories on the news for decades! They started digging and boring when I was 16. I had turned 39 by the time I finally got the chance to travel by train through the tunnel for the first time on its opening day.
Adam Moreira
Adam Moreira Yıl önce
That's nothing compared to the Second Avenue Subway (Stubway?) in NYC...which finally partially opened decades after it promised. Its ridership was already accounted for as it relieved what had been an overcrowded subway line nearby.
J Every
J Every Yıl önce
The Site C dam in British Columbia, Canada, was estimated to cost 8.3 billion. So far, it's cost 16 billion and still isn't close to being finished. Only about double the estimate, but so far more expensive than anything in this video. But that's what happens when you try to build a dam on soft soil that isn't suited to keeping a dam in place.
XY BAI 8 aylar önce
london's crossrail taken way too long, it is finally complete.
J Every
J Every Yıl önce
@Sean Hiscock ho lee sheet
Sean Hiscock
Sean Hiscock Yıl önce
Muskrat Falls, Labrador. Estimated $6 B then increased to $8B. Already well over $13B & still not operating due to software concerns.
spankymcflych Yıl önce
They just keep throwing good money after bad. None of the politicians involved from either party is willing to say it was a mistake and cut their (our) losses.
Bug Tester
Bug Tester 9 aylar önce
You forgot about German airport "Ber" whose costs were 3 times or more than initially expected and the whole build phase took over 12 or 14 years longer than expected to be completed, finding issues within every single installed component lol
Ed G
Ed G Yıl önce
The new Berlin airport should have been on this list.
Irgendeine Random person
Irgendeine Random person 8 aylar önce
@Bene Hirsch Stuttgart 21 and BER are on part 1 of this list, but yea the elbphilharmonie is missing
Nym OneFourSix
Nym OneFourSix Yıl önce
@thesunwillriseagaintomorrow You German?
thesunwillriseagaintomorrow Yıl önce
@Unclebenny Gaming yes but it’s way too small
thesunwillriseagaintomorrow Yıl önce
@Nym OneFourSix uhm wtf
antimnimoniakos Yıl önce
@EBK VeXx Yes.
Ron D'Eau Claire
Ron D'Eau Claire Yıl önce
At about 9:10 images of the Cypress section of the freeway passing through Northern Oakland are passed off as images of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay bridge. The total visible damage to the bridge is the one 50-foot section of the upper deck that fell onto the lower deck shown shortly afterward. And, yes, according to all the news reports the cantilever span between Yerba Buena (a.k.a. Treasure) Island and Oakland were deemed unstable, being built on sand instead of bedrock. The broken span was fixed and used for years until a new span could be designed and built to replace it.
Ryan Ironheart
Ryan Ironheart Yıl önce
If you do future videos on expensive failures, suggest you look into the Ottawa, Canada LRT system. Its 1st phase opened a couple of years ago way over budget and has since been riddled with severe problems.
Douglas Pierson
Douglas Pierson Yıl önce
Also watch for the CA high speed rail. It will be at the top of this list by completion.
letsburn00 Yıl önce
That's the problem with a lot of these projects. You need to have 99% uptime. Which blows out costs enormously. Often to 300% above what a greenfields project would cause. Plus, in countries with strong rule of law, the government can't just take everything, you need to go through the courts.
Val Yıl önce
Such a shame. A very rich country and educated country can't build a damn tramway in its capital city in the 21st century.
Edward Liszka
Edward Liszka Yıl önce
You should check the interstate upgrade & repair in downtown Chicago. The project was suppose to take one and a half years. It's now in the fourth year of continuing year round construction and it's hoped to be finished in the Summer of 2022. The cost overrun is almost double the almost $1b estimate. Cost is now estimated at $ 3b but no one knows for sure. They aren't talking.
Mr Hemlig Snubbe
Mr Hemlig Snubbe Yıl önce
The Swedish hospital Karolinska should also be on this list. Total cost so far: 2 billion Euros, cost for changing one door: 120 000 Euro. The 17 most expensive building in the world.
Kinghavs Yıl önce
It must of took the whole union several days to install that door.. cant forget about their breaks
Svartmetall Sverige!
Svartmetall Sverige! Yıl önce
@Mr Hemlig Snubbe Of course, I do agree the cost blowouts are embarrassing, but it really does seem to be a symptom of the times now. Developers under quote to governments to secure funding for the project and then "costs spiral".
