BLACKPINK - 'How You Like That' Dance Tutorial (Explanation & Mirrored) | Ellen and Brian

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Ellen and Brian

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Learn BLACKPINK's new song 'How You Like That' chorus choreography with Ellen’s detailed explanation! Stay tuned for the full dance cover~
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Taught by Ellen Min - ellenmint_
Edited by Brian Li - briankevli
Our couple account: eebeelife
0:00 Intro
0:19 Chorus Part 1 explanation
7:59 Chorus Part 1 w/ counts
8:34 Chorus Part 1 w/ 0.75x speed music
9:00 Chorus Part 1 w/ full speed music
9:19 Chorus Part 2 explanation
13:24 Chorus Part 2 w/ counts
13:54 Chorus Part 2 w/ 0.75x speed music
14:16 Chorus Part 2 w/ full speed music
14:42 Everything w/ counts
15:41 Everything w/ 0.75x speed music
16:25 Everything w/ full speed music
This video is mirrored so you should watch it as if you’re looking at yourself in the mirror. You can also follow what I say in terms of the direction (left/right). Feel free to change up the speed of this video depending on your personal preference by adjusting it in the TRshow settings and repeat the parts based on your own learning pace.
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Disclaimer: We do not own any of the music or choreography.
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Mendoza Hernández Sara Daniela
Mendoza Hernández Sara Daniela 2 saatler önce
Lo explican muy bien pero el problema soy yo que no se bailar 😔
Miray Gülce
Miray Gülce 7 saatler önce
Abi çok kotu
Vaneska Bodorova
Vaneska Bodorova 9 saatler önce
thank you so much!!
Полина Китикова
Полина Китикова 11 saatler önce
Вы созданы на небесах
JUNGKOOKIE stan 12 saatler önce
Jennifer 13 saatler önce
Great teacher!
Shalini Joshi
Shalini Joshi 14 saatler önce
Very thank you it make me learn in steip
Gacha girl
Gacha girl Gün önce
Where are those girls when we need much talent...
Nana 16
Nana 16 Gün önce
Amazing! Can you do one for the dance break?
acct yu
acct yu 2 gün önce
plzzz ellen and brian plzzzzzzzz make BTS blood sweat and tears dance not tutorial but plzz make that dANCE I AM YOU BIGGEST FAN ITS A HUMBLE REQUEST FROM YOUR FAN
Namjoons bRokeN ToY GuN
Namjoons bRokeN ToY GuN 3 gün önce
You made this so easy for me.You arw the only one I cant learn dances from I LOVE YOU STAY HEALTHY😙😙💕💕💜💖💖💜💚💙💙
kim LiLi
kim LiLi 3 gün önce
Milk & Cookies
Milk & Cookies 3 gün önce
7:50 13:24
[ KIM - ROSE ]
[ KIM - ROSE ] 3 gün önce
Waaaah .. Finaly .. i id it !!!!
Николь Калина
Николь Калина 4 gün önce
Кто есть из русских, давайте поставим много лайков чтобы иностранцы подумали что мы написали что-то крутое😂😂😂😂😂😂😊😊
Nusaiba Nusaiba
Nusaiba Nusaiba 4 gün önce
Thank you so so so so much
So imma light it up like a DYNAMITE
So imma light it up like a DYNAMITE 4 gün önce
Me learning BP dances after failing BTS ones badly 😂
It's Me
It's Me 4 gün önce
I shall come back tomorrow
Nia :3
Nia :3 4 gün önce
My fav kpop star is backkkk
troll entertainment moe
troll entertainment moe 4 gün önce
natalia Blackpink
natalia Blackpink 5 gün önce
Tkanks torial
elusile nsarangbe
elusile nsarangbe 5 gün önce
Thank you so much ❤️
da-fat-cats 5 gün önce
This tutorial was so helpful! I actually learned how to do the dance. But why is it that I can the moves correctly, BUT I LOOK LIKE A COMPLETE RAT WHILE DOING IT.
Michelle Gutierrez
Michelle Gutierrez 6 gün önce
Thank u sm because of u I've learned this dance ❤
Ketki Rane
Ketki Rane 7 gün önce
I really help me which was i m trying myself ti learn but i cant so thanks for the tutorial
رقية الموسوي
رقية الموسوي 8 gün önce
htink you 💗💖💗💖🇮🇶🇮🇶🇮🇶
Göm onu埋葬他
Göm onu埋葬他 8 gün önce
بليزززز ترررجمه عربي Arabic translation please
Dasiah Simonè
Dasiah Simonè 8 gün önce
It’s easy but a good tip would be to do it in twos each section so people aren’t easily confused and have to do the rewind work or slowing it down the average person is lazy. Just to make it easier to remember instead of having it slowed down cause it’s terrible to learn that way
Amy Guinard
Amy Guinard 9 gün önce
😭😭😭😭 ich schafe das nicht
LIM ZHI XUAN Moe 9 gün önce
just What i was looking for~(for a long time)
мαriαทα sαмραiσ ツ
мαriαทα sαмραiσ ツ 10 gün önce
Jasmine Lovely girl
Jasmine Lovely girl 10 gün önce
Reyna patricia Columbus Cortez
Reyna patricia Columbus Cortez 11 gün önce
Aprendí mucho con este video gracias
Orochimaru xlord
Orochimaru xlord 11 gün önce
This dance is so hard ngl it usually takes me a week to learn a blackpink choreo but HYLT isn't that easy
Rayssa Rebeca
Rayssa Rebeca 11 gün önce
I can't do this thing with the neck omg 😅😅
cool unicorn dab syahirah cat noir
cool unicorn dab syahirah cat noir 11 gün önce
Thank you for teaching me,i love youuu😍😍😍😍😘😘😘
Kausar ka
Kausar ka 11 gün önce
Түк түсінбесемде қарап отырмын
Shahd Abd-alkareem
Shahd Abd-alkareem 12 gün önce
thank u so much love uuuu
alinaqi nassery
alinaqi nassery 12 gün önce
who else is learning it to show to their friends
uix 7
uix 7 12 gün önce
00:20 2:11
uix 7
uix 7 11 gün önce
2:11 4:08