Mr Hemlig Snubbe
Mr Hemlig Snubbe Yıl önce
@Svartmetall Sverige! Think of the improvements that could have been done with the money left over if they had paid a normal price for things (even if I know there never is a thing called "money left over", but just as a thought). Like buying a door for 1000 Euro instead of 120 000 Euro would be left 119 000 to buy other nice instruments and machines for research.
Svartmetall Sverige!
Svartmetall Sverige! Yıl önce
At least Nya Karolinska looks attractive. Plus, as a researcher, Bioklinikum is a massive improvement. Looking forward to the Tunnelbana opening in the area.
Most Luxury
Most Luxury Yıl önce
Part- 4 on Our New Channel
Miguel Musa
Miguel Musa Yıl önce
There’s an abandon project of several buildings in Panajachel, Guatemala. Well, it’s been many years since the last time I was there. I even went to the top of those (very tall) and took pictures in the 1990’s. I have no idea if they were completed after many years, but that’s all I remember.
Upside down Peon
Upside down Peon Yıl önce
My parents always said I was a mega project that didn't turned out as planned.
William Freeman
William Freeman Yıl önce
Another Youtube account
Another Youtube account Yıl önce
Rajath Mohan
Rajath Mohan Yıl önce
Tell them the concrete blend was not good enoughf to make good product
Jaime Alfaro
Jaime Alfaro Yıl önce
Jajaja, good and funny comment.
Kenny Long
Kenny Long Yıl önce
I lived in San Francisco during the entire construction of the New Bay Bridge Eastern Spann. There was nothing actually wrong with the original cantilever spann. The only damaged to the bridge, by the Loma Prieta Earthquake, was the slipping off of ONE of the roadway sections at ONE end. The slip-off occurred as the cantilever web expanded and contracted during the quake. The roadway consisted of several INDEPENDENT flat slab-sections, NO damage to the Cantilever Web actually occurred: Only ONE raodway sections slipped off one of its end -supports! Re-enforcement could have easily been carried out. The new spann, (seven billion dollars later), is ugly by comparison. It was a tremendous waste of money!
David Bakin
David Bakin 8 aylar önce
I thought I read, for years, how Caltrans screwed up the building of the replacement - letting the contractor build new bridge supports that were held/supported by corroding substandard steel, and impossible to replace ...
R.M. Yıl önce
@Johnny Botts I believe it was revised down from 7.1 to 6.9 later on. What I meant as only 6.9 is how people speak about " the Big One" compared to the 1906 earthquake or future event that will happen. I didn't mean to diminish what happened to those who lost their lives or property damaged.
Johnny Botts
Johnny Botts Yıl önce
@R.M. Only 6.9 ??
Johnny Botts
Johnny Botts Yıl önce
@sfmike711 If you appreciate SF then clean it up!!
Scott Heywood
Scott Heywood Yıl önce
I worked with a construction cost consultant who told me about a project he worked on in the early 2000s (2002-2006). He described it as a 120+ floor mixed commercial-residential high-rise with 5-8 levels of underground parking that was to be located at 400 North Lakeshore Drive, Chicago, Illinois, right next to the Chicago River. The entire area was contained by sheet piles and a massive cofferdam was built in anticipation of excavation starting (est. $150M USD). The highway and road infrastructure as well as storms, sewers, watermains, etc., were also constructed (est. $80M USD) when 2007-8 hit and the project was quashed. I don't know who owns the land today but the massive circular cofferdam remains. Type in the address above and hit aerial view.
Mackee Jack
Mackee Jack 9 aylar önce
Spire tower
bigjdawgg Yıl önce
The first one is why you should do your homework (meaning checking the area/finding a good architectural space to put the buildings, etc.) With the Millennium tower, it needed less weight and some stronger and better materials to work with. It was definitely a big mistake.
bigjdawgg Yıl önce
@Jojo The Polyglot Oh, sorry. I didn't mean it for just China, I will change my comment. Thank you for notifying me. Also that's pretty true. Construction isn't the best here anyway.
Jojo The Polyglot
Jojo The Polyglot Yıl önce
Why just the first one...Because it's China? Did you watch the whole video and read comments? There are some in the west as well that actually need your tiny little advice more
Lem Apperson
Lem Apperson Yıl önce
In the mid 20th Century, fast growing trees were discovered in Brazil. Since there are few major roads in the rain forest, a giant floating paper mill was built. By the time, the massive structure was floating up river, it was further discovered the trees lacked the fiber needed to make paper. For decades the iron hulk is rusting away.
pomelo Yıl önce
very late, but how do trees not have fibre?
Berkay Sebat
Berkay Sebat Yıl önce
What’s it called?
Ubosh Yıl önce
as a civil engineer, seeing number 6 getting demolished like that broke my heart, all that hard work gone to waste
XY BAI 8 aylar önce
@Millie Dragon they destoryed ancient villages? when did that happen? in the ancient time?
Millie Dragon
Millie Dragon 9 aylar önce
Well maybe China shouldn't have destroyed ancient villages and displaced people for these big constructions. China's "I have a big truck" to compensate for something else. I think that was a bigger loss than these buildings any day. Usually urbanists have to fight to urbanize as their needs outpace the establishment however this is the first I have seen an over development only China.
Kill Aime
Kill Aime Yıl önce
"More than 300 countries in the world use nuclear power" Lmao
SilverCrystal Reconess
SilverCrystal Reconess Yıl önce
your right but its given 30 in the subtitles meaby he made an error
Bradley Plunkett
Bradley Plunkett Yıl önce
So glad I wasn’t the only one who noticed this 😂
Farakh Zaman
Farakh Zaman Yıl önce
Noticed that too. Wonder if they maybe meant cities or states. There’s only 195 or so countries depending on how you count Taiwan and a few other disputed regions
Beach Boy
Beach Boy Yıl önce
Respect to all engineering inspectors , all over the world 🌎. Heroes
Reese Yıl önce
I never had a price for a nuclear reactor in mind, but now that I know it's around a few billion it's just one more thing on the list of stuff Bezos could afford.
Will Mason
Will Mason Yıl önce
If Bezos had the inclination to spend money that way he would not still be rich. One thing all billionaires have in common is that they don't waste money. And why do you care? Jealousy? Envy? Or Greed? Pick one.
Delta 637
Delta 637 Yıl önce
Most nuclear reactors are way cheaper than olkiluoto 3. Also bezos could not afford 3billion for a project like this, atleast not easily since his wealth is tied to amazon stock its not just sitting in some bank vault :D
Youtube sucks now
Youtube sucks now Yıl önce
The Millennium Tower was supposed to be built into the sand and not on bedrock btw, its standard practice in the Bay Area
Shadow Man
Shadow Man Yıl önce
You should look into the North/South metro line in Amsterdam. That thing went way over budget, doubled the time for completion and made a city(or at least the areas near the building sites) that is built on stilts in a swamp sink at an increased rate where everything in going crooked.
Robert Graggamoor
Robert Graggamoor 9 aylar önce
What a coincidence...there's a Millenium Tower in Vienna. And it also sinks a couple of CM because it's build close to the Danube River.
Michael Meloche
Michael Meloche Yıl önce
4:26, more than 300 countries hey? I’m pretty sure there aren’t that many in total let alone ones that use nuclear power.
SilverCrystal Reconess
SilverCrystal Reconess Yıl önce
your right but its given 30 in the subtitles meaby he made an error
allabout perspective
allabout perspective Yıl önce
@Top Luxury If you say it quickly it ain't all much of a difference, I watched some of your videos and your honnest comment made me subscribe to your channel.
Eric Leger
Eric Leger Yıl önce
@Southaven FireBuff 1 there ARE 195 countries...
Lincoln Bingaman
Lincoln Bingaman Yıl önce
About the San Francisco oakland bridge. It was fixed but was deemed too old and one of the footings was moved a few inches on the oakland side. The cantilever section was a well known problem since construction
Warwick4.. Yıl önce
I used to valet cars at the millennium tower and their parking lots are in the very bottom part . I always felt weirded out going all the way in the bottom. Didn’t know how bad the condition of the building until i saw this video.
J. Sierra
J. Sierra Yıl önce
It's videos like this that make me feel better. There are times when I do something dumb, like measuring a wall and I don't take into account an electrical outlet. But after watching this... damn!!! It really puts things into perspective.
David Potvin
David Potvin Yıl önce
Ooh! There's also the Montreal Olympic Stadium, which was another "mega project failure", as it suffered construction delays, remodelings, a retractable roof that can’t withstand Montreal winters and snow accumulations, pieces of concrete falling off, etc… (basically a giant toilet bowl, if you ask me very subjectively!) 😇😷😏
Rose Thunder
Rose Thunder Yıl önce
This made me realize I’ve been laughing at the wrong skyscraper. My parents point out millennium tower every time we drive past it on the highway and since I’ve never seen a picture of it before I didn’t know what it actually looks like until this video. (I thought it was the one next to it, but no they are very visually different ) lol.
Wolfgang Renner
Wolfgang Renner Yıl önce
It would be nice to learn more about the Olkiluoto Reaktor building. It is an EPR type which promisses highest safety of all reactor architectures, because a great core melting is controlled by an core catching room, which is not existing in any other architecture. This needs additional building volume, concrete and high tempurature proof material for the molten core, which may reach over 2000 K. Also in France in Flammenville an EPR was build with very high costs. In China two EPR's are build with no problems. Like it is typical for nowadays China. If Germany would decide to build new nuclear power station (low probabilty), EPR's could be build too. The EPR (European Pressurized water Reaktor) was a joint development from France, Germany and other european nations. Planning an reactor of highest safety. But only a few modells are build and the costs are tremendously. But please make an own video about the EPR, its intention and realizations in China, France and Finnland !
Wolfgang Renner
Wolfgang Renner 3 aylar önce
@Not Public If there are cracks in metalparts of a new reactor facility, there was not enough care taken during production of the parts. Before installing components into a nuclear power station and start it up, all parts should been checked approbatly. This was not done, like it seems. If a nuclear power station is 50 years in usage, than cracks appear as material fatigue from termal, mechanical and nuclear stress. This fatigue determines the lifetime of a nuclear reactor. If the aged metal parts can be completely exchanged by retaining the concrete confinement, than the nuclear waste procuction over long usage times decreases. If the EPR can do it ? I don't know. But if a new EPR is started with material cracks, than bad quality hat been delivered. No advertisement for european industries.
Not Public
Not Public 3 aylar önce
@Wolfgang Renner in wikipedia reads "In October 2022, damage was discovered in the feedwater pumps, likely delaying the end of commissioning testing.[32] On 28 October, it was announced cracks a few centimetres long had been found in all four of the feedwater pump impellers. The cause of the cracks was yet to be determined." According to Areva el production will resume dec 25 2022
Wolfgang Renner
Wolfgang Renner 3 aylar önce
@Not Public Do you know what problems exists ? The high building costs may be simply due to high safety installations. As I know the full EPR has to separate concrete shields, each 2 m thick. The first can catch havy airplane crashes and the second will keep the reactor still save. No other architecture has this. The second confinement can be avoided to lower building costs. What I do not know, how long an EPR can be used. France has currently the serious problem that their AKW reach 50 years age. And this is the maximum age of this early architecture, which do not indend to exchange the nuclear core parts. I do not know if the EPR allows to exchange the metallic core parts. So that the concrete confinement can be used over centuries. May be and may be this gives the EPR a lot of "childhood diseases". England builds six EPR currently. And Poland is not sure if to use and EDF / EPR or Westinghouse solution. Poland want to get western AKW, to ensure independence of Russia.
Not Public
Not Public 3 aylar önce
@Wolfgang Renner Olkiluoto 3 is still having problems Dec 2022.
Not Public
Not Public 3 aylar önce
@M vD Hanhikivi was put on ice after Russian attack to Ukraine.
J L Yıl önce
The Zilwaukee Bridge in Michigan was a construction boondoggle. It was supposed to take only 3 years to complete, and it took 9 years due to construction issues and such.
Sweezy_boi 10 aylar önce
yup. as someone from michigan, i’ve heard about this. it’s a very very nice bridge tho. like the gateway to the north.
Rafael Heeren
Rafael Heeren Yıl önce
Well, I can cite 2 in Brazil: the Angra 3 nuclear power station has gobbled money for decades without ever being completed, and the Belo Monte hydroelectric dam in the Amazon, it generates only a fraction of it's nominal power because of fluctuations in river flow and the lack of a proper reservoir for the dam. Those 2 can make almost any other project of this list look cheap in comparison when you look at the money already invested in those.
ghost307 Yıl önce
@James Almeida Thanks.
James Almeida
James Almeida Yıl önce
@ghost307 The capital of Brasil.
ghost307 Yıl önce
@James Almeida Where's Brazilia?
James Almeida
James Almeida Yıl önce
@froobs kkkk stadium is for games, if you want to feel special, buy a dog 🐶!
Brianna.510 Yıl önce
I grew up in the bay and going to San Francisco half the week my whole life. I remember always driving past the construction of the new bay bridge for YEARS and then all of a sudden it started getting taken down and replaced with the now new bridge and they finished the new bridge super quickly and it’s a skinny little thang so I don’t know how safe it is tbh loll … ALSOO about Millennium Tower, I remember local radio stations constantly updating on it and making jokes about it and how the whole bay was reacting to the tower and we all literally think it’s so funny that they fucked up that bad and are trying so hard to fix it but it keeps getting worse 😂 the bay had hella people saying they’re gonna go over there and just put books under it to prop it up 😂
Travis Finucane
Travis Finucane Yıl önce
The video highlighted the western span of the SF/Oakland bay bridge on the map. The video showed earthquake damage to the western span, and the Cypress viaduct in Oakland. They retrofit the western span--replacing all the riveted girders with box beams.
Tristan Morrow
Tristan Morrow 9 aylar önce
@Mike B That was the CalTrans proposal, but it's the Oakland side so what got built is what the Oakland City Council wanted...
Mike B
Mike B Yıl önce
@Travis Finucane Oh damn didn't even realize that.
Travis Finucane
Travis Finucane Yıl önce
@Mike B Of course it became part of the GS Warriors logo, so there's that.
Mike B
Mike B Yıl önce
Yeah all that talk with the video that was shown is very misleading. Also it wasn't the city (not sure which city, San Francisco?) who's problem was replacing the bridge, that was a a California project. Unfortunately politicians who's eyes were bigger than their wallets decided the eastern span should be a symbol (which usually translates to overly expensive) instead of doing a simple (and MUCH cheaper) causeway type design similar to the San Mateo bridge. It still had lots of cost overruns, but something tells me a simple concrete deck cause way would have been more than sufficient with not much of an overrun.
Randy Bautista
Randy Bautista Yıl önce
Exactly. The video should clarify that the repair of the bridge wasn't considered too expensive, as the bridge was repaired and re-opened a month after Loma Prieta. It was the retrofit that was considered too expensive, and thus plans to replace the Eastern span moved forward.
TheEuphinator 5 aylar önce
All I've learned is that proper planning, open communication, and never cutting corners is key to building crazy structures.
pipeds 4 gün önce
You forgot competent workers and professional engineers.
Tommy Rommazontz
Tommy Rommazontz Yıl önce
My wife is planning a kitchen remodel. It should be stiff competition for everything in this video.
Abrar Noor
Abrar Noor Yıl önce
Haha... Epic comment 😂
John Caputo
John Caputo Yıl önce
@Skeet Skeet His mother. Made him despise women.
Skeet Skeet
Skeet Skeet Yıl önce
@Al Grayson damn, who hurt you?😂😂
Al Grayson
Al Grayson Yıl önce
Kitchen remodel. You can have every meal delivered by DoorDash for decades for what this remodel will cost!! Jenn-Air everything: too pretty to ever soil with cooking. Only for looking: showing off to her friends. $20,000 range. $15,000 fridge. Engineered quartz countertops $20,000. And I'm probably YEARS (decades?) out of touch!! Go ahead and let her divorce you now before she “spends” $100,000+ on a kitchen ”remodel.” Then divorces you anyway, leaving you in another humongous debt. She’ll unload you, Mr Nice Guy, in favor of some “Chad” who will treat her like 💩. Has she been exercising, dieting, losing weight? Umm, humm.
Skeet Skeet
Skeet Skeet Yıl önce
This comment 🤣
Game Lard
Game Lard Yıl önce
i was part of the crew that worked on the demolition of the Harmon Tower. the place felt haunted lol and it was full of cracks on the walls and ceiling.
Eduardo Ramirez Jr
Eduardo Ramirez Jr Yıl önce
Top Luxury mentions mistakes throughout this series. However, Top Luxury should pay more attention to fact checking it’s information and proof read the subtitles.
Kris R.
Kris R. Yıl önce
Obvious low-effort TRshow advertising fund grab is obvious.
Eduardo Ramirez Jr
Eduardo Ramirez Jr Yıl önce
@talamioros LOL!
talamioros Yıl önce
well what do you expect of a channel with a silly name like "Top Luxury" rather than something about engineering, I'm just glad they know to spell honestly
Thomas Kaplan
Thomas Kaplan 4 aylar önce
most of the pictures of the San Francisco Bay Bridge are actually of the replacement of the Tappan Zee bridge in the suburbs of New York City , a construction project which was completed without serious problems roughly 15 years ago.
M vD
M vD Yıl önce
TRshowrs intentionally put in mistakes in their videos so wise guys like you will habitually correct them in the comments. Thus driving up the popularity and viewership of the video. Well done Top Lux. Works like a charm.
Sophie Robinson
Sophie Robinson Yıl önce
I just came to see things fall down.
CrewElite Yıl önce
I also do this 😂
Id OFX8 Yıl önce
As a Californian I can confidently say that we are one of the most incapable states in our country when it comes to construction projects. Which is surprising considering we have such a large influx of people from all over the world.
TTT 19 gün önce
@Id OFX8 For California though they have been like a blue state for decades idk why politics would even get brought into this lol
Id OFX8 3 aylar önce
@Drumming Spain People focused on parties and jabbing at the political right it would seem.
Drumming Spain
Drumming Spain 3 aylar önce
It doesn't matter who's doing the work... who have you got at the helm???
GuyBronson Yıl önce
This is a certified Hyperloop Moment
H0rze Yıl önce
I remember when I used to live in California that bridge was always under construction. Younger me was so confused on why there was half a bridge next to the completed one.
AlexLuthore Yıl önce
The Newfoundland (Canada) Muskrat Falls Hydroelectric Damn is years behind and billions over budget. It's set to double/triple hydro rates in the province. There have been university research papers detailing it as a case study in how _not_ to do mega projects.
hater123 5 aylar önce
Update on Olkiluoto 3. It opened few months back but now they found large cracks on the reactor and it had to be stopped
Carlos T
Carlos T Yıl önce
Hidroituango in Colombia. It was planned to be the largest hidroelectric in the country, but in the construction landslides blocked the tunnels of water evacuation and the damn started to flood. Then they had to flood the house of machines with all the equipment inside. There are some incredible videos of what happened there.
Carlos T
Carlos T Yıl önce
Juan Pablo García gracias por las correcciones amigo, en las noticias y los grandes medios siempre culparon al invierno por lo que paso, pero no me sorprende que el mayor error haya sido la negligencia.
Clorox Yıl önce
holy shit! what a disaster. I don't remember hearing about that on the news.
Bilyboy 9 aylar önce
The new Bay bridge also had a big problem with bolts cracking.
c Yıl önce
"An earthquake in 1989 drew attention to it's faults" I see what you did there.
Carla Broderick
Carla Broderick Yıl önce
California’s East Bay bridge was a huge overrun in expense, but that is common in a project undertaken in one of the most expensive areas in the world.
z2u 5 gün önce
bigger problem is its area of stupid goverments --state and two cities. the Bay that has two of the most famous bridges in world didn't need another suspension bridge --and it only distracts from the other two as inferior.
Lee's World
Lee's World Yıl önce
here in germany we also have "stuttgart 21".... i've been in stuttgart last week and the whole city is damaged by large construction sites. nearly impossible to drive or walk around at the main station stuttgart 😂
Manuel Burillo
Manuel Burillo Yıl önce
The Hospital City in Panama, was meant to be a huge hospital area but it was stoped because financial investigation in 2013 or so and still stoped
Super Duper
Super Duper Yıl önce
I'm somewhat glad to see no projects from my country are on there considering our governments inability to cost a project!
Cash kitty 🐈
Cash kitty 🐈 Yıl önce
Well UK did have the building that melted cars
Archimedes Yıl önce
@sloppy seconds I think we should be building more attractive looking downtowns and improve our horrible roads and highways 🛣 with high quality materials and Asphalt since we produce a ton of oil.
Alex Kilgour
Alex Kilgour Yıl önce
@sloppy seconds well, I'd rather they not waste tax money, but exactly what is it that you think happens in Canada? We are a G8 nation, with a pretty strong economy. Ya, our budgets are in the billions.
Jake Mayes
Jake Mayes Yıl önce
"...weren't ready for the exacting standards for building a nuclear reactor." Wow.
Luigi Mario
Luigi Mario Yıl önce
Clean energy seems to have come a long way. A few years ago only 15% of countries had nuclear power, now that number is 150%
Lilly Rose
Lilly Rose Yıl önce
Not sure which video this could count towards, but in Minneapolis, we had the highway 35 bridge collapse and the metrodome roof collapse. The metrodome roof was fixed for like $8 million (I think) only to be torn down to make room for the vikings stadium. 😑
Kozuu Yıl önce
Imagine living in a nearby building and missing the memo about the demolition then suddenly half your city explodes.
Atlantlc 27?!
Atlantlc 27?! Yıl önce
dino Yıl önce
@Daniel Hickmott none of the planes, all of the fun
Daniel Hickmott
Daniel Hickmott Yıl önce
Sounds like 911!
Ashadow Aylar önce
Ah, yes. The train tunnel through Hallandsåsen... The construction was started the same year I was born. It finished just it time for me to use it when I needed to travel north for an interview with my first employer after uni.
briezzy365 Yıl önce
You could do a whole video on Bay Bridge span or sales force plaza, each, alone. There was also a $1,000,000 grand opening party for the bridge that was cancelled for no good reason. I personally, due to rumors, would not set foot in any building near the salesforce tower.
Adam Moreira
Adam Moreira Yıl önce
Why was the old Transbay terminal demolished? On the other coast, there would instead be an expansion.
Keith Ode
Keith Ode Yıl önce
When the Millennium Tower finally collapses.
Kilud Yıl önce
That Millennium Tower was probably an attempt to build real-life Glass Tower from Towering Inferno. And in real life they made it even more dangerous than Bill Holden and Richard Chamberlain :D
Scylla jk
Scylla jk Yıl önce
4:26 "More than 300 countries around the world use nuclear power" Yeah believable
Mr Shaggings
Mr Shaggings Yıl önce
look at the captions, he misread the script.
61Ldf Yıl önce
The Hamburg Elbe Philharmonic Hall was planed to cost EUR 77 million. Actually it had a price label of EUR 866 million.
Nathan Hale
Nathan Hale Yıl önce
I don't know how it was planned to go but the ih-10/loop 410 interchange on the north side of San Antonio was started when I was a preschooler and wasn't finished until long after I finished school. Over 20 years and it screwed up traffic the whole time
Heavychevy Lou
Heavychevy Lou Yıl önce
Might want to look into 161 Maiden Lane in NYC. I’m in high rise construction and this project is ongoing for more than 5 years. Approximately 60 stories and located right by south street seaport. Building is leaning about 16 inches at the top. Not all the piles were driven to the ground at the start in order to save some $$$. If you look you will find plenty of info on the project and current lawsuits
GH1618 Yıl önce
The Bay Bridge Eastern Span (no. 2) wasn’t a failure, it was just far more expensive than necessary due to choosing a type only because it looked cool.
Zyphera Yıl önce
Then the failure is the choice to use that design.
XVNexus 9 aylar önce
2:03 i love how instead of fixing it, they're all like "IM GOING TO SUE YOU!" "NO IT'S THEIR FAULT I SWEAR"
neko simp
neko simp Yıl önce
Heres a construction fail that happened in my city (adelaide, australia), the New Royal Adelaide Hospital, construction began in 2011, then it was estimated to be a $2 billion project, this was going to be the most expensive building ever constructed in Australia and the largest hospital in the country. Im not sure when they originally planned to have it completed, but i know it was delayed a while, finished in 2016, but when it 'finished', it just sat there unused for about 18 months due to the issues inside. Also 2 workers died during construction, and they went $500 million over budget (i think this deal worked such that the building companies paid for all of it out of pocket, and they owned it, and once it was done and up to standard, the governemnt would lease it from them. So when it was built but no up to standard, the gov just said they dont want it until its ready, i know this cuz my dads in that industry). Once it did open, it was just plagued with problems, to start with it was more of a hotel than a hospital, theres no wards, each patient gets their own room with their own ensuite bathroom, and these were fairly spacious, so the capacity of the hospital was much lower than it could have been. But to go with this there were no lounges for patients (idk much about hospitals), so apparently healthy patients couldnt discharge themselves, they had to wait for a nurse to come to them, do the paperwork with them in their room before they could leave. Compounded with there being no lounge for incoming patients, this meant the hospital filled up fast and you had ambulances stacked out side because there was no space inside the hospital for them to leave their patients. The hallways were too slim, so you could only wheel one patient through at a time, if there was someone coming the other way, one of you would have to maneuver into a room to let the other pass, its just so stupid. Apparently there were times when the lights would go out during operations due to a software issue. This is just a snapshot of the problems, theyve already build another (smaller) hospital to account for this, and more are planned, though none are of the scale of this one.
UnBearified Bear
UnBearified Bear Yıl önce
China wouldn't happen to be a shareholder in the developer, by any chance...? 😂
Bombus Yıl önce
@callanbull You do realize that lights are software controlled in bigger buildings? A man doesnt go flip the switches around the building or flip the breakers everyday
callanbull Yıl önce
Ahh yes, the software for the lights....
Amin Yıl önce
It's the damage which makes me a little sad but thinking about the people who lead these makes me much more sad
Z Mac
Z Mac Yıl önce
Not the "most expensive," but IAH airport in Houston, Texas had contractors redo several taxiways along the 15L/33R runway. Upon completion, it was noticed that several patches of the new taxiways were cracking and breaking apart. Several million dollars later, they were broken up (again) and new concrete was poured, again. Different contractors were used the 2nd time. This occurred about 5 years ago.
Most Luxury
Most Luxury Yıl önce
Part- 4 on Our New Channel
zbou23 10 aylar önce
Watching as a geotechnical engineer I got so much anxiety watching this I almost started sweating
David Stoyanoff
David Stoyanoff Yıl önce
Well, I started landscaping my yard this Spring. It's now October and my cost over run is out of sight!
ProudiPhoneOwner Yıl önce
Poor project management, I see, Well, time to demolish your yard then. I deem it unsafe lol.
kimnice 5 aylar önce
Number 4: As of October 22 Olkiluoto 3 haven't opened for regular power generation. It's in test use, but there has been some issues. Now they think that it might go fully online at the end of December.
Jacob Yorton
Jacob Yorton Yıl önce
4:26 More than 300 countries use nuclear power. That's pretty damn impressive, considering there are 195 countries in the world (give or take a few, depending on who you ask)!
SilverCrystal Reconess
SilverCrystal Reconess Yıl önce
your right but its given 30 in the subtitles meaby he made an error
Ethan F.
Ethan F. Yıl önce
According to the Guinness World of Records, the Ryugyong Hotel in N Korea is said to be the tallest unoccupied building in the world.
N8IV spat3n
N8IV spat3n Yıl önce
The bridge along on the high way to Thunder Bay lifted about 6 years ago by about 3 feet in the winter so the bridge was closed and construction to fix it up began immediately
arthur heuwekemeijer
arthur heuwekemeijer Yıl önce
North South subway in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, was supposed to open in 2010. Due to many construction problems it took 8 years longer. Estimated about 1,5 billion guilders it has cost more than 4,5 billion euros (about 10 billion guilders)
Mech-E Yıl önce
It’s not a construction failure if there isn’t a problem with the execution. A planning, funding, design, or change in demand, isn’t really construction failure
Carl Cushman Hybels
Carl Cushman Hybels Yıl önce
Part of a Construction project is the design and engineering and testing that go into it. In fact, it's crucial. If that's screwed up, then even the foundation or dam or bridge abutments will go wrong.
AttilatheThrilla Yıl önce
3 of these are literally construction failures
Antonio Tejada
Antonio Tejada Yıl önce
Saberwind Yıl önce
It depends on whether you're using "construction" as a verb or as a noun. If it's used as a verb, then some projects in the video might not qualify. But if it's used as a noun, then they may all qualify.
T.I. Yıl önce
All part of construction in the sense of real estate.
Flamio Hotman
Flamio Hotman Yıl önce
13:03 I like how that one building didn't collapse. Like, hey where did everyone go?
Matthew Yabsley
Matthew Yabsley Yıl önce
Alien 1: We found an intelligent species. Alien 2: Their construction skills seem to be quite good. Alien 1: Yes but they only build them so they can blow them up afterwards.
Commentor Yıl önce
Because explosions are fun.
JD 5250
JD 5250 Yıl önce
i had a friend i grew up with who was a surveyor on the new bay bridge. He would openly brag about doing methamphetamines with his co workers on the construction site. He would stay up days on end and go to work. He told me about many mistakes on the construction that never made it publicly. He said OCIE was either lacking in inspection or just paid off.
der Schmeske
der Schmeske Yıl önce
You should look at the new Airport at Berlin in Germany. Way higher Production cost than estimated, as well as Production time. There is even a tunnel for a trainstation, where a train has to go through regularly, even though there are no people, to keep the air from being to stagnant.
William Smith-Gaucher
William Smith-Gaucher Yıl önce
You should talk about the Montreal's olympic stadium, that cost over 3x the original price and that wasn't ready for olympics
Rêzz Yıl önce
In a while we will hear about how that tower in San Francisco just fell into the tower next to it.
Adam Cravets
Adam Cravets Yıl önce
I also thought that if I worked or lived in an adjacent building I’d submit my resignation or start moving immediately.
wes west
wes west Yıl önce
Yea once I heard how much it’s tilting I was like “this won’t end well”
TheFanMark Yıl önce
Wow it’s a shame how these workers aren’t as careful as they should be with certain buildings that crazy to hear how frequently tht happens
Rupesh Choudhari
Rupesh Choudhari Yıl önce
4:29! 😂 The quote "More than 300 countries use nuclear power..." Made my day 😁
Mario Glodek
Mario Glodek Yıl önce
I have a question, on the Millennium Tower, if the building is out by 558mm (58 cm or 22inch) how much slope is on the floors? because surely those floors aren't flat anymore?
austin steele
austin steele Yıl önce
My professor worked on the forensic structural analysis for the Harmon Hotel. He was just telling us about it the other day!
Adam Moreira
Adam Moreira Yıl önce
What about the Ocean Tower in South Padre Island? That building was demolished after a construction error made the building sink. It was never completed.
